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What You Should Know About Argentina Software Development Outsourcing

Latin America has become one of the popular outsourcing destinations in the last decade, especially for US companies. The relative proximity, little time difference, and affordable salary rates are the main reasons why many businesses choose to hire developers in Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico.

Argentina software development outsourcing gives exciting opportunities for investors and contributes greatly to the country’s economy. Only in the years 2006-2016, the export income from the SIS industry grew by 13.7%. And the majority of this revenue belongs to custom development (58%).

IT Market in Argentina

Outsourcing in Argentina may be super beneficial for the companies from various countries. It is true mainly due to several factors that can be easily proved by the statistics. Thus, the IT industry growth rate in Argentina is stunning and it is expected to increase in 17,76% in the nearest five years. It will lead to the higher market volume that will compound like 8 billion dollars by 2028. It means that the IT sphere in Argentina is continuously developing, involving more and more resources in such a way.

According to the statistics, the number of IT Companies in Argentina is about 1000 and the overall number of IT Professionals engaged into the IT sector is more than 111 thousands of dedicated developers. Surely, these numbers are incredible! And they show us pretty well that IT outsourcing Argentina is a real solution, as you will easily find needed specialists there among the overall numbers of Argentina software developers.

We insist on such a thought just because of the fact that in the Argentina IT market are presented all the most popular and in demand services. Thus, there are a lot of developers that work with such widely spreaded languages as PHP, .NET, Python, Java, Lua, Node.js and many more! As you can see, software development outsourcing Argentina can be a good idea as it can cover all your possible needs. 

One more important fact about the Argentina IT market that is unreal not to mention is its tech export value that counts 466m. It means that Argentina IT outsourcing is a significant part of the Argentina IT market, that is why it is pretty easy to find necessary software developers in Argentina.

As you can see, there are several facts that stand for the software outsourcing Argentina, proving that it is a good destination for it.

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Average Salary of the Software Developer in Different Cities

When looking for software developers Argentina, it may be also useful to learn more statistics about the IT market in the biggest Argentina cities. That is why below we caught up some relevant data about five most popular cities that will suit the best for Argentina software development outsourcing.

  • Buenos Aires

The very first one city in our list is, of course, the capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires. It is a city with autonomous status and the largest population not only in Argentina itself, but also one of the biggest cities in the whole South America. It honestly can be named the cultural and economical center in Argentina, that is why software development Buenos Aires is also leading. 

So, Buenos Aires is fairly an epicenter of all the technological movements and achievements and it is the main reason why there are more startups, experienced IT companies and developers with various specializations than in any other city. Thus, nearly 60% of the total number of IT companies in Argentina is located in Buenos Aires that involves something like 70 000 of IT specialists.

That is why it does not matter whether you want to hire an app developer Buenos Aires or you are looking for a front end developer Buenos Aires, you will surely find both and even more! And it will be added with the comparatively low cost, as the average salary of a software developer in Buenos Aires is 1500$ per month.

But it is still a little bit higher than in some other Argentina cities, so check them out if you want to save some money.

  • Cordoba

The next city for the population criteria after Buenos Aires is Cordoba. This city is also pretty huge as it is in the top 5 biggest cities in Argentina. It is located in the center of the mainland so it has no access to the ocean. It is unusual as mainly big cities are located near the water. But it is not an obstacle for this city as it still has a great population and well developed infrastructure. There is an airport that makes this city more dynamic.

So, these factors lead to the increased demand for the IT specialists in this city to cover the modernization needs and build a more pleasant way of life. As a result, now there is a Cordoba Technology Cluster. It is a union of several IT companies located in Cordoba that have joined their forces to work on the international market. Due to the union, there are a lot of IT professionals in Cordoba, so it counts nearly 50 000 specialists now.

That is why you can hire a web developer Cordoba with wide specialization and great English skills, as they are internationally oriented. And, what is more, it will be combined with the lower cost, as the average salary of an IT expert in Cordoba is 1300$ per month. So, try to find your ideal frontend developer Cordoba Argentina or a .net developer Córdoba Argentina to cover all your business needs!

  • Rosario

One more city with a great population is Rosario, that goes after Buenos Aires and Cordoba. It is located at the river banks and gathers an agglomeration around itself. It is surely a pretty good circumstance for the city’s development, so there are various manufactures in Rosario that make it a highly developed industrial city.

But it also requires constant development and improvement with the engagement of the most recent technologies and the best practices to  provide customers with the best product and stay competitive on the market. That is why there is a real demand for the IT specialists, that has reasoned their presence in Rosario in numbers like 30000 specialists.

Thus, it is not a problem to find a web developer Rosario. Moreover, it can be really cost-effective as salaries there are lower than the average in the country. Thus, full stack developer Rosario has on average 1000$ per month.

  • La Plata

One more pretty big city in Argentina is La Plata. It is situated near Buenos Aires and is based as an administrative center of the province of Buenos Aires after Buenos Aires itself gained an autonomous status. So it also has a coastline and popularity that attracts more and more economical and human resources here. It contributes to the high development tempo in this city and the modernization process turning around here.

That is why, with the development of the Internet and IT market, there is also an increase in the overall number of IT specialists in La Plata. Hence, now it is near 10 000 IT professionals, that is a huge part of the overall population of the city. The average salary of a software developer in La Plata is slightly lower than in the capital Buenos Aires and is nearly 1400$ per month.

So, it is a good opportunity for those who want to hire specialists from Buenos Aires, but it is a bit expensive for them. In this case La Plata can become a good replacement for the metropolitan developers as it is extremely near to it that means similar talent pool and expertise, but offers the same services with the lower cost. 

  • Mar del Plata

This coastal city in the province of Buenos Aires is nearly the most popular and the most often visited resort center in Argentina and even in the whole South America. Mar del Plata is widely known for its stunning beaches, developed infrastructure with hundreds of various shops and restaurants, museums and theaters. But it is not only a beautiful resort city, it is also a haven for the modern dynamic and fastly developing IT industry.

Thus, there are several startups and IT companies in the Mar del Plata, and their number is increasing day to day. Mainly it is due to the pretty large number of IT specialists in the city that get education in the local universities. Their amount is nearly 3% of the overall city population and counts 18 000 habitats of the overall city population. 

What is more, the average salary of the software developer in Mar del Plata is 1200$ per month, which is significantly lower than in the capital. That is why, if you are looking for web developer Buenos Aires, but your budget is more tight, it may be a great idea to look for a specialist in Mar del Plata, which is comparatively near to Buenos Aires, but more cost-effective.

To sum up, there is an evident difference between the average salaries of software developers in different cities of Argentina. It means that those who tend to hire software specialists in Argentina have the possibility to choose the destination and the cost all the same, receiving a high level of services. Keep reading to learn more about the right choices in software Argentina outsourcing and its benefits.

Pros and Cons of Argentina Software Development Outsourcing

When thinking about Argentina software outsourcing it may be useful to get aware of all pros and cons such a decision has, to know exactly all the possible benefits you will get when you hire software developers in Argentina. So, we have prepared a list of the most valuable ones to help you to evaluate such an idea for your business.


  • Great pool of talents. As we have already proved before, there are a really large number of highly specialized software developers in Argentina. It is a minimum 5 big cities with thousands of dedicated specialists, generally counting more than 111 thousands of developers. Surely, it is a great benefit as it increases the possibility to hire developers in Argentina and find your ideal match!
  • Constant development. Argentina has several big cities forming agglomerations and IT unions that are oriented on an international market. All that maintains its constant development and in the IT industry in particular. That is why you can be sure that the software development company in Argentina you work with will keep growing and providing you with high-standard services. It is especially important if you are looking for long-term cooperation.
  • Strong education. According to the statistics, there are 59 universities in Argentina that prepare various specialists and IT experts in particular. Moreover, in 2019 Argentina was on the 29th stage among all countries worldwide with the best education. That is why you can be sure of the expertise and specialization of a professional you hire. 
  • Convenient location. There are a lot of outsourcing companies in Argentina and it is also because of the fact that it is suitable for the range of countries having similar time zones and culture with them. It makes Argentina a popular destination for software development outsourcing.
  • High level of English. People in Argentina are fluent English speakers, that is why you can be calm that you will find common language with the specialists from Argentina. It makes the working process much easier and more pleasant and guarantees that you will be heard and your needs met. 
  • Cost efficiency. As it goes from the previous parts where we have taken a precise look at the salaries in software development companies in Argentina, it is comparatively low that makes Argentina a perfect destination for outsourcing.


  • Time zone. While it is the perfect variant for outsourcing software development for America, it is not so suitable for European companies, for example. But with all the modern technologies we have now it can be easily covered to minimize the difference.
  • Cost comparison. Comparatively to some other countries of South America or South Asia it is a bit higher cost on custom software development Argentina. But it is totally covered by the expertise the developers in Argentina have and the quality and guarantees they provide you when hiring software developers in Argentina. So, here is the result you receive working with outsourcing companies Argentina totally covers the expenses.

