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Software Development Shop in Ukraine

What is a web development shop? Is there a difference between a software development shop and an agency? And what to do if you are looking specifically for a mobile app software development shop or Symfony dev shop? In this article, we gathered all the important information about web development shops and how to choose the best option for your company.

What Is a Web Development Shop?

A web dev shop, or a web development agency, is an offshore software development services provider that helps companies get flexible, high-quality web development solutions and dedicated IT resources for their business needs.

The main benefits of hiring a web app development shop include the possibility to get a dedicated IT team working on your project from scratch or joining the development process, as well as a faster project kick-off, easier scalability, more flexible solutions, and so on.

Nowadays, a lot of companies all over the globe (with the US and European headquarters, in particular) tend to delegate some or all software development tasks to software dev shops, as it comes as a cost-effective and convenient solution. 

What’s more, a software development shop can not only help businesses to launch a web application or upgrade an existing product. Such agencies often can assist additional services per request, such as SEO, customer support, marketing, accounting, consulting, etc. This makes web dev shops an ultimate option for organizations that look for turn-key solutions.

In contrast to traditional software development companies, a web development shop oftentimes operates remotely, which allows for optimizing costs and delivering quick, flexible, and scalable services. 

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On-Site vs Dev Shop Online: What Option to Choose?

Usually, a devshop is a large organization that includes different teams working on a number of projects for external clients simultaneously. There are some agencies that provide shared IT resources, meaning one programmer can work on several projects at the same time, but more reputable web dev agencies provide dedicated IT resources. In any case, the client always has control over the development process and can monitor the progress, without the need of dealing with hiring and organizational concerns.

The organization of dev shops can be described as agile and flexible, thus, it can quickly respond to the clients’ requests and scale provided IT resources accordingly. 

There are two types of software dev shops, on-site and remote ones. Both on-site and remote development shops proved to be beneficial for businesses, however, there are some specifics of working with each type:

On-site Dev ShopsRemote Dev Shops
Candidate poolLimited to the local market, potential IT talent shortage, as per the McKinsey publicationA wide pool of candidates available globally
CostsThe costs include salary rates, training, sick leaves, vacations, software, and office supplies A more cost-effective solution, as you won’t need to cover vacations and sick leaves, as well as back-office expenses 
CommunicationImmediate communication in person, easy to discuss issues and find solutions, instant feedbackCan be delayed due to time zone differences, work hours, etc
Project & team managementIn-house team, live communication, corporate events, meetups, etc.It could be more complex management because of remote work, but actually, it’s much simpler since the web dev shop takes care of team management and communicates progress
ControlComplete control over your projectLess control compared to on-site management
FlexibilityLow flexibility, as it’s hard to hire and scale the IT team, as well as to maintain retentionHigh flexibility thanks to the flexible working hours of the web dev shop and management assistance 
RisksRisks of not being able to find a specific programmer of desired proficiency level, long hiring process, high costs involvedPotential security risks that can be mitigated by working with a reliable services provider, Internet connection issues
ScalabilityLow scalability because of the HR processes and limited IT talent poolEasy to scale at any time 
Best choice forMiddle- to large-scale organizations who want to have strict control over the development processes and willing to spend a lot on itDev shop for startups or small companies looking for flexible and cost-effective options

So, what type of dev shop will suit your company best? If you want to have full control over the development process and have means for recruiting and maintaining an in-house team, you may opt for an on-site option. However, you’ll need to take into account that a local IT talent pool is usually small, and may be especially hard to recruit senior-level experts in your area, for instance, a dynamic Drupal development shop.

However, if you are looking for high-quality software development services at affordable costs, the web dev shop overseas may be your best bet. Besides, after 2020, the borders between these two types of agencies got quite blurred, and many IT companies are still working partially or fully remotely, still paying for office rent. Thus, no wonder that even more businesses want to work with remote web dev agencies. 

How to Choose an Ideal Dev Shop

Selecting a web development services shop that will help you kick-off the project may seem a challenging task. However, if you know what to look for and what pitfalls to avoid, you can easily find a reliable services provider, whether it’s an all-hands software development agency or a specific dev shop DevOps. Here are some things to take into consideration:

  • Online presence 

Nowadays, online presence and reputation are everything. The top RPO companies strive to nurture and maintain their image and credibility, so it’s important to pay attention to the general online activity of the dev shop. Search their website and social media, read their case studies and reviews on the web. The best web development shop will have an appealing, easy-to-navigate, and mobile-friendly website design with all the necessary information for companies interested in cooperation.

  • Previous clients & completed projects

Nothing tells more about the quality of services provided by the dev shop companies than the satisfaction rate and feedback from the previous clients. A reputable agency will proudly have its client list posted on its website. You may even consider contacting some of the previous clients to find out more about the software development process and the results achieved.

