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How to Hire Software Development Team in Chile

Chile developers for hire are commonly educated and have good skills, in the HackerRank competition they scored 27th position, which is just above the US developers. Although the IT market here is quite new, it has been growing at a speed 8.8% CAGR from 2014 to 2019. US businesses hire developers Chile also because of their decent knowledge of English. The country is ranked #37 in the world and #3 in Latin America for English proficiency.

Is Chili Good For Hiring?

If you are in doubt about whether you should hire a developer in Chile, you should first learn a little about the IT climate in the country. There are now 2,500 IT companies in Chile and about 61k IT professionals. From such a huge number of professionals, you can choose a software development team in Chile, and not just hire software developers in Chile. Chile IT outsourcing can help you hire software engineers in Chile and many other professionals.

You can be sure of the qualifications of Chile software developers, because the IT Industry Growth Rate in the country reaches 8.06%, and the Tech Export Value is 1.26 billion. This is a very high figure for a country like Chile. Chile software development is best in programming languages such as PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Node.js, and Perl. So the software development company in Chile can gain new strength and fresh blood.

Software Developer Salary in Chile: Most Popular IT Hubs

IT outsourcing to Chile is quite popular due to the lower average salary of specialists compared to some countries. In addition, there are a large number of different professionals. You can hire Chile software developers or hire software engineers Chile.

However, if you are looking to hire developers in Chile, compare their earnings with other candidates. However, keep in mind that to hire software developers Santiago can be more expensive than, for example, Valparaiso.

  • Santiago

Santiago, the vibrant capital city of Chile, is a burgeoning hub for software developers. With a burgeoning tech scene and a thriving job market, the average salary for a software developer here stands at approximately $26,000 per year. The city boasts a considerable number of developers, estimated to be around 15,000, making it a hotbed for tech talent and innovation in the country.

  • Puente Alto

Puente Alto, a city in the Santiago Metropolitan Area, also plays a crucial role in Chile’s tech landscape. Though smaller in size compared to Santiago, it still hosts a considerable number of software developers, approximately 3,000 in total. The average salary for a software developer in Puente Alto is around $26,700 per year, providing a competitive environment for tech professionals in this suburban area.

  • Antofagasta

Antofagasta, located in northern Chile’s dry desert region, has been progressively rising as a software development destination. The city has a thriving mining economy, and its IT sector is growing. A software developer’s annual salary in Antofagasta is roughly $26,100. While the number of developers is not as great as in big metropolitan areas, it nevertheless has a respectable 2,500 developers, resulting in a close-knit and promising tech community.

  • Viña del Mar

Via del Mar, noted for its breathtaking coastline views and cultural festivals, is also a component of Chile’s technological revolution. The pleasant ambiance of the city draws digital talent, and it is home to over 1,800 software developers. In Via del Mar, the typical wage for a software developer is roughly $27,000 per year, providing a good combination of quality of life and professional options.

  • Valparaíso

Valparaso’s colorful hills and artistic legacy provide an inspiring backdrop for the city’s developing tech scene. Around 2,000 software developers live in the city, influencing its digital world. Valparaso has an acceptable wage for a software developer of roughly $21,600 per year, making it an appealing destination for computer enthusiasts looking for a unique blend of creative culture and professional progress in Chile.

Hire Developers in Chile or Eastern Europe? Alternative Destinations

Eastern Europe in general and Ukraine in particular, is an excellent outsourcing destination when it comes to IT services. It might be convenient for some US clients to hire developers in Chile, but Ukrainian programmers have several significant benefits to offer, namely:

  • They have a high level of skills, as we’ve mentioned before, they are much higher in HackerRank competition than Chile programmers. According to Topcoder, Ukraine developers are in 6th place worldwide. And developers from Chile didn’t get in this 25 list. Based on our experience as an Ukrainian IT outsourcing provider, we at Mobilunity can confirm that skills and talent of Ukrainian developers are impressive. That’s reflected in our clients’ feedback: “After trying different remote collaborations in several countries, Mobilunity has been outstanding in hiring extremely talented people ” – Maxime Haineault, 3e joueur. 
  • Ukraine is GMT+2, which is very convenient for the EU clients. There is little to no time difference and there are lots of direct flights to the country. There is a time difference with the USA, but it is still perfectly possible to have online meetings.
  • There is a greater talent pool with more than 200,000 experienced developers.
  • Ukraine is GDPR compliant, which increases data safety for clients and their customers.
  • Ukrainian programmers have a high education level and great command of English (80% of IT professionals know it pretty well)

Average Salary of Software Engineers in Chile

If you want to hire software engineers Chile, you can take a look at the average annual salaries of senior, middle and junior specialists in the country.

