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With the rapid development of digital era, it’s not a secret that Information Technology (IT) has successfully penetrated into almost each sphere of our lives and majority of industries. Financial sector tends to be quickly shifting to digital space having a lot of startup fintech, as Bank Innovation claims, which results in creation of a very important IT sphere like financial technology, also known as fintech. Consequently, the specialization of a fintech developer has become one of the most wanted on the digital market, and according to Efinancial Careers will continue to grow in the future.

Specifics of the Software Development Fintech Industry

CNBC writes that the so-called fintech revolution was driven by a few factors like cost reduction of banking services, customer demand for faster and more comfortable services, and improved technologies and innovations. It was 2015, when fintech reached $19 billion. Then by 2016 global fintech hit $15 billion and by September more than 10,000 fintech companies worldwide with $867 billion total value. PaymentGenes noted that by 2019 5 billion people would be using digital payment systems. Now it’s 72% of the finservices consumers that prefer digital ways for opening checking accounts. Thus, banking technology is significant in the case. According to Business Insider, fintech startups are more and more present in financial management and investment, exchange, banking payments, financing, lending and insurance areas.

Fintech Ecosystem and Landscape by countries

Impact of Fintech Development on Business

Fintech development has exploded over the past decade. Its impact on business processes is tremendous and it made a great influence on other spheres of our everyday life. It affects all types of businesses, from startups and small firms to global enterprises. Due to fintech, companies and customers get access to a vast amount of solutions that help to manage their finances. Nowadays a lot of fintech integrations are used in up-to-date apps for generating investment advice, crowdfunding, mobile payments etc. Scaling becomes easier and cheaper. Fintech allows entrepreneurs to get funding without looking for venture capitalists and investors. Sales pitches are now made easily online and can reach potential creditors all over the world. Fintech firms help to remit financial assets across borders, this process has had a few barriers before. Fintech apps and solutions are developed by and for 3a number of companies specializing in various spheres. Fintech software has become not only highly functional but also user-friendly due to efforts of each fintech company front end developer.

Hiring fintech software development helps in covering many spheres from consumer banking to lending, scene infographics, crowdfunding, eCommerce, blockchain, financial security, online payments etc.

Due to fintech software development model many additional services have become possible. Among the most popular fintech services are the following: money transfer, insurance, online investments. In general, according to the research, fintech focuses on 4 major features that are expected to become highly influential in the financial services industry within the next 5 years.

Robo-advising and blockchain are expected to have the main impact on financial software development services industry by 2021. According to the survey, 40% of fintech industry members foresee that impact of robo-advising will grow by 2021, 30% think that influence of blockchain technology is predicted to increase. The other two rapidly growing technologies in fintech are peer-to-peer lending (23% respondents believe in a rapid growth of its popularity in 5 years) and crowdfunding (15% accordingly). Fintech integrations are not solely limited to finances. You can find a fintech product manager in other industries, such as IT, eCommerce, medicine etc.

Taking into consideration the information above, we assume that fintech consulting will gain extreme popularity in the next 5 years, integrating with other markets and providing them with accurate and functional solutions and services. Also, such rapid growth of the fintech’s popularity results in rising demand in this technology, therefore, more and more companies decide to implement it into their workflow and not all of them realise how to do it in the most effective way. This is where you might want to think about hiring a fintech consultant as industry is growing each day, providing services for various businesses and expanding their capabilities on the market.

The Main Fintech Programming Languages

Since many institutions, companies, firms try to strive for the loyalty of their customers, they had to become technology structures. Thus, the demand for qualified fintech developers for startups has grown rapidly for the last few years.

According to the survey, the main fintech programming languages are as follows:


java logo

Java in fintech is used for a myriad of projects including order management systems, in-house risk and valuation platforms development, simulation and modelling of data etc. Java is also good for creation of light, simple, user-friendly websites and landing pages. Being used mostly by the banks, Java also became the coding language of high demand on the Wall Street. Since employers tend to hire fintech developer or fintech back-end software developer specializing in Java to an expert skilled in any other coding language, fintech Java developer can ask up to a 10% premium on a regular salary compared to other devs in fintech.


Quant models, analytical tools, pricing tools, risk and trade management platforms,  are developed in Python. A fintech Python developer is of demand because Python is a supporting language in fintech and is very easy to use. Moreover, it is simple and allows coders to use less code than in other languages to complete necessary tasks. Python is widely used by hedge funds and banks.

Ihor Ch. fintech web developer for hire


c# logo

C++ programming language is used for general purposes mainly, but a fintech coder would use it for higher speed and a low level of memory manipulations. Hiring C++ developer fintech is also good choice for creating software infrastructure and resource constrained apps. It is most required in the sphere of investment banking.

Being developed as part of the Microsoft’s NET framework, C# is a multi-paradigm and object-oriented coding language. It comprises the best of C++ and C. It is important for Windows based platforms development and extremely popular in the sector of financial services.


matlab logo

With this quantitative finance programming language, a fintech programmer, fintech data analytics or developer enable algorithms implementation, matrix manipulations, data functions plotting, creation of UI, and interfacing with programs written in other languages.


r logo

Being an open source language, R is popular among statisticians and data miners, and not often used by a regular fintech web developer and fintech full stack developer. It is basically used to develop various statistical and data analysis software, as well as big data analytics software.

As you can see, there are many programming languages that an in-house or a remote fintech developer can use in this industry, but none of them was specifically created for fintech. The above-listed programming languages are mainly preferred by fintech developers, but they are also used in other spheres. Thus,  if you are looking to hire fintech developer, make sure he or she is not only fluent in the mostly used programming languages, but also has experience in development of fintech solutions.

TOP-10 of the Demanded Sectors for a Fintech Web Developer for Hire

According to PaymentGenes, at the moment the most popular and in-demand fintech sectors are the following:

  • Mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • Blockchain
  • Insurtech
  • Predictive analytics
  • Crowdfunding
  • Peer-to-peer landing
  • Smart finance management
  • Innovative payments
  • Robo-advisors

Yet when it comes to the tech talents and hiring an experienced fintech coder, for example, recruiters face a big skills gap, as Silicon Republic writes. Indeed, this gap is expected to reach nearly 1,5 million people by 2020. The industry giants are mostly seeking tech talents with both business and analytical skills. A perfect fintech programmer is an expert who would be able to think outside a typical IT box, as it goes in the article. Furthermore, fintech development company need to provide you with a fintech specialist is the one experienced in C++, Java, and Python, keeping up with the latest economical and financial news of the world.

Fintech Developer Salary Rates: How Much It Costs to Hire Fintech Developers

Fintech programmer salary is what anyone should know before making a hiring decision. An hourly rate of fintech developer differs depending on the country and a city of residence, as well as on the seniority levels of developers. For example, fintech software developer in NYC has larger salary than a developer in a small city of Wroclaw in Poland.

fintech developer salary in the USA, Israel and Europe

Salaries of programmers from different countries working in the financial services software development (Source: PayScale)

Fintech developer salary in the USA is $75,000-88,000 a year approximately. An average salary for an entry-level software developer is $65,000 while a mid-career expert gets $84,000. Experienced developers can be paid up to $107,000 per year, while late career devs can receive $117,000 annually.

In Israel, an average annual salary of a web developer in fintech is $50,600. Fintech programmer in the UK can earn $50,000 a year and senior fintech developer can even get $80,600 annually. Fintech software engineer in France gets $67,000 on average per year. In Germany, a fintech developer earns $59,000 per year on average. German entry level developer fintech receives $50,000 annually, while a mid career fintech developer salary is $55,000 per year, and an experienced programmer earns $75,500 per year. If you want to hire fintech developer in Belgium you will have to pay $62,400 a year. Denmark offers also high salaries for developers working in financial services software development. They get $80,000 on average.

In Ukraine the key and most popular fintech programming language is Java. A fintech dev with Java skills in Ukraine is paid on average $21,700* annually, while fintech junior developer with Java skills who works less than 1 year receives $7,000* per year. As in any other countries, in Ukraine the level of salaries of programmers depends on their experience and city they live in.

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

After making a research into fintech salaries all over the world, it is clear that they vary depending on the region and even the cities the company is located. The key tendency is higher salary rate in bigger cities like New York lowering in the developing countries like Ukraine.

Where to Hire Fintech Developer for Your Project

insurtech and fintech development at Mobilunity

Being a rapidly developing industry, the financial technologies sector is of high demand on the market requiring specific skills from programmers and developers. Fintech dedicated developers at Mobilunity are experienced not only in developing traditional projects for the finance industry, but also in the development of those technologies that are in great demand on the fintech market nowadays. They will work on your project using their analytical talents and knowledge. In case our in-house experts don’t suit you, we can easily help you to hire fintech developers with the required set of skills within the shortest time (2-3 weeks).

Why Outsourcing Part-Time FinTech Programmers is Better than Working with Freelancers 

Freelance FinTech software developers are accessible, and their services are often budget-friendly. Still, working with a FinTech development agency has the following advantages: 

  • You get better control over your team. You contract a dedicated team when you hire remote financial software developers through a reliable outsourcing partner. These people sign cooperation agreements, and the provider bears the legal responsibility for each website programmers for hire who works for you. While freelancers can sometimes respond with a delay or ignore requests, outsourced specialists can’t do that since they have obligations. 
  • You don’t have to search for your Fin Tech developers. Crafting the role description and posting it to the relevant job boards is only half the recruiting challenge you’ll need to face. Tens of CVs, pre-screening, and interviewing will take lots of your time. Moreover, you’ll probably have to pay fees for each hired professional. Outsourcing providers will find relevant developers faster without recruiting fees. 
  • Freelancers software developer Fintech doesn’t commit to your project. You’ll never know which other companies your freelance FinTech web developers work for. Even though you can have contracts in place or work through a popular freelance platform, such workers can prioritize other projects. And you’ll rarely have any influence on them. You contract dedicated programmers with a team hired through an outsourcing company, even for a part-time job. 
  • Payment options may vary. The outsourcing model assumes you get a transparent cost structure and have total control over it. With an outsourcing partner, you get a monthly invoice. And if you hire FinTech app developers as freelancers from different countries, you may face issues with sending payments to them. That’s because you’ll need to check the official requirements for international transactions and their beneficiaries. 

Why Hire Finance Developer with Mobilunity

Now, let’s resume the benefits of hiring Ukraine FinTech software development specialists with Mobilunity: 

  • You work with a reliable provider. By contracting Mobilunity, you start the collaboration with an outsourcing partner boasting 11+ years of experience. We’ve assembled teams for 40+ clients from various industries, and finding top-notch financial software developers is one of our priorities. So, you can commit to your projects, and we’ll take care of recruiting dedicated teams for you.  
  • Your team is ready to start working soon. With us, you’ll leverage fast recruiting. Though we’re not a FinTech software development company, we have a pool of ready-to-work talents and an extensive partner network. Moreover, our experienced staff, tech tools, and advanced methods allow the Mobilunity team to source your business with skilled and experienced specialists within several weeks. 
  • You save on payrolls. Since Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, the cost of living in this country is much lower than in Western Europe and the USA. Consequently, the payroll of FinTech programmer or other Ukraine-based expert is up to 15% lower. This allows startups, SMEs, and even large organizations to cut development costs significantly. 
  • You’ll be able to focus on business tasks. Mobilunity doesn’t only hire Fintech software developers for you. We take on all the responsibilities for your team, including paying payrolls, calculating taxes, providing office space, buying equipment, and arranging team-building events. So, you can keep your focus on the project, leaving all the administrative and HR stuff for us.

Outsourcing Your FinTech Programmers: a Step-by-Step Description

For years in the outsourcing business, we’ve streamlined the cooperation process with our clients, and below is a brief description of how we work. 

  • Step 1. You complete the contact form on our website. Our managers will contact you within 1-2 hours to craft the job description and mind all your wishes and requirements. Once we’re ready, you’ll get it for approval. 
  • Step 2. We post the vacancy on various platforms. We publish the announcement on relevant job boards, LinkedIn, through our partners, and check our talent pool. Also, our HR specialists search for candidates with automation tools. 
  • Step 3. You receive the first CVs within 1-2 weeks. It usually takes us up to two weeks to let you see the first resumes of candidates. And once you run the final interviews, you let us know you’re ready to hire remote fintech developers. 
  • Step 4. We onboard the chosen candidates. From this point, we take on all the staff-related and administrative tasks, letting your new team start working on the project immediately. That’s how we hire financial software developers!

CVs of Our Fintech Developers for Hire


I have over 2 years of experience in web software development, solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented and сomponent-oriented approaches. I have experience in developing full life cycle software projects, including design, code refactoring, requirements analysis. I have mainly worked with JavaScript (AngularJS, Core JS), HTML, CSS, SCSS, SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Postgres, and NodeJS. My responsibilities are development, architecture designing. Have solid knowledge of SCRUM. Have some practice in Continuous Integration processing and Git-hooks settings.


HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery & Ajax, AngularJS, Angular 2,4, Angular Universal, Ionic, Gulp.JS; GruntJS; Webpack, D3JS, Karma, Protractor, TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Server side JS: NodeJS (ExpressJS), Databases: SQL; MySQL; MongoDB, Version Control System: Git


Front-end developer on outstaffing project for Germany based company that provides eVouchers and eCertificates


  • Story reviewing
  • Task decomposition
  • Feature developing
  • Decision making: architecture, functionality, API interfaces

Tools & Technologies:

  • Angular
  • TypeScript
  • Karma, Jasmine
  • SCSS
  • Angular Universal

Request a full CV

hire developers for fintech project

Sample CV of Django Developer

Hire FinTech Developers with the Help of Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a well-known Ukrainian IT services provider that has been operating on the global outsourcing and outstaffing market for more than 10 years. Thanks to our dedicated approach to work and professionalism, we’ve worked with 40+ companies located all over the globe, including a Canadian web development agency 3e Joueur and a French restaurant booking platform ZenChef.

In your mission to hire FinTech developers, the services of a freelance full-stack developer could be invaluable for comprehensive application development, and drawing from practices in software development Germany might introduce innovative methodologies to your project. Therefore, if you need a reliable partner to help you find and hire the best IT experts in the field with strong skill sets and remarkable expertise, get in touch with Mobilunity experts and start building your dream team now.

Hire fintech developers at Mobilunity to make a great investment in your future project. Contact us now and find out more!

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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