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The C programming language was invented more than 5 decades ago, but the glistening attraction has not vanished with the passage of such a long time. The demand for C++ programmers and C development services is consistently maintaining its graceful growth globally. According to the latest ranking for July 2020 issued by TIOBE Inc, C programming language tops the index with a 16.45% rating followed by Java, Python, C++, and C# respectively.

Let’s have a deeper insight into different aspects of C programming language and the global market of a C developer for hire that helps it maintain such a prominent position in the fastest-changing landscapes of information technology. While you strategize to hire C Developers, engaging a consultant CRM and an ERP system consultant can provide invaluable insights to align your software development with your customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning needs.

Brief Overview of C Programming and C Programmers for Hire

C is one of the most popular multi-purpose languages that have shown their dominance for decades. The major characteristics of this language include structured and machine-independent nature, high-level, modular, procedural, statically typed, fast, easy-to-use, powered by built-in operators, functions, libraries. It was designed for developing high-end system applications like operating systems, firmware, and other network programs that need robust security and faster speed. The main examples of workpieces developed with C language include Linux, Windows Kernel, macOS kernel, iOS, and Android kernels, Oracle database, MySQL, and others.

The popularity of the C language is steadily increasing despite tough competition from other competitors in the marketplace. Meanwhile, industry experts believe that the popularity of C# development and demand for the services of a C engineer in the market will not dwindle in the near future. 

The Popularity of C Language and C Software Engineer in the Market

According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, C language is the 11th most popular programming language with over 21.8% of popularity. The ranking of C# and C++ is 7th and 10th respectively. Another thing is very important to note that MySQL and Linux platforms are the leading databases and operating system platforms with popularity with 55.6% and 55% respectively, and are also developed with the C language.  A large number of companies in all major markets like the US, Canada, Western Europe, and other regions are heavily in need to hire C programmers to cater to the increasing demand for local as well as foreign projects to outsource C development. 

The top companies using C language include:

  • Oracle Corporation
  • Linux Foundation
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Google Android 
  • Apple Corporation
  • PostgreSQL Development Group, etc.

If we look closely at products that are using C programming language, it will be very obvious that a huge portion of the devices, systems, and technologies are fully dependent on the C language. This is the reason for its dominance and the continual need to hire local as well as remote C developer in the marketplace for many decades now.

Skills of a Professional C Programmer for Hire

To hire C developer has been a consistent demand in the market for many decades now. But, what qualities of a C developer resume should possess? Let’s explore a few very important ones in the following list of qualities.

  • Must have deep knowledge of C#, C++, C programming language
  • Extensive knowledge of MySQL, Linux, Windows, Docker
  • At least 2 years of experience of system software and other high-end software development
  • Great analytic and assessment capabilities
  • Technical expertise on complete software development life cycle and modern development methodologies
  • Extensive hands-on development of complex projects in C development ecosystems
  • Strong testing and debugging skills
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Team leader and team player capabilities
  • Creative thinking capabilities 

Average C Programmer Salary in Different Countries

The average salary to hire C engineer in different countries depends on multiple factors related to economic conditions, living expenses, availability of tech-talent, and many others. This is the reason that a huge difference in salaries is observed in different countries as shown in the following table. 

CountryAverage Salary to Hire C Programmer
Ukraine$26,400 (based on our Recruiting Team research over several local job portals)

The USA is the most expensive country to hire a C programmer and Ukraine is the most affordable country to hire C developers without compromising on quality and reliability of services.

If you look at the current job openings of C developers for hire at different job portals as shown in the following table, you will find a huge demand for C programmers in the USA, Canada, Germany, UK, France, and other countries. The demand also influences the salaries of C developers in that particular country.


All the data from above was taken from LinkedIn, Simplyhired.com, Indeed.com, Glassdoor.com and Recruit.net.

Main Characteristics of Ukrainian C Coders for Hire

There is a continuous demand for C programmers in Ukraine. About 493 jobs on Rabota, and 96 jobs on DOU, and 28 jobs on LinkedIn are available right now. The main qualities and benefits of hiring Ukrainian C coders include:

  • A large pool of expert and customer-oriented tech-talent
  • Highly qualified and skilled tech-talent
  • Highly competitive rates
  • Great reliability and professional commitment
  • High-quality education systems in compliant with international education standards
  • Great quality of work powered by European quality standards
  • Convenient location for traveling from across Europe, Asia, Middle-East, and North America
  • Shared culture and languages
  • Highly technical savvy developers and engineers 

Why Choose Mobilunity to Hire C Developers

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  • Access to over 160,000 highly skilled tech-talent in Ukraine
  • Services powered by over 9 years of successful track record with more than 40 clients spread in over 10 countries worldwide
  • A strong team of over 200 experts powered by highly professional management
  • Customized hiring models based on dedicated resources to provide greater reliability than the competitors

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All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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