Junior $27,000

Mobilunity – Your Trusted Partner for Hiring Top Developers in Chile

Mobilunity takes pride in being a credible and experienced vendor, specializing in IT outsourcing services not only in Ukraine but also in Chile. With a decade-long track record of collaborating with international partners, we have honed our expertise in connecting businesses with top-notch developers. Whether you are looking to hire a machine learning app developer in Chile or any other tech expert, Mobilunity is here to help! Our commitment to providing exceptional talent and seamless hiring processes makes us your go-to partner for driving innovation and success in your projects.

Mobilunity is an experienced high-profile provider when it comes to IT outsourcing in Ukraine. We have been working with international partners for more than a decade and know exactly how to help your business. If you want to hire machine learning app developer Mobilunity can help!

A lot of businesses nowadays choose to hire programmers in Chile. They are mainly from the USA, as there is little to no time difference and significant financial benefits. Overall, Latin America is one of the fastest-growing outsourcing destinations now as more and more clients hire offshore developers Brazil, Chile, or Mexico. When hiring developers in Chile, consider the availability of specific expertise such as Bootstrap developers for front-end design and Kubernetes DevOps AWS experience for your cloud infrastructure, as these specialties could significantly influence the success of your project.

We can find the top talent for your project with ease at a reasonable price. We’ve been trusted by more than 40 international clients that have hundreds of successful projects released with the help of Ukrainian developers.

Hire developers in other Countries

Expand your team’s capabilities by accessing a vast international pool of skilled developers. Harness the varied perspectives and specialized knowledge they offer to fuel innovation and propel your technology projects forward.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Hiring Process To Professionals

  • Hiring managers are well-versed in industry trends, candidate sourcing tactics, and best practices. 
  • Outsourcing the hiring process saves your internal HR team important time and resources. 
  • Hiring managers have vast networks and access to a larger talent pool, including passive candidates who are not actively looking for work. 
  • Recruitment agencies have well-established processes and tools for candidate evaluation and assessment. 
  • Hiring professionals are skilled at evaluating candidate qualifications and fit for the role. 
  • Professional recruiters understand the importance of data security and confidentiality during the hiring process. 
  • Recruitment agencies act as brand ambassadors for your company. They represent your organization professionally and positively to potential candidates.

How We Work

  • Dedicated Development Team

At Mobilunity, our flagship service model relies around dedicated development teams. This method allows clients to have direct supervision and control over a full-time resource while we handle all HR, accounting, and help desk duties. We assure seamless integration into your projects and corporate culture by providing you with a specialized team of competent developers, designers, or other IT experts. This strategy provides you with a highly flexible and scalable workforce that functions as an extension of your in-house team, generating great outcomes and contributing to your company’s growth.

  • Consultancy Services

Our consultant service model provides the benefit of having direct management over part-time resources while we handle all areas of HR, accounting, and helpdesk. We can connect you with competent consultants that have the necessary abilities and experience in areas such as IT project management, technology advising, and process improvement. This model allows you to handle crucial difficulties and make data-driven decisions for your initiatives by providing access to specialist expertise without the commitment of recruiting full-time workers.

  • Recruiting Services

Our recruiting services known as “recruiting-as-a-service,” are a unique offering that demonstrates our expertise in talent acquisition. We offer complete recruiting solutions, allowing you to hire locally in Chile or explore the large talent pool throughout Eastern Europe. We manage the entire recruitment process, from candidate sourcing through screening and interviews, to ensure that you have access to the top prospects. We have proved our ability to uncover top talent across multiple areas and industries by successfully employing developers in nations such as Croatia, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Albania, Peru, and Tajikistan.

Looking to enhance your business success with an exceptional development team? Hire software developers in Chile and secure the expertise of top programmers today!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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