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How Database Consulting Services Can Boost Your Business?

Nowadays, database consulting services are in high demand for a number of reasons. Why businesses look for database consultancy, and what are the benefits of working with a reputable database consulting firm? Let’s discuss these and other points in detail.

What Do Database Consulting Services Include?

It is not news that keeping up with the latest tech stack and market best practices comes as a considerable challenge, and database management solutions are not an exception. Whether you are just choosing a DB to use for your project or feel that you are not using the right database/the existing DB to the fullest, there may come a time when you understand that you need professional consulting on a database.

Amplified by increasing regulatory requirements, budget limitations, and the constant business development and growth, the need for reliable external resources, i.e. database consulting services, resulted in the skyrocketing demand for credible database consulting firms these days.

No wonder that according to the Information Age, 75% of companies plan to increase their spending on technical consultants in the next year and a half. Meanwhile, the global technology consulting market worth’s reached $53 billion in 2020 and keeps growing, as per Statista.

Database consulting companies provide professional consultancy to businesses in need of expert-level data management consultants, architects, and DBAs that can identify the company’s struggles and goals and advise on the most relevant solution in terms of business’ needs, existing DB solutions, and latest trends.

 Depending on your organization’s needs, the database consulting can be:

  • Project-based. You can hire a database consulting firm to conduct an audit of the current state of tech stack and business processes and advice on the right DB choice/migration to meet your project’s needs. At this point, you may either need management, development, or DBA consulting services.
  • Long-term cooperation. You may also consider working with a consulting database services provider on a long-term basis, having access to the most prominent experts at hand, and ensuring the best DB utilization experience.

Looking for dedicated database consultants? We know how to empower your business!

Why Businesses May Need Database Consulting?

There are three main cases when a company may need professional database consulting, namely: 

  • The initial choice on the right DB. When selecting a DB for the business, it’s crucial to make the right choice from the beginning – otherwise, you’ll need to re-build the existing solutions when switching to a more appropriate option in the future. These problems can be easily mitigated by opting for a suitable consulting service database. 
  • Existing DB customization. Depending on the company’s needs, you may need to create a custom solution using the existing DB. In this case, you may look for specific options, for example, database business intelligence consulting services, or a company that can provide both  NoSQL consulting and NoSQL developer for your project.
  • DB migration. Organizations often turn to database migration consulting when they understand that the existing DB doesn’t fully meet their needs or has some specific limitations that don’t allow for further business growth. Fortunately, it’s possible to find a reliable services provider that specializes in the exact DB solutions, for instance, Drupal database migration consulting.

Thanks to the huge market demand and variety of consulting solutions available, it’s possible to find the exact database solutions consultancy needed for your company.

Top 5 Databases That Companies Need Consultancy With

Below, you can find a list of the most popular DBs with which consultant database experts can assist:

  • Oracle. According to Statista, Oracle is the most popular database used by companies globally as of 2020. Oracle is an enterprise-level database with complex yet flexible options that allow for managing big amounts of data and business solutions. That’s why Oracle database consultancy is highly popular among middle- to large-scale organizations that look for a reputable Oracle database consulting company.
  • MySQL. For businesses looking for easy-to-organize and easy-to-scale solutions, MySQL comes as a preferred choice. It is a high-performing and still a relatively simple option for companies that don’t require complex solutions but still want a reliable and secure database to operate with.
  • MongoDB. This is currently the most popular NoSQL database, especially among startups and small companies interested in NoSQL database consulting. It requires less management and costs to use, and it is high-performing and flexible, but MongoDB won’t be the best option for highly transactional systems and complex software. 
  • PostgreSQL. PostgreSQL has been gaining popularity in recent years, thanks to its high extensibility, reliability, security, and data integrity options. It falls under SQL database consulting services and complies with SQL standards, at the same time, allowing for more flexibility and architecture versatility compared to other SQL solutions.
  • AWS DBs. Businesses working with Amazon Web Services or planning to move their workloads to the AWS Cloud often look for AWS DB consultancy and AWS consulting services that can help them reap the maximum benefits from the chosen technology.

What Issues Can DB Consulting Help Businesses to Avoid?

To sum up the mentioned above, let’s take a look at the issues, problems, and risks that professional DB consulting can help businesses to resolve and avoid:

  • Make sure that the chosen DB meets the strategic business objectives and technical requirements;
  • Avoid common pitfalls that come with DB integration and compliance;
  • Advise on the most suitable DB customization and migration if needed;
  • Ensure scalability, flexibility, and security of the custom solution;
  • Keep an eye on the latest DB and tech trends globally.

How To Choose a Reliable Database Consulting Firm

Choosing the right DB consulting company may sound complicated at first, but by checking the following five points, you can choose a reliable consulting services provider that will meet your company’s needs easily:

  • Comprehensive expertise. It’s always best to work with the most experienced, renowned, and versatile experts. At the same time, it’s worth looking for a provider that specialized in the DB solutions you need. Therefore, it’s recommended to look for companies that provide different DB consulting services, from Oracle to Big Data consulting firms, that have a proven track record of successful projects and implemented solutions.
  • Portfolio/Case Studies. When checking the expertise of the firm in your field, it’s great to look at the completed projects and case studies available. It’s also important to find out if the company’s experts have the needed certifications that allow them to provide first-class consulting services that can result in real benefits for the business.
  • Client feedback/Reviews. Another important point is to access the online presence of the DB consulting organization, as well as online reviews on the web. A professional company always has many positive reviews from real clients and regarding real projects, which you can easily check.
  • Personalized approach. A professional services provider always has a dedicated approach to every client it works with. Therefore, when looking for database (DBA) consulting services, make sure to clarify if you will work with a dedicated expert that will concentrate on the needs of your business only and provide you with the first-class consultancy needed.
  • Optimal database consulting rates. While organizations look for database consultant firms in USA initially, many companies have already opted for highly effective and cost-efficient remote DB consulting options. Therefore, it’d be smart to review the average cost of database consulting services globally and choose a reliable services provider with the relevant expertise and affordable rates. 

Mobilunity as Your Reliable Database Consultancy Provider

Mobilunity is a renowned Ukrainian company that has been providing database development, management, and consulting services to small startups and large-scale global organizations for 10+ years. Our experts know how to select the best-matching DB specialists with many years of experience in the particular field that can provide top-level customer database consulting and can benefit your company’s needs.

Contact Mobilunity representatives today and get the first-class solution tailored to your organization’s requirements and goals, whether it’s Oracle database consulting, Microsoft Access database consulting, or any other DB you need.

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