Save your team 100+ hours annually with
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Transform your hiring processes by delegating the time-consuming technical candidate assessment to experts, ensuring your team spends their time speaking only to TOP candidates.

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Our technical interview as a service is for you if you are facing
Exhaustive, Unproductive Interviews

Your team spends time on countless tech interviews instead of focusing on their job.

Trial Period Failures

New team members consistently fail during trial periods due to poor initial tech screening.

Lack of In-House Expertise

There is a lack of specialized in-house expertise to conduct high-quality hard skills checks.

Scalability Challenges

Your business is rapidly growing or in need of increased hiring and cannot handle the volume of  technical interviewing.

Numerous Incompatible Candidates

Your external recruiters send tons of unverified candidates your way that you are unable to process yourself.

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With our candidates technical assessment, you will get:
Comprehensive interview summaries tailored to your project's needs
Receive in-depth candidate assessment reports crafted to capture the essence of candidates' expertise, focusing on skills essential for the role. 
40% increase in internal interview-to-offer conversion rate
Optimize your hiring success with a remarkable 40% increase in converting internal interviews into offers, enhancing your talent acquisition strategy significantly.
A humane yet high-quality interview experience for your candidates
Take care of your candidates by allowing them to have an interview journey that ensures a personalized and empathetic approach to highlight their skills and cultural fit.

Time is money and we value yours.

Here is how the process works:
Stage 1.

Talk to us to understand how our service works.

YOU SPEND 30 mins
Stage 2

Share the technical ins and outs of your project, as well as your expectations for hard and soft skills, with our tech interviewer.

YOU SPEND 1 hour
Stage 3

Get only the candidates that have successfully completed the technical assessment with us, along with their evaluation forms tailored to your needs.

Stage 4

Run the final interview to choose the ideal candidate and verify their alignment with your initial expectations.

Founded Mobilunity in 2010
Cyril Samovskiy, CEO
As someone who had various businesses, I know how vital efficient hiring is. There were times when my team got caught up interviewing candidates who weren't the right fit, losing focus on crucial tasks. That's why we created a tech interview service—to ensure thorough candidate evaluation with no damage to your business. We prioritize a humane and friendly candidate experience while keeping our focus on defining whether the candidate fits your project precisely.
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...and many more!

Meet our tech interviewers:


Has 10 years of experience in senior tech roles and has conducted 100+ tech interviews.

  • C#
  • .NET
  • ASP
  • Azure
  • AWS

I love tech, but hard skills are not enough to make a great member of the team, so during the interview I focus more on checking the overall role match than the knowledge of separate technologies.



Has over 7 years of experience in senior tech roles and has conducted 30+ interviews.

  • Flutter
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Dart

Tech interviews are bridges between talent and opportunity. My approach focuses on technical acumen while respecting each individual's unique journey, I aim to make it a pleasant experience for the candidates, yet bringing valuable assessment to the client.



Has over 7 years of experience in senior tech roles and has conducted 50+ interviews.

  • jQuery
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails

A Tech interview allows me to uncover nuanced skills that automated tests often miss. This is what I love most about this approach: it allows me to look beyond the resume and yield a richer perspective on the candidate's capabilities.

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