Hire Developers in India: Pros, Cons, Pitfalls, and Alternatives

Outstaffing and outsourcing software developers have become very popular among most businesses today because of the profit and convenience it offers. When businesses outsource, for example they hire developers in China or India, they can focus more on the core of their services or products, save money on in-house staff and enjoy high-quality work.

India is one of the most popular countries businesses hire developers from. Although it is popular, there is much to learn about these software developers and many factors to consider. In this guide, we will be looking at the advantages, disadvantages and alternatives to hire dedicated developers India. As you evaluate the decision to hire developers in India, consider the availability of skills such as change management DevOps for a smoother deployment process, and the potential to engage a back end developer freelance for more flexible project needs.

IT Services in India

India is well known as one of the central tech hubs in Asia. The country boasts of a large pool of software developers and engineers. In 2018, India had approximately 2.75 million developers. At the time of this statistic, it was predicted that the number of software developers would increase by 90%. According to Businesswire, the outsourcing market in India is also expected to expand at a CAGR of 7.25% from 2020 to 2025.

It has the fastest-growing software developer base in the world, even surpassing the United States in terms of this. One of the reasons for their popularity is their use of traditional coding languages like C, Java, Java 8, and C++, which many businesses use for software development projects. As a result, it is an attractive prospect to hire UI developers India for most companies looking to outsource their staff. Today, there are also many vendors in India that businesses can use to hire developers in India.

Many developers from India also use freelance platforms to offer their services to businesses. Here, business owners can hire app developers India for incredibly low rates. Many businesses with low budgets and simple projects hire Android developers India or hire iPhone app developers India from these kinds of platforms. 

Some of the main characteristics of the Indian IT market are listed below:

  • Average monthly salary of a middle-level developer: $900
  • Time zone: GMT +5:30
  • Biggest Tech Hubs: Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Chennai
  • Size of Tech Talent Pool: Over 5,000,000
  • Popular Languages: Python, Java, JavaScript and Scala 

Advantages and Disadvantages to Hire Dedicated Developers India

Even if India is a fast-growing and popular destination to hire WordPress developers India, there are also some disadvantages to consider. Because of the large pool of developers available it can be quite tricky to hire dedicated developers India with the right skills and experience. It is important to consider all the factors at play before hiring. So, let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages to hire developers in India:

The Pros

  • Large Pool of Talented Developers

As a leading hub for software engineers, it’s no surprise that there is a large pool of highly skilled and trained developers in India. Consequently, many businesses hire PHP developers in India for complex software development projects.

  • Low Costs 

It is no secret that it is very cost-effective to hire dedicated developers India. Because the cost of living in India is so low, developers’ rates are very affordable. As a result, businesses can hire Node JS developers in India for a fraction of the price compared to some other countries. 

  • Goog Command of English

In India, English is the second official language. Therefore, in most cases, communication with Indian developers should not be difficult.

The Cons

  • A Highly Saturated Market

The market of software developers in India is highly saturated. And while there are many talented developers in the country, there are also many unskilled workers. As a result, it can be challenging to find the right workers when you want to hire Indian developer candidates.

  • Wide Cultural Differences

The cultural differences between India and the West are vast and noticeable. Many Indians also speak their traditional languages with a lower level of proficiency in English. So, when hiring a dedicated development team in India, this can lead to miscommunication. 

  • Different Approaches to Work

When you hire developers India, you will find that they have different mindsets and approaches to work, compared to Western businesses. This can quickly lead to miscommunication and misunderstandings while working on projects.

  • Security Risks

Since there are Indian developers with a lower level of skills and experience, many companies are open to the risk of security breaches. When you hire developers from India with subpar skills, there can be issues with security encryption that can leave your business exposed to hackers, malware and data breaches. 

  • Different Time Zones 

India’s time zone is quite different from most US states and European countries. Therefore, when you hire web developers in India, the available working hours may be challenging. 

  • Quality of the Code

Low costs of PHP, Java, Python, C#, Web developers in India for hire usually means not the high quality of the code and mistakes in the work. As a result, this can lead to higher expenses in the long-term perspective.

The cons present when you hire software developers India seem to overshadow the pros. It can be tricky to hire Indian programmers with the right education, skills and experience because the market is so saturated. The chances of miscommunication is also a major concern. Therefore, many businesses look for alternative destinations. But what destinations offer the right benefits? 

What Are the Alternatives to Hire Dedicated Developers India?

Asia is often seen as the hub for outstaffing developers from. Besides India, businesses often look for developers from China, Pakistan and the Philippines. But while it is usually very affordable, these countries pose the same risks: A lower level of skills, language differences and security dangers.

