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July 24, 2017 - Marina D

What Should an Ideal AngularJS MEAN Stack Developer Be Like?

Full stack development is held in high esteem by developers and clients alike. It appeals to developers because a full stack developer is a jack of all trades, able to perform any kind of web development task given to him. It likewise appeals to clients because full stack development greatly reduces the number of developers needed for a project, as a few full stack developers can replace a group of several frontend and backend developers. Needless to say, full stack development is valuable on many levels.

The MEAN stack of technologies magnifies the advantages of full stack development even further by requiring the mastery of only one base language: JavaScript. Using this language throughout all layers of the web application is more powerful than it appears. It offers application-wide uniformity that makes full stack web development seamless and functionally consistent. As a result, full stack web development becomes even quicker and more convenient for MEAN stack developers.

The name MEAN is a fitting acronym for the four technologies included in the stack: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. You may read more about Express JS MEAN stack development from our blog. In this article, we explore another MEAN stack technology: AngularJS.

mean mongodb express angularjs node

AngularJS: An Overview

AngularJS is perhaps the most popular technology among the MEAN MongoDB Express AngularJS Node group of technologies. Released by none other than Google in 2010, this JavaScript framework quickly rose in popularity and emerged to be the most widely supported JavaScript framework, with a community of 1,599 contributing developers worldwide as of writing. Moreover, it ranks 10th in the list of Github projects with the most stars among all the over 2 million projects currently on Github.

Angular MEAN Stack

Stats on Angular.js community in Github

AngularJS is a frontend JavaScript framework, meaning it resides on the client side and controls the behavior of web page elements with which users interact. In fact, among all four technologies in the MEAN stack, it’s the only frontend technology. As a JavaScript framework, its main goal is to extend the power of JavaScript to make programming with the language a quicker and smoother task. Let’s take a look at the main features of AngularJS.

AngularJS MEAN Stack Features

Here are some of the biggest features of AngularJS that make it beneficial to use over pure JavaScript.

mean stack developers should undertand all the features of angularjs

MVC Support

Different software architectural patterns are used by developers to facilitate cleaner and clearer codes that are easier to maintain. One of the most popular patterns is the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern. This programming architecture divides an application into three main components: the model, which corresponds to all the data and objects that flow through the application; the view, which represents the user interface with which a web user interacts; and the controller, which acts as the mediator that connects the model and view components.

While the MVC architecture has to be manually implemented when using pure JavaScript, AngularJS provides out-of-the-box support for it, making MVC implementation a breeze.

Two-way Data Binding

With pure JavaScript, when a user modifies something on the view, such as form values on the user interface, the data in the model component that corresponds to these values must be manually updated to reflect the changes. Likewise, when any data in the model changes, the view must be manually refreshed to reflect the change. With two-way data binding, however, the need for such manual updates is eradicated: changes in the view are automatically reflected in the model, and vice versa, so the two components are constantly synchronized. This feature is called two-way data binding, and it is perhaps the biggest feature of AngularJS because it greatly simplifies development of highly dynamic applications.

Code Reusability

AngularJS uses entities called directives, which are HTML attributes that are used to mark a group or block of HTML codes for them to function in a certain way or to relate them to other blocks. The great thing about AngularJS directives is that they foster code reusability: if, for example, a block of HTML code will be used multiple times throughout the application, instead of copy-pasting the code block in multiple sections, an AngularJS MEAN stack developer can simply assign a directive to that block and reuse it as needed in different sections of the application.

Automatic Form Validation

Form validations are part of the first line of defense in web applications, allowing the system to catch errors early on and block them from further propagating errors in the system, as well as to protect the system from malicious user activities. Pure JavaScript requires developers to manually validate forms, but AngularJS offers automatic form validations. Simply by specifying the type of input expected from the user, AngularJS form components automatically validate user input using standard form input rules. This takes a lot of work off the developer’s hands and makes development much, much quicker.

