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How Much Does It Cost to Hire Scala Developer?

Scala is a functional high-level language, combining features of object-oriented and functional programming. It runs on the same virtual machine as Java and is considered to be its main analog. The static types of this programming language help to avoid bugs in complex apps. With JVM and JavaScript runtimes, and access to huge libraries, you will get high-performance systems and stunning results. Scala engineer salary and Scala developer cost are high enough, so programmers and their customers often compare it with Java to find out which programming language is more efficient or better suited to their projects.

Quick Overview of Scala and Cost to Hire Scala Developers

Scala was created by Martin Odersky. It runs on Java Virtual Machine or JVM. It is the heart of the programming language, as it provides platform independence. Programmers also need JDK for the creation of Scala apps. It contains a huge variety of utilities and libraries for Java. It also provides the environment for the developer to write and run the code. In this environment, Scala cooperates with Java code stack and existing libraries. It is useful when you have to continue a project, which has been launched on Java. Scala programmer CV is often supplemented with Java knowledge.

Scala programming language has a set of features, making it different from other languages:

  • Type inference. The coder doesn’t have to identify data type and function return type – the programmer is able to deduce the type of data. The last expression in the function identifies the return type of it.
  • Singleton objects. Static variables or methods are not usual for this language. Singleton objects are classes having only one object in the source file. These objects are used instead of class keywords.
  • Lazy computation. The performance is increased thanks to the lazy computation: the expressions are evaluated only when they are needed. Use the lazy keyword to declare a lazy variable.
  • Concurrency control. The actor model is located in the standard library of Scala. The coders use it to write concurrency code. There is one more platform and tool, designed for it: Akka. It is a separate open-source framework providing actor-based concurrency. Coders distribute actors and combine them with software transactional memory.
  • Functions of the higher-order. It takes a function as an argument or returns it as a function. In fact, it is a function able to work with another function. It helps the developer to create a function composition, lambda or anonymous functions, and some other options.
  • Rich set of collection library. There you find mutable and immutable classes and traits to collect data – coders use them according to the requirements of the project.
  • Immutability concept. No one can modify the value of the declared variable. It helps to manage data and concurrency control. There are also mutable objects, which can be changed.

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Scala vs Java: Is It Wort to Look for Scala Programmer for Hire

Scala is renowned for its mix of speed and expressiveness while using modern language features such as macros. Scala is younger than Java, but it already has many fans and followers.

Other important features of Scala are:

  • Object-oriented – In Scala, just about every value behaves as a programming object.
  • Lambdas – Scala allows anonymous functions that can be invoked easily, adding to the programmer’s convenience.
  • Higher-order functions< – In Scala, functions can accept other functions as arguments, compose multiple functions together, and return functions as the result of a call.
  • Pattern matching – Scala uses powerful pattern-matching capabilities such as those encountered in other functional programming languages.

Differences with Java Language

Of the above features, the object-orientation trait is one that this language shares with Java, its older predecessor. Below, we show where the two programming languages differ most. Developers will need to be familiar with these important differences between the two. As two JVM based languages, Scala and Java have many common features as well as noticeable differences. They produce the same byte code and run on one Virtual Machine. If you work with these two languages, it requires less integration. Moreover, the coders call Java from Scala and vice-versa and reuse components from the Java libraries in Scala. For writing the Scala code, you can use most Java Integrated Development Environments: Netbeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ, and others. One more common feature of these two languages: they both are object-oriented, but Scala also supports the functional programming paradigm.

Below we distinguish the points, where the two coding languages differ most of all:

  • Succinct and concise code. Scala is struggling for reducing the number of lines in the code. Such a result can be achieved by making clever use of type interference, treating everything as function passing or object.
  • Easiness in applying concurrency and parallelism. The coders are encouraged to write an immutable code, which makes common programming patterns elegant, concise, and type-safe.
  • Simple learning curve. In comparison to Java, it is possible to learn Scala fast, as the learning curve is steep. However, when a little code is responsible for so many actions, it is difficult to predict the behavior of the code.
  • Built-in lazy evaluation. A keyword “lazy” added to the code helps to defer time-consuming computations to the moment they are absolutely necessary.
  • Nested Scala code. One can say, that Java is more readable because of this feature of Scala. It is quite difficult to see a function inside the function inside of an object inside of a class, especially if the code is poor-written.
  • Treating functions as variables. In Java, any function is an object, but in Scala, it is a variable – you can pass it around as an Object. It can give enormous power to the language.
TypesExplicit type declarationsType Inference
Code Evaluation StrategyEager EvaluationLazy Evaluation
Operator OverloadingNot supportedSupported

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What to Look for in Scala Resume When You Need to Hire Scala Developers

To find a perfect performer for your project, check Scala developer CV. There you will find all the important information and skills, which should have a specialist. Requirements to the coder depend on the peculiarities of the project, but most lists of the requirements are looking as following:

  • 3+ years of experience of work on the position of the developer on Java, PHP.
  • The desire to work with functional programming in Scala and Flow-typed JavaScript.
  • Solid experience in work with such web technologies as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, AJAX, and others.
  • Deep knowledge in the field of relational databases, developing web services, and version control tools.
  • Bachelor’s or Masters’s degree in Computer Engineering, Computer Science, or other related fields.
  • Experience in Service Oriented Architecture and Service integration with Web Services, REST, and security integration.
  • Experience of work in Scala including Spark framework in big data environments.
  • Experience in the creation of data-driven apps with the use of Java/Scala in combination with the Spark framework.

