Is It Hard to Hire Aurelia Developer in Europe?

When creating a web application, one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make is choosing which JavaScript framework to use. With so many libraries and frameworks available, it’s difficult to pinpoint which one is the best fit for your requirements. Oftentimes, only the big, well-established players like AngularJS and React are considered, while the smaller, newer players are left out. It is, however, essential that these smaller technologies that are still in their infancy also be given a chance, because a lot of them may offer benefits that you might otherwise miss out on when you only choose from the traditional frameworks. One of these less popular but definitely competent JavaScript frameworks is Aurelia.

Aurelia JS: An Overview

what is the best country to hire Aurelia developer

Aurelia is a very young JavaScript framework, having been released just in 2015. Developed by former AngularJS developer Rob Eisenberg, Aurelia aims to be the next-generation JavaScript framework that’s unlike any other framework already out there. Among its defining features are:

  • Forward-thinking – Aurelia is written using ECMAScript 6 and 7, which are the latest programming standards followed by JavaScript.
  • High modularization – Aurelia is composed of several small libraries which may be used individually or together. A coder can simply select any number of libraries from the collection without having to worry about their dependencies with each other.
  • Adaptive data binding – Aurelia allows developers to implement one-way, two-way, or other data binding strategies depending on the application’s requirements, and it can even accommodate the data binding mechanisms of imported libraries
  • Extensible HTML – Aurelia uses a powerful templating compiler which allows developers to create custom HTML elements and attributes and create reusable HTML components

As a young JavaScript framework, Aurelia is still building its user base. According to web technology analysis website BuiltWith, the great majority of Aurelia users come from the United States, and a few others come from Germany, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, and Japan.

popularity of Aurelia JavaScript framework by locations

BuiltWith Screenshot of the Locations of Businesses that Use Aurelia

The Ideal Aurelia Developer

Here are some characteristics you should look for in a great AureliaJS developer:

  • Mastery of pure JavaScript language
  • Extensive experience with several JavaScript frameworks
  • Solid grasp of modular programming
  • Excellent collaboration skills
  • Strong background in unit testing

JS Aurelia Developer Sample CVs

Here are some CVs of typical Aurelia developers to give you a better idea of the usual background and skills of Aurelia remote programmers.

CV#1 Senior Aurelia Developer

senior aurelia developer resume sampleREQUEST A CV OF AN AURELIA DEVELOPER

CV#2 Middle Aurelia Developer

middle aurelia developer resume exampleREQUEST A CV OF AN AURELIA DEVELOPER

CV#3 Junior Aurelia Developer

junior aurelia developer resume sampleREQUEST A CV OF AN AURELIA DEVELOPER

Aurelia Developer Salary

If you’re in search for a developer in Europe with good skills in Aurelia JavaScript framework, one of the main considerations would be the cost. It would therefore be wise to look at the developer rates in different countries. Let’s compare the typical salary of an Aurelia developer in different European countries. In this comparison, we use PayScale, which shows the average self-reported gross salaries in various occupations. Let’s take a look at the average gross annual salary of JavaScript developers, which include Aurelia developers, in 5 different European countries:

salaries of Aurelia JS developers

Comparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of JavaScript Developers in Different European Countries (Source: PayScale)

Hire Aurelia Developer Now

hire AureliaJS developer at Mobilunity

Though not yet as popular as well-established frameworks like AngularJS and React, the JavaScript framework Aurelia is a newcomer that offers a lot of very useful features that make it unique and differentiate it from the rest of its competition. If the benefits of this framework appeal to you and you wish to find a good Aurelia developer for your next project, then you’re in luck! At Mobilunity, we offer software Europe’s most talented dedicated AureliaJS developers. Located in Ukraine, our rates are among the lowest in all of Europe, so you can rest assured that you’ll be getting the best value for your money.

Contact us now and let’s get you your ideal Aurelia JS developer!

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