Hire CMS Developer: Drupal, Magento, Joomla, WordPress

A concept of a content management system (CMS) has been quite widely applied in business purposes over the past decade. It is the content that plays a major role in creating a remarkable presence and accessibility of your product on the web. Thus, it is significant to have a useful power tool to operate your content and services, and that’s CMS that makes lives of you and your customers easier. CMS features proved to be highly beneficial to a variety of businesses, and here is a detailed overview of the most reliable CMS that can come in handy and maximize your operational potential.

CMS Development Overview: Why Is It Worth to Hire CMS Developer?

In short, CMS is a web-based platform that allows different users to perform different actions with content, data, and other information on a website according to permissions granted to them. Content can be created, edited, saved, published, shared, and so on. CMS development opens great opportunities both for programmers and businesses in terms of improving website functionality, design, and search engine rankings. Basically, nowadays, almost every company that has a website uses CMS that helps with managing content and performing additional tasks significantly.

CMS development allows you to post any content on the website no matter if it is text, media, or more complex graphics, and you can do it with help of interactive tools, advanced personalized utilities, additional searchable databases, and much more. Moreover, you get control over where the content should be published, who can view it, when it expires, and other helpful features of content management. Therefore, the very first purpose of CMS technology is content management. It is the website administrator who can choose when, where, how to share content and what form should the content be of. The main idea is to reach your audience with the information effectively, get feedback and filled out customer forms, increase up-sales and cross-sales, and build a stronger positive image of your business.

Among the general useful features of content management systems, you can get the following options:

  • Text editing
  • Responsive design
  • Strong structure
  • General site hierarchy
  • Editing history
  • URL logic
  • Indexing
  • Publish schedule
  • User roles, etc.

Nowadays, CMS app development is on such an advanced level that allows flexibility and a high level of performance for any business needs. The main thing of the business website or application is content though, it is creation, management, and sharing. Therefore, with the right CMS, you can build the exact website according to your business preferences and user feedback such as online stores, catalogs, forums, tracking solutions, private online communities, and much more.

Every credible CMS contains the following features:

  1. The easy way for content posting. Each reliable CMS usually offers a powerful content editor and a bunch of additional tools to format, edit, update your content and make it look outstanding
  2. Content categorization. It is important to be able to manage content on your website and quickly sort and access the content needed. Therefore, categories and tags exist in CMS functionality to make your life easier and your search time shorter
  3. Highly customizable CMS development. If CMS provides a strong level of customization, you are on the right way. It basically means that it is possible to add almost every feature you need for your website and, thus, build the website on your requirements for real
  4. Large community.  The more active programming CMS community is, the more updates, contributed utilities, plugins, extensions you will get access to. And what is more, you can request help from other experienced CMS users and developers.

These major traits should characterize the custom development CMS that you select. Of course, there are many more helpful features inherent for each particular CMS, so you need to check them in detail to understand what purposes and what solutions it can benefit. For example, RoR development will be more suitable for you, if you are in search of additional solutions like OOP concepts and MVC framework, and deep Frontend skills. Following up on the topic, here are the reasons why you should rely on CMS website development:

  • a possibility to manage your website according to your requirements;
  • it doesn’t take much time to update or change the website;
  • when you hire CMS developer, you get access to the most modern functionality;
  • new modules and extensions pop-up almost daily;
  • you can manage your online marketing strategy based on advanced web statistics;
  • it is real to hire CMS developer at an affordable cost.

According to different sources, surveys, and statistics, it is estimated that there are approximately two billion websites on the web at the present. If to be exact, the latest Web Server Survey performed by Netcraft stated 1,652,185,816 active websites that prove how popular is web development and how beneficial CMS web development for any company that wants to arrange or improve its presence online.

There are four most popular content management systems in the market: WordPress grabs almost 60% percents of website development CMS-based, followed by Joomla, Drupal, and Magento with 6.6%, 4.6%, and 2.4% percent of the market share respectively. We furthermore will take a look at Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress CMSs as the most popular ones to help you get acquainted with these technologies and choose the best option for your business needs.

Is It Easy to Find and Hire CMS Developers Worldwide?

According to the Hosting Tribunal statistics, nearly 30% of all websites use WordPress and among CMS-built websites, almost 60% used WordPress services. Around 660 WordPress websites appear every day and it is the CMS-created websites that get more than 400 million visitors per month. Followed by such CMSs like Drupal, Joomla, and Magento, these 4 systems obtain the biggest share of the CMS market. No wonder that a qualified CMS developer is in huge demand worldwide. If you plan to hire CMS developer, you need to know at least approximate salary rates of CMS specialists over the world. Nowadays, it is a common practice to hire CMS developer working remotely, so it is wise to consider outsourcing experts for your project.

Firstly, take a look Drupal developer salary rates in the top programming countries (according to Payscale.com):

  • the US – $70,463
  • the UK – £27,514 ($35,482)
  • Canada – C$63,019 ($47,577)
  • Australia – AU$81,000 ($57,890)
  • Switzerland – CHF 72,500 ($72,121)
  • Germany – €53,307 ($60,218)
  • France – €29,988 ($33,875)
  • Ukraine – $25,813

If you plan to hire CMS developer with Magento skills, here are rates of Magento specialists:

  • the US – $57,704
  • the UK – £33,000 ($42,557)
  • Canada – C$51,080 ($38,564)
  • Australia – AU$51,000 ($36,449)
  • Switzerland – CHF 77,509 ($77,104)
  • Germany – €44,289 ($50,031)
  • France – €35,771 ($40,408)
  • Ukraine – $22,429

If you wonder about Joomla CMS developer salary rates, they are the following:

  • the US – $50,398
  • the UK – £24,915 ($32,130)
  • Canada – C$51,080 ($38,564)
  • Australia – AU$82,060 ($58,648)
  • Switzerland – CHF 82,341 ($81,911)
  • Germany – €47,075 ($53,178)
  • France – €36,728 ($41,489)
  • Ukraine – $25,077

And finally, talking about WordPress programmers, they earn approximately the following:

  • the US – $50,518
  • the UK – £22,712 ($29,289)
  • Canada – C$46,865 ($35,381)
  • Australia – AU$57,287 ($40,943)
  • Switzerland – CHF 96,365 ($95,861)
  • Germany – €36,407 ($41,127)
  • France – €38,544 ($43,541)
  • Ukraine – $22,196

As you can see from the mentioned-above numbers, there are different rates for CMS development with Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress technologies. Moreover, the annual income of developers highly depends on the country they work and live in. Therefore, often you can find a well-qualified specialist working remotely instead of hiring a local expert for much more money. For example, take a look at Ukraine – Ukrainian programmers are known to be versatile specialists. It easy to find a strong CMS web developer resume from Ukraine on credible job websites.

Drupal Development and Reasons to Hire Drupal Developers

If you wonder what is Drupal development and how it can contribute to your business needs, imagine yourself looking for advances, credible, flexible, powerful, secure web content management solution – and finally finding it. That’s how Drupal technology can be characterized without exaggeration. Custom Drupal development allows building a complex website with a strong set of features beyond expectations. Drupal proved to be one of the most profound web content management systems with great native functionality and a variety of helpful module extensions, so there is basically no limit for Drupal development in terms of project realization.

It is important to mention that Drupal has been recognized as the most secure framework, while the websites created with Drupal development are declared to be the most content-rich and design-responsive. Drupal can manage a voluminous number of content contributors, customers, random visitors, and admin users at the same time. Drupal powerful posting and editing tools worth to be highlighted separately. Drupal provides more than enough useful features for content authors including their authentification of the website and various permissions given by admins. Moreover, it is possible to preview the content, even on different devices.

The latest version of Drupal, Drupal 8 can be applied in more than 90 languages. This tremendous number shows how beneficial Drupal development can be if you plan to reach to the international markets or target different countries with localized products and services. What is more, Drupal allows you to manage multilingual websites based on different countries, brands, promo campaigns, and so on from the same platform. This way, you get the simplest and the most effective way to manage your content and your business in total.

The market share of Drupal CMS is approximately 4.7% with 577,549 active developed websites and 27,863 presented in top one million. There are thousands of companies ranging from startups to global corporations that rely on Drupal web development. To be named, such enterprises as Linux, Tesla Motors, GE Transportation use Drupal CMS for their business processes. Moreover, Harvard University and Oxford University build their learning management platform using Drupal technology as well, and these are a few examples only. So, no wonder, when it comes to building the strongest complex solution, the choice results in Drupal application development.

It is time to highlight the other advantages of Drupal development:

  • open source solution
  • customizable posting and management system
  • profound user management settings
  • possibility for creating multilingual websites
  • detailed taxonomy system
  • the strongest security options

Of course, it is possible to create a good website with one of the most popular CMS regardless which one you choose, but it is important to consider the main features and benefits of each system to make the right choice and get the maximum functionality and design options related to your business needs. When it comes to Drupal, it is usually selected for the highest scalability and security that are extremely important for sound business entities, and a professional site reliability engineer can always help with that.

It is worth noting that Drupal gets frequent updates and valuable contributions from a giant global community of Drupal programmers. From design to the system security, Drupal never fails to meet needs of companies and developers using it, and the growing demand of Drupal specialists shows that businesses and highly interested in getting smooth settings and emerging technologies to work for their website and their revenues. By choosing Drupal CMS development, you can be sure that you can get the exact product and even more.

How Popular Is a Drupal Platform and Drupal Developer for Hire?

Referring to the most relevant market share trends collected by W3Techs, Drupal platform proved to be on the most in-demand solutions for enterprise-level website development. Although there is a lesser number of products created with Drupal programming in comparison with WordPress and Joomla, Drupal outperforms other CMSs greatly and the quality of websites developed with Drupal stands out for sure. Nowadays, Drupal technology is used around 5% of all global websites and web development Drupal-selected services is inherent to such high traffic sources as The Weather, Patch, NBCUniversal, AutoTrader, etc.

Being an open source CMS, this platform is used by numbers of big and small companies interested in having in-house development department or ready to offshore Drupal development. Both start-ups and well-established enterprises prefer to use Drupal for creating and managing their websites with no license cost requires, and it’s great that it is possible to get a remarkable responsive website for an affordable development cost. Here are more reasons to choose Drupal CMS for your website development to consider precisely:

  1. Developer-oriented CMS. In comparison to other CMSs in the market, Drupal was created for the convenience of developers in first place. Although it takes time for beginners to become acquainted with this technology, experienced programmers can build remarkable complex websites with the Drupal platform and customize it based on any requirements.
  2. Open source and free. As mentioned before, Drupal is an open source CMS that doesn’t require and license payments. At the same time, the platform offers endless possibilities for web development and optimization, so almost every project can be created with Drupal thanks to the numbers of themes, libraries, modules, and pre-designed profiles available.
  3. More than 2,500 themes and 38,000 modules to choose from. Magento developer has a variety of pre-designed themes, sub-schemes, and complex modules to upgrade the functionality and design of the developed website. Moreover, these contributed solutions are customizable so can be used as a base for the website or just as a part of it. It reduced development time a lot and there is no need to write long lines of code from scratch.
  4. Supports different content types. As Drupal supports HTML5 that works great both on the desktop and mobile devices, it makes the content management much easier than it could be. Also, by supporting such types of contents as text, media, statistics, and podcasts, Drupal provides freedom for content makers and website administration.
  5. Strong security features. Websites often can face targeted security attacks and programmers always strive for protecting the developed product to the maximum and ensure the security of business and user data. Fortunately, Drupal has a lot of security features to offer that can be applied in several protecting layers and, thus, prevent data leaking or malfunction of the website caused by a hacking attempt.

There is no wonder that website development with Drupal CMS is expected to be popular over the next years and beyond. There are more and more developers learning and working with the Drupal platform, so it is possible to hire drupal developers with an outstanding portfolio to meet your project idea.

Magento Website Development: Why Should You Hire Magento Developers

Magento is widely known as one of the most popular e-commerce CMS with more than 200,000 online businesses using the technology so far. Along with powerful and flexible features and catalog-management utilities, Magento website development offers intuitive structure and user-friendly design that allows building an enterprise-level product. Magento is created to be maximally scalable and performance-oriented with strong analytical tools and flexible administrator options. All these features clearly explain why Magento web development services are in demand year by year.

A market share of Magento CMS is 2.3% and the number of websites built with Magento CMS development recently reached 214,455. This number may seem low compared to other CMS solutions, but Magento proved to be a trustworthy platform. Among the enterprises that use Magento website development services are Ford, Nike, Samsung Olympus, Christian Louboutin, and much more. Even if you purchased some goods online, you have probably used a Magento website. In relation to the e-commerce sector, Magento is a highly appreciated form for developing websites for exceptional products and user-centric high-quality services.

Taking into consideration Magento developers’ feedback, one of the main reasons why the framework is so popular for web development needs is because it is an open source CMS that has the largest and the most enthusiastic development community all over the globe. Nowadays, Magento is backed by Adobe that is known to provide exceptional quality products and services. Magento offers enterprise-level outcome supported by professional technologies, huge flexibility, SEO friendliness, and advanced marketing solutions. Another advantage of this CMS is its ability to integrate into numbers of web analytics, payment systems, shipping services, and third-party apps that make the potential of custom Magento programming almost endless.

So, let’s sum up the main benefits of Magento web development and design:

  • Progressive community.  As mentioned before, Magento has one of the biggest community of passionate developers worldwide. There are thousands of discussions on profile forums, hundreds of contributions, developed extensions, and overall improvements of the platforms. Both individual programmers and Magento programming companies exchange knowledge and helpful tips for the fullest usage of the platform.
  • Full ownership. With Magento website development, the company gets full ownership of the product and access to hosting. Of course, thanks to this option of Magento, this CMS is widely used and highly appreciated by business owners.
  • Giant extension store. Magento is well-known for its huge extension marketplace with really helpful and actual solutions collected by the development community. If you are wondering if there is the exact extension for your particular needs, it has probably been already created and you just need to make the right search through the extension store.
  • Great compatibility with mobile devices. It is easy to create native applications for iOS and Android devices that support HTML5 interface. Magento developers for hire can create mobile web sites for your business shortly, and even such features as zoom and drag & drop can be accessed from mobile phones and other devices.
  • Easy to define a target audience. Magento provides enough options for businesses to define and select their customer audience by several filters, for instance, purchase history, user activity, demographics, etc. With this selection, it is possible to run management and marketing campaigns and get the right insights on customers’ behavior and preferences. Moreover, Magento admin panel allows monitoring what products were viewed, added to shopping carts, and purchased the most, so you can build further marketing strategy based on this information.
  • Helpful marketing tools. As a business owner and website administrator, you can offer promo codes, arrange free shipping options, run advertisements, manage up-sales and cross-sales, and much more. For customers, there is a possibility to leave feedback, compare characteristics of different products, and add particular products to their bookmarks or likes inside their accounts.
  • User registration. Magento websites can be used by random and regular customers, but there are many benefits for registered users: they can check their order information, view purchase history, save some products in bookmarks to access lately, etc. Also, with the registered account, they can store their personal and payment information, so they won’t need to mention it again during the next purchases.
  • Integrated SEO services. Magento ensures an SEO-friendly URL that helps the website reach the top position in search rankings. Moreover, Magento website development generates customized meta keywords and descriptions that also boost the online search engine positions on the web.
  • Security. Magento technology guarantees the strongest security of business data, personal information of users, and payment details of transactions performed from Magento website because of a secured data encryption technology used at every step.

As you can see, there are a lot of advantages to choosing custom Magento development for creating a website for your business. However, it is important to note that Magento is a platform, not software. While software is a product with a number of utilities to use, a platform is a fully-fledged environment with a possibility to create, change, upgrade, and delete features according to your current needs. Magento development Ukraine-based specialists even call this CMS the best of the best in the e-commerce market. The supportive community of Magento developers is really impressive, so it won’t be hard to find a reliable specialist with Magento skills for your project.

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What You Need to Know About Joomla Web Development

Since the launching of Joomla! (or simply Joomla) in 2005, this CMS has been one of the most used technologies among developers. Although it tended to be more popular a few years ago, it still holds one of the leading positions on the market with the market share of 6.7%. According to the same source, the number of websites developed with Joomla is 1,837,862 and such famous companies as Holiday Inn Express, OpenVPN, High Charts etc. relied on the web development with Joomla.

But it worth noting that the comparatively smaller market share of Joomla makes it possible to provide exceptional technical support in terms of helpfulness and response time. The number of reliable Joomla programming experts is also smaller than, for instance, of WordPress programmers on the market, but there are plenty of specialists interested in working remotely. So it is possible to find a trustworthy developer with Joomla web development skills to build your website using all the advantages of this technology. Though Joomla CMS is not as user-friendly as WordPress, for instance, it has a lot of flexible solutions to offer. Let’s highlight the helpful traits of Joomla CMS development:

  • advanced user management tools
  • custom post types
  • unique templates for each type
  • outstanding multilingual support
  • free tool

Custom post types relate to any media posting besides the text itself. It is a useful feature for product, membership-based, and e-commerce websites that are widely used by these types of businesses. Each media post has a number of pre-existing templates to choose from that cover all basic needs. What is especially important to point out is Joomla multilingual support that simplifies the website translation and makes it a built-in function, so no additional plugins or extensions for more languages available for customers are needed. Thus, it is possible to reach more audiences with fewer efforts. This Joomla feature comes free, unlike paid plugins for other CMS options. The only thing you need to do is to choose the particular language you want to translate your content to.

No CMS can conquer with Joomla when it comes to creating a social network website. Joomla website development has a lot of remarkable extensions to offer, like Community Builder with its own templates, JomSocial, EasySocial, and so on. These features can be easily integrated into the website and basically, every experienced Joomla programmer can add these extensions to the website per your request shortly. Also, there are many e-commerce websites built with Joomla web development services because of the UI opportunities, high speed, fast delivery, and non-negotiable options it provides. Although it may take more time to develop a website with Joomla technology, the performance and speed of the launched product are worth it. Some may say that custom Joomla development competes with such powerful CMS like Drupal and WordPress in terms of the variety of themes and plugins available, but that’s a double-edged sword: with a countless number of options to choose from, it is almost impossible to choose. Joomla contains a relatively small toolset to cover most of the standard needs and, therefore, fulfills the needs as quickly as possible.

Anyways, it is up to you to decide whether it is good or bad to have the enormous number of plugins and themes to use for your website, and what CMS looks like the right tool for your business. What is good with Joomla web development, it occupies the middle functionality area being the most universal solution with high performing speed and low development rates. And finally, let’s talk about WordPress technology that is mentioned so often when it comes to discussing CMS platforms.

WordPress CMS Features: Why Companies Are Searching for WordPress Developer for Hire

Everyone has probably heard about the most popular CMS that WordPress is. This open-source CMS is very user-friendly and easy-to-use, so it is possible to build a strong website within the shortest time possible. It doesn’t require tremendous technical knowledge, instead, it is important to find WordPress specialist familiar with the plenty of plugins, themes, and other features that the technology offers. Moreover, WordPress is constantly bringing plenty of updates and new tools to use, so it is worth to outsource WordPress development to the experienced programmers.

Actually, it doesn’t even matter what kind of website you want to pursue because WordPress is capable of each of them. With the use of WordPress web development, you can get a website strictly matching your needs and requirements and containing the right set of features. There are no limitations, just thousands of features that WordPress attracts. No wonder that this technology is in high demand among companies and there are a lot of WordPress developers with stunning portfolios on the market. WordPress has the most tremendous market share that reaches almost 60%. At the present time, there are 22,674,100 websites built with WordPress technology and 313,050 of them enter the top one million rate. Among the reliable websites built with WordPress development are BBC America, TechCrunch, Time, and much more.

Though this CMS was conceived as a blogging platform initially, it developed into the biggest content management system with the most customizable settings and the most diverse templates. What is more, WordPress is an open source free software with unlimited validity option that makes the technology extremely popular and useful among developers and companies. What about the content management, WordPress went far beyond standard options: it is possible to create new posts and even pages within seconds, a powerful editor allows to change and format your content the easiest way, there is a registration option available for customers, and much more.

Just pay attention to these prominent features of WordPress CMS development:

  • intuitive content operating and publishing options
  • powerful content editor
  • numbers of plugins and pre-existing themes for users’ convenience
  • thus, extremely customizable
  • the strong giant global development community

Although it is important to manage plugins the right way so they won’t interfere with each other, by hiring well-qualified WordPress developers you don’t need to worry about coding specifics. Now, let’s take a closer look at the benefits that WordPress CMS offers.

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Why the Demand for WordPress Development and WordPress Programmers Is the Biggest One?

WordPress had a strong reputation as a blogging platform initially, but with the numerous plugins, widgets, and themes it became an easy-to-use powerful CMS platform that is widely used all over the globe. One of the main advantages of web development using WordPress is that technology does not require technical skills and coding experience to build outstanding websites and manage them easily. The intuitive design of the platform allows users to set everything up in the shortest time; however, WordPress lacks a bit at security comparing to other mentioned above CMS. But that is the only slight disadvantage of the technology that proved to be the most popular both among developers and business owners all over the globe. Let’s talk about the undeniable pros of offshore WordPress development:

  • Tremendous user base. WordPress development can be useful for any type of business needs regardless of the size and goals of the company, so literally, anyone can use this online website building tool. With the WordPress services, you can host your own website easily and, thus, control every detail and make every decision. It is possible to both create a website from scratch or choose one of the pre-existing themes. Many companies from different industries and with different domains trust custom WordPress development, so this CMS proved to be a trustworthy and powerful tool.
  • Countless plugins and themes. One of the greatest WordPress features in the variety of pre-designed themes to use as a base or as a full concept for a remarkable website for any type of business. Moreover, there is plenty of useful plugins for managing content, improving the design, choosing additional features, business analysis, and further website optimization. If you hire an expert for custom WordPress website development, you can be sure that you will get the best looking and operating website according to your business requirements and user preferences. WordPress offers numbers of responsive themes for websites that can make it SEO friendly and reaching the top ranks on search engines because, with WordPress development, the website becomes well-accessible for mobile users.
  • Easy accessibility. As mentioned before, with WordPress website design and development you can get a website accessible from different platforms and devices the same way. WordPress has the most accessible feature and that’s why the technology is in that high demand for everyone.
  • SEO friendly. This is not news that the business needs SEO optimization to gain better revenues and reach its target audience. WordPress is a top-notch tool when it comes to SEO friendliness thanks to its dedication to content management. WordPress will suggest the most relevant keywords for the published content and the best URL make the web link a credible one for SEO services.
  • Free open-source CMS. It is worth noting that WordPress CMS provides absolutely free plans that contain more than enough useful features to build an attractive and easy-to-navigate website. There are no hidden fees for installation, modification, and further usage of your website. The payment is not required, however, you can access even more pre-designed themes and plugins to boost your website. But even with the free version, you get complete freedom. Cheap WordPress development is not a joke and it is possible to hire a WordPress programmer at an affordable cost and do not pay for WordPress CMS services.

As you can see, WordPress technology has a lot of strong competitive advantages to offer. No wonder that most of the companies tend to rely on WordPress development assistance to get an attractive website with a responsive design at a reasonable cost.

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In this article, we took a close look at Drupal, Magento, Joomla, and WordPress CMS development, so now see a fuller picture and can choose the right CMS programming tool to build your website depending on your goals, budget, and desired functionality. If you need a simple blog or a brochure-type website, WordPress would work best for you as a user-friendly flexible solution. For highly customized websites with complex content management and required scalability, you may choose the Drupal platform. If you plan to launch something in between, you should look at Joomla. And for e-commerce websites, Magento proved to be a trustworthy and useful platform with many features available. At Mobilunity, we have developers with Drupal, WordPress, Magento, and Joomla skills ready to build your product from scratch or contribute to the development process. With Mobilunity you will also have a chance to hire developers of any skillset, like VBA developer or unity typescript engineer. Our CMS programmers will be pleased to come to the assistance of your business.

If you need to hire CMS developer or the whole dedicated CMS development team to fulfill your project, feel free to reach out Mobilunity experts!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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