The Ideal Angular MEAN Stack Developer

If you’re in the market to hire AngularJS developer, here are some skills or qualifications that you should look for to ensure the competency of your developer.

hire angularjs developer with different skills

Robust Frontend Skills

Since AngularJS is a frontend JavaScript framework, a MEAN stack Angular developer will inescapably have to work with frontend technologies and a lot of other frontend frameworks. Aside from the fundamental web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript, which an AngularJS developer should have unquestionably mastered, common frameworks and libraries like Bootstrap, JQuery and AJAX should also be in any AngularJS developer’s portfolio of technologies. This will ensure the smooth and seamless integration of the application with other frontend technologies.

Mobile Angular UI Experience

In today’s world where there are now more mobile devices than standard computers like desktops and laptops, mobile web development is just as important, if not more important, than desktop web development. Web applications should now be able to adapt to different screen sizes and form factors. Mobile Angular UI extends the power of AngularJS to mobile devices, making them optimized to smartphones and tablets and providing deep integration with other mobile UI frameworks such as Bootstrap. With this skill, an AngularJS MEAN developer will be able to develop applications that readily perform on mobile devices just as well as on desktops and laptops.

Unit Testing

Being a framework, AngularJS abstracts a lot of the details of its logic circuitry behind short and simple APIs, so that developers can focus on functionality rather than the messy code details. To some, this may seem like a double-edged sword: since much of the codes are separated from the user’s main codes, debugging may prove challenging, especially since the developer is likely not familiar with the actual code details of the framework. One remedy for this is unit testing, which allows the developer to test the smallest testable parts of a software individually. AngularJS provides a great unit testing tool that makes unit testing straightforward and effortless.

Modular Programming Knowledge

Modular programming is the practice of software development where the application is divided into small units called modules, where each of the modules can easily be modified, removed, added, or rearranged without greatly impacting the whole application. This implies that each module contains a group of similar functions, and each module can be used and reused in different parts of the application with minimal side effects. This greatly reinforces code reusability and simplifies collaborations between multiple developers. AngularJS uses modules, so using a modular programming approach maximizes its benefits.

Hire AngularJS or MEAN Developer

angular mean stack developers for hire

Now that you know all about AngularJS, the benefits that it brings to the table, and the things to look for in a perfect AngularJS MEAN stack developer, you’re ready to find your ideal developer. If you’re considering hiring an Angular MEAN stack developer, you’re in luck, because we’ve got you covered. We at Mobilunity are a provider of dedicated and highly talented IT professionals. Located in Ukraine, we offer only the best MEAN stack developers for the most economical rates. If you’re looking for that perfect mix of excellence and affordability, we are the company for you! If you wish to check first MEAN developer salary or their skills, don’t hesitate to ask us for more CV’s.

CVs of Our AngularJS MEAN Stack Developers

CV #1 – Frontend Developer with Backend Skills


  • Development of  web applications using AngularJS 1 and 2, ReactJS
  • Hybrid mobile app development (Cordova, Ionic, React Native)
  • Building CMS and PHP framework (Laravel) based websites (corporate, e-commerce) and plugins (for management of website custom features from one place)
  • Server side apps on PHP and NodeJS
  • Work with API`s integration (Auth0, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube, Sendgrid)


  • JavaScript, TypeScript, ES6, jQuery & Ajax
  • JS frameworks (AngularJS, Angular 2; ReactJS + Redux; Node.js; Express.js)
  • JS server side: Node JS, ActionHeroJS
  • Front-end frameworks and template builders: Twitter Bootstrap, Foundation Zurb, Jade (Pug)
  • Project builders: Gulp, Grunt, WebPack
  • PHP
  • PHP Framework (Laravel)
  • PHP CMS (WordPress, Prestashop, Webasyst)
  • Databases: MySQL, Mongo DB
  • Version Control System: Git …


СV #2

AngularJS developer for hire with skills in mean mongodb express angularjs node


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