Full Skill Set of a Dedicated ReactJS Developer 2018/2019

The Dawn of React JS Developer

What was the first thought that popped to the mind of million tech heads when React was first released? “What does JavaScript have to do with angle brackets?!” and “What is wrong with concerns separation?” Like every new promising technology, ReactJS faced initial resistance but in the long run proved to show fantastic opportunities and conditions for building web applications using JavaScript and the good React programmer today is sought after by the big companies.

Nowadays being one of the best of JavaScript frameworks enables ReactJS to get additional points and appreciation among developers, as it provides a better design for data flow.

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ReactJS Developers Use a One-Way Approach in Data Binding

The common curse of every developer that used other JavaScript frameworks, as practice showed, appeared to be the logic of rendering that enabled two-way and three-way data binding, whereas ReactJS offered one-way approach. In such a way it became possible for a JS developer to simplify the logic and make the application building process much easier.

review of location of businesses using reactjs

Screenshot of the stats on location of businesses using ReactJS

Nowadays the number of projects using ReactJS constantly grows in the world, competing in popularity with such frameworks like AngularJS. Let’s take a brief look into the past and future of this framework, find out about the strongest and weakest spots of technology and try to determine whether it is a good decision to hire React developers these days. This technology is used for building apps in different industries, such as: Media, Entertainment, Real estate, Medicine, etc.

Embracing the Evolution of ReactJS

  • React JS framework was implemented by a Facebook’s software developer Jordan Walke who was inspired by the XHP and HTML framework for PHP, deployed on Facebook’s newsfeed and on in 2012.
  • In May 2013 the framework was open-sourced at JSConf US.
  • In 2015 React Native for developing native iOS, Android and UWP apps was announced at Facebook’s Conference.
  • March 2015. It gets open-sourced.
  • Redux was created by Dan Abramov in 2015. It was based on functional programming language Elm and it gained over 400 contributors, 6,000 forks, and 30,200 GitHub stars throughout 2016-2017.
  • April 18, 2017 React Fiber was announced, as the foundation for improvements of algorithm (although it has been working for a while already).

ReactJS development and features of React JS

Angular vs Backbone vs React vs Ember

Many developers compare Angular, Laravel, Ember js, and Backbone vs ReactJS. What are the differences between them? What can be expected from React Fiber and is it really so much required for the development of web apps for the specialists?

The main difference that defines the frameworks listed is componentization, data binding, performance, dependency resolution, directives, and templating.

Some developers often mention AngularJS with ReactJS but this doesn’t make sense because they are not comparable. Angular is a complete framework for building web apps while React includes only view layer in Model-view-controller pattern (MVC) and is used for building UIs. This framework provides you with the ability of rendering HTML with the help of template language and function hooks, thus developers can’t build a dynamic application based on the technology he works with, without applying other technologies (Redux React JS). These two frameworks both have comparable sizes, despite the fact that Angular is a complete framework. An average React JS developer would typically blame this technology for reduced functionality but the creators promised they will improve the gaps in the nearest future.

Laravel ReactJS projects implementation is fairly easy due to the fact, that the components of second are easy for the Laravel application integration and there are numerous fast-paced tutorials and guides that could be easily found on the Web.

Backbone vs React battle: Again, it turns out the competition is quite unfair – React web development is only the view layer, that’s why they can’t be compared and considered equal or frameworks that can substitute one another.

There are many Angular vs Backbone vs React vs Ember notes at GitHub discussing the eternal problem of choice in details but the main thing to know is that each framework has a proprietary way of getting this done. Basically, in terms of syntax Angular, Ember and other frameworks add “JS” into HTML, while React puts “HTML” in your “JS”.

Google trends results on react developers usage and popularity

Google Trends stats on popularity of various JS frameworks

React Fiber: What’s Next and What to Expect?

The core idea behind the Fiber creation was making it more responsive that will give great opportunities for the developers to create the apps quickly, efficiently and easily. React Fiber implementation promises that responsiveness will also be the main concept of this work, meanwhile the requirements and prerequisites are already listed and specified.

For the developers it means that Fiber will be backward compatible and won’t make problems for developers.

We always had a strong API contract, so that gives us the flexibility to reimplement. – Facebook engineer and member of React core team, Ben Alpert.

The culminating point of Fiber is improved algorithm. What does it mean? For such features like animation, layout and gestures sustainability the algorithm was improved dramatically.

Usage of ReactJS and popularity of React developer by location

Chart on usage ReactJS by different types of websites

Being a React Programmer in 2018/2019: What Is It Like?

The survey that was held in 2016 in US showed the most loved, hatred programming languages and frameworks. Based on the responses it is possible to say that 66.0% U.S developers love and use React JS framework. It certainly appears as a winner, gathering 311.3% of market share, in Trending Technologies overview. React and AngularJS are growing in use. React JS developer salary is also a growing thing, according to the survey. Salary varies from country to country, numbers featured below will demonstrate the difference.

Stats on How ReactJS and React Programmers Are Popular

Screenshot of the most popular programming languages listed by Developer Survey Results, 2016

Frontend developers who know JavaScript and its additional frameworks and libraries get paid more than other programmers. For example, a React developer gets $105,000, according to Stack Overflow report.

