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Offshore VUE.JS Development

Vue.js is a framework widely used for various web development needs. Most commonly it is used for front-end development and UI design of web apps and sites. It is pretty easy in usage, provides high performance, flexibility and scalability. 

Due to these features there are a lot of sites and apps built on Vue. Thus, 17.6% of the best sites in top 10k all over the world are created using Vue.js. Also, 8.15% of the sites in top 1m are on Vue. It shows us that Vue.js is winning at the market having a significant place among the best frameworks.

Moreover, the statistics show that Vue.js is in the top 10 of the most used frameworks in the whole world. Mainly it is because of the benefits this open-source platform gives to its users. Let’s look closer at some of them.

Benefits of Vue.js

  • Component reusability. If you need to set some identical elements or just create a similar product, then Vue.js gives you an ability to do it with less effort as there is a reusage ability presented in it. Thus, you can reuse some interface components for the repeating elements or parts and save your valuable time in such a way. 
  • Incredibly lightweight. Vue.js is extremely lightweight as its download size is 18kb. Due to this feature it can be easily established and used for the project needs. What is more, it reveals the performance problems. It is especially important for the websites, as it helps them to load faster.
  • Virtual DOM rendering. Generally, DOM (Document Object Model) stands for the HTML page representation. But using the Virtual (VDOM) developers can make changes in their projects and see them in real time. This feature significantly speeds up the development process and makes the changing process easier. 
  • Easy to integrate. As Vue.js is a JavaScript based platform, it is extremely easy to integrate it into the project, no matter on which stage you are recently. Moreover, you can implement Vue.js partly, not changing the rest of the project at all. You can do it the same as adding the new code into your project. 
  • Two-way communication. Vue.js is trying to highly optimize the workflow, so that any changes you make in the UI are sequentially passed to the data and updated there that you can see reflected at your UI. So it does not matter when and where you make the changes, they will be immediately reflected at the project. 

Vue.js Development Services

  • Vue.js Mobile Development. With the Vue.js functions you can easily create a web app suitable for all platforms using various scripts. Especially with the help of UI and UX designers you can get an incredible result in less time.
  • Single Page Application Development. Vue.js is also super good for the development of single page applications. Due to it developers can make them extremely fast, with a high performance and ideal UI.
  • Real-time Application Development. Vue.js is also great for the creation of real-time applications. It may be such apps as various messengers, chat apps or different cloud solutions to streamline the UI.
  • Custom Vue.js Application Development. Using all the features that Vue.js gives you it is possible to set custom solutions just for your needs. So you can receive custom solutions and even custom corporate solutions or cloud solutions built on the Vue.js.
  • Portal Development Solutions. Vue.js framework can be also used for the highly qualitative portals development. So you can choose it for your B2B or B2C business to get a platform with necessary personalization. 
  • eCommerce Vue.js Development. Vue.js, as a JavaScript based library, is also widely used for eCommerce solutions. It is one of the best tools for the creation of fast and comfortable in usage individualized platforms with UI and UX design that will help your business to go up.
  • Vue.js Plugin Development. Developers that work with Vue.js are also skilled in plugin development. Due to it you can increase the performance of your website and interactions quantity. 
  • Vue.js Migration. If you already have a site or an app but want to move it on Vue.js, then Vue.js migration services is for you. Thus, you will receive safe and secure migration with minimum efforts spent on it. 

Cost of Vue Developers in Different Countries

When thinking about cooperation with a Vue.js specialist, it may be useful to learn more about the services’ cost. The average cost of Vue.js development services in the world is $7,563 per month. It differs a lot from country to country, from region to region. That is why more and more businesses are willing to outsource Vue js development. Such a solution brings some benefits, but the main is its cost-efficiency. 

Let’s make a comparison of in-house and offshore Vue.js developers salaries in different countries to make the difference more clear.

Eastern EuropeLatin America

As you can see, appealing to offshore Vue development may cost you significantly less than cooperation with the in-house developers. It is because of some factors that influence Vue.js developers’ cost. Such factors include country location, its economical state, inflation within the country, number of specialists, their specialization and expertise, number of offshore Vue.js development companies, and more.

Consequently, the cost varies from country to country. That is why, when choosing a hiring destination, it is important to take under consideration all these factors.

Possible Team Setup for Offshore Development

All in all, if you are choosing an offshore Vue js company, there may be several options to hire a team for Vue.js development. It depends on your needs and project requirements. Check below the most common set up of the teams of each category. 

Small Team Setup

  • Project Manager. Person that controls all the staff, deadlines, quality of the work done. He also helps with communication both within the team and within you and the team.
  • Senior Vue Developer. Specialist that is super qualified in the whole process of Vue development.
  • Back-end Developer. Expert in building code, will control all the technical issues.
  • QA Specialist. This specialist will test the site or app and control it to correspond to all the requirements. 

Medium Team Setup

  • Project Manager. Specialist that controls all team members and work done. Also helps with communication like within the team and among you and the team.
  • Lead Vue Developer. Expert in Vue.js development with a high expertise and huge experience that will control the development process and other developers.
  • 2-3 Middle Vue Developers. Specialists in Vue.js with pretty wide expertise and skillset. Will work on the tech aspects like building the code.
  • Back-end Developer. This specialist will develop some useful features of the site or app.
  • UI/UX Designer. Expert in the product appearance, will work on making it comfortable in usage and pleasant for the eye.
  • QA Specialist. Person that will test the program and check it to correspond to all the needs.

