SAPĀ® Consultant Salaries in Different Countries

It will be beneficial for every business to adapt to the continuously evolving technological landscape and take advantage of innovations that come their way. There is now an abundance of systems and tools which businesses can utilize to increase their productivity, efficiency, and ultimately, their profitability. If youā€™re a business owner, it is therefore in your best interest to utilize such systems if you want to see dramatic improvements in your overall operations.

One of the most established providers of such enterprise software solutions is SAPĀ®. You may read more about the company and how SAPĀ® products and consultants can help your company from our blog. In this article, we look into SAPĀ® from an economic perspective and see how you can hire SAPĀ® specialists in the most practical way.
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SAPĀ®: A Closer Look

SAPĀ® is a German software company that offers a wide range of products for businesses. It offers enterprise software for various business processes and operations, as well as for customer relations and business intelligence. As seen on its website, SAPĀ® offers over a hundred different products for different domains and applications. Among the most popular ones are:

  • SAPĀ® HANA ā€“ SAPĀ®ā€™s own database management system that, in addition to data storage and retrieval, can also perform advanced data analytics
  • SAPĀ® Leonardo ā€“ SAPĀ®ā€™s Internet of Things (IoT) platform combined with advanced features such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Big Data, and 3D Printing
  • SAPĀ® Cloud Platform ā€“ SAPĀ®ā€™s cloud computing service that provides platform as a service which allows users to create and maintain applications through their platform instead of having to set up their own hardware and software for application development
  • SAPĀ® ERP ā€“ SAPĀ®ā€™s enterprise resource planning application used to integrate the management of various business processes and functions from one single system; for smaller businesses, a more compact ERP tool called SAPĀ® Business One is also available
  • SAPĀ® CRM ā€“ SAPĀ®ā€™s customer relationship management tool that stores and analyzes customer-related data in order to improve customer experience and increase customer retention, as well as to help increase the customer base
  • SAPĀ® Netweaver (formerly SAPĀ® Basis) ā€“ SAPĀ®ā€™s technology stack that is used by many SAPĀ® tools, this serves as an integrated solution for application development using SAPĀ® and it can work with various database systems, operating systems, and network communication protocols

WIth more than 365,000 customers from over 180 countries, and with offices in over 130 countries, it is the worldā€™s third largest software company. According to Google Trends, SAPĀ®ā€™s popularity in terms of percentage in Google Search count is highest in St. Helena, Singapore, Germany, India, and China.

When analyzing SAPĀ® consultant salaries across different countries, itā€™s crucial to consider the services offered by a reputable creative staffing company, which can provide efficient solutions to hire Ruby on Rails developerĀ and tailor teams based on specific project requirements.

Google Trends data on Google search percentage for SAPĀ®

SAPĀ® Consultants

If youā€™re planning to implement any SAPĀ® system within your business, hiring a SAPĀ® consultant may be critical. A SAPĀ® team knows about all of SAPĀ®ā€™s different products and which applications each of them is best for. A SAPĀ® consultant is effective in communicating with the customer to evaluate his business needs and determine which product or set of products would best suit his needs. The consultant also knows how to integrate SAPĀ® systems with each other and with external systems to make the system work smoothly with the rest of the systems in use by the business. Moreover, the consultant also knows how to best customize each product to tailor it to the specific requirements of each company.

Where to find SAPĀ® Consultants

There are many avenues through which you can hire consultants skilled in SAPĀ® technologies. Here are three common ones.

Hiring from Local Market

The most direct way of SAPĀ® hiring would be to find consultants from your local market. You can do this by posting SAPĀ® jobs (such as SAPĀ® Jobs in USA or SAPĀ® Jobs in UK) on job portals such as LinkedIn, Glassdoor, or Indeed. This traditional route tends to be quite expensive, however, because consultancy rates in many countries tend to be high. It may also involve long-term contracts, as well as having to pay for taxes and insurance, which are typical of local hiring arrangements.

Hiring Freelancers

You can also hire freelance SAPĀ® specialists through one of the many freelance portals like Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal. This method can be very cheap as the competition among freelancers is intense, and payment is typically via your freelancerā€™s SAPĀ® consultant hourly rate, but the quality of work you will get may be highly uncertain. Moreover, reliability is at risk in this set-up, because the freelancers you hire may stop responding to you at any time, leaving you and your project in shambles.

Hiring Dedicated SAPĀ® Consultants

You can also hire dedicated SAPĀ® specialists from third party companies that provide dedicated professionals. In this manner, your SAPĀ® consultant will work for you full time, but will remain in their companyā€™s office, much like in a remote job arrangement. In this way, you can save a lot of money because aside from not having to allocate physical resources for your consultant, you also wonā€™t have to pay for taxes, insurance, and other expenses. Moreover, you wonā€™t have to worry about being tied to long-term contracts. You can also enjoy the low professional fees of some countries without having to physically relocate there. Most importantly, you enjoy the reliability and accountability that you get with local hiring.

Comparing the three methods, we can see that hiring dedicated developers is the most practical way to hire a SAPĀ® consultant, as it combines the reliability of local hiring with the low cost of hiring freelancers, giving you the best of both worlds. For example, if you require SAPĀ® Basis remote jobs USA, itā€™s much safer and more practical to hire dedicated professionals than to hire freelancers.

Cost of Hiring SAPĀ® Consultants

Having learned of the practicality of hiring dedicated specialists, the next consideration would be which country to hire a SAPĀ® team from. For this purpose, letā€™s compare the relative salaries of SAPĀ® consultants in different countries. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which gives self-reported gross annual salaries in various jobs. According to PayScale, the average annual salaries of SAPĀ® consultants are as follows:

Comparison of SAPĀ® Consultant Average Gross Annual Salaries in Different Countries (Source: PayScale)

* Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunityā€™s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate.Ā Contact usĀ to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

From the above figure, it is clear that Ukraine offers the most economical rates for SAPĀ® consultants, while SAPĀ® consultancies in USA prove to be the most expensive. Compared to the average SAPĀ® consultant salary in USA, as well as SAP ABAP developer salary for instance, hiring from Ukraine will give you around 62% savings in cost.

Samples of SAPĀ® Consultants CVs

To give you a clearer picture of the typical skill set and experience of actual SAPĀ® consultants, here are three sample SAPĀ® consultant CVs.

SAPĀ® Team Lead Resume Sample

SAPĀ® Consultant Resume Sample

Senior SAPĀ® Consultant Resume Sample

Hire a SAPĀ® Consultant Now

SAPĀ® products offer businesses countless ways to improve their productivity and increase their profitability. SAPĀ® consultants help maximize the benefits of SAPĀ® systems by ensuring correct and optimal implementation and integration with other systems. Now that youā€™ve learned a great deal about SAPĀ®, its products, and details on the best and most economical way to hire SAPĀ® consultants and specialists, itā€™s time to hire! Luckily, weā€™ve got you covered. Here at Mobilunity, we have Europeā€™s most talented IT professionals skilled in all the SAPĀ® tools and many other technologies. Located in Ukraine, we also have one of the lowest rates across all of Europe, so youā€™re certain to get your moneyā€™s full worth.

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Disclaimer: SAPĀ® HANA, SAPĀ® Leonardo, SAPĀ® Cloud Platform, SAPĀ® ERP, SAPĀ® CRM, SAPĀ® Netweaver are the trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and in several other countries. Mobilunity is not related to, affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by the SAP SE.

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