Why Hire Developers in Portugal?

The modern economy of Portugal has gone through many stages of development, from the era of conquest and ending with the country’s accession to the EU. At the moment, the IT sphere is one of the most promising sectors in this country. IT outsourcing of Portugal developers for hire is also popular there. As it is reported by the Portuguese American Journal, this country is one of the most significant competitors in providing IT outsourcing and IT staffing services in the world. IT outsourcing Portugal is a good decision if you want to move your software development process to a foreign European country. Innovative developments are used in many spheres of public life here, including the financial sphere and the sphere of public administration. The development of the Portuguese IT sector also allows talking about increasing utilization of information and communication technology in this country. Thus, according to ICT Institute Carnegie Mellon, Portugal is one of the leaders in the usage of mobile devices which also leads to the increasing development of mobile apps.

The Popularity of Nearshoring in Portugal

There are several reasons why many companies choose nearshoring Portugal among other options. First of all, it is located in the EU, which makes it a perfect destination. There are many direct flights so the business leaders can meet and work with the team without any problems. It is also in the GMT zone, which makes nearshoring in Portugal beneficial for European countries.

The second main reason is the amount of talented and highly-professional employees. There are plenty of software development companies here with the main part of them located in Lisbon. Overall, 60% of citizens know at least one foreign language, usually English. When looking to hire developers for new business, consider partnering with startup recruiting firms for a more streamlined hiring process and keep in mind the potential advantages that come with hiring developers specifically experienced in launching new businesses.

Many European countries, namely the UK, choose to nearshore Portugal as this country shares European values and corporate culture. The political and social situation there is stable and this is always great for business. It is also a secure destination in terms of legislation and documentation. There is a transparent legislative system and a business can be registered online in three days. And the taxes here are also quite low, as the government puts effort into the development of small businesses. Among other benefits of nearshoring Lisbon are affordable rent and well-built transport and technological infrastructure.

Overall, Portuguese developers offer a high-quality products and affordable prices, that’s why companies from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands often choose nearshoring there. It is especially popular in Great Britain because of Brexit and the growing demand for specialists that cannot be fulfilled by the internal workforce.

The Industry of App Development Portugal

App development is one of the most growing spheres of software development in the world. It is understandable as the use of mobile devices grows every day and mobile apps revenue was around $462 billion in 2019. On average, a smartphone holder uses about 9 apps per day and up to 30 per month.

And Portugal is no exception to these statistics. By the year 2022, there will be 6.51 million smartphone users in the country. That’s why app development Portugal is on the rise as well as the whole software development industry.

Mobile app developers Portugal are in high demand due to competition, salaries, and high-quality services. They offer qualified assistance and services to outsourcing and nearshoring companies all over the world. Businesses from the EU and the US decide to invest in app developers Portugal as they offer services on for both iOS and Android ecosystems.

The reasons are simple: the country provides governmental support in terms of legislation and taxes. And this destination is beneficial in terms of European location, little to no language barrier, and a great number of teams and companies in the industry.

It is also easy to find an app development company Portugal as the offer is quite high. According to the app economy report in the EU, Portugal has a well-built industry. As for 2016, the country had 27,400 jobs in the app industry. And this number is evenly distributed among iOS and Android systems. 16,000 of those positions are located in Lisbon, which makes it the main destination for outsourcing and nearshoring in the country.

Overall revenue in the app segment for Portugal is about $4 million in 2020. And it is expected to grow in the future. The Portuguese software development market is now growing as the demand for qualified employees grows over the world. That’s why the mobile app industry is also on the rise here.

An Alternative to Portugal Dedicated Team

Nevertheless, the IT staffing of Ukrainian developers is also rather promising and can be a good disjunctive to Portugal dedicated team due to the number of reasons listed here.

Hiring Ukrainian development teams and making use of IT offshoring/nearshoring services, you will be able to:

  • Choose among 200,000 IT talents of any stack and levels;
  • Extend your development team within a few days or 2 weeks max;
  • Focus on the core of your business;
  • Reduce expenses and overhead costs associated with the equipment of workplaces, training of staff, information support, etc.;
  • Achieve improvement in the quality of your products through the concentration of management and finance on core spheres;
  • Control the whole development process and your development team while the IT outsourcing and outstaffing company will care for your staff retention, extension, substitution;
  • Share risks and responsibilities with the outstaffing company.

Hire Developers in Portugal or in Ukraine? Kyiv or Lisbon developer? Comparison of Average Expenses

If you want to hire developers in Portugal, first of all, you should be acquainted with the scales of their wages. It also makes sense to compare these indicators with salaries of Ukrainian programmers.

An average developer’s monthly salary in Portugal is $2,100 according to the PayScale. A software programmer receives near $2,000 in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Let’s discover how much it costs to hire developers in Lisbon, Portugal. A middle .Net developer, as a rule, receives $1,800. A middle JavaScript developer is able to earn $1,800. A Lisbon developer with PHP skills can count on $1,950 per month. The rates of the same developers in Ukraine are the following: middle .NET developers for hire earn $2,000, hire JavaScript programmers will cost you $2,500, PHP developers for hire will ask $2,500.

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As we can see the rates of Ukrainian and Portugal developers depend on skills and technology and it’s impossible to make a conclusion what country is more profitable in terms of developers rates. But Ukraine is a bigger country with a higher population, it’s a fact. And there are many more IT providers and qualified specialists in Kyiv than in Lisbon. Ukraine has a talent pool with 200,000 software developers in the country while Portugal has 2 times less – 95,000.

Mobilunity as a Global Outsourcing Provider

From the comparison above you may conclude that the rates for dedicated and remote developers in Ukraine are not much higher than in Portugal. But hiring the Lisbon dedicated team or just a Lisbon developer for your team extension will be more difficult than cooperation with Ukrainian programmers due to the lack of programmers and other IT specialists in Portugal. There are many worthy software development companies in Ukraine among which Mobilunity with its many years of experience and a large number of satisfied customers. Mobilunity, based in Kyiv, provides dedicated development teams according to all the requirements and can build a strong team that is capable to achieve the most ambitious goals. If you want to hire powerbi developer contact us! IT outsourcing of dedicated teams of Mobilunity gives you a possibility to control your investments and pay fixed monthly rate according to different and very flexible plans. This means that you will be always able to save your money and receive products of high quality hiring Ukrainian development teams with us.

Before you decided to hire developers in Portugal or in Ukraine, contact us to begin our beneficial cooperation right now!

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