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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Go Developer?

With the advent of the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), the demand for system software developers started soaring up in the marketplace. Initially, the majority of the software development work for the IoT was done through traditionally powerful languages like C and C++. Later in 2009, Google developed a new platform known as GO, which was specifically created for the Go software development for the internet of things networks, while maintaining the main features of traditional programming languages. Slowly and gradually, the number of companies looking to hire Go developer has increased as the IoT took stronger roots in the industries.

In the present day market, the Go web programming language is becoming more and more popular in multiple domains of industries across the globe. Let’s expand upon the Go web development, its popularity, demand for go development teams, and cost to hire Golang developers and Go engineer worldwide.

What is GO Development and How Much Does it Cost to Hire GO Developers

GO or Golang functional programming language was developed by Robert Griesemer and his team of Go developers at Google.The first GO version was released in 2012, and the latest stable version of the Go program released in February 2019 is known as R 1.10.1. However, the announcement of Golang language was made in November 2009. Golang is a static type checking language for Go program verification of type safety through the analysis of the source code or text of the program. This language is fully equipped with great features like structural typing, concurrent programming, garbage collection, and others. It supports multiple operating systems, such as Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Windows, Solaris, and others.

This language is intended for the software development of numerous network devices and equipment operation and interfacing with the Internet of Things (IoT) network. In the IoT network, numerous types of devices, appliances, Golang network programming elements, and office equipment are connected through software interfaces to communicate within the IP based network globally. The syntax of this language resembles to the syntax of C language with a little modification to make it more precise and readable.

According to the Stackoverflow survey 2019, Go language is the 5th most loved computer programming languages in the present year. As far as the popularity of the Go language is concerned, there is an increasing tendency in the demand of Golang web development teams in the marketplace, as mentioned in the Google Go Survey report 2017. Meanwhile, the estimated number of Go users stands in the range of 3% to 4.6% of the total software developers across the world in 2017, according to Research.Swtch.Com report 2017. This is a very clear indication that a large number of software developers ranging in between 500 thousand to 900 thousand developers are professional Go users. These facts and figures are very encouraging that the Go language is progressing very consistently in the domains of system programming, network programming, DevOps, network security, and database programming. With the passage of time, the Go programmer salary and cost of Go developer is also increasing in all global markets, especially in the North American and European markets.

How Your Project Can Benefit When You Decide to Hire a Golang Developer

When it comes to the development of new software products, businesses often sit with the dilemma of which development language to choose. Different programming languages are designed for different types of projects. So, why do many businesses opt to hire a Golang developer

  • Faster programming

Golang is a compiled language. This means that the code a dedicated Golang team writes is directly converted into processor-friendly representations. This automatically speeds up productivity. 

  • Access to comprehensive programming tools

When you hire dedicated Golang developers, you instantly gain access to development tools as an open-source initiative. These developers bring a variety of IDEs, editors and plugins to projects. 

  • Building better, more modern products

Today, it’s important for businesses to stay ahead with innovative products that match the modern outcomes consumers are looking for. When you hire Golang language developer experts, they can build creative applications that implement cloud computing and modern hardware architecture. 

  • Easy documentation

Documentation plays a crucial role in all types of application coding. When making use of a Golang developer for hire, you get access to GoDoc, a single but powerful documentation engine. This is a very useful tool for the development of accurate documentation pages. The great thing about this tool is that the libraries use a similar format of documentation, saving time and making the development process much faster.

  • No need for additional web frameworks

When you hire Golang web developer experts, you won’t need to invest in any extra web frameworks for development projects. This is because Golang is a self-sufficient language that does not need the support of third-party frameworks or libraries. This is because of the large range of tools available that get support from the native languages. 

  • Access to excellent support

Today, there are around one million developers who are proficient in the Golang programming language. It is expected that this number will only grow in the future. Having such a strong and highly active developer community ensures that you have excellent support available for any problems faced during the entire development cycle. So, having a dedicated Golang web developer team means you can troubleshoot problems fast and efficiently. 

