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Offshore JavaScript Development Company

JavaScript is one of the most used programming languages in the world that makes the webpage interactive by having numerous frameworks and programs to perform a particular task. Aurelia, ReactJS, EmberJS, NodeJS, among other frameworks remain the leading tools for building web applications. According to w3techs.com data, 95% of all sites on the web were developed with the use of JavaScript. With such a demand for this language, there are numerous JavaScript development services offshore to help you build your team. “Hire frontend developer Kyiv” is quite a common request on the web as Ukraine remains an attractive destination for West European countries for offshoring their dedicated development teams.  When partnering with an offshore JavaScript development company, you can tap into the skills of a talented team that includes PHP freelance developer, particularly advantageous when considering Ukraine IT outsourcing for cost-effective and high-quality solutions.

What to Expect in 2023: JavaScript Offshoring Trends

JavaScript is not only mostly used, but also one of the most vastly developing and growing programming languages. If you are interested in your product to align with the latest technologies and tools within JS, take a look at 2020 trends. 

  • React as a leading framework of JavaScript 

According to statistics, the use of React will continue to dominate in 2020 with approximately the same rates as in 2019 – 89% of companies used to React as the major programming framework. Since React is mainly used for building user interfaces, it enables developers to make it interactive and dynamic. 

  • Web components are on the rise

Web components are considerably smaller in size and do not require additional runtime as they are mainly browser-based. Web components operate on most of JS frameworks thus enable developers of different expertise to develop web components. 

  • GraphQL 

Another demanding framework that shows the dramatic interest of IT companies. Designed by Facebook, this framework is aimed at server-side runtime for APIs. The framework identifies the types and fields of client’s interactions and requirements, and then provides particular functions to those. 

  • ES-modules and CDN  

ES-modules are included in the standard of ES6 that describes the work of modules within the browser. This technology, thus, enables developers to add and extract functionality to a particular module which can be further downloaded via CDN. 

Benefits of Hiring JavaScript Developer Offshore

The services of offshore JavaScript development company, agency, firm are becoming more and more interesting for the companies looking for an innovative eye. Let’s see what is so advantageous in having offshore JavaScript developers as a part of your staff.  

  • Large Talent Pool 

Offshoring presupposes you to find professional software developers across the world, whether in Brazil or in the CEE country. Take a look: Kyiv has over 100,000 occupied software specialists, most of which have STEM qualifications. 

  • Solid Technical Expertise

According to Evans Data Survey, approximately 60% of global software developers use JavaScript for web application development. This data proves JS’s demand and solid technical expertise that enables many companies to adapt AJAX, one of the common frameworks of this programming language.

  • New Markets Opportunities

Both large and small companies require business expansion at a certain stage of product development, especially when it comes to promoting a new product. Therefore, hiring JavaScript developers offshore not only entails an innovative eye to the project, but also helps discover new partnerships, enrich customer base, and establish a competitive position on the domestic market. 

  • Save on Labor

Let’s see at the salary rates in the United States: an average US company will spend about $82,000 a year to cover JS developer paycheck, while an offshore JavaScript programmer in Ukraine will cost around $30-40,000. 

  • US vs Ukrainian Tax Regulations

No less important and considerable spending goes to taxes: software engineers are obliged to pay from the lowest 10% to 40% as income taxation; Ukraine has a fixed income tax at the rate of 18% – quite an astonishing difference. 

What Services Can Be Delivered By Offshore JavaScript Programmers?

With an overwhelming demand for JS services, let’s see what services you can have if you hire JavaScript developers offshore.

  • Plug-in Development 

Plug-in is a part of a JS code that is included in a standard JS file. By developing Plug-ins API, companies can post information to URLs, add hyperlinks that will transfer the user to a new URL, get the data from the web using URLs, integrate JS/DOM with the native code. 

  • Mobile and Web Application Development

Since JavaScript is a flexible language that has numerous frameworks, it allows programmers to perform both frontend and backend (using Node.js) for web application development. Moreover, JS allows an offshore JavaScript developer to create Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) that can be installed on mobile devices and accessed via the home screen. 

  • Interactive Application Development 

One of the commonly used frameworks used by developers to create a dynamic, interactive, and responsive application is Bootstrap. The key advantage of this framework is that it does not require additional tools as it is a complete suite of tools for developing the frontend development. 

  • Custom Application Development and Content Management Systems

Custom App Development is essential for companies who require their  product to be unique to avoid its similarity with the competitors. CMS in JS can be designed to be simple, interactive, and customized without applying other frameworks and coding languages.

  • eCommerce Custom Application Development

CAD in eCommerce is demanding due to the rise of services conducted via the Internet. These platforms can cover numerous operations, from selling and delivering to supporting and marketing. 

  • Customization, Implementation, and Migration 

JavaScript is not only designed to develop the software from scratch, developers can also implement new features and modules to the existing product and make it customized per customers’ request. It also enables developers to migrate numerous on-premise workloads easy and fast. 

Offshore or Nearshore JavaScript Software Development?

When defining nearshoring, it is important to note that no considerable difference between the cooperation exists, except the fact that nearshoring vendors work in the same time zone. But let’s take a closer look at the difference between these models of JavaScript development outsourcing. 

JavaScript NearshoringOffshore JavaScript Development
Convenient location, close proximity with a vendorLong travel time
Spotless communication due to operating in the same time zoneIssues in communication due to a considerable difference in time
Similar cultural values, business views, problem-solving solutions A lack of management control
Minimum issues in language differenceLong travel time
Excellent quality of services and full control of a teamPotential issues in quality of services 

JavaScript Nearshoring at Mobilunity: When Quality Matches the Expectations 

With over 9 years of experience in outsourcing, Mobilunity has gained recognition in both nearshore and offshore services to clients in the United States, Switzerland, and Japan. Since we do understand our clients’ intentions, we operate based on 3Rs, namely Recruitment, Relationship, and Retention. Hiring an offshore dedicated JavaScript development team from Mobilunity is your chance to get: 

Benefits to Hire Offshore Javascript Developer With Us

  • Constant communication. Our developers possess immense experience in JavaScript and perform on the basis of Agile methodologies which allows you to control the stages of development, make changes, implement innovative solutions, and maintain your final product after its release.
  • Fast hiring process. For Mobilunity’s recruitment team, the search for finding the best suitable JavaScript programmers offshore takes around 2-3 weeks. We give a shortlist of candidates, provide assistance during selecting the ones, and assist during team management.
  • World-class quality. With a powerful educational system in Ukraine, approximately 16,000 specialists are released annually from STEM faculties. Moreover, Mobilunity is highly concerned about maintaining the qualification level of JavaScript programmer offshore, so we give access courses to make sure our developers keep up with the latest technologies. 
  • Joint working. Our board of directors always welcomes and encourages our clients to organize 1-2 weeks of working side-by-side with the team to know them better. 
  • Smart labor costs. We always consider your financial capacities so that your JavaScript engineer salary meets your expectations. 


  • What services does your JavaScript development company offer?

Our JavaScript development company specializes in a wide array of services including JavaScript application development, JavaScript web application development, and offshore Node JS development. We cater to all aspects of front-end and back-end development, providing robust and scalable solutions tailored to meet your business needs.

  • How can hiring an offshore JavaScript developer benefit my business?

Hiring an offshore JavaScript developer from our team allows you to leverage expert skills at a cost-effective price. Companies that use JavaScript significantly enhance their web applications’ interactivity, responsiveness, and user experience, leveraging the language’s versatility across various platforms. Our developers are proficient in the latest JavaScript technologies and and offshore NodeJS development, ensuring innovative, efficient, and high-quality software solutions that can significantly enhance your business operations and customer engagement.

  • What differentiates your JavaScript software development services from others?

JavaScript development agencies offer expert services to build cutting-edge web and mobile applications, ensuring that businesses stay competitive in the digital landscape. Our JavaScript software development services stand out due to our commitment to using the latest technology stacks, our agile development methodologies, and our focus on client-centric solutions. Our JavaScript web application development company ensure high-quality code standards, seamless communication, and project transparency to deliver products that exceed expectations.

  • Can I hire Aurelia developers from your company for my project?

Yes, you can hire Aurelia developers from our company. As a JavaScript application development company we have skilled developers experienced in Aurelia who can create dynamic and scalable applications suited to your specific requirements. Many leading businesses choose to collaborate with specialized JavaScript development companies to create interactive and dynamic web applications tailored to their specific needs. Our developers are also well-versed in other modern frameworks, ensuring comprehensive JavaScript development services.

  • What industries do you serve with your offshore dedicated JavaScript development team?

Our offshore JavaScript development team serves various industries, including finance, healthcare, retail, technology, and entertainment. Mobilunity is a leading JavaScript app development company and we have extensive experience in creating custom JavaScript solutions that cater to specific industry needs, ensuring compatibility, scalability, and security.

  • How do you maintain quality in JavaScript development services?

Quality in JavaScript companies is maintained through rigorous testing, code reviews, and adherence to international coding standards. JavaScript development firms specialize in delivering custom solutions that drive innovation and efficiency, helping clients harness the full potential of modern web technologies. Our JavaScript development services company employs continuous integration and delivery practices to ensure that each release is stable and meets the highest quality benchmarks.

  • What is the process for engaging with your nearshore JavaScript development services?

Engaging with our nearshore JavaScript development services involves contacting us with your project requirements. As a leading JavaScript software development company we will then assess your needs and provide a detailed proposal including project scope, timelines, and budget. Once agreed, we will allocate the appropriate resources and set up a communication plan to ensure smooth JavaScript nearshoring and timely delivery of your project.

Don’t let your development wait: hire Java Script developer offshore at Mobilunity and introduce an innovative product to the world.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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