Get that Specific Expertise You Lack by Obtaining Flexible Consultancy Services

Consultancy services help companies of any size and level to fill any gaps in expertise that are preventing them from achieving their full potential.

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Consultancy Services Are Perfect For:
Short-term projects that require tech talent on an hourly basis commitment
Companies who do not need specific expertise on a permanent basis
Projects that require a specific consultant’s expertise as a one-off
Companies aiming to obtain senior-level specialist consultancy or engagement by request
Businesses aiming to accelerate their growth by expanding their part-time workforce to cover workload peaks
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With Consultancy Services You Will Get:
Our Flexibility
Our consultancy services model includes remote and part-time talent tailored to your working schedule – all without the need for long-term commitment.
Fair Pricing
Payment is calculated according to the agreed hourly rate of the contracted specialist. You pay for hours worked; there are no extra expenses.
Talent Accessibility
You gain specialists with rare skill sets. Senior-level specialists are quickly engaged in consultant and/or Ppart-time roles, making them ideal candidates for your needs.
How to Start:
Stage 1. We discuss your requirements and start market research using your ideal candidate profile. We have access to a global talent pool of tech experts, and our expertise allows us to find consultants quickly – even those with rare skill sets.
Stage 2. We organize interviews where both parties can discuss requirements, tasks, and issues. No more wasting your precious time on applicants that are not suitable for your requirements.
Stage 3. The project is agreed and your new specialist begins their work with your business . But our support doesn’t end there! Our Account Manager stays in regular contact with you and consultants to ensure the working relationship is productive and both parties are more than satisfied with the arrangement.
Director of Account Management at Mobilunity
Eliza Kravchenko

A Few Words About Our Consultancy Model

Consultancy services offer a perfect solution to any business requiring particular expertise without a long-term commitment. With a large and constantly updated talent pool of consultants, the time between your request and onboarding your new consultant is very short.
Our Clients

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