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Flutter is an open-source SDK created by Google in 2015. It was officially released in May of 2017 and has gained worldwide popularity in a short time.

Flutter developers are in high demand all over the globe. When it comes to building cross-platform mobile apps , it is one of the top choices because of the wide range of benefits this technology provides. So what does this technology entail and why hire flutter app developers?

According to Statista, Flutter is the most popular cross-platform mobile application development framework as of 2021 with whapping 42% of usage by developers globally. It is a number one choice across various industries when it comes to building reliable, stable, and functional apps. Here Mobilunity is going to explain some basic industry-related terms, discuss what industry adopted the technology, answer the questions “how much does it cost to hire a programmer”, and explore developers wage.

If you hire Flutter developer for programming a cross-platform app, you’ll get a faster market release and a product with one code database for all platforms, whether it is Android or iOS. The main reason behind the popularity of this technology is that it allows cost-effective and fast development.

Cross-platform development is a great choice to reach a wider audience and offer an outstanding user experience. Such apps work on various operating systems. So instead of working on two separate applications for iOS and Android, you’ll only need to hire flutter developers for the project.

Flutter is also known for its layered architecture that adds to rapid development. It also ensures smooth UI/UX and higher customer satisfaction.  

Reasons to Hire Flutter App Developer

If you are wondering whether you should hire dedicated flutter developer or not, here are the main benefits such professionals can offer for any app development teams out there:

  • Cost- and time-efficient delivery of versatile and high-performing mobile applications;
  • Flutter allows the creation of desktop and web applications as well because it is a flexible and functional SDK. Flutter for web developers is also a useful skill that can simplify the programming process;
  • Flutter app development services allow for overcoming limitations that Xamarin and React Native have;
  • Increase of team’s productivity by simplification of processes, unified code for all platforms, and more available resources;
  • Freelance flutter developers are able to create unique and custom widgets as well as introduce innovative types of engagement and interactions with application users;
  • The technology has regular updates, a great community, and a mild learning curve for programmers.

A company that decides to hire Flutter mobile app developer will experience faster code writing, a unified code database, fewer tests needed, and exceptional performance of an application.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Flutter App Developer

Whether you decide to work with freelancers, find a remote team, or partner with an eCommerce app development company , it is essential to know what you can expect from Flutter professionals.

What is Flutter developer role? Such professionals create cross-platform applications that perform and look like the platform-native ones. The daily responsibilities of this type of programmer are in the line with this role and include:

In the same way as any other developer like an Android programmer for hire, Flutter professionals are separated into junior, middle, and senior roles. This distinction is based on the experience, level of skills, and knowledge of an individual.

Flutter Developer Skills and Competencies

To find a suitable professional, one needs to know what skills and competencies to look for. Here are the fundamental skills any Flutter developer needs to possess:

  • Deep knowledge of Flutter SDK and Dart scripting language;
  • Knowledge of Agile methodology and workflow optimization practices;
  • Ability to write clean and readable code;
  • Experience with such technologies as Git, Node.Js, and Firebase;
  • Excellent knowledge of custom software cycle and each of the steps;
  • Mobile and/or web development experience as well as good command over Android and iOS programming practices and database management;
  • Communication skills;
  • Problem-solving and analytical thinking;
  • Creativity.

Here is a sample resume for a freelance Flutter developer to get a better grip on this matter.

Flutter App Developer Salary Rates Worldwide

Salary rates for IT professionals fluctuate based on their location. For instance, iOS developer cost in the US is higher than in Eastern Europe. The same goes for Flutter experts. It is one of the main reasons why so many businesses opt for outsourcing and remote teams.

Have a look at this comparison of the average monthly Flutter developer salary in six countries:

*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As one can see, the difference between salary rates is significant in various countries. It is much more cost-efficient to find remote professionals in Eastern Europe than in the US, Filipino Programmers or Switzerland. For a fraction of the cost, a company gets access to the same level of skills and expertise. Take advantage of a fair cost of IT infrastructure engineer or PayPal web developer at Mobilunity and find here your ideal coder!

Interview Questions for Flutter Programmers

During the interview stage, it is important to evaluate both the hard and soft skills of a candidate as well as their fit for the project. Here are some flutter technical interview questions one might use for that:

Tell me about your experience in Flutter

This is a general yet essential question to start with. As it is a relatively new technology, do not expect someone to have 10 years of experience in that. It was only introduced in 2017. But it is exciting to see how determined a candidate is and evaluate their motivation to learn and develop professionally.

What are your other qualifications?

This question includes all other hard skills like other scripting languages, databases, cloud solutions, and back-end technologies a candidate knows. Maybe they have additional education in Flutter as well like online programs or Bootcamps.

Did you work as an Android or iