Creating AR App with Augmented Reality Developer

Extensive use of multimedia, visual effects, and superimposition of many virtual images are very common in many domains of our day to day processes and activities, such as eLearning software, 3D video game, entertainment, machine vision applications, healthcare, R&D, and many others. Many companies are interested in hiring XR developer nowadays, and augmented reality (AR) is one of the most popular technologies commonly used in the latest visual effects for different multimedia and entertainment applications and in numerous augmented reality Android and iOS applications.

Augmented reality, as MacMillan’s dictionary tells us, is a special technology that combines digital images, videos, and other visuals with the real world. The beauty of the augmented reality development is that it not only creates conceptually new markets but also greatly expands existing ones. It is used in many different areas: video games, live events, movies, TV shows, sales, education, health care, the military industry, real estate sales, and design. Although AR development is now extremely popular there are some factors that prevent its spread. The price of a set of devices still bites, although many large corporations are trying to solve this problem by distributing products that are extremely cheap or free of charge. It helps to develop an understanding of the full utility of augmented reality mobile apps and software and attracts investment from individuals and businesses.

When venturing into the creation of an AR app with an augmented reality developer, collaborating with a skilled digital marketing developer can be instrumental in ensuring your app’s success by effectively reaching and engaging your target audience.

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Augmented Reality Developer Status and Demand

According to the Statista information, the global market value of augmented and virtual reality is expected to cross $215 billion by 2021, with a major share of augmented reality technologies and augmented reality iOS and Android software applications. The global market value of augmented reality (AR) is expected to reach $60.55 billion by 2023 with over 40.29% CAGR growth, according to the MarketsAndMarkets research report. Meanwhile, the AR software market is expected to reach $35.22 billion by 2022 from its present with a whopping growth of about 57.36% CAGR during the forecast period.

One of the key examples of success and performance indicators of augmented reality in entertainment and marketing was the Pokémon Go game. This has broken the confidence of all those who doubt that the introduction of augmented reality app development has begun too early or that it is not very effective. Companies such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook have long been actively investing in development in this area and are stocking the best developers for their projects. The company Greenlight, which is engaged in research and analysis in the field of augmented and virtual reality, predicts that the development and popularity of technology are still ahead. According to Digi-Capital consulting company, the augmented reality market began to grow 4 times faster than the virtual reality market.

AR Consulting and Why It’s Needed

Hiring AR developers you probably need a person who will be responsible for the AR strategy and the task performance. So that’s the main reason why to hire AR consultant would be a great business solution. IT consultants of all sorts can give a significant boost to your business, expanding its capabilities and improving its performance. Such a specialist might be the very thing that will make you better than your competitors.

augmented reality technology

So is the demand for augmented reality developers high? Yes, of course. Will they be even more popular and in demand in the future? Without a doubt. The augmented reality mobile app development market is expected to reach $3.9 billion by 2020. The US will lead in this domain from other regions with over 54.3% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Many companies in the USA are hiring augmented reality developers in a sizable number to create augmented reality apps for catering to the increased demand in the marketplace. There are many fields where the adoption of augmented technology is very high; Substantial growth in the shipment of AR sensors, headsets, mobile apps, and 3D cameras in recent years is a clear indication of the increased popularity of the AR technology in all domains. The best augmented reality companies in the marketplace are extensively focusing on the development of modern apps, gadgets, sensors, and devices to benefit from the cruising domain of business broadly popular across the globe.

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Top 5 Augmented Reality Tools to Create Mobile Apps

There are many great AR tools available in the marketplace to make augmented reality app for different purposes or domains. The top 5 AR tools are described below.


WikiTude AR tool

This is a powerful AR tool that supports both the marker-based and location-based object recognition for mobile app development. The main features of this AR app development tool include:

  • Supports iOS and Android development
  • Unity platform is also supported
  • 3D tracking technology for objects
  • Instant image recognition
  • Support Geo-location tracking

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Maxst AR SDK

Maxst AR SDK AR tool

Maxst augmented reality SDK has many features to offer. The main features of this platform are given below.