  • Good scalability

Golang may not come with the vast third-party tools comparable to Java, but it comes with a set of complete tools that make coding much easier for Google Go developer experts. These tools are constantly being updated and scaled, allowing developers to build advanced applications that match current trends. 

  • Easy to learn

When you opt for Golang developers for hire, you can be sure that any changes to the language are quick and easy for them to learn. As a result, your team stays up to date and can implement any changes to ensure products match current requirements from all stakeholders. 

To ensure you bring these benefits to your business, it’s important to hire the right developers. When you decide to hire Golang developer candidates from a reputable vendor such as Mobilunity, you get access to a large pool of skilled and knowledgeable developers. Mobilunity works with you to help you hire Golang programmer candidates that have experience with similar projects you require. They go through a rigorous sourcing and vetting process to ensure their offerings tick all the right boxes.

Where to Find the Best Go Developers at a Reasonable Go Engineer Cost

There are many places where you can find the best Go developers; for example, you can use different forums and Go communities to contact with the expert Golang developers. Another important place to find the best Go developers is online freelancer websites. There are many specific online websites that offer the profiles and contact information of great Go developers online. There are certain issues associated with the online or freelancer hiring of go programmers. The reliability and time dedication are two major issues with this kind of hiring process.

The traditional local way of hiring through local newspapers and other sources of media are also a useful tool to find out the great Go developers in your area. The local hiring has its own pros and cons. It is a very lengthy and costly process to hire a good Go engineer locally. The legal issues, social security matters, government policies, and availability of skilled resources are some of the major constraints in the process of local searching of a good Golang developer.

The best trade-off between local hiring and outsourced hiring is the outstaffing through third-party contractors, who supply the skilled, qualified, and experienced Go engineering teams that work dedicatedly for the specific project assigned to them. This kind of hiring is also powered by the proven reliability and guaranteed availability of the resources through third party Contractor Company, which fulfills all requirements of your contract signed with the outstaffing bespoke software development company. You can choose great Ukrainian Go developers through Mobilunity Outstaffing Company at a very reasonable Golang engineer cost. The Golang developer salary in Ukraine is much lower than many European and North American countries that make your projects more competitive in the marketplace.

Go Developer Resume Sample

A great Go coder is a computer programmer with strong programming skills in C, C++ and Go languages along with the general knowledge of different types of devices, home appliances, security equipment, and office equipment and many other devices and tools commonly used in our day to day lives. The programmer develops and integrates the software used by the nodes in a gigantic internet of things network connected through IP addresses and communication media. So, the programmer should have strong knowledge of different kinds of operating systems used by different devices used in the IoT network.

The main skills what are necessary for the Golang developer resume and experience of a great Go developer are mentioned below:

How Much Does It Cost to Hire Golang Developer in Various Countries: Go Developer Salary Comparison

Before you find out how much does it cost to hire Golang developer, take into account that Ukraine is one of the major hubs of technical resources, especially in the domains of engineering and information technology. The government policies and technical affinity of the local people towards IT make it one of the most powerful places to hire computer programmers including Go developers. The Golang salary and Go developer cost in Ukraine is comparatively low in many regions of the world. Let’s have a look at the Go programmer salary in different countries in the world.

The location and time zone of Ukraine is very suitable for many European and North American countries in terms of maintaining smooth communication and short traveling distance if traveling is required. So, Ukrainian Golang developers are considered as highly desirable IT resources in the world in terms of numerous economical, business, technical aspects as well as reasonable Go developer cost.

Golang Developer Cost in Different Countries

Interested in how much does it cost to hire Go developer? IT sphere is not a cheap one, and if you need to hire Golang developer, you should plan your budget well. Luckily, there is a tip, which helps to save some money and get the IT products of outstanding quality. You can hire remote programmers from any point in the world, choosing them by their professional skills and Go engineer cost. How can you find the most cost-effective coders for your project? Let’s compare Golang developer cost in different countries.

