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Offshore practices are now in high demand among businesses of all sorts. However, there are still company owners that do not know or trust offshoring simply because they do not understand it. So what is offshoring? Firstly, it is a part of a bigger term, called outsourcing, that means hiring an outer executor to get your company’s tasks done. Outsourcing consists out of three main branches – offshoring, nearshoring and onshoring. Today we will focus solely on the first one. Thus offshoring means hiring a contractor from a different country, in most cases somewhere overseas. So what are the main benefits of offshoring and offshore website development in UAE in particular that make this business practice so appealing? Currently, the most prominent ones are:

  • Delegating routine jobs. Routine tasks take a great deal of your time and are at times not that important. With offshoring, you are able to let the software development companies in Dubai, UAE do those tasks and you will give urgent tasks 100% of your time and dedication.
  • Bigger talent pool. With nearshoring and onshoring your hiring options are somewhat limited, while with offshoring your talent pool is literally of the size of the world.
  • Cutting cost. The main and biggest benefit of offshoring, in general, is the way that it can significantly cut your business expenses, especially if speaking of something as complex as software development.
  • 24/7 shifts. With the help of an outsourced team, your business can now be running 24/7.

Offshore Software Development Services in UAE: An Overview

Over the last couple of years, the United Arab Emirates became a truly recognizable place for outsourcing in the world. UAE software development can be interesting both for European clients and for Asian, who usually prefers to turn to a software development company in Vietnam.  Recent researches show, that the market of software development outsourcing in Dubai is expected to hit Dh 4.38 billion by the year 2020. Such rapid growth of the offshore software development companies in UAE can be easily explained by a few factors where the most prominent one is the convenient location of this country which makes it accessible for foreign vendors. More than just that, the expansion of the IT market is being fully supported by the government of the country which makes it easier for young specialists to enter – most students in the UAE have an opportunity to work part-time while studying. Due to this fact, most of them already have a few years of experience when they begin to work full time. Therefore offshore software development services in UAE, Dubai are so popular last years.

Also, according to this data, the most typical customers for outsourcing software development in Dubai firms come from the financial services, media, retail, and other industries.

Obviously, the best offshore software development center in UAE are located in its biggest cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Benefits to Hire From Offshore Software Development Company in UAE

In case you are still having some doubts about looking for an offshore software development company in UAE – here is the list of benefits of offshore software companies in Dubai and other cities of UAE, that might convince you to give them a chance:

  • Convenient location. The United Arab Emirates is the country, the country that is equally distant from all major outsourcing clients such as the United States or Europe, which makes it easier for them to communicate with specialists of different countries.
  • An extensive base of possible candidates. Due to the government’s support and working opportunities most young IT specialists stay in the country to work for one of the offshore IT software companies in Dubai or any other UAE city, for example, for web development company Abu Dhabi.
  • Low prices. If you decide to partner up with any offshore software development company in UAE, you will be able to significantly reduce your expenses as UAE developers for hire have lower rates than those, for example, that are located in Europe. Though if you need to reduce your costs even more you can try to hire developers in Egypt.
  • Easy to contact. Due to time zone convenience, you will not have any troubles contacting your offshore web development company in UAE and clarifying any questions you might have. So, web development services UAE can be a good solution.

As you can see, offshore IT software companies in Dubai and other cities of the UAE have a list of undeniable benefits which makes lots of major companies consider it as a great location for outsourcing in general and offshoring in particular. Today all this country’s major clients traditionally come from the US or Europe as software development company UAE can provide a great ratio of excellent work and low prices.

UAE Ukraine
Number of employees 33,000+ 40,000+
Number of companies 47+ 100+
Most popular cities for IT outsourcing Dubai, Abu Dhabi Kyiv, Lviv
An average rate per hour (Software development) $36 $34

Ukrainian Offshore Software Development: Mobilunity

Ukraine has plenty of IT companies that do outsource, however, Mobilunity is definitely among the best ones you can find and there are several reasons to that:

  • Plenty of specialists. Unlike many other companies, Mobilunity always provides at least 2 or 3 potential candidates for the job, making sure that you will find the one that will be perfect for your particular project.
  • Considerable prices. While doing business with Mobilunity you can always be sure that their prices will be explained up to the last cent – you will always be aware of where you give your money away.
  • Speeded up HR process. With Mobilunity’s specialists you will receive your full functioning team withing maximum of four weeks.
  • Convenience in the communication process. Offshore team often need to be contacted at any time of day and night. Luckily, Mobilunity’s location allows you to do that without any problems.

As you can see, Mobilunity is a great place for outsourcing, particularly offshoring. So do not hesitate to give a call to their representative and learn about all the necessary details!

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