Hire developers in other Countries

Access a wide range of specialized skills and fresh perspectives by hiring developers from different countries. Expand your team’s capabilities and drive innovation by tapping into the diverse global talent pool.

Alternatives to Software Development Outsourcing Argentina

Although Latin America might be beneficial for some companies looking for remote developer teams, others want to know the alternatives. Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular are strong competition to software development outsourcing Argentina. Ukraine offers highly-skilled and educated programmers as well as low salary rates, and a convenient destination. Here are the key benefits of Ukraine for outsourcing:

  • It is located in Europe, which makes it much more lucrative for EU partners. There is little to no time difference and easy travel.
  • Ukraine has more than 200,000 experienced professionals, which is a great talent pool to choose from.
  • Ukrainian developers have excellent tech skills that ensure their worldwide reputation. According to HackerRank, they are in 11th place worldwide while Argentina is in 39th.  According to the TopCoder rating, Ukraine is in 14th place and Argentina is in 33d.
  • Almost every Ukrainian SW engineer has great English proficiency.  They know that it is an essential skill for international cooperation and invest in additional language education.
  • Ukraine has a great educational system and ensures about 16,000 ICT graduates per year.
  • Another benefit of Ukraine is that it is a European country that shares the same business values and ethics. There is a minimal culture difference, which ensures comfortable and productive cooperation. That’s why many international companies operate here, for example, Microsoft, IBM, Samsung, Boeing, etc.
  • Ukraine is GDPR compliant.
Time zonesGMT-3GMT+2
Size of a tech talent pool134,000200,000
English proficiencyHigh, 25th worldwideGood, 44th worldwide
Education levelHigher education, BA and MAHigher education, BA and MA
Talent availabilityDecentHigh
Risks related to natural hazardsHighLow
Data safety and insuranceNot GDPR compliantGDPR compliant
Quality to price correspondenceMedium, 39th by HackerRank and 33d by TopCoderHigh, 14th according to TopCoder, 11th by HackerRank
Ease of doing businessNot always easy due to inflation and complicated legislationEasy

Of course, the choice of outsourcing destination depends on the company’s needs, expectations, and budget. The next step is to select a reliable local vendor to help with all peculiarities of a hiring process.

Salaries of Software Engineers in the Argentina

Now, when you already know the average software developer Argentina salary, it may be also important to explore more about the difference in cost among the junior, middle and senior developers. Of course, there is no necessity to hire a senior expert for all projects as some of them can be successfully covered by junior or middle specialists. So, this information can help you to correlate your budget with the service and expertise you need for the project. Check the table below to learn more about average software engineers monthly salaries in Argentina.


As you can see, there is a pretty huge difference in the cost of software development Argentina services depending on the specialist’s skillset, but it is still cost-effective compared to the average salaries in North America, for example. Moreover, you can shift among the specialists’ level of expertise and experience and regulate the cost in such a way. Due to it outsourcing software development to Argentina may be a super cost-effective decision.

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Benefits of Outsourcing the Hiring Process to Professionals

When you decide to cooperate with the specialists to find software development experts for your business, it may bring some benefits for you and your business. Here is a list of the most relevant advantages you will get when outsourcing the hiring process to specialists:

  • You do not need to spend your time and efforts on it
  • You do need to track the market 24/7 to catch up the best talents
  • You do not need to dive into the technical nuances
  • You can be sure in perfect results
  • Your needs will be surely satisfied
  • No worries from your side

Our Main Service Models

  • Dedicated Development Teams

The main service model we provide is hiring of dedicated development teams with us. It means that you receive a full-time team totally engaged in your projects and only yours and you are able to manage it by yourself. At the same time, from our side we promise that all HR, accounting and helpdesk needs will be covered by us. It is the best choice if you need a complete team that will work only for you especially in a long-term perspective.

  • Consultancy Services

This type of our service model is more suitable for short-term cooperation and projects with tight deadlines. Hence, we can find specialists for you in minimum terms to fill in the gap in your team or add a professional with the specific specialization to cover your needs. And, of course, here we also cover all HR, accounting and helpdesk issues.

  • Recruiting Services

It is a recruiting-as-a-service model we provide for our clients that means that we can find and hire specialists for your business in Argentina or any other country in Eastern Europe. Due to it you can receive a local specialist that will correspond to all your needs. Our company already has several successful cases of such a service, hiring locally in Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Peru, Tajikistan.

Need a software development company in Argentina to cover your business needs? Choose recruiting services, contact us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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