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Cost to Hire Erlang Developers

Erlang programming language was intended for dispersed tasks across many machines while Clojure programming was intended to work with many cores on one machine. Erlang programming language was originally created in 1986 as a proprietary language within Ericsson. “If you don’t make experiments before starting a project, then your whole project will be an experiment,” says Mike Williams. Williams created the programming language with co-creators Joe Armstrong and Robert Virding. Perhaps this was the mindset behind the Erlang web development, which was released as an open-source in 1998. Erlang application now spans across various industries, including banking and communications, making it an essential language for many of your everyday operations. Let’s deep into the details how to hire Erlang developer and where to look for fair cost of Erlang programmer.

Overview of Erlang and Cost of Erlang Developer

The Erlang programming language was devised with the goal to advance the growth of telephony applications. From that goal, the language grew to be used by Erlang software engineer to build extremely scalable, soft real-time systems with that focus on great user-friendliness. In his interview with Rackspace in 2013, co-creator Joe Armstrong said, “If Java is ‘write once, run anywhere, then Erlang is ‘write once, run forever’.” With today’s Erlang/OTP, you’ll see what Armstrong means. The set of libraries and project philosophies includes its own distributed database, applications to line towards other languages, debugging and release handling tools. The built-in support that comes with Erlang’s runtime system makes the language one that is trusted to deliver high-tech projects across the world. What do these high-tech projects have in common? Reliability is crucial! So, Erlang projects are created in telecoms, banking, eCommerce, computer telephony, and instant messaging.

In 2014, Erlang found its use in support nodes as Erlang programming languages were used in GPRS, 3G, LTE mobile networks worldwide. Popular cell phone companies like Nortel and T-Mobile used Erlang for their projects. One of the major benefits of the language is that it can be used in non-stop applications. Erlang programming language allows code to be changed without stopping the system, also called hot-swapping. Although Erlang is not an extremely difficult language to learn, Erlang programmers make up a small community whose expectations of competency are set high.

Erlang projects require skills in Erlang code, OTP, ejabberd, Elixir, and Riak for every Erlang engineer. If you have any experience with code, you can understand that Erlang makes heavy use of a pattern-matching syntax. Erlang functional programming code is used to sort lists according to length. Erlang is not object-oriented, so you can’t create your own classes. But, in general, the code is fairly easy to learn as well as the cost of Erlang developer (similar to Elixir developers rates) is quite fair.

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Erlang Programmers for Hire Supply and Demand

Although the language itself isn’t extremely difficult, Erlang developers only make up a small community. It is likely because they are expected to be highly versed in the language. The majority of Erlang developers work in Northern Europe, London, and major cities within the United States like San Francisco, New York, and Chicago. Outside of that, you will find the rest of developers remotely. Even though there is a steady workflow in the Erlang developer demand, it is not high on the priority list as the next language developers are planning to learn. So, it would seem that the demand for developers should continue to be steady. For developers looking for jobs in Erlang, ten essential tools for day-to-day development are:

tools used by erlang developers
  • User_default
  • ~/.erlang
  • erlang-history
  • Erlang.mk
  • rebar3
  • dialyzer
  • xref
  • Elvis
  • redbug
  • recon

Types of Projects Erlang Developers Can Take on

Sometimes, the best way to truly understand the popularity and use of a programming language is to take a look at some major projects that use the code. Popular Erlang projects include:

  • The implementation of SimpleDB for database services as part of the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.
  • The bookmarking service used by Yahoo! called Delicious rewrote their code using Erlang. This bookmarking service has more than 5 million users and 150 million bookmarked URLs.
  • T-Mobile uses Erlang for SMS and authentication systems.
  • Facebook uses Erlang backend developer on its chat service.
samples of erlang projects

One of the most talked about uses of Erlang is in the WhatsApp instant messaging service. The company has expressed its feeling of pride in being able to reach 900 million users while only employing 50 engineers. That’s because it has built its service using Erlang. This allows the messaging service to juggle communications from a large number of users while being able to deploy new code. WhatsApp can push towards concurrency, allowing many processes to run at the same time. Erlang gives it the scalability and reliability it needs to work efficiently. And, Erlang developers can work at high speeds to deploy code as the application is running. It’s no wonder other internet companies like Facebook, WeChat, and Whisper have used Erlang in their new application development.

