Cookie policy

In order to ensure smooth and stable work of the website, the cookies files could be placed on your device and temporarily stored on it for convenient and user-friendly site browsing.

Functions of сookies

Cookies stored on the user’s device allow the website load faster during the next visits of the same user. Pages are cashing multimedia files like video and audio, loading of which may take more time than other type of content. Cookies also allow to remember user’s preferences, actions (logins, languages) and customized settings such as fonts, colors and other options, which enables display of the website in the right mode for every particular visitor.

Why do we need cookies?

The use of cookies is required by many websites to facilitate user/website interaction. Cookies are not violating your privacy, they are essential for many websites and help you to log in faster. Cookies we use will also help to gather statistics about site using experience, furtherly such data will be used solely for the purposes of the website function improvement.

Cookies that we use


These are the cookies that belong to us, they provide the insight onto website usage with the help of third-party web analytics tools. Such types of cookies provide us with the information about your previous site visits. In case there is no information in your browser about previous sessions, new cookies will be generated again.


These types of cookies belong to the company providers of the tools and software used on our website, that we embed on it for enhancing our site abilities. The examples of such are Facebook and LinkedIn cookies, which are managed by respective companies.

How to manage cookies?

You are free to modify the cookies according to your needs: change, delete and control them, you may check the details at You can clean your browser history and clean the cookies files as well any moment you want, in the browser settings you can also set an option that prohibits placing of cookies on your device. Be aware that without cookies the files you adjusted during previous sessions in order to change the website options according to your tastes will be unavailable for you.

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