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Hire Quasar Developer

We are at the heart of the digital age, where technology is being fully utilized to help humans perform daily tasks, streamline operations within organizations, and improve the collective human experience. One of the main forces driving us into the digital age is the internet, which connects users from all over the world and has caused the digital world to shrink. With over 4.39 billion internet users worldwide, the internet has become a very powerful medium for communication and exchange of information. Unsurprisingly, it has become one of the primary avenues for businesses to connect with their customers through applications.

Today, technology consultants help businesses to interact with clients through web and mobile applications, where customers can browse through their services, reach out to the clients through various communication channels, and even engage in business transactions. Due to this, the web and mobile application development industry is on the rise. Since web and mobile application development are typically two separate efforts, a number of solutions that make it easier to develop applications that can penetrate both web and mobile users have become available, all aiming to make it easier and quicker to penetrate cyberspace with applications.

One such solution to achieve this is the Vue.JS framework, which is a front-end framework that focuses on enabling developers to create responsive web applications. These applications not only can be viewable from any screen, be it desktop or mobile, but they can also be so-called single-page applications (SPAs), which mimic the behavior and performance of native mobile applications. This means that not only is the user interface clean and beautiful, the user experience is also top-notch. A number of frameworks built on top of Vue have emerged, all of which make the development of cross-platform web applications even faster. In this article, we explore one of the leading Vue.JS-based web application development tools: the Quasar framework.

Quasar Framework and Reasons to Hire Quasar Developer

Quasar is an application development framework based on Vue.JS that enables developers to quickly develop cross-platform apps very quickly. Not only does it allow the development of cross-platform, responsive, native app-quality web applications, it actually allows the development of actual mobile applications as well. Moreover, it allows the creation of both web and mobile applications simultaneously using the same code base, eliminating the need for separate development efforts. In the context of Quasar development, the UX designer and developer collaborated with the Android developer team to create a cross-platform, responsive, and visually appealing application that offers an exceptional user experience across devices.

Quasar is a very new framework, the very first release having been made available to the public only in August of 2016. Even at its young age, though, it has already been well-received by the developer community. On its GitHub page, in fact, Quasar has earned 9,835 stars and has a developer community of 194 contributors, which is high considering its age of less than two years.

Quasar Framework Features Any Quasar Developer for Hire Is Aware of

Let’s take a look at the main features of the Quasar framework.

Multiple Platform Support

Quasar boasts of cross-platform support just from a single source code. This means that developers just need to develop once and can deploy the application as a responsive web application with native-quality performance (using single-page application and progressive web application technologies), mobile applications, and even desktop applications using the Electron framework technology. Another example: the proficient MEAN developer, working alongside top software companies in Europe, contributed their expertise to Quasar development projects, creating robust, high-performance, and scalable cross-platform applications that cater to diverse client needs.

Best Practice Compliance

The Quasar framework complies with many industry-standard best practices for web and mobile application development, and is structured to encourage Quasar framework developers to do the same. Out of the box, it uses minification, provides accessibility features, uses lazy loading for code splitting, performs ES6 transpiling, and implements tree shaking. All of these are performed without any configuration needed from the developers.

Support for RTL (Right-to-Left) Scripting

Most languages and frameworks are left-to-right scripts, which cater to those that use left-to-right writing systems such as the English alphabet. However, there are a number of writing systems that are instead written and read from right to left. To cater to these individuals, Quasar supports RTL scripting so codes are also written and read from right to left.

Enhanced Quasar Framework Developers Experience through Quasar CLI

Quasar boasts of a highly developer-friendly command line interface (CLI) that enable the most demanded features by developers. One of the best features of Quasar CLI is its state-preserving hot module reload, or HMR, where developers can make changes to the code and immediately see the effects on the application in real time, without needed to refresh or restart the application. This feature also carries over to its error compilation overlay technology. Moreover, changing the build version does not require developers to manually reload or restart Quasar app development servers. What’s even better, installation of the Quasar CLI is very simple. All one needs is for Node JS to be installed on the machine, and installation is as simple as a single line on the command line:

npm install -g quasar-cli

Wide Quasar Developer and Platform Support

Quasar has an active community of developers that provide support to one another. There’s an official forum for freelance Quasar developers to engage in discussions, and there’s also a Discord server for the Quasar developer community. The official Twitter account of Quasar is also used to post regular updates and materials for developers. In terms of platform support, Quasar runs well on Windows, Linux, and MacOS, as well as on the most popular browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, and Opera, among others. Moreover, it runs on Android, iOS, and even Windows Phone and Blackberry.

Vuetify vs Quasar

One other emerging framework built on top of Vue.JS that’s an alternative to Quasar is Vuetify. Let’s take a look at how these two frameworks compare through a Vuetify vs Quasar comparison. In terms of file size, Quasar is more lightweight, at 436 KB, compared to Vuetify at 815 KB, and this can be taken advantage of to make applications built using Quasar load faster. In terms of documentation, Vuetify is widely criticized by the development community for lacking details in many of its functionalities, requiring some inference on its inner workings, while Quasar’s documentation is regarded as very comprehensive. In terms of material design implementation, Vuetify follows the design principles very strictly. This may prove to be very convenient for those who are committed to adopting material design principles, but leaves little room for customization. Quasar, on the other hand, allows material design as an option but leaves much room for customization or adoption of other design principles.

The table below summarizes the main differences between Quasar vs Vuetify.

Quasar Vuetify
File Size 436 KB unminified 815 KB when unminified
Documentation Highly regarded by developers for its comprehensive documentation Documentation is an issue to a lot of developers for lack of details
Material Design Implementation Material design available but not imposed; highly customizable Strict; convenient, but not much room for customization

Hire Developer Quasar in Mobilunity

The need for quick development of applications that can penetrate the most number of internet users is at an all-time high, and tools that can expedite this process are in high demand. Vue.JS is a JavaScript framework that allows cross-platform application development, and Quasar is one of the best tools powered by Vue.JS that makes cross-platform application development a breeze. In this article, we’ve taken a look at the senior Quasar framework in great detail, explored its features, and compared it with one of its closest competition, namely Vuetify, in a Vuetify vs Quasar comparison. Having learned all the benefits of Quasar, it may be a great time to start building applications using Quasar or to hire Vue.js programmers.

If you’re looking to quickly create a cross-platform application that will have maximum visibility and customer penetration, Quasar is a great tool to use. And if you’re looking for Quasar developer for hire, you’re in luck! Here at Mobilunity, we have skilled dedicated developers that can utilize the power of Quasar to develop applications for various platforms in the shortest possible time. Located in Ukraine, one of the hottest technology hubs in Europe, we house among the most talented Quasar remote developers or hire overseas programmers in the entire continent, but the best part is that we also offer one of the most competitive rates across all of Europe. With us, you’ll get the best balance of quality and cost-effectiveness.

Need to hire Quasar developer dedicated to your project success? Reach out to us now and let’s find you a talented Quasar developer for hire!

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