  • Easy to run a platform
  • Optimal development environment for developers
  • Support top 5 functions such as visual SLAM, image tracking, 3D tracking, barcode scanning and instant tacking
  • Support multiple platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, and others
  • Supports smart glasses

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Apple’s ARKit

Apple’s ARKit AR tool

This is the latest augmented reality tool initiated by Apple Corporation for its iOS devices. It is a very useful tool for gaming and other entertainment applications on the latest iPhone devices.

  • An iOS-based game and app tool
  • Recognizes objects and plans around the user
  • Automatically moves and manipulates the devices placed in the surrounding environment
  • Supports 2D and 3D gaming platforms
  • Easy to integrate with SpriteKit and SceneKit
  • Supports unity platform

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Vuforia AR Platform

Vuforia AR Platform AR tool

The main features of this augmented reality are listed below:

  • Supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Unity platforms
  • Supports both local and cloud-based databases for image processing
  • Support multi-target tracking capability from the cloud databases
  • Very flexible and easy to operate

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EasyAR AR tool

The salient features of this augmented reality AR platform include:

  • Available in both paid and free plans
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows
  • Unity platform is also supported
  • Main functions include QR scanning, 3D object tracking, cloud recognition, screen recording, and others
  • Offers unlimited recognition time for all plans
  • Easy to scale up

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Augmented Reality Difference Between Android vs iOS

There are numerous differences in how to make an augmented reality app on Android and iOS platforms. The main difference between augmented reality Android vs iOS is given in the table below:

augmented reality android vs ios

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Steps for Developing Your Own Augmented Reality

How to become augmented reality developer is a very common question for a new beginner in the field of AR software development. A good AR developer needs to have knowledge of the major platforms, operating systems, development tools, and programming languages to become a good developer. But, with less programming skills, you can also create your own AR project with the help of any popular AR tool. The main steps for developing your own augmented reality in Unity are given below:

how to make an augmented reality app

Augmented Reality Developer Salary

If this technology is so popular and its peak period is still ahead, let’s consider how popular are developers in different countries and what is the salary of augmented reality engineer/developer.

  • USA – from $58,000 to $112,000 per year. Average salary – $91,505 according to Glassdoor.
  • UK – from $38,000 to $89,000 per year. Average salary – $59,023 according to Indeed.
  • Canada – from $57,000 to $66,000 per year. Average salary – $52,000 according to Glassdoor.
  • Australia – average salary – $83,583.
  • France – average salary – $51,574.
  • Ukraine – average salary – $21,600.
ar developer salaries comparison chart

Ukraine is one of the best countries in Europe and the World for outsourcing AR app development and offshoring. It is cheaper than Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary, and the quality of specialists here is much better. This helps to save up to 60% on the amount of payments in Western IT projects. Here you can always find developers with the right level of experience and a set of skills suitable for any type of task. The vast majority of them are young, with higher technical education, excellent knowledge of English, and experience in work with augmented reality software.

Augmented Reality App Development

The entire ecosystem of AR and VR technologies is a bundle of interconnected and interdependent projects and companies. At the very center of all, this is powerful augmented reality development companies whose main goal is to develop solutions, applications, and augmented reality software. In addition, there are still many other players, of which there are more than a thousand in Europe alone. Institutions, schools, and special scientific centers are involved in the development of the field and their activity is much connected with companies operating in this field. On the one hand, research and development are needed, which are embedded in the products of these companies. On the other hand, there is a need for skilled workers with the necessary experience. All of this can be divided into three distinct pillars that hold the entire AR industry — augmented reality software, hardware, and applications.

The development is due to the emergence of new technologies, start-ups and the implementation of new ideas. In addition, it is funded by interested augmented reality development companies, venture funds, the government, or individuals. Explicit breakthroughs in the market fuel competition between major world rivals and give impulse to new developments. AR technologies have already influenced many spheres of human life and their influence will only increase. In addition to the fact that humanity is finding more and more applications of technology in various fields, the devices themselves are becoming cheaper, more convenient, more accurate, and more powerful.

