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We are an Eastern European nearshoring company with international reach, providing dedicated development teams for businesses all around the globe. Our model provides access to a multimillion global talent pool of software engineers, all while allowing the client to remain in complete control of their development process.

Key Facts

We specialize in people. Ultimately, it’s the people within Mobilunity that have built the company brick by brick, created our corporate culture, and worked towards its growth. From the top to the bottom, we have managed to gather loyal, ambitious, and seasoned professionals who not only connect with our clients, but also know what we as a company need and why.

Clients from 15+ countries

Attitude reflects leadership. At Mobilunity, our approach is to charge full-speed ahead and accept new challenges, expanding business operations around the world, and successfully delivering quality and efficiency to our clients.

Andriana Samovska
Cyril Samovskiy
Cyril Samovskiy
CEO, Mobilunity
Andriana Samovska
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Cyril Samovskiy, CEO

As the Founder and CEO of Mobilunity, Cyril is passionate about people, discovery, and innovation. He has devoted his career to creating innovative products, providing high-level software development, and building professional teams that specialize in providing customers with the tools they need to be successful.

Management Team
Kateryna Boiko
Marketing and Operations
Kateryna Boiko
Yulia Borysenko
Staff Services and Human Resources
Yulia Borysenko
Anna Ivanchuk
Sales and Business Development
Anna Ivanchuk
Eliza Kravchenko
Director of Account Management
Eliza Kravchenko
Globally Recognized
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Our model

We provide companies with fully dedicated development teams. Our clients require expertise, and we supply the experts. Our model allows clients to maintain their existing processes and manage their team directly, as each team member is fully dedicated and has no other commitments to other projects. Therefore we offer our clients outstanding development, consistently low costs and full control.

Why Us

We believe that the key to any successful endeavor lies in the people who commit themselves to it. That’s why we created our 3R model of Nearshoring to focus on the things that matter the most to our clients:


We believe that strong relationships are what empowers us to give our clients an exemplary level of service, along with maximum productivity. Our team will always go the extra mile to ensure clients are satisfied.


In order to be successful we have to find the right people. Our recruitment team applies a custom approach to finding talented engineers who will be a great fit for your team.Since no two vacancies are alike, we make sure that each member of your team is a specialist who understands the importance of your project and its unique requirements.


Building a team is important, but keeping that team is just as important. We do all that is necessary to ensure that our clients work with satisfied and engaged developers, as personnel benefit from having a comfortable work environment and various perks. Whether it be access to programs and training that will develop them professionally or small office enhancements, we do what’s necessary to make sure the team is happy.

Our Story
Humble beginnings

Mobilunity started with a small team working on small projects, as the company set out to become a premier vendor of development services geared around traditional outsourcing.

Expansion of services

As Mobilunity’s reputation and client list grew, a pressing need for various services arose and with those services, new discoveries and opportunities came.

Image is important

Local and international brand awareness became a priority. Mobilunity branched out and attended multiple events, and launched numerous local campaigns to increase our presence on the market.

Business development pivot

We created and finalized a new model that offered clients what they truly needed: dedicated development teams that would be fully managed by the clients themselves, offering more transparency, consistency, and flexibility.

Team growth

As we fine-tuned our approach and offering, we saw that there were no limits to where our model could go. Clients from all over the world began to appreciate our efforts, and our client list steadily expanded without borders.

3Rs of nearshoring

What we offer is more than a service; it's a methodology, a system that continuously works to improve and educate. So, we decided to summarize our core competencies with our 3R approach: Relationships, Recruitment, and Retention.

New markets & verticals

Mobilunity has since expanded its reach and explored markets that many believe would be unreachable. Our client focus now includes a wide array of industries and technology stacks including Insurtech, FinTech, IoT, embedded software, and beyond.

We are in this together

From embracing new training and engagement methods, to running campaigns to support our clients, Mobilunity is committed to ensuring growth throughout the 2020s and beyond.

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