Backdoor In WP Plugin: Fixing WordPress Vulnerability

Although WordPress is one of the most popular content-management systems in the world today, it is still vulnerable to WordPress backdoor hack. If you have been hacked recently, you may think that you have managed to fix it. The problem is that hackers are still able to get in via a backdoor. This backdoor allows the hacker to get back into your site undetected. It sounds pretty bad – and it is – but there are ways to resolve this issue. Our WordPress and BoddyPress developers know exactly how to solve this problem.

how to avoid vulnerable plugin
The most common WordPress vulnerabilities – stats by well-known malware scanning and website monitoring tools

What Is A WordPress Backdoor Hack?

You may have heard the phrase “he sneaked in through the backdoor” used in real life. It’s an idiom which means that someone has slipped into your domain without being noticed.

Essentially, the idiom means the same thing here: a hacker uses a vulnerable plugin with the only purpose – to upload a backdoor. You can remove the vulnerable plugin, but the backdoor still remains. You can even perform an upgrade, but the backdoor is still there!

This backdoor is what makes your WordPress site vulnerable to hacking. Until you manage to totally eradicate the backdoor, your site may be subject to attacks.

As a matter of fact, you can easily build WordPress plugin on your own, if there is a need in it, but you just have to know and follow some tips.

eliminate wordpress backdoor hack

How Does A Hacker Use A Backdoor?

WordPress plugin vulnerability allows a hacker to access your system via their own hidden admin username. The more complex the backdoor is, the more the hacker is able to run a PHP code from the browser. Some backdoors come with a very sophisticated interface that even allows the hacker to send emails and back links from your website.

The backdoor is installed in your themes, uploads directory and your plugins. And because the backdoor has been installed in old themes, it cannot be destroyed when you perform updates.

How To Fix WordPress Backdoor Hack

Removing a backdoor file is simple – just press delete! But finding it is the hard part.

    • To improve your plugin vulnerability, you should perform a complete malware scanner check. Then, delete all your plugin folders before reinstalling each one.
    • Your plugins have been cleaned up now.
    • Next, search your uploads folder. You are looking for PHP files, which shouldn’t be there. If you find them, delete them.
    • Then delete your inactive themes, as this is a place where hackers often install their backdoors.
    • Delete .htaccess file. It is often the case that a redirect code is added as a .htaccess file.
    • Then take a look at your wp-config.php and your wp-config-sample.php. If something doesn’t look right, reset.
    • Finally, use a malware scanner to scour your database for any backdoor files.

During the fix of Newsletter plugin for one of our clients, we faced “Can not open directory for URI: /!” error. So make sure you set your permissions correctly when updating your folders.

examine wordpress plugin vulnerability

Hire Remote JavaScript Developers to Solve All Your WordPress Problems

Having read through and applied all the possible solutions that we outlined in this article, and you have found that it doesn’t work for you, it might be time to think outside the box. Another possible solution to fixing bugs or preventing backdoor hacks into your WordPress is using JavaScript code or integrating JavaScript into your website. Doing this may be a bit more complicated than a quick fix-it, so it would be best to get yourself the skills of a professional developer. Mobilunity can provide you with a highly skilled and experienced JavaScript developer to work with you on integrating JavaScript into your WordPress page to fix bugs and prevent backdoor hacks. Our team of professional JavaScript developers can provide you with cost-efficient solutions to the problems that you may be having with your WordPress page. If you do decide to hire a JavaScript developer to help you fix bugs and prevent backdoor hacks into your website, Mobilunity can provide you with dedicated JavaScript developers, who would help you make it work!

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