This is the main list of areas where VR and AR technologies are used to the full extent:

areas of vr and ar usage
  • Engineering & manufacturing industry
  • Architecture, real estate, construction
  • Education & culture
  • Healthcare
  • Awareness raising & reporting
  • Communication & social interaction
  • Art & storytelling
  • Commerce & advertising
  • Gaming
  • Live entertainment & experiences

Each of these items is divided into other sub-items, and for each of them, there are dozens of companies with year to year augmented reality apps development and local products from the sphere.

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Augmented Reality Transforms Industries: Examples

The reason why AR is in demand to such an extent is due to the versatility of its applications. The technology has the potential to improve any industry exponentially – here are the ways of hiring an AR app programmer for rent transforms major fields.

1. Retail

Automotive, apparel and other retailers have been using AR to create a wholesome in-store experience that would engage technology. The applications of AR in the field include in-store apps that boost engagement, tools to help staff navigate warehouses. Customers can build a deeper connection to a product by putting it in a real-life context – such as placing a virtual furniture model in a room.

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2. Healthcare

On-demand app developers in AR work to reduce the number of errors during surgeries and improve medical education. For instance, aspiring doctors will be able to practice anatomy by examining responsive 3D models. Augmented reality also stands at the root of telemedicine – a way for caregivers to consult patients remotely. Custom healthcare software development is also one of the popular areas within AR development.

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3. Education

AR is transforming classrooms by driving more engagement and increasing comprehension among students. Teachers can use augmented reality tools to explain concepts students are typically detached from (fields like astronomy or chemistry). Also, AR adds a gamification layer to classes, making kids more eager to accomplish class objectives.

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4. Logistics

Such a multi-faceted field like the supply chain benefits a great deal from AR adoption. Companies use augmented reality in logistics software development for staff training, tracking the location of all goods, barcode reading, and other logistics operations. AR provides supply chain managers with on-spot information on the product – its weight, the content of a container, and the delivery destination. There is also interest in hiring travel software engineer for some of the projects.

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5. Entertainment

The applications of AR in entertainment are countless. In the future, augmented reality can help boost engagement in films and TV by moving them off the screen to the real world. The technology can help viewers enjoy subtitled foreign content more seamlessly. Interactive stories will unfold yet more seamlessly once the technology is commonplace. For some of the projects, businesses may also request “hire 3d designer“.

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Augmented reality is a universal progress and engagement booster across all major industries. Businesses, education institutions, public offices, and NGOs will benefit from looking for app developer teams. Implementing such innovative technology is a way to get media exposure, increase the eagerness of investors to collaborate, and attract new customers.

Augmented Reality Development Companies & Augmented Reality Software

According to the report of the European Union, the augmented reality industry is rapidly developing in the USA, Europe, and Asia in all directions from R&D to hardware production and content creation.


For obvious reasons, the United States of America occupies a leading position in the world in terms of the scale of development and power of the AR and VR market. Research and development for hardware and software are centered around the legendary Silicon Valley. Where each augmented reality app development company is successful just for being there. But a huge piece of development is also concentrated in the offices of the giants of the gaming industry with productions in Los Angeles. Why do augmented and virtual reality blooms there? Because of the very good conditions provided by the country for startups and technology business. All such companies soar to the skies because of the huge amount of venture investors and funds that they are willing to invest in the early stages of development. According to estimates of CrunchBase, there are about 596 augmented reality companies here and their number continues to grow.


The Asian market is represented by a huge number of companies that are most in South Korea, China, and Japan. Here such technological giants as Sony, Samsung, and HTC dominate. They tightly occupied a niche in the mass manufacturing of VR and AR hardware, as these countries have a huge advantage in the form of cheap labor. In addition, local authorities support the augmented reality application development as they understand all the economic benefits and prospects of such technologies for the good of the country. In addition to the fact that venture funds support Asian businesses and start-ups in the field of virtual and augmented reality, they also manage to spread their influence on the European market. These countries are very good at creating content and their influence would be much greater if there were no language and cultural barriers.


Europe is distinguished by its features with which it can compete in the market of AR technologies. For example, the availability of funding for augmented reality software development, the variety of content produced due to cultural characteristics, and incredibly experienced professionals. The history of the development of various cool technologies in Europe began with the industrial design, medicine, and psychology. The European Union has supported more than 450 different VR and AR projects with finances since 1990. The total investment amounted to more than a billion euros. Experiments in research centers began in the distant 1970s, which led to the emergence of high-quality applications. Cultural features help develop the gaming industry, which makes Europe a strong player in the market of VR and AR technologies. The creativity in these areas is compared with the Hollywood film industry, and public funds support the expansion of technology in education and the artistic sphere. As for specialists, their presence and experience allow any Virtual Reality development company to easily find the best employees in the world and to grow rapidly from the start. Most of the experts here are in the areas of 3D modeling and computer graphics for games and animation. Higher education institutions produce thousands of gifted students who are able to find an approach to using AR in art, design, industrial production, films, and other fields.

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Augmented Reality App Development in Ukraine

Ukraine is not an outsider in the arena of the development of technologies of augmented and virtual realities. Local specialists know how to make an augmented reality app and even get the investors’ attention. Among the famous players in the sphere are several specialized so-called ateliers that create content. Among them are the ByOwls and Lemon Group companies. Other related companies are focused on creating software for the AR and VR industry – Lookinar and Program-Ace. In addition to these, there are several companies that create their own products – VRNET, Fablab Fabricator, Sensorama, and ARbrowser.

The biggest success can be boosted by a young but powerful startup FeelVR who last year attracted money on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In just one hour after the start of fees, the team managed to accumulate the necessary $60,000 and in the future to raise another $500,000. Here in Ukraine, the so-called business angels invest most of all. They are ready to support young startups at the earliest stages if they see potential in them. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to find information about exactly from whom startups receive funding. Many other Ukrainian projects also begin to develop rapidly and gradually find their audience. In total, there are about a dozen of them, but the number is constantly growing as there is no shortage of experienced specialists in the country and funding always finds promising industries.

When embarking on the journey of creating an AR app, finding a Swift developer for hire or considering whether to hire Objective C developer is crucial, as both skill sets can influence the app’s performance and compatibility across different devices.

outstaffing benefits in ukraine

Is it difficult to hire an AR specialist in Ukraine? Of course not. The augmented reality app development cost depends on many factors, such as OS, app size, number of features, type of app, the purpose of the app. If we generalize the augmented reality developer salary in terms of hourly rates, it stands at about $50 to $250 per hour in the USA. If we take the average of this range, it will be about $150 per hour. A normal application that takes about 100 hours will cost about $15,000 per project in the USA. The average cost of medium-sized projects typically ranges between $25,000 and $30,000. This cost of application varies in different countries. Eastern European countries and Asian countries offer the lowest hourly rates as compared to other regions.

Augmented reality app developers are highly paid in all developed countries of Western Europe and North America continents; so it is highly advised to outsource your AR development projects to highly skilled but low price markets like Ukraine in Eastern Europe. You can hire AR developers and well qualified augmented reality dedicated developers for your AR project at very reasonable prices through Mobilunity AR Development Services.

When embarking on the journey of creating an AR app with an augmented reality developer, it’s essential to ensure seamless integration with logistics software development, enhancing supply chain operations and efficiency. Mobilunity is a provider of dedicated teams for companies all around the globe. While having the access to a tech talent pool of over 200,000 Ukrainian developers, we help to hire developers of different skillsets based on your needs. If you’re looking for ways to hire Oculus developer, AR developer or others, contact us!

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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