  • The USA. In the United States, Go developers earn on average $108,166 in a year. National average cost of Golang developer ranges from $95,242 per year for an engineer to $124,404.
  • The UK. In Great Britain, the average developer salary is £42,933 per year, which is about $57,178. Cost of Go programmer ranges from £10,000 for junior specialists to £98,000 in case of the senior ones.
  • Germany. Golang programming cost here is on average €59,189 per year, which is about $67,146. Cost of Golang developer ranges from €48,000 for inexperienced programmers to €73,000 for the senior engineers.
  • Switzerland. In this country, Golang development cost is on average CHF 95,000 per year, which is about $94,848. The national average cost of Go programmer ranges from CHF 87,000 to CHF 110,000,
  • Ukraine. in Ukraine, the average cost of Golang programmer is $25,000 per year. The junior Go developers earn about $12,000, while the cost of Golang programmer (senior-level) – $64,000 in a year. The median hourly cost of Go developer is $11.00.

If you are looking for the most cost-effective decision for your project, pay attention to the developers from Ukraine. Golang development cost here is the lowest in comparison to other European countries. At the same time, you can find a huge pull of talents. The developers will create a clean and functional code using cutting-edge technologies. You get websites and applications of outstanding quality and save up to 60% of costs.

Why Extend Your Team with Golang Developers and Go Engineers

Although Golang has been created in 2009, it gained popularity only in 2012. Coders love it for small, but significant features, making it different from other popular coding languages. You may not notice these features from the first glance, but for the programmer, working at your project, they can save weeks and months of work and make the development process more enjoyable.

If you need to hire Golang engineer, pay attention to such peculiarities as:

  • GoDoc. The static code analyzing tool helps to create beautiful and clean documentation straight out of the code. It doesn’t require any other language like JavaDoc, PHPDoc, or JSDoc if you need to annotate constructions in your code.  English is the only language you use. GoDoc uses information from the code to outline, format, and structure the documentation. Cross-references, code samples, and links help to control the system repository.
  • Static code analysis. Go for web development heavily relies on it in GoDoc, GoFmt used for formatting, GoLint for style listing, and other points. Gometaliner helps to compose all the items into the one utility. In Go, the static code analysis is “brought to the absolute”.
  • Testing and profiling framework. The built-in testing tool is designed for simplicity and efficiency. The coder gets the simplest API with minimum assumptions. It is used for various testing, profiling, and even for providing the executable code samples. The usage of it is as simple as running an ordinary Go test, but it supports running tests in parallel, marking them sipped and more features as well.
  • Race condition detection. Race condition happens when some operations finish in an unusual order. It causes bugs, which are extremely hard to chase down. Concurrent programming helps to hunt these conditions down and make the development process faster and simpler.
  • Learning curve. The experienced coders say it is possible to learn all the features of Go language in one evening. Great documentation and many examples in the official blog make it easy to cope even with the most tricky case. Go for web development gives access to the large community and libraries with the ready pieces of code.
  • Reflection. The code reflection is important to access different types of meta-information about the language constructs, for example – variables of functions. The Go’s philosophy tells not to over-engineer your projects, and it is a significant benefit, although it seems challenging. One of the most popular advice for the developers is to stick to the static types and use interfaces when you are sure about the types of interfaces you are working with.
  • Being “opinionated”. If you want to hire Go programmer, who will not spend time making decisions about code styling, choice of the testing library, structuring, and programming paradigms and approaches – you are on the right way. In Go, there is only one style line for everyone, only one built-in testing framework. However, these restrictions help to save tons of time, which the developers could spend on making decisions. As a result, coders get a more straightforward way to architect a new code.
  • Scalability. Designed by Google©, Golang is a good option if you need a scalable application. Golang web programming gives you products, able to grow. As apps are turning bigger, they handle more and more tasks and smaller sub-tasks at the same time. Coders love Golang because it has many built-in features to handle concurrency – running many simultaneous tasks at the same time.
  • Automatic memory management. Or, simple garbage collection – it is a key feature of the language. When you choose Go web development, you can be sure that he will have full control over memory allocation. The coding language has reduced latency below 1ms in the latest version of the garbage collector. The algorithm runs concurrently with the program and uses a tricolor mark-and-sweep algorithm to achieve the best results.

Find at Mobilunity a skilled and highly reliable Go developer at cost-effective rates.

How to Hire Golang Developer in Ukraine at a Fair Go Engineer Cost

Ukraine is one of the most popular destinations for IT outsourcing. It is a country, where you can hire Go engineer, Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer and Microservices DevOps for the lowest cost in Europe. In the Ukrainian market, you have access to a huge pool of talents. You can easily find a specialist with the necessary skills and experience, who has already worked in the international teams. The business owners and startups from different countries choose to hire Go development team in Ukraine because:

  • It is cost-effective. Go developer in Ukraine helps to save up to 60% of the costs for IT. Your business can use this money in other spheres.
  • It is qualitative. When you hire Go developer in Ukraine, you get a specialist of the international level, able to achieve outstanding results in a relatively short time.
  • It is comfortable. If you hire Golang developer from the Ukrainian company, you probably can communicate within working hours. It is possible thanks to the time zone. Ukrainian specialists work with American and European organizations without problems.

Looking for specialists from Ukraine? We know how to help you. In Mobilunity, you will find coders, ready to implement even your boldest ideas. You can hire a full-stack specialist for your project or work in cooperation with the devoted team under the leadership of the skilled and experienced project manager. It helps to save time and money: just give the idea, and we will find out how to bring it to life. Hiring IT specialists from Ukraine has never been easier.

Top 5 Go Developer Interview Questions and Their Answers

The questions asked in an interview panel normally depend on the background of the interviewing panel and their project requirements. The questions may vary from person to person, from company to company, and from project to project. If we take a generalized approach for the top 5 frequently asked interview questions about Go engineering so it can be the following questions.

Question #1: How you will compare Golang with other commonly used languages in the IoT based programming?

Answer: Golang is a highly featured, easy to work with, and comparatively easy learning curve as compared to other major programming languages used for high-end programming.

Question #2: What do you set by using the GOPATH variable in the Golang language?

Answer: The GOPATH variable is used to point the tree/trees of the go packages.

Question #3: Which conditions of the Golang installation require the setting of GOROOT variables manually?

Answer:  GOROOT variable is required to be set in two different installation conditions.

a).   When you have multiple versions of Golang installed on your system

b).   When you have transferred the Golang setup from another system or you have downloaded it as a binary package to install on your system

Question #4: Is string text modifiable in the Golang language and how would you modify it, if required?

Answer: Normally, string text is not modifiable in the Golang language. So you need to create a new string if you want to. But, you are forced to modify the string text, you can use another capability called [ ] byte slice.

Question #5: What of the following options will you choose for the implementation of queuing feature in GO language that does not impact badly on the performance of the software?

  • Type queue [ ]int
  • Type stack [ ]int
  • Slice Iteration pattern
  • None of the above

Answer: Option C is the best choice because it does not reduce the performance, while the first two options are okay, but they will reduce the performance.

How to Hire Go Developer Through Mobilunity?

Hiring a professional Go developer that possesses the required skills, experience, and qualification is a tedious process and is influenced by the availability of the resource, government policies, social security matters, and legal issues. It may take long periods to successfully hire and on-board a great Go developer, CTO for hire or a Go development team with the desired skills, experience, and qualification. So, to save time, it is a good idea to outstaff the projects to the third party contracting company like Mobilunity Outstaffing Services Company. It helps you complete the entire hiring process in a short time and help you maintain all legal and government-related matters on your behalf.

If your business requires website development consulting services tech support outsourcing for a new web design project, speak to the expert team at Mobilunity. Find the perfect candidate without hassle!
You are 100% free to focus on your business goals to save you valuable time and increase your business bottom line.

If you are looking for a reasonable cost to hire Go developers, contact us now and find your ideal Golang programmer!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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