It is not easy to hire React JS developer or to easily find the beneficial condition for the outsourcing because there’s a difference in rates that also defines work conditions in many countries.

salaries of devs before you hire React JS developer or programmer

Average annual salaries of a React programmer in different countries

In Israel an average React.js developer salary is $63,838, depending on the level of knowledge and additional React JS developer skills, years of experience, company size and the bunch of other conditions. In Germany, hire React JS developers will cost around €46,230 that is $54,900 per year if to convert in dollars.

From the picture above, you can see that Switzerland offers the most expensive rates in Europe. We may assume that the rates are so high as the supply for React.js developers for hire is very low in Switzerland. Countries that have a big pool of talents and good supply for React programmers (Ukraine, for example), have much lower rates. According to Payscale, in Ukraine a JavaScript programmer earns around $20,400 – that’s significantly lower if to compare with above-mentioned countries. Many international, as well as small businesses, very often choose Ukraine to hire React JS developer. They praise Ukrainian developers for their superior knowledge and outstanding React developer skills when it comes to building the application using JavaScript. Moreover, many companies hire developers in Ukraine as their rates are all-inclusive and much more affordable than those of other European countries.

hire ReactJS developer remotely at Mobilunity

Here what our best, dedicated experts say about this framework:

Senior remote React programmer AleksejWhat I like about React.js is that it works fairly fast. In this framework you have a lot of components that are ready to use so we can quickly proceed to the idea prototyping. I also like that as soon as you grasp the main concepts including state and the property it is very easy to get down to work and build the app. – Aleksej, Senior Frontend Developer


Artem AIt is impossible not to like React.js as it is far easier to maintain the code chunks, testing is easier, everything is easier and it is more reusable. – Artem, Frontend Developer


react developers for hire YuriiI believe in the big future of the React.js, you’ll see in the next couple of years it will be on all top sites, just like jQuery several years ago. – Yurii, Middle Frontend Developer

Hire Dedicated React.js Developer: Solution or Not?

How to find out whether you need to build your app or a website using such framework? The answer depends on many conditions, our React developers for hire prepared a bunch of answers that will help you understand how you can benefit from using such technology and hire React JS developers.

  • Teamwork will benefit from React as it enforces and improves the workflow;
  • It is easy to read and maintain the UI code;
  • The future component. Componentized UI will be soon overwhelming in web development, so it’s better to prepare for changes now.

hire React developer in 3 easy steps

The good sides of using famous JS library with our team or dedicated React developers for hire are listed in a nutshell:

  • The rendering of the components will always be transparent as it is easy to look at single one source file.
  • All of the components are easily understandable due to the fact that Javascript and HTML are bundled into JSX.
  • It is actually possible to render React on the server when with Angular and others it’s not.
  • Hire React.js developers team is able to provide the highest quality of web development.
  • IT Recruitment of Mobilunity will easily extend your team with one or several developers within 2-3 weeks.
  • You may hire React.js developer any time as we have more than 15 ReactJS developers in a pipeline.
  • We offer all-inclusive cost-effective rate and can work according to different pay models.

Samples of CVs of Our React Developers

Below you can find CVs of available React JS programmers from our pipeline that can be hired at an affordable price. We can find junior, middle and even senior React developer specifically for you or even build a team of React programmers with specific expertise. Hire Reactjs developers with Mobilunity and get the better solution for your business!

JavaScript React Programmer ResumeDedicated Middle Frontend React Developer Resume

request CV sample and hire ReactJS developer in Ukraine

Moreover, with us y can also hire Reactjs developers with the following skills and experience in-house:

React Developer Resume Sample


  • HTML5 & CSS3
  • JavaScript, jQuery
  • Gulp
  • Rest API
  • SASS, Responsive
  • JS(ES6), React.js, Webpack
  • AngularJS, Node.js
  • Intermediate level of spoken English (confident)


  • HTML5 & CSS3 – over 2 years of commercial usage
  • JavaScript, jQuery – over 2 years of commercial usage
  • Gulp – over 1.5 year of commercial usage
  • JS(ES6), React.js, Webpack- over 0.5 year of commercial usage
  • Node.js – 1 internal project up to 0.5 year, no commercial experience
  • Angular.js- bug fixing, plugins customization

learn about react developer salary in Ukraine and other countries

CV sample of React JS developer(s)

request resume example of remote ReactJS developers

Even though for some React JS developers it was a little frustrating in 2016, now it became much easier as they grasped the concept. Just after the world has tried and tested all the benefits that an evolving framework offered, such as UI components nicely encapsulated and composable, it became obvious, the majority of apps and websites will soon be based on it. Despite the fact of mixing in the code and the markup, the framework has managed to make a real break-through and the React JS developers predict the great future, particularly for this technology as more and more tools and examples, become available for a developer, whose work is so complicated and time-consuming.

Our company is helping clients from all over the world to build the dedicated teams within the shortest time (within 2-3 weeks or hire ReactJS developer, that we have in-house, immediately). We have the pipeline of programmers skilled in various JS libraries and other technologies. We can easily build the proper team, for you to be able to decrease the operation costs, extend the development team quickly, and optimize the business development strategy.

Why should you hire a React programmer remote

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