Large Team Setup

  • Project Lead. Person that will control work process, deadlines, work quality and help in communication issues within the team and among you and the team.
  • 2 Senior Vue Developers. Specialists with relevant skills and experience in Vue.js development that will work on the tech side of the project.
  • 3-4 Middle Vue Developers. Specialists that will write the code and do their best to create the best working site or app.
  • 2 Back-end Developers. Experts in special mechanisms necessary for the tech side of the program.
  • UI/UX Designer. Expert in site or app appearance. Will make it look incredible and super comfortable in usage.
  • Database Administrator. Person that will control data usage and store. Will ensure that it is gained, maintained and saved in the right way.
  • QA Specialist. An expert that will check the program when it is done and control it to correspond to all the requirements. 

When you choose Mobilunity to outsource Vue.js app development and hire Vue.js developers, you can get one of the available cooperation models. Thus, you can hire a full-time team to cover all the development needs, or you can start cooperation on a part-time basis if the project is small or does not require a full-time involvement of some specific roles like ProjectManager or DevOps.

Benefits of Integration of Offshore Teams With In-House Resources

What is more, it may be super effective for some projects to collaborate in-house resources with offshore ones, hiring an offshore Vue.js developer. Such a working model can give you several benefits:

  • You can get collaborative tools for effective communication and project management. It can help you to work smoothly like there is no distance at all. It is a crucial factor when working remotely.
  • You will establish a unified vision and goals across teams. Surely, it is important to familiarize remote hires with the company, so sharing vision and goals can help in it.
  • Providing training and skill development for seamless integration. When there are new employees in a team it is essential to integrate them right. Some training and professional courses or classes can help in it. 

One of the most in demand and best for outsourcing spheres is data analytics. It is not so hard to set such work remotely and integrate analysts into your in-house team. That is why it may be useful to check offshore big data analytics for your business projects.

Mobilunity Is a Reliable Offshore Partner

If you want to cooperate with the Eastern European company for the Vue.js development that you can trust, then Mobilunity may bring offshore devops solutions for you. It is a Ukrainian company with more than 12 years experience in providing various IT services and outsourcing in particular.

Thus, there are two models available for offshore cooperation with us. Firstly, you can hire dedicated teams of experts for your large project that requires full involvement and a lot of forces spent on it. Secondly, you can hire part-time consultants for your short projects or  projects with a small load. Choose the most suitable one!

Our Successful Case of Building Vue.js Teams

What is more, we already have a successful case of forming a team remotely. For a French company Codename we found Vue.js and Node.js developers in a short time. Mobilunity experts managed with is greatly that resulted in successful project completion. Besides, it was the beginning of the future cooperation with Codename. So, if you need a qualified  full-time or part-time team for any kind of project, then you can appeal to us!


  • What are the benefits of outsourcing Vue JS development?

Outsourcing Vue.js development allows you to tap into global talent and get access to specialized Vue.js developers quickly and cost-effectively. This approach helps reduce overhead costs while providing your project with top-notch expertise in developing reactive, efficient, and scalable single-page applications and user interfaces.

  • How can I ensure quality when I outsource Vue JS developers?

Ensuring quality when you outsource VueJS developers involves selecting a reputable service provider with a proven track record. Look for outsource VueJS development services providers that have rigorous testing processes, a portfolio of successful projects, and positive client testimonials. Regular communication and detailed progress reports are also crucial for maintaining high standards.

  • What services are included in Vue development services outsourcing?

Vue.js development services outsourcing typically includes everything from UI/UX design, front-end development using Vue.js, integration with other systems and APIs, maintenance, and ongoing support. Our teams are experienced in leveraging Vue.js to build dynamic and progressive web apps that are both fast and scalable. By hiring an offshore VueJS developer, you can enhance your web development projects with expert skills in creating dynamic and responsive user interfaces, all while optimizing your development budget.

  • What should I look for in a Vue development team?

A competent Vue development team should possess strong technical expertise in Vue.js, including familiarity with its ecosystem such as Vuex and Vue Router. They should also have a solid understanding of front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and be capable of integrating Vue applications with back-end services.

  • How do Vue.js companies in Europe stand out compared to other regions?

Vue JS companies Europe often stand out due to their rigorous education standards, strong command of English, and a cultural alignment with Western business practices, making outsource VUE development collaboration smooth and effective. Particularly, Vue development Poland and Ukraine is noted for its high-quality output and competitive pricing.

  • Can you provide examples of apps built with Vue that your team has developed?

Yes, our offshore outsource Vue JS developers have built various applications across industries, ranging from e-commerce platforms to interactive educational tools. These apps are built to leverage Vue’s capabilities for handling dynamic content and improving user engagement through fast and responsive interfaces.

  • What advantages does your offshore JavaScript development team provide in Vue.js projects?

Our offshore dedicated JavaScript and Vue JS development team brings extensive experience in modern JavaScript frameworks, including Vue.js, ensuring that your projects benefit from the latest developments in technology and coding standards. Hire offshore Vue.js developers who are equipped to handle complex projects with efficiency, delivering high-quality solutions that align with your business goals.

Choose your best offshore Vue development services, contact us!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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