If you find that the disadvantages to hire Indian software developers or other Asian workers are too much of a risk, there are many other destinations to consider. Europe is a strong global contender. However, countries in Western Europe, including Germany and the United Kingdom, have higher-than-average rates for developers. They may be conveniently located but it is very expensive to hire from Western Europe. On the contrary, Eastern Europe and more specifically Ukraine is an excellent location. In terms of the quality and cost ratio, convenient location and cultural similarity, Ukraine is a great choice for businesses that want to hire developers. 

In the next section, we will consider the pros and cons of hiring Ukrainian developers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hiring Developers in Ukraine

Ukraine is becoming increasingly popular with businesses around the world looking for dedicated software engineer services at low rates. There are a lot of benefits that come with hiring these developers. However, there are also a few cons to look out for. It is important to consider both of these before hiring. 

The Pros

  • High-Quality Work

Ukrainian developers are highly educated and skilled. This is one of the main reasons why they are preferred by international businesses. The tech industry in the country is thriving, and the developers are constantly learning more and being exposed to the most up-to-date IT resources, methods and trends. 

  • Data Security

Over the past 10 years, Ukraine has been striving to become an EU member, this fact has influenced its laws as well. Ukraine complies with the GDPR rules, so you don’t have to worry about data security. But the choice of a reliable IT provider should still be approached responsibly. 

  • Close Cultural Similarity

Although Ukraine has its own culture, the behavior and mindset of the people in the country are very similar to that of other Western countries. They think and behave more similarly and also have a likened culture. This makes the onboarding process for businesses easier and the process of working with in-house teams more convenient. 

  • Geographic Proximity

Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe. The geographic proximity to Western Europe means that the time difference is smaller and more convenient for businesses that have set working hours. 

  • Affordable Costs

When compared to the average hourly rates of American and other European developers, Ukrainians’ rates are much lower. Since the economy of the country is good and the cost of living is low, Ukrainian developers can charge cheap rates but still make a comfortable living.

The Cons

  • Communication Issues 

Even though Ukrainians have good proficiency in English, and fast Internet it can still be problematic to communicate when a dedicated team works remotely. There can be connection or other unexpected issues, which can lead to frustrating delays in communication. 

  • The Difference in Time Zones with the US

If you can get from the main European cities to Ukraine in 1-2 hours, then from the USA a flight will take a much longer time. 

Considering these points, it is evident that the benefits of hiring from Ukraine exceeds the disadvantages. However, before hiring from this country, there are also some other aspects to keep in mind. Some of the main characteristics of the Ukrainian IT market to examine include:

  • Average monthly salary of a middle-level developer: $2,000 (source – Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets)
  • Time zone: GMT +2
  • Biggest Tech Hubs: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnipro.
  • Size of Tech Talent Pool: up to 200,000.
  • Popular Languages: JavaSсripт, PHP, Java, and Python.
Time zonesWith a GMT +5:30, the time zone for India is quite different from that of the West.Ukraine is closer to the West, and this closes the time zone gap, allowing workers and businesses to work side-by-side more regularly.
Size of the tech talent poolIndia has over five million developers available, which means it has a large talent pool. But, among this pool is a saturation of subpar developers.Ukraine also has a large number of developers available, with most of them having a high level of education, skills and experience.
English proficiencyFor many Indian developers are less exposed to English-speaking countries and businesses, resulting in a lower level of English proficiency. Many Ukrainian developers receive their education in English or work with Western businesses, resulting in them having good proficiency in English. 
Education levelIndia has a very large population and educational institutions are not available to everyone. As a result, many developers are self-taught and don’t have a formal educational background.Ukraine has always had a strong focus on accessible education. The rise of the tech sector in the country has also led to developers gaining excellent educational backgrounds.
Talent availabilityWith so many workers available, it can be difficult to find the right talent, especially on freelance platforms. Ukraine is known for their experienced vendors available to find and vet the right talent. This makes it easy for businesses to get access to the best workers. 
Data safety and insuranceThere are concerns that India’s data security system does not guarantee security and privacy for businesses and that data can even be sold with certain loopholes. Data safety is among the top concerns when it comes to IT outsourcing. As Ukraine follows the GDPR rules businesses can rest assured that their data is safe. Cybersecurity takes an important place in the country’s legislation on data protection and info security.
Quality to price correspondenceWithin the extremely saturated market, many Indian developers have extremely low rates. And unfortunately, low rates often mean low-quality of work. The cost of developing in Ukraine is very consistent with good quality work.
Ease of doing businessBecause of the different approaches to work and language barriers, it can, at times, be challenging to work with Indian developers.   Ukrainians are proficient in English and known for their excellent work ethic, making it easy to work with Ukrainian developers. 

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