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When you hire web developers overseas with expertise in Erlang to work on your project you will want to see that they fully understand the origins of this language and how it can now be used. It originated within Ericsson in Sweden for use within telephone exchanges but was soon being used for so much more with regards to networking devices.

Whether you consider the language to be a general-purpose functional and concurrent language or an operating system in its own right as some suggest, the software has advantages over many others when it comes to networking. It was born way back in 1986 for use within Ericsson products but was released as open-source in 1998 with support through the OTP (Open Telecom Platform) unit within Ericsson.

Erlang as a language is able to easily make use of multiple processors and even multiple servers. It can run multiple threads concurrently with every process communicating with each other through messaging. This means that your expert needs to be highly familiar with this way of working, which is a good reason why you need to hire an expert to work with you.

Because of its many benefits over other languages within its specific niche, skills with this language are in high demand. If you want to hire Erlang developer expertise you will have to pay a premium unless you work with contractors from less expensive countries such as Ukraine. Erlang development services are in high demand and you need to work with the best.

Where Erlang Development Services Are Used?

This programming language is highly suited to all forms of messaging and for control of telecommunications due to its origins. It is used extensively within Ericsson and has also been used by the following:

  • T-Mobile and One2One, now known as EE
  • Gambit Research for sports betting
  • Facebook within its chat service
  • Klarna electronic payment systems
  • Finnish Meteorological Institute for real-time monitoring
  • Whatsapp messaging services

No matter what specific task you may have to program, outsourcing to a capable and reliable Erlang development company is often the best way forward. Using an Erlang developer for hire through a development company offers many advantages over trying to have all of the required skills in-house:

  • Access to highly skilled Erlang developers with many years of experience with this specific language
  • Quicker development: by working with experts that have had the opportunity to work on many projects you will be assured of a quicker completion for your project
  • Top-quality results: highly skilled Erlang development teams will be able to ensure that your final software will meet all of your requirements and more
  • Fewer bugs: using highly skilled and experienced staff for your programming will help you to avoid issues right from the start
  • Less costly development: not only will the project be quicker with fewer issues you can also select Erlang developer remote talent to take advantage of lower salary costs

Erlang Engineer Roles and Responsibilities

On the whole most people will want to hire Erlang programmers that have an IT degree of some form. However, just because they have a degree in IT does not mean that they are going to be a good programmer in Erlang. You have to ensure that you fully understand your expectations of the role and what responsibilities the developer will have.

While every role and project is likely to be different, the following are a few of the roles and responsibilities that would be expected of your Erlang developer:

  • Translating client requirements into programming expectations and code
  • Testing and debugging of code to ensure that it runs problem free to deliver expectations
  • Creation of test software and cases to confirm the software is running correctly
  • Working as part of an extended team using relevant communication, project management, and version control software

Finding the right developer or programmer is never easy, which is why it is often best to simply outsource the whole task. The following is an example of what you should expect to see within your Erlang developer resume:

Erlang Developers Resume Sample


  • Excellent programming skills in Erlang/OTP
  • Full understanding of functional programming
  • Knowledge and experience with programming in languages such as C, C++, Python, JavaScript, and Objective C
  • Understanding of Telecom protocols and VoIP
  • Experience and understanding of databases
  • Debugging and correcting code in Erlang and similar languages


  • 5 years’ experience using Erlang
  • Delivering client requirements through working within an extended development team
  • Creating test software and protocols
  • Remote working using relevant communications software and version control such as GIT


  • Master’s degree in Computer Science

Benefits of Outsourcing a Part-Time Erlang Developer over Hiring a Freelancer

By now, you’ve seen that when you hire remote Erlang developers through the outsourcing provider, you get your project finished faster while paying less. And these benefits are critical whether your company belongs to the FinTech, Blockchain, IoT, or Security industry. 

But what if, for example, you need to hire Erlang engineer or two, and your FinTech project doesn’t require their full-time involvement? Your first idea will probably be to contract freelancers. But we’re here to say that you can also hire erlang developers from Ukraine for part-time work. And below, you’ll find several reasons for doing so.

Get the Best Erlang Developer for Hire with Mobilunity

Ukraine produces a huge number of IT graduates each and every year and is seen by many as the “go-to” country for programming expertise. Fors some, hiring cost is a major factor in sourcing decisions when selecting Ukrainian staff. There is a huge variation in salaries across the world when hiring someone with Erlang skills. You can find a skilled and qualified developer for a quarter of the average salary in the US by looking for your staff within Ukraine. Whether you need an Erlang expert or a Ruby developer you can save a fortune by hiring within Eastern Europe rather than in the much higher paid Western counties.

Mobilunity is an IT outstaffing services provider based in Kyiv, Ukraine. We’ve been providing experts in diverse technologies to companies around the globe since 2010 through our team of more than 200 dedicated professionals. Our clients have full control over the development process and can easily communicate with their engineers to make sure all are done according to the set deadlines. Besides, every team member is fully devoted to the client’s project and has no other commitment. Mobilunity’s Team supplies skilled, responsible and qualified engineers using only custom approaches to make sure they match your requests and vision ideally.

Contact Mobilunity today to hire Erlang developer who will deliver outstanding development solutions at cost-effective rates!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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