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Hire Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing, refers to running processes and workloads remotely via the internet in a public cloud. Cloud-based solutions enable businesses to focus on revenue-driving actions instead of time-consuming business tasks. The benefits of cloud-based solutions for businesses include scalability, increased capacity, reduced maintenance and lower costs for traditional infrastructure or in-house staff.

The most popular cloud service providers include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Oracle, Salesforce, IBM Cloud, and more. Businesses who are ready to switch to cloud solutions typically require an expert cloud solutions architect to design infrastructure and migrate workloads to the cloud. 

Areas of Specialization for a Cloud Solution Architect

A cloud computing architect can specialize in specific platforms. Businesses typically decide which cloud solutions platform they want to use and will hire a specialized expert in the field. Some of the most popular areas of specialization for cloud solution architects include: 

An International Business Machines (IBM) certified solution architect specializes in the design, planning and architecture of IBM Cloud Infrastructure. They are able to demonstrate knowledge of IBM Cloud Infrastructure concepts, evaluate customers current state and architect an IBM cloud solution according to IBM’s Cloud management principles.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers certification for architects who want to specialize in AWS and want to become a cloud guru AWS solutions architect. A cloud guru AWS solution architect has technical expertise in designing and deploying available, affordable and fault-tolerant systems on the AWS platform. An Amazon cloud solution architect is also skilled in using only the best practices recommended by Amazon.

Architects who want to specialize in Google’s platform, require the certification from Google, and are known as a Google cloud solution architect. This enables them to effectively use Google Cloud technologies in a business environment. A Google cloud solutions architect has an understanding of cloud architecture and Google technology and can design, develop, and manage secure, highly available and dynamic solutions to improve business processes.

An Azure cloud solution architect has the skills to design solutions that run on the leading cloud provider, Microsoft. An Azure cloud solutions architect usually has extensive expertise in network, compute, storage and security to be able to effectively design infrastructure on the Microsoft platform and migrate existing processes and workloads to the cloud. 

  • Oracle® cloud solution architect

An Oracle® certified cloud solution architect has the skill and experience to effectively plan, design, implement and operate solutions on Oracle® Call Interface (OCI). An Oracle® cloud solution architect is also able to design for hybrid cloud architecture and move on-premise processes and workloads to OCI.

Besides these services, there are also other cloud computing platforms cloud experts can specialize in, including Red Hat, Cloudways, phoenixNAP, ScienceSoft and pCloud. Each platform requires a certain set of skills and typically a cloud computing architect has to be certified in order to specialize in that platform. 

An Overview of a Cloud Solutions Architect Capabilities

With the increase in businesses adopting cloud-based solutions, the demand for cloud solution architect experts is growing. Therefore, it may be a difficult process to find the ideal candidate. For example, a Microsoft cloud solution architect should ideally have certain specialized skills and experience to be able to perform the necessary tasks on the Microsoft platform in a business environment. Here is a list of the basic experiences a candidate should have: 

  • Finding cloud-based solutions for traditional processes. A Microsoft cloud solutions architect should have experience in bridging the gaps between complicated business issues and solutions in the cloud. 
  • Architecture and design skills. An AWS cloud solutions architect should have experience in turning the technical requirements of a project into the architecture and design to lead the final product.
  • Cloud strategies and cloud platform architectures. A cloud solution architect Microsoft should have experience in planning strategies and implementing designs into viable processes.   
  • Application development methodologies and practices. Cloud Architects should be able to lead application developments by adhering to standard practices. 
  • Risk mitigation and reporting. Cloud architects should also be able to identify risks, report on complex issues and advise on suitable solutions. 

Besides experience, cloud solutions architects should also have certain skills and education background. This may vary between areas of specialization; For example, an Oracle® cloud solutions architect skills and experience may differ from that of a Salesforce marketing cloud solution architect, but the basics typically stay the same. Let’s look at a sample resume:

Cloud Solutions Architect Salary Rates Comparison in Diverse Countries

When you are ready to hire a cloud solution architect IBM, one of the main aspects to look at is salary rates. This may vary greatly from country to country and it is advisable to do some research before deciding where you want to hire a Microsoft azure cloud solutions architect or IBM cloud platform solution architect from. Let’s look at the annual salary comparison between five top destinations: 

  • USA: $124,109
  • UK: $84,746
  • Netherlands: $80,703
  • Switzerland: $146,897
  • Ukraine: $78,000 (based on Mobilunity’s Recruiting Team research findings over a few popular job portals)

Why Ukraine Is a Top Destination to Find Cloud Solutions Architects Company

Ukraine has been climbing the ranks as one of the top countries to hire IT experts such as Adobe marketing cloud solution architect, Square engineer candidates or any other IT specialists from. Businesses who used to hire only in-house are now realizing the benefits of working with Ukrainian developers remotely. These benefits include: 

  • Cost-effective hiring rates. Ukraine has some considerably low living costs in the world. Therefore, compared to other countries, hiring from Ukraine is incredibly affordable.
  • High-level education. In recent years, Ukraine has spent a lot of capital and effort on educating and up-skilling IT workers. Ukraine believes a high-level of education leads to success in the business world. 
  • Better communication. Most Ukrainians have excellent proficiency in English. This makes it easy to cooperate with international clients and avoid any miscommunication. 
  • Excellent work ethic. Ukrainians have a passion for hard work and success. They have an outstanding work ethic and always go out of their way to enhance productivity.
  • Convenient time zone. Ukraine is situated in a very convenient time zone, similar to most countries in Europe. Therefore, businesses do not have to worry about losing valuable working hours. 

Choose Mobilunity to Hire Cloud Solution Architect (GCP, AWS, Azure, Oracle, and More)

Mobilunity specializes in outstaffing solutions for businesses around the world. We go out of our way to hire Golang developers, Google cloud solutions architect, AWS cloud solution architect and other cloud computing experts. Our team will always make sure that the candidates go through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that they match your specific requirements and have the skills and experience to complete your project successfully. We are also positive that cloud computing architect candidates we find, including Salesforce marketing cloud solutions architect experts, will always complete your projects on time and within budget. If you’re ready to hire cloud solution architect, consider the benefits that make us stand out from the rest: 

  • Cost-effective. When you hire cloud solutions architect experts through us, you can expect to pay lower rates and save on any unnecessary admin and human resources costs. 
  • Experience and skill. We source only highly skilled and experience IT professionals, such as IBM certified cloud solution architect experts, that stand out from the rest. 
  • Efficient scalability. When choosing Mobilunity as your cloud solutions architects company, you can decide when you want to adjust your team. Scale your team to suit your project requirements fast and efficiently. 
  • Convenient time zone. Mobilunity is based in Ukraine which falls into a very convenient time zone. This means that you don’t have to worry about lost working hours. 
  • Improved productivity. All our remote Google cloud solutions architect candidates have a high work ethic and are trained to always put productivity first. With us, you can be confident that your projects will be completed on time. 

If you are looking to hire cloud solutions architect candidates for your business, contact the professional team at Mobilunity. Get expert assistance today! 

Disclaimer: “IBM”, “AWS”, “Amazon Web Services”, “Google Cloud Platform”, “Oracle” are trademarks or registered trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation, Amazon.com, Inc., Google.com, Inc., Oracle Corporation respectively  in the United States, other countries, or both. Mobilunity is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by IBM Corporation, Amazon.com Corporation, Google.com Corporation, Oracle Corporation.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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