How to Hire Erlang Engineer Candidates With the Right Experience 

Today, there are many ways to source skilled Erlang developers, from advertising on online hiring platforms to making use of outsourcing vendors. But how do you know if the candidates you hire are experienced enough for the projects you need to be completed? 

When you hire Erlang developers that are incompetent, it can lead to long project delays and poor outcomes that can be very costly. So, here are a few effective ways you can ensure you hire Erlang engineer candidates that tick all the boxes when it comes to experience: 

  • Hire from reputable sources

It’s important to only hire candidates from respected hiring platforms and Erlang development company vendors. Ideally, the hiring source should have access to a large pool of talent and have an excellent reputation of providing skilled developers to different types of businesses.

  • Consider resumes

An effective way to verify experience is to look at the resumes of candidates before you decide to hire remote Erlang developers. Examples of good resumes can be researched online and compared to real candidates. It’s important that all candidates showcase proof of their knowledge, skills, real-world experience and education. To confirm information on resumes, candidates can also add contactable references.  

  • Ask the right questions

The interview phase is essential to ensure the right developers are hired. All candidates should be asked a range of key questions formulated in a clever way to confirm the experience of working on different projects. Some of the best interview questions for Erlang developers can be researched online. 

  • Include a testing phase

The best way to ensure developers have exactly the right experience you are looking for is to include one or more tests in the hiring process. By giving them a task similar to the type of project you require, enables you to confirm if the developers can successfully complete all stages of the project. These tasks can be time sensitive to ensure candidates can work under strict deadlines. 

When you hire from a reputable hiring company such as Mobilunity, you can be sure that the candidates are carefully sourced and vetted. The team at Mobilunity goes out of their way to check that all their clients are matched with candidates that have exactly the right type of experience to suit their unique projects. 

Erlang Developer Salary: How Much Does It Cost to Hire Erlang Developer Worldwide?

While Erlang developers can be found in select areas of the world, the majority of skilled developers do work remotely. Across the United States, Erlang developers are most popularly found in big cities like New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. The following is a comparison of Erlang developer salary and Erlang engineer cost in different parts of the world:

erlang developer salary

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

With reduced Erlang developer cost, an extensive talent pool, and quality development skills, Ukraine is the leading source of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe. Which is great news for those looking for Erlang developers, as the pool of skilled Erlang developers is limited.

Erlang Developer Resume Sample

Here is an example of Erlang developer resume for you to have an idea of the Erlang software developer main skills and responsibilities before you hire Erland developers.

Fair Cost of Erlang Programmer at Mobilunity

With a team of over 120 skilled developers, Mobilunity has been trusted for years as a leading source of IT outstaffing in Ukraine. Started as a small team working on small projects back in 2010, Mobilunity has grown to deliver projects of many sizes to hundreds of clients. Why do clients trust Mobilunity for their remote Erlang development over hiring a freelance Erlang programmer?

Mobilunity clients benefit from:

  • Collaborative and flexible approach to all projects. This leads to increased communication and satisfaction.
  • Dedicated teams of Erlang engineers for hire deliver consistency when working with your project.
  • Ease of arranging meetings with the Erlang development team because of the close location to Western Europe.
  • Lower cost of Erlang programmer without sacrificing quality.
  • Highly trained, certified, and talented Erlang programmers.
  • A broad offering of the most unique skills which delivers comprehensive skills for all your project needs.

As one of the up and coming programming languages for financial, gaming, and messaging services, Erlang development has been making waves. If you want to hire a development team that is both skilled and affordable, talk to a Ukrainian IT professional about the benefits of outsourcing your Erlang project.

Mobilunity is a trusted source for all your outsourced IT projects. To hire Erlang developer, talk to a dedicated member of our development team.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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