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Hire AdTech Developer

Advertising has always been the key tool to increase your product popularity, and this business has long remained unchanged. With the advent of digital era in the 2000s, advertising had to adjust to a new market with Internet with the help of web app development and transform into what it’s called now the Advertising Technology (AdTech). It is a specific set of techniques and methods to boost your products through digital media to a right person at the right time. As a completely new digital market appeared, advertising had to change rapidly to attract people’s attention not only offline but online as well. To enhance your AdTech team’s capabilities, consider hiring a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultant who can leverage the platform’s comprehensive suite of tools to optimize your digital marketing strategies and drive engagement.

To successfully navigate the complex landscape of digital advertising technology, it’s essential to hire an AdTech developer who can collaborate with your marketing web developer to create innovative and effective marketing solutions.

Such extremely fast growth of advertising technologies has led to appearance of new professions and companies that help people find great developers for advertising platforms. Advertising technologies enable the automatic buying and selling of ads and cover various demand-side platforms, ad networks, data management platforms. AdTech also deals with exchanging of digital spaces that are sold by publishers, CIO writes.

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Demand to Hire AdTech Developer in 2022

According to a study by RNTS Media, there are a few very important facts about AdTech. Nowadays, it is one of the leading industries in the whole world that is growing extremely fast. For example, in 2016, in the USA only, digital advertising overtook advertising on TV for the first time, reaching $68 b. Ad Age claims that by 2020, AdTech industry is going to reach $100 billion in revenue. It can be assumed that the growing sector of AdTech will lead to high demand of AdTech programmers.

Companies start to invest more into their digital advertising. As shown in the study by RNTS Media, there was a particular growth in the sector of programmatic trading. It is a vital constituent of digital advertising responsible for initiation and execution of online deals and algorithms reconciliation. In 2013, only 7% of US advertisers had budgets for online advertising, in 2015, there were already 32% of budget allocated for digital advertising, which is important to any new AdTech development company on the market. Growing of mobile advertising or the “third screen” will lead to further growth of AdTech. People spend more and more time online in their phones, using apps, social media networks, or browsers, and this means that this is a new vast area for online advertising.

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The Importance of AdTech Consulting Services

Obviously, the demand on AdTech consultant is even higher than the demand on AdTech coder. AdTech consulting reaches not only the sphere of programming but also a marketing spectre. In a few words, building a strong strategy is a keypoint in AdTech consulting. For these purposes, the candidate should have the wide range of experience and the whole list of the skills so he/she sure about the next steps in this business, as they can be crucial in your future success. As you may guess, find such AdTech consultant is not an essay task, so there are various AdTech consulting companies and services on the web that ease your job by finding the right fit of AdTech consultant for you in a shorter amount of time than you can even imagine. When planning to hire an AdTech Developer, it can be advantageous to simultaneously hire dedicated web designers and Ruby on Rails programmers, ensuring a comprehensive team that can effectively create and enhance your advertising technology platform.

Skills of AdTech Developer & the Most Demanded Technologies for AdTech

There is no defined specter of skills that AdTech devs should use, so there are various options for you to consider. For example, AdWeek writes that companies tend to take control over big volumes of data they get from AdTech, pointing out that data processing is the most important thing to pay attention to when hiring AdTech experts. However, we at Mobilunity believe that AdTech developer is quite a sophisticated profession and is more than just data processing.

We advise that when looking for a developer for advertising platform, take into account to specific experience of experts and the technologies they are skilled at. So, in order to provide you with more information about the AdTech experts and assist in hiring them, we have prepared a list of the most important spheres where AdTech professionals should be competent in:

  • Big Data Java development
  • Data Science
  • QA Automation experienced in Ad Tech
  • QA Automation with video processing
  • Big Data Python development
  • Project Management
spheres AdTech develolpers should be good at

AdTech coder should be experienced in data collection and processing, they should be able to manage projects and upgrade their knowledge on the market, since an AdTech expert is not only a good programmer, but a new breed of marketeers. If you look for experienced AdTech experts or want to hire a java programmer, we can build the perfect team for your AdTech project using one of our outstaffing type as we have access to the best IT talents in Ukraine. We can offer: Big Data Java Developers, Project Managers, Senior Data Scientists, Senior QA Automation Team Leads (with experience in AdTech), QA Automation Experts (with experience in video processing projects), Big Data Python Developers. Mobilunity also offers the AdTech consulting services looking for the real Ukrainian pro and making sure you are on the right way in the AdTech business. Hiring dedicated AdTech developers  and consultants at Mobilunity is a great idea, as we have a skilled team of experienced developers who worked on AdTech projects.

Are you looking for a team of AdTech programmers? We can help you to hire AdTech developer who will take your project to the next level!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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