Check Scala engineer CV for the most important skills of the web developer. The basic skill set includes:

  • Knowledge of the object-oriented programming;
  • Ability to work on JVM;
  • Knowledge of Statistical analysis;
  • Knowledge of the Distributed File Storage Systems, for example, HDFS;
  • Knowledge of SQL and relational database management systems.

Advanced Scala developer resume may include also:

  • Experience of work with frameworks, utilities, and libraries: Akka, Finagle, Big Data, Spark, Scalding, Play, Lift, Scalatra, Scalaz Cats.
  • Work with testing tools: ScalaTest, Specs2.
  • Experience of work in code building tools: Simple Build Tool (SBT).

How to Interview Scala Developer for Hire

If you want to hire Scala programmers, these are some common questions you can use to evaluate their knowledge:

  • What is a Scala map and how is it different from a set?  – This question tests the developer’s knowledge of basic data structures in Scala.
  • What are some advantages of the Scala programming language? – This question tests knowledge about important advantages of applying the programming language.
  • How is function currying used in Scala? – Here, you assess the developer’s ability to work with currying, a core functional programming feature of Scala.

Scala Developer Resume Example: How Does a Good Resume Look Like

Scala developer resume is good when it shows not only the theoretical knowledge and skills of the coder but also maintains information about the previous experience or the examples of the applications made. A professional programmer knows several coding languages, works with libraries, is able to write code from scratch and compile it from the elements. Testing and debugging are also important for the creation of a functional application. Scala developer resume sample will help you to understand that the coder you are going to hire is a true professional.


  • Strong knowledge of Scala
  • Excellent programming skills and competence,  in software design, databases, data structures, and algorithms
  • Strong knowledge of the following object-oriented programming languages: Java, Scala, C++
  • Knowledge of the basic design patterns
  • Strong knowledge in OCaml, Haskell, SML
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Understanding of object-oriented and functional programming concepts
  • Knowledge of Java and Scala databases
  • Ability to test and debug code


  • Testing and peer-testing of the own and the developers’ code
  • Performing root-cause analysis and delivering of the bug-fixes
  • Development, sprint planning, support and release management
  • Use of such agile techniques as Test-Driven Development and Pair Programming
  • Design and development of the high-performance and robust software
  • Documentation of the designs and specifications
  • Providing the technical leadership to the development team
  • Collaboration with the Product Manager, Quality Assurance, Data Operation, and IT Infrastructure
  • Providing mentorship and technical guidance to junior and intermediate developers
  • Developing modules in Scala in cooperation with the developers across the globe

Why this Scala developer sample resume is good? The owner of this resume has practical skills in software building: he/she is able to write code, test it, and debug and support the ready product. One more important thing is the experience of work with remote colleagues and cooperation with managers and other departments. A coder who is able to work in a team (especially in the international team) and communicate with the customer is a true professional. And the experience in mentorship for the junior developers can only prove it. You can use this Scala developer resume example to choose a perfect programmer for your project. You may also check PHP developer resume in our blog.

Scala Programmer Salary Rates: Scala Engineer Cost in Various Countries

Wondering how much does it cost to hire Scala developer? Scala software engineer salary differs from country to country. And the high demand for these specialists at financial companies, tech startups, and other projects only raises Scala engineer cost. Today Scala salary is in the top-20 of the most expensive technologies for software engineering jobs, with the top pay $145 616. Fortunately, it is easy to find a cost-effective decision and hire remote developers from the country, where cost to hire Scala engineer is lower. Let’s check how big is Scala programmer salary in different countries:

  • The USA. The medium Scala development salary is $97 195 per year, according to the information from Indeed.com.
  • France. The medium result is €41 000, which is about $64 500. Junior Scala developer salary starts with €33 000 and can reach the amount of €52 000.
  • Australia. Scala developer average salary is AU$120 000, which is about $85 000. For the specialists of a different level, the cost to hire Scala developers ranges from AU$65 000 to AU$146 000.
  • Germany. Scala coder earns on average €50,407, which is the equivalent of $57 098. The young specialists start with €43 000, while senior Scala developer salary reaches €81 000.
  • Ukraine. Scala developer salary ranges from $12 000 to $46 000. The median cost of Scala programmer is $25 000 per year.

How Ukraine Differs Except for Affordable Cost of Scala Developer for Hire

If you have already checked the list of Scala developer salary, you may see the most cost-effective option for the project. And the shortest way to hire the coders is outstaffing from Mobilunnity. You will get access to the remote development team for your project. Companies from different countries choose our developers because of:

  • Lower development cost – choosing the performers from Ukraine, you get access to the pool of talents at a lower hourly rate than in America or Northern Europe;
  • Experienced professionals – our coders have years of the experience and hundreds of the completed projects;
  • Solid reputation – the Mobilunity project managers complete their tasks as fast and proficient as it is possible.

Choosing the performer for your project, pay attention to the Scala programmer salary and skills, but not to the place of residence, and you will get the high-quality code and reduce the expenses. And Mobilunity will take care of your new outstanding software.

Affordable Cost to Hire Scala Programmer in Mobilunity

Using Scala for your development can help you get better, higher-quality code that scales more easily than with other programming languages. You may hire Cobol developer as well as Clarion developer if you are looking for such solutions, Mobilunitu will always assist you with this process. To hire Scala Programmers, you can explore solutions such as outstaffing, outsourcing, and using the services of a recruiter. Outstaffing is advantageous because it lets you access dedicated developers from competitive tech centers. Hiring in Ukraine, for example, can improve your project quality while lowering your overall project costs.

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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