  • The expertise of developers 

Be sure to clarify with the web dev agency whether the coders that will work on your project have the relevant experience in the field and suitable tech expertise to benefit your company.

  • Following the trends

A reliable Agile development shop will not only offer you a simple coding solution but will advise you on the most suitable tech stack and solutions for your business, according to the latest IT releases and trends. If you already have an existing product that needs improvement, a highly-qualified agency will not have any troubles with enhancing the existing functionality or rebuilding the needed solution from scratch using another tech stack if needed.

  • Security 

A credible dev shop is knowledgeable about all aspects of online security. You shouldn’t have to look for an extra team that will deal with the questions of data protection and cybersecurity. The HLB Cybersecurity Report 2020 shows that in light of the pandemic, it’s even more crucial now to be able to protect your software and implement the best cybersecurity strategies and protocols. 

  • Cost-effectiveness

Last but not least, it’s possible to hire an experienced web development studio that comes at a reasonable price. However, keep in mind that web dev agency services will never be real cheap. You can find a budget deal, but cheap prices are usually followed by low-quality solutions and poor communication. Hire development shop after evaluating the average cost of the services, as well as the expertise and reliability of the given agency. 

Hiring Dev Shop for Specific Technologies 

There are cases when you don’t need a full services range that a dev shop offers. If you need a specific mobile development shop or Ionic development shop for your project or you already have a team but lack some specific tech experts, hiring software developers with relevant knowledge and skills through dev shops may also be beneficial.

Let’s take a look at some popular technologies and why opting for dev shop services based on concrete technologies can help you achieve your business goals quickly and easily:

  • Node JS dev shop

If you need to develop new web apps quickly, be sure to hire a Node JS programmer through a dev shop. Such coders usually have versatile experience in creating web apps for clients, and they know how to do it right and fast. For instance, if you need to build up a Netflix-like service or create real-time applications (chats, streaming, or IoT apps), you can look up specifically the best chatbot development shop with experienced Node JS coders.

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  • React development shop

Statista reports that the eCommerce market is booming more than ever, and if you want to build up an eCommerce shop, you may consider hiring React developers through a dev shop with relevant expertise. The IT experts working in a software development agency can provide you with a quick custom-made solution, using the latest front-end tech stack and following the latest eComm trends. 

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  • ASP.NET development shop

If your project requires help with producing dynamic web pages, applications, or services, you need to find a dev shop that provides ASP.NET services. By turning to a web development studio, you won’t need to find and hire a specific programmer, as you can pass your requirements to the services provider and get the solution needed.

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  • Ruby on Rails dev shop

Need a Ruby on Rails specialist for your project? Hire one from a dev shop that has a proven track record of RoR projects. An RoR developer from a dev agency can help you create a custom solution or upgrade an existing web app quickly.

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  • C# custom development shop

If you want to create a desktop and mobile app with SaaS and PaaS, an experienced C# coder hired through a web development agency will know how to make a custom solution for your business, upgrade the existing software, and set up maintenance procedures. 

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  • Python development shop

If your goal is to optimize and upgrade your already existing hardware or app written in Python, a hardware development shop with Python coders can help you achieve your goal in a short time and fair cost. By hiring an IT expert through a dev shop, you get access to a wide range of developers who specialize in Python and Django solutions and can build and improve such products.

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  • Custom Unity dev shop

If you are looking for experienced coders to develop mobile apps and games, be sure to hire top Unity3D engineers through a web dev agency for your project. Working with a specialized software development shop, you’ll be able to get the ideal developers for your business.

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  • Machine Learning dev shop

If your business is centered around training models and data, or you want to create a platform that will deal with automatization of the processes like face recognition, image classification, and forecasting, the credible ML dev shop can help you to hire the top expert in machine learning. 

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If you need a software developer or a dev team for your specific task, with expertise in one of the technologies mentioned above or other, contact Mobilunity experts that know how to find and recruit the best IT programmers for business. If you wonder how to work with the best web development agency in Ukraine, get in touch with our representatives and let us hire top-tier candidates that will fully suit your project’s requirements.

Why Choose Mobilunity as a Software & App Development Agency in Ukraine?

If you are looking for a reputable software development agency Ukraine with a strong reputation on the global market and proven expertise in finding the best IT experts for organizations, Mobilunity is the answer to your quest.

Mobilunity is one of the most renowned offshore custom software development shops in Ukraine that provides dedicated IT resources for businesses in need of highly-qualified and experienced programmers. 

Our Mobilunity Ukraine dev shop experts follow the best industry practices and have vast experience in hiring developers with relevant expertise in diverse technologies to meet the organization’s needs. If you want to get access to a huge pool of Ukrainian tech talent, we can help you hire a remote Ukrainian software engineer or a dedicated team shortly. 

In search of a highly qualified web dev shop overseas? Contact Mobilunity and hire the best IT experts for your company!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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