Accelerate Technological Change in Your Company with a Remote CTO

CTO as a service is the best way to align your IT Strategy and business objectives without having a full-time CTO at your headquarters.

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Your New CTO Duties:
Bridges business needs with tech abilities and resources
Defines the tech side of your product/service
Creates the overall product development roadmap
Assesses budget and KPIs; making sure that all is in line with your corporate strategy
Works with, and is responsible for the team and its delivery
Why You Need a Remote CTO:
No need for onsite presence
You need an expert to accelerate technological change within your company, but you don’t see this person as one that is needed on site
Your current CTO is no more available
The CTO you relied on is no longer available (due to any reason), and you need a fast replacement
CTO must be with your remote team
Tech part of your product is secondary and thus you do not need a CTO in your Management Board
By Having Remote CTO, You:
Leverage the FLEXIBILITY of a Remote Dedicated Talent model
Get a person who can perform STRATEGIC TECH TASKS and as well as perform coding initiatives where needed
Make sure your business is prepared for MAJOR TECHNOLOGY SHIFTS
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Founder and CPO at esurance
Giles Magnin
“It was not easy to find a CTO in Switzerland, therefore we decided to look for candidates who would work on site with our remote dev team. Looking back, it was a very good and reasonable decision, but in the moment we were quite hesitant. We had to pick the right person, who was not only skillful but as well committed for that kind of responsibility. That as well took time and once we had it, we had to build a strong relationship and be transparent on almost everything, so that he could make the right decisions. Engaging with a Remote CTO is not a walk in the park, but for us, after 2 years we can say that it makes perfectly sense.”
Case study
Wonder how it actually works?

Check out our case study on providing a Remote CTO for our Swiss insurtech client.

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