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Exploring Magento Developer Salary in Details

The Magento platform ensures the exceptional reliability of its online stores and boasts impressive customization tools. However, without tech support, business owners won’t be able to leverage Magento features and grow conversions. Below, we’ll explore what the Magento developer cost depends on and how you can reduce it. Let’s see why you need to hire Magento programmer for your project and how much does it cost to hire Magento developer.

What Impacts Your Magento Developer Cost 

The Magento developer salary will grow with this specialist’s experience, tech stacks, and “proximity” to North America. Let’s learn more about each factor and check some payrolls.  

Magento Developer Salary by Tech Stack 

Magento boasts multiple technologies and coding standards in its stack. It includes programming languages, libraries, file loaders, servers, database management systems, and frameworks. 

And the more skills a coder has, the higher this Magento developer rate is. Here are key positions that can fit your project roles.

  • Magento Front-End Developers 

The responsibilities of this specialist can vary in different projects. However, the Magento front-end developer’s main task is to customize templates, themes, and layouts of web pages. 

They consider your website’s architecture and know how to integrate the shopping functions you need. Also, front-end programmers create your website’s design and implement dynamic visual elements.

A front-end Magento engineer has to know JavaScript frameworks like Vue.js, React.js, and Next.js. This knowledge allows this specialist to add components to your web or mobile app’s interface. 

These programmers must know the HTML and CSS mark-up languages. And experience with using Magento PWA Studio tools is also critical. Such a specialist can earn around $90,952 in the US.

  • Magento Back-End Engineers

Back-end developers are responsible for the server-side processes — those visitors don’t see. For instance, these experts write codes that validate user data, structure saved information, or retrieve product descriptions.

Also, these Magento developers are responsible for rendering dynamic web pages when users navigate websites. They ensure all databases are easy to interact with, customize extensions, run updates, and secure infrastructure. 

A back-end Magento developer has to be proficient in PHP and know how to migrate websites from Magento 1 or other e-commerce platforms to Magento 2. JQuery, Symphony, and Zend Framework libraries and RequireJS loader are among the must-knows too. 

Also, a server-side Magento programmer needs to have experience with the MySQL database management system, Nginx or Apache HTTP servers, and Magento Testing Framework (MTF). A back-end Magento developer can earn $110,251 a year in the US. 

  • Magento Full-Stack Programmers

Magento 2 applies the headless approach that splits the frontend and backend parts and connects them with APIs. It gives more flexibility for adding new features and more opportunities for businesses to engage buyers.

That’s why frontend and backend Magento specialists appear as separate specialists. Still, some experts embrace two sides of the web and mobile applications. And, of course, the full-stack Magento developer hourly rate will be higher compared to what a frontend or a backend programmer gets. 

This specialist has to know Content Management Systems (CMS) like Craft, Laravel, and WordPress and be proficient in Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Excellent JS, CSS, and PHP skills are among the must-haves. 

The Magento developer needs to possess UI design, data manipulation, and testing skills. The ability to create custom extensions and provide roadmaps of their implementation is essential for this specialist. The salary in the US can equal $112,610.

  • Magento Solution Architects

A solution architect is the top Magento position. These professionals work quickly, efficiently, and almost without supervision. They closely cooperate with clients to understand their needs and translate them into technical specifications for the Magento development teams.

Solution architects also become mentors for other team members and drive forward the development of innovative apps. They also generate and share new ideas with business owners on better promoting their digital assets. 

Magento 2, JavaScript, PHP, JSON, XML, MVC, UI design patterns, and payment solutions are the hard Skills required for the role.

This position assumes having at least 7 years of experience as a Magento developer and a builder of secure e-commerce web and mobile applications. The cost of hiring a Magento solution architect with such expertise is around $151,036 per year. 

Magento Developer Salary by Expertise

The next factor that impacts the cost of a Magento developer you want to hire is experience. Like specialists in other IT domains, Magento programmers can be junior, mid-level, or senior. To make these groups more distinct, Adobe has implemented certification. 

So let’s check which skills you can expect from each professional and what remunerations they get in the USA.

  • Junior Magento Programmers

Those who have worked for up to 1 year in Magento development and know this technology’s basics are called juniors. Adobe offers them a Magento 2 Certified Associate Developer badge for successfully passing the exam.

It assesses the coder’s ability to manage databases, process request flows, and code using Adminhtml. This certificate proves an understanding of the basic principles of Magento customization and the logic behind its architecture. The junior Magento certified developer salary equals $93,178.

  • Mid-Level Magento Engineers

The Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer and Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus are more proficient in UI customization than their junior colleagues. These specialists have 1-3 years of experience and know how to leverage various Magento templates and layouts. 

Mid-level Magento programmers can configure product catalogs and checkout processes. In addition to the Associate Developer’s skills, these experts know how to use the Entity-Attribute-Value model and know Magento Security. 

They can program integrations with external tools like ERP, set up invoicing, and customize payment solutions. You’ll spend around $107,012 for the tech specialist with the Associate’s certification.  

  • Senior Magento Developers

Senior Magento programmers boast 4+ years of development websites on the Magento platform. Adobe offers the Magento 2 Certified Solution Specialist badge to those who plan to become business consultants in the e-commerce industry. 

Though this exam is available for diverse Magento experts like project managers, QA specialists, web designers, etc., it assesses their strategic thinking and ability to use Magento tools for business needs. 

Magento Solution Specialists know how to optimize inventory management, categorize attributes, scale product catalogs, etc. This professional can earn $164,391 per year. 

Magento Developer Salary by Location 

In the era of outstaffing tech teams and outsourcing entire projects, your Magento developer rates will directly depend on the location of your engineers. It doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice work quality by paying less to Magento coders in Asia, China, or Eastern Europe. These countries have a lower living index and, consequently, lower salaries. Let’s look at payrolls in several countries.

CountriesAnnual Payroll
Switzerland $85,155
Denmark $76,056
Netherlands $50,848
Ukraine $37,200

As you can see from this table, the highest Magento developer salary is in the US and equals $107,000. Swiss, Danish, and German Magento developers will cost you $72,000-$85,000. 

The UK, Japan, and Netherlands-based coders will charge $50,000 to $60,000 annually. Ukraine offers the most attractive cost for hiring Magento experts of $37,000, around 3 times less than you’ll spend in the US. 

The two last sections of this article will give you more details on how to hire Magento developers cost-effectively and without compromising your engineers’ qualifications.

In our comprehensive exploration of Magento developer salary details, it’s clear that the demand for skilled eCommerce programmer continues to rise, reflecting the critical role they play in the success of Magento-based online stores.

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5 Benefits of Hiring a Magento Developer 

Once you consider launching your online shop to Magento or migrating to this platform, you’ll need to contract Magento developers. They’ll help you take advantage of all the shopping features and boost sales. And despite the cost of hiring a Magento dev, below are the benefits you get.

  • Leverage the Expertise of Top Specialists 

Skilled Magento programmers have profound expertise in e-commerce solutions. So, working with these specialists will help you engage more buyers, no matter the niche. They’ll add algorithms for catchy widgets and create relevant “customers also bought” recommendations based on collected cookies. You’ll connect your website and mobile application with the customer management system and automate routine tasks. 

  • Finish Your Project on Time

A software development team of Magento experts will allow you to work out achievable goals. They’ll advise on the feasibility of your ideas and offer time-optimized solutions for your website.  Moreover, well-coordinated professionals will complete tasks effectively and quickly. This will help you avoid extending deadlines and rescheduling deployment. 

  • Customize Your E-Commerce Solution

Attracting shoppers, advertising your brand, and offering exceptional experiences are essential in the e-commerce industry. And Magento developers will allow you to customize features for your audience. This way, you’ll interact with more shoppers and explore their buying intentions and preferences. You’ll level up the existing instruments and customize new tools to get valuable insights for growing conversions.  

  • Improve Your Website SEO Ranking 

The Magento platform improves your customer experience keeping search ranking in mind. For instance, it generates SEO-friendly URLs. Developers will help you create separate self-referential tags for product and category pages, taking your website higher on the search results page. Magento apps also boast straightforward navigation and excellent mobile experience, adding points to your SEO ranking.

  • Ensure Data Security 

Magento offers protected e-commerce infrastructure for businesses and secure customer experiences for buyers. Professionals will ensure privacy on your web resources and compliance with CCPA, GLBA, HIPAA, GDPR, etc. Also, they’ll help you follow card payment security standards and protect the network from cyber-attacks. Regular testing and monitoring of all system components are among Magento developers’ priorities. 

In software development, outsourcing is a powerful mean to get the IT project done without being an IT specialist. With outsourcing Magento development tasks to Mobilunity, you will get them ready in a shorter time and for a lower price. It will give you time and the possibility to concentrate on the other important issues, while an outstanding soft is being prepared for you. If you have been in search of top-notch web development consultancy or nearshore services, contact Mobilunity today and get expert assistance!

3 Staffing Options We Offer for Your Magento Team

We believe that by now, you’ve decided to take Magento developers on board. And we’re glad to help you hire Ukraine-based experts and cut costs for your e-commerce project. Read on to learn more about the cooperation opportunities we offer.

  • Hire a Dedicated Team of Magento Developers 

This option assumes you need regular and long-term Magento development services. Our recruiters will build a dedicated full-time team of 3, 5, 8, or more Magento experts within several weeks. We’ll arrange office space, purchase equipment, and take care of all the organizational issues while you stay focused on work. 

You’ll only need to settle a fixed monthly invoice which includes developers’ salaries and administrative fees. You get control over your team, and our HR managers handle all staff-related tasks like onboarding, formalizing documents, paying, motivating your developers, etc.

  • Get Part-time Magento Consultancy

If your online shop is new or you already have a Magento developer who needs consultancy, this option will perfectly fit. You’ll only pay when you need assistance or recommendation on an optimized solution. At each month’s end, we issue an invoice with the number of hours that our Magento consultant spends on your project. 

This way, you’ll get ideal Magento technical support for small projects or businesses with limited budgets. However, our cooperation always remains flexible. Once your online store needs more Magento hands, our recruiters will promptly hire these programmers for you.

  • Outsource Recruitment Service 

We offer recruiting services for those who want to directly employ or contract a Magento developer from Ukraine. Our managers have a vast professional network and access to top job boards, so why not leverage their expertise and commitment? 

You can get involved in pre-screening and interviewing each applicant or join our recruiters in the final stages of the entire process. We’ll charge a pre-agreed fee once you sign a cooperation agreement or an employment contract with the candidate we source.

7 Advantages of Building Your Magento Team with Mobilunity 

Let’s highlight which bonuses you get while partnering with us. When you hire Magento developers through Mobilunity:

  • You save on payrolls. As mentioned above, Ukraine has a lower cost of living than the EU or the US. This implies lower salary levels across the country, and the IT industry isn’t the exception. So hiring a skilled Magento developer from Ukraine will allow you to decrease payroll expenses by 10-30%.  
  • You assemble your team faster. Since you delegate recruiting to professionals, your Magento team will be ready to start working in several weeks. We know where to find your best-fit candidates and how to communicate with them. Also, our recruiters have extensive databases of coders, so sourcing resumes will happen promptly. 
  • You hire top experts. Ukraine is one of the top locations for IT outstaffing and outsourcing. So rest assured that you’ll get experienced Magento engineers on board. With us, you get access to tech talent pools and leverage the expertise of top web developers. So the formula “pay less, get more” works here. 
  • You ensure effective communication within your team. Our recruiters will send you the CVs of applicants with at least the B1 level of English. It’s because we know that effective communication is essential for tech teams. This way, you won’t need any interpreter or mediator. You’ll know that all members understand others and freely express their ideas.
  • You maximize shared working hours. One of the issues with remote teams is that your time zones can differ significantly. However, Ukraine has a favorable location, making it only one hour away from Western European countries. The US companies can also maximize the shared working hours to 6 or even 8. 
  • You minimize office rentals. Since Ukraine has a lower living index than Europe and the US, you can also save on the office premise for your Magento team. We’ll rent a cozy space in top Kyiv locations for your developers. And you’ll spend much less compared to similar offices in America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other countries. 
  • You outsource administrative tasks. Another pleasant bonus of our cooperation is that we handle all organizational issues. Our team arranges office space, buys equipment, and onboards your Magento team members. We maintain required documents, transfer salaries, submit tax reports, and formalize sick leaves and vacations. 

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Summing Up

The answer to your question “How much does a Magento developer cost?” will depend on the programmer’s skillset, experience, and location. The yearly pricing can be as high as $100,000 or as low as $37,000. And we can help you cut costs on e-commerce projects by building Magento teams or hiring consultants based in Ukraine. If you want to find Drupal developer for hire, Microsoft Dynamics developer or SAP architect and start improving your business today, contact Mobilunity. Get professional IT assistance without any troubles.

In Mobilunity you will find a huge pool of talented coders as well as affordable cost to hire Magento developers. So contact us right away!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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