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Demandware was first designed in 2004 as an enterprise-ready SAAS (Software as a service) e-commerce platform. Through AI, automation and cloud-based solutions, Demandware makes it easier for businesses to order and manage stock and to improve customer experience. It differs from other e-commerce platforms in that it manages its own infrastructure and it has a large scope of integration. Companies that successfully use Demandware include GoPro, Fluid Inc., Retail Concepts Inc., Cotton Traders and Dogeared. In 2016, Demandware was acquired by Salesforce, one of the most popular CRMs in the world, and is now also known as Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC). Today, the demand for Demandware devs and Salesforce consultants has increased greatly, as a result of the numerous benefits they offer businesses. 

Demandware Development Facts and Stats

Demandware has seen a major increase in the number of businesses that use it, with a total of 3,148 live websites and 37,620 additional website redirects. Today, the four top industries that use Demandware web development are information technology and services, apparel and fashion, wholesale and internet services. Popular websites that are currently using a Demandware development company and Demandware developers include adidas.com, marksandspencer.com, aeropostale.com and avenue.com. Countries with the highest level of Demandware usage include the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France and Canada.

From this data, it is evident that businesses are enjoying the benefits Demandware offers. The advantages of this software include: 

  • Intelligence. Demandware features a high level of predictive intelligence which is highly valuable for data analysis. 
  • Enhanced marketing tools. Using Demandware, you can manage product info, images, and other content among various catalogs, categories, and sites. 
  • Open customization. Demandware offers you the freedom to design a customized experience for your customers.
  • Focus on mobile. With Demandware, you can run your business on the go and have your customers access your site anywhere at any time. 

As with any type of software, there are certain disadvantages of using Demandware that should be considered before deciding to use it. These include: 

  • Lack of customer service. Demandware’s customer service can be slow and insufficient at times. However, there are plenty of guides and assistance available online. 
  • Slow updates. It has been noted that some Demandware updates have been slow to be released in the past.
  • Difficult report building. With Demandware, report building can be cumbersome which can hinder your project roadmap. 

The Skills and Responsibilities of a Demandware Developer

Most businesses that want to start using Demandware hire experts in the field, such as Demandware developers. These SFCC Demandware developer experts usually specialize in the implementation and management of Demandware and, therefore, have specific responsibilities. These typically include basic Salesforce consulting services, designing and developing robust e-commerce solutions, defining, analyzing and implementing the needed functionality and managing the Demandware platform during full life-cycle.

For a Demandware developer to stand out and complete these tasks successfully, they require a specific background and skills. Professional developers’ educational backgrounds are typically in Computer Science. They have advanced experience working with Salesforce Commerce Cloud (Demandware), proficiency in e-commerce web development, B2C e-commerce implementations, and experience working in all phases of the development lifecycle. Their skills usually include proficiency in a range of programming languages, such as Ruby and Python, knowledge of different frameworks and libraries, and UX design. They also have leadership abilities and excellent written and verbal communication skills. Let’s consider a Demandware developer resume sample of a skilled developer:

The Cost to Hire Demandware Developers

One of the main aspects to consider when hiring a Demandware engineer or developer is the cost. Demandware developers’ salaries range largely from one country to another. Let’s consider the average monthly salary of a Salesforce Demandware developer for hire in five countries: 

From this, it is evident that Ukraine may be one of the most cost-effective countries to hire Demandware engineer experts from. 

Ukraine as One of the Most Beneficial Destinations for Hiring a Demandware Web Developer

Ukraine has become one of the preferred destinations to hire Demandware certified developer candidates. The biggest reason for this is the many benefits Ukraine and their experts offer businesses. If you’re looking for a Salesforce development company, consider these benefits: 

  • More affordable rates. The Demandware developer salary Ukraine is much lower than other countries and the cost to hire Salesforce consultant and developer candidates from Ukraine can help businesses to save valuable capital. 
  • Excellent educational background. Ukraine is passionate about having a high level of education. As a result, many Salesforce Demandware programmer experts from Ukrainian have an excellent educational background. 
  • High level of skill and experience. Ukraine is known for having some of the most talented Demandware coders and Demandware back end developer specialists in the world. 
  • Passion and productivity. Ukrainian Demandware coders and Demandware front end developer specialists are known for their passion for working in the field and their work ethic is of such a high level that it will inspire a whole team to increase its productivity. 

Why Mobilunity Is an Ideal Vendor for Hiring a Demandware Certified Developer

Mobilunity is a successful company based in Ukraine focused on outstaffing solutions, such as Demandware programming services. The company takes pride in offering some of the most successful and highly talented Demandware developer remote candidates, including top-shelf Demandware engineers, as well as effective Demandware consulting solutions at excellent rates.

The benefits of hiring a Demandware web developer from Mobilunity include: 

  • Affordable rates. At Mobilunity we go out of our way to keep our hiring and consultancy rates as low as possible. 
  • Highly talented experts. Mobilunity always goes through a precise vetting process with every candidate, ensuring all our Demandware consultant and developer candidates are experts in their field. 
  • Easy scalability. With Mobilunity, it is easy to scale your team. You can hire Demandware developer candidates and other IT experts as your project develops. 
  • Expert advice. Mobilunity’s team consists of experts in the outstaffing field. Therefore, we can offer you excellent advice when you are not quite sure how to hire Demandware programmer talent for your business. 
  • Convenient time zone. Based in Ukraine, Mobilunity is located in a time zone similar to many European countries. So, you never have to worry about losing valuable working hours when working on your Demandware development project. 

If you are looking to hire Demandware programmer candidates for your next project, do not hesitate to discuss your needs with the Mobilunity team. Get the expert help you need now! 

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