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Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s global platform, which includes more than 200 different services. The platform became available to all customers on February 1, 2010. The Azure development of the platform was represented by Cloud-services, Azure SQL, as well as a data storage service – by the Block & Table Storages family. This platform has been developing quite actively and has changed significantly over this time. In 2014, the platform became Microsoft Azure. Now Microsoft Azure for web development and programming provides more than 120 services — infrastructure services (IaaS) and a platform (PaaS), including optimizing costs and migrating existing solutions to the cloud. It is called the next big platform after .NET.

Microsoft Azure services enabled many features which can be successfully implemented in your project for improvement and optimization of its workability and can be used with other Microsoft applications, for example, Microsoft Dynamics AX programming. Azure developer, engineer, or consultant helps to use the services with all the potential. Azure helps to take all the advantages of a project very quickly. In this article, we take a look at Microsoft Azure technology, Azure programmer, their essential skills, and relevant samples of Azure developer resume. If you are in search of a reliable and experienced applications support engineer or Qlik developer, contact Mobilunity experts and hire the best support specialist today!

Microsoft Azure Programming Business Benefits

The business that wants to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency are increasingly leaning towards cloud computing. The Microsoft Azure development provides the benefits of a single unified platform no matter how the workloads are performed. Besides, customers can improve performance due to the consistency of heterogeneous Microsoft data center environments, third-party data centers, and their own internal data centers.

Azure provides:

  • Development flexibility
  • Unified management
  • Use of one account
  • Integrated virtualization
  • Comprehensive data platform

Microsoft Azure is a collection of cloud services available for a wide range of different applications, such as development, testing, deployment, and management of different kinds of applications and digital services. Among the many services it offers are:

  • Virtual machines – Azure allows developers to create Windows or Linux virtual machines, which are simulated computer systems used to ensure that the specifications of the server environment match the exact requirements of the application to be run in the environment.
  • Platform as a Service – This service provides developers with a full suite of tools for full application development, testing, and development, including a database system, storage and server solutions, an operating system, an internet software development environment, and the like, allowing the quick creation of full-blown applications.
  • Mobile apps services – This set of services enables developers to create sophisticated mobile applications in a fraction of the time. Its services include push notification management, active directory authorization and authentication, offline capabilities, and social media integration
  • Storage services – Azure offers its servers as a storage solution that developers can use to store application files and databases, offering a scalable and cost-effective storage option because you will only pay for the storage you need.

As of 2017, Microsoft Azure holds the second largest market share in the cloud computing services sector, next only to Amazon Web Services.

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Required Skills for Microsoft Azure Consultant and Azure Developer for Hire

Microsoft Azure encompasses a large number of products and services, and although this gives customers great flexibility and full control, it also introduces a great deal of complexity. For instance, your project may require the use of a combination of multiple products, and it may be difficult to determine which ones are needed and how each one should be connected. Moreover, each of the different products may provide different types of services, but they may also have some overlaps in features, so it’s easy to use some products that aren’t necessary and may be eliminated to cut down on costs. This is where a Microsoft Azure senior consultant comes in handy.

Trends mostly are not visible from the very beginning, not everyone can notice them at the start. Knowledge, understanding, and the ability to recognize one of the trends at the very beginning or at least before the majority gives a certain competitive advantage. New trends are usually determined by the needs of the market and its readiness to accept new products and to hire Azure consultant for an enhancement. Changes and development of technology, scientific breakthroughs affect the market and become a catalyst for new trends. The task of the Microsoft Azure Consultant is to inform the potential user about the trends from which her or his company will benefit.

Microsoft Azure consultant skills should include:

  • The knowledge about all the different products and services of Microsoft Azure suite
  • An expert opinion about combining various Azure products for certain projects
  • Awareness about all the overlaps in the features of the products to determine the most appropriate combination of products
  • Looking for a way to minimize the cost of developing and implementing.

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Azure Development Tips Every Microsoft Azure Developer Knows

Here are some useful tips for Azure developers that will allow them to optimize the usage of the Azure services:

  • Acquire Azure certification. Microsoft offers several Azure certification options that developers and consultants can acquire to more formally demonstrate his skills with Azure development and show that his expertise is recognized by Microsoft itself. The first level of Azure developer certification is the MCSA: Cloud Platform Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification, which ensures an understanding of the fundamental Azure development concepts. The second level of Azure certification is the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification, which ensures the mastery of both fundamental and advanced Azure concepts.
  • Pick the right pricing. Microsoft offers a wide range of Azure pricing options that customers can choose from to help them stay within their budget. Different price ranges exist for different hardware and software specifications, and a developer must know exactly which configuration a company needs to not pay too much for a service or pay too little and receive unsatisfactory service.
  • Master security best practices. Internet requires the security issued to occupy a prime concern. Note, however, that security breaches may often be prevented by proper implementation of industry-standard security best practices. Moreover, it’s always best to include all security measures in the design of any system, because it’s much harder to integrate such measures into a system when it is already in development.
  • Set up autoscaling. Microsoft Azure has an autoscaling feature that automatically and dynamically adjusts the allocation of resources to match the requirements of any system. Performance requirements change frequently throughout the development process as more features are added or removed. Autoscaling automatically allocates or de-allocates resources to match these changes to optimize performance and avoid resource wastage.
  • Stay updated. Microsoft Azure continues to receive updates that contain bug fixes, feature enhancements, additional capabilities, and the like. Moreover, Microsoft continuously releases cloud development courses that highlight new technologies that may be useful for cloud development. To keep your project at the forefront of technology, a developer needs to stay updated with the most recent developments in the Microsoft Azure development sphere.

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Here is one more interesting tip you should know. Not long ago a cutting-edge Free Account for Azure development offer appeared. There are 30 very different services of Azure with some limitations. First, all of them are resources limited: 750 hours of computing on virtual machines per month, 10 apps with the Azure App Service. When its use passes beyond the limitation a user gets $200 for the next 30 days. Secondly, databases and virtual machines can be used for free for 12 months. All of this is available after providing credit card details. If you are looking for a service that is flexible enough to implement various scenarios, has good prices and credibility in matters of security, it seems that Azure is an ideal option.

Instruments to Calculate Azure Development Rate for Your Project

Microsoft Azure programming is growing very fast. And if, according to some estimates, the market share in 2016 was about 20%, then in the first quarter of 2017 it is 34%. Your Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the best way to get an Azure discount. It offers discounts from 15-45 percent depending on the level of usage you commit to. Azure developer price and cost of Azure pricing depend on the types of products for a development team. It estimates hourly from $0.099 to $0.149. The cloud is enterprisingly very competitive in its price.

Estimate and calculate your pricing for Azure programming here:

Azure is a leader in the speed of cloud computing solutions. It consists of a full set of features and customizable costs. Being aware of all the criteria helps you to hire Azure developer that will meet the needs of your company and project. If the local virtual infrastructure will always have licensing issues (one way or another), the virtual machines in Azure abstract the user from this, including the cost of the license in the cost of the virtual machine itself. Therefore, Azure virtual machines are fully prepared for transfer to production.

How Much It Costs to Hire Azure Consultant and Azure Developer Worldwide

In most countries, the typical Microsoft Azure developer salary and Microsoft Azure consultant salary tend to be very high. As such, it will be highly beneficial to scout the market for the lowest rates. Let’s do a comparison of the usual Microsoft Azure engineer salary in different countries to see where it might be best to hire Azure consultant. In this comparison, we use PayScale as our source of data. Note that since data for Microsoft Azure developers aren’t available for many countries, we instead look at salaries for software engineers, whose scope of work has great overlaps with Azure developers. PayScale reports the average gross annual salaries received by software engineers in different countries as follows:

Comparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of Software Engineers in Different Countries (Data Source: PayScale).

The above data show that among the countries we examined, Ukraine has by far the lowest rates for software engineers, and we expect the same to be true for Microsoft Azure developers. Average Azure Developer salaries range between $24.000 to $85.000. The Azure developer salary depends on location and years of experience. The Azure developer and Azure programming job market in both Kyiv, UA, and the surrounding area are not active, but at the state level for companies are hiring.

Azure Programmer Skills and Azure Developer Resume Sample

Among Azure development skills are having 3-5 years of development experience in Microsoft environments and Azure cloud in his Azure developer sample resume. To hire azure programmer he should be highly qualified in Angular, HTML5, Python, ASP.NET MVC, C#, Web, .NET, JavaScript, T-SQL, SQL Server, SQL.

If you think about hiring Azure developer, take into account that Azure programmer should:

  • Implement new features and functionality
  • Create new Azure services
  • Communicate with customer and his team, report current tasks status, technical and other risks
  • Provide leadership and direction for development and design across the project
  • Help architect and design the technical approaches
  • Interact with other developers and Azure web developers, business analysts, and all the other who is in your team.

Some of the important skills that influence azure developer salary are good personal communication, creative thinking, and ability to learn independently quickly. A wide list of Azure developer benefits and compensation packages can include paid lunches, access to gym/swimming pool, medical insurance, and many others. These and other requirements are the most common for the good Azure developer resume of Azure Developer.

Here’s an actual Microsoft Azure engineer resume that you can take a look at to get an idea of what the typical background of an Azure specialist is like.

Microsoft Azure engineer has similar responsibilities to Microsoft Azure consultant, he should support Azure customers and resolve critical technical issues.

Reasons to Hire and Where to Hire Azure Engineer

Microsoft has shifted its attention to fast-growing cloud applications and platforms, which helps it cope with weak demand for personal computers. Reasons to hire an Azure developer or hire Azure engineer:

  • Building, deploying, and managing applications through the global data center network.
  • Exploring the new Azure public cloud servers
  • Development of cloud services
  • Development of client web-applications and utilities
  • Development of unit tests for your code
  • Maintenance of services (refactoring, optimization, error correction)
  • Design and participation in the selection of technologies and components used
  • Participation in the development of plans and evaluation of the technical implementation

Actually, their abundance of options with good Azure developer resume sample all over the Internet and variants for where to hire a good developer. Outsource proposes a great number of Azure developer freelancers, it can be self-employed Azure developers or small teams. Companies, such as Mobilunity can give you trusted guarantees of full-cycle professional development.

Few Tips on How to Hire Azure Programmer

Google’s London office developer Jon Skeet advises interviewers to talk more about what’s interesting for a programmer. The passion which a person expresses about his work and his achievements is the most reliable indicator of his professionalism. A good programmer (if we hire a specialist with experience) has the knowledge and practical experience in the technology. The most important element of such an interview should be the testing of his code skills. Among the tasks may be, for example, searching for errors in pieces of already written code. Besides, you can ask the candidate to tell what this code does, as well as evaluate the style of writing, the selected algorithm, the ability to quickly make the necessary corrections. Finding developers and conducting interviews with them is not an easy task and this requires some preparation. Technical specialists are assessed primarily for their immediate skills.

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Hire Azure Developer Now

Microsoft Azure is one of the most popular software development platforms that can make the development and implementation of IoT systems exponentially faster and more convenient. It offers a large number of tools that developers can utilize, and it helps to have an expert in Azure development to help decide which tools to use and how best to implement specific IoT systems. If you are want to hire iOS developer freelance, ADA developer or healthcare software developer that will help you make your business perspective then contact us. Get professional help right now! We’ve seen some tips on Azure development and hiring good Azure specialists, as well as some figures on the typical rates and background of Azure developers.

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