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Hire Go Developer

Go is one of the very powerful general-purpose programming languages developed by Google Corporation. It is an open-source technology, which was designed to build system and network software that is distributed and scalable. Go language is a statically typed and compiled one. Those companies that used to dedicated C# developers a few decades back, now prefer to use Go language because of its simplicity, and similarity in features, capabilities, and syntax with C language.

Go programming language is also referred to as the Golang language. It was developed by Robert Griesemer, Rob Pike, and Ken Thompson at Google Corporation in 2009. The main objective of the language was to develop efficient and scalable software for large networks and multicore machines. As you plan to hire a Go developer, consider a freelance iPhone app developer if you’re looking to expand your product’s reach into the Apple ecosystem.

The Demand for Golang Programmer for Hire

The demand for Go language is continuously increasing in the global marketplace. Many big and prominent companies are building their large-scale cloud services with the help of a professional Golang development team. A few major companies that use Go engineer for hire include Google, Dropbox, DailyMotion, Medium, Uber, and others. The demand for a Dropbox developer has also increased significantly in recent years due to the implementation of the Go language in the technology stack. The Golang programming language is powered by numerous popular web frameworks like Martini, Gin, Gorilla, Buffalo, Revel, and others. So every company needs to have at least one Martini developer or a Buffalo programmer in one’s web development team. Buffalo developer demand is continuously increasing in the global market nowadays.

The demand for the Go developers Android application has also increased significantly in recent years. The main reasons for the consistent increase in the demand include the standard library, powerful tools, concurrency, and built-in security capabilities. A professional Golang engineer helps utilize all those features more efficiently and effectively. The cost of a remote Golang coder is comparatively low, which allows big companies as well as startups to hire a Golang programmer at a very reasonable price.

Why Does Your Business Need to Hire Golang Developer?

Hiring Go coder for your large software project helps you improve the productivity, performance, and efficiency of your business. This language offers numerous great features and capabilities that make it one of the most desired languages for large-scale and multicore software projects. A few major benefits of a Golang developer remote hiring are mentioned below.

#1 Open-Source Language

Golang language is an open-source programming language powered by a large community including the professionals from Google Corporation and other technology giants across the world. It is operated under the Berkeley Software Distribution BSD license. This language can be used without any charges or fees and imposes very minimal restrictions to use. Any startups, professionals, and SMEs can use this powerful language for free.

#2 Concurrency

One of the most powerful features of this language is its support of concurrent processing in multiple cores of computers. The overlapping of the numerous processes in a big and complex software program can be easily processed faster by using the computing power of multiple cores. Different units and components of a large software can handle the same processes simultaneously with different data fast and smoothly. This is the reason that many big companies hire Go development team for the creation of highly efficient software platforms, especially for cloud applications.

#3 Faster Development

Golang language is powered by a large standard library of functions, which allows developers to develop faster applications. Go language supports many great tools and web frameworks for handling different development processes. A professional Gorilla programmer can speed up the development significantly by applying the reuse and modular capabilities of the framework. Golang is a compiled language that makes it a much faster language than its other competitors like Python and Java. The coding efficiency of the Go language is much higher than many other languages and that code efficiency improves the software development speed.

#4 Simple & Easy to Use

The learning curve of Golang is comparatively short. Any developer with knowledge of C or C++ finds it very simple and easy to use language. There are many advanced features that reduce the code’s complexity. The syntax is very similar to C language so any little prior awareness of that syntax makes it one of the easiest languages to learn and work with. Numerous businesses hire Golang developer to develop large-scale software fast and efficiently.

#5 Strong Security Built-ins

The standard library’s HTML template helps detect cross-site scripting very efficiently. The database/SQL standard library helps prevent the SQL injection problem effectively. Another important function of the standard library is Net/HTTP, which allows developers to create secure and robust applications. Go language is considered as a language with built-in powerful security features and capabilities. Hiring a professional Golang certified developer helps you create highly secure web applications by using those features.

Major Skills of a Golang Expert

With over a million satisfied users including Google and other major web service providers, Go language stands on the 10th position in the ranking of popular programming languages in 2019. This increases the demand for Golang developers significantly. Whether a local or a Go offshore company is aggressively looking for a skilled and experienced Go expert to hire worldwide. The major skills of a Go expert that create a big demand in the market include the following.

#1 Programming Expertise

An expert Go programmer should have command over Go language and its packages, idioms, tools, paradigms, and templates. Strong knowledge of software development lifecycle and software designing tools are also major components of programming expertise.

#2 Soft Skills

Proper understanding of customer requirements, designing trends, and modern methodologies should be core competencies of an expert Go developer. Interpersonal communication skills and software development team management are also must-have skills.

#3 Testing & Troubleshooting

An expert Go developer should have a creative approach to testing and troubleshooting. The knowledge of modern test-based development methodologies is also very important for a Go expert.

Any Golang expert that has all of the above-mentioned skills along with a professional certification in Go language, his demand in the market soars very high in all software markets. All major companies prefer to hire Go developer with over 4 to 5 years of experience and professional certification at a very high rate globally.

Go Developer Resume Sample

Cost of a Golang Programmer: How Much Does It Cost to Hire Go Developers Worldwide?

The average salaries of Go developers vary from country to country due to numerous factors. Among such factors, the economic conditions of the country, living cost, demand/supply of developers, and many other factors are important to name. The average salaries of the Go programmer in a few major countries are mentioned below.

If you look at the average salaries of a Go developer in different countries, you would find that Western European and North American countries are so costly as compared to the Eastern European countries like Ukraine. Hiring a remote Go development team from Ukraine is one of the best options for the companies located in Western Europe and North America.

Major Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Golang Development Company

Hundreds of thousands of software development companies are operating from different countries of the world. All of those companies offer retail app development teams citing numerous benefits and qualities of services. This confuses the clients to choose the right Golang development company that can fulfill the client’s needs successfully.

Let’s have a look at the top 5 major factors to consider before choosing a Go development company for your project to succeed.

#1 Domain Expertise

Different companies have teams that are expert at different domains of software development. It is very important to search for the right expertise in the desired Go development company. For instance, you want to develop a cloud-based web application with a huge database and multiple services to run simultaneously. You should consider the team that has experienced Go developers and experts along with a team of database and front-end experts.

#2 Reliability & Quality

The reliability of a company is very important for a successful project. You should consider the project success rate of the company and the experience of the company. This will determine the reliability factor of the company. The quality of work can be determined either by seeking feedback from past clients or starting a small test project before going into long term agreement.

#3 Portfolios

Check for the past successful projects of the company before signing a contract with any Go development company.

#4 Financial Status

If you are looking for a Go company that can help you on a long project, make sure the company’s financial status is good and it can run its expenditures without any glitches and disturbances.

#5 Development Cost

The price is one of the most fundamental factors. Many companies offer cheap prices but you should make sure to agree upon the best trade-off between price and quality of work.

Why Ukraine Is the Best Option for Hiring Remote Go Contractors

Ukraine is one of the best options for remote go development contractors because of the following reasons:

  • Has a large pool of Golang developers and engineers
  • The work-hours overlap with a majority of the countries
  • The quality of work corresponds to European standards
  • Creative tech-talent powered by professional management teams
  • Very competitive prices
  • Highly reliable and professional backup support services

Why Mobilunity Is the Great Company to Hire Golang Development Services

Mobilunity has been proven as one of the best Go development service provider companies in Ukraine having a vast experience in the market of a good number of 10 years. The company offers reliable hiring services that create numerous advantages for your business:

  • High-quality software development powered by experienced and qualified Go developers
  • Competitive prices without any hidden charges
  • Customer-focused services powered by a professional management team
  • Dedicated Go development team at fixed prices
  • Reliable and fully manageable services

If you are looking for professional-level web application development for your business, you are welcome to contact Mobilunity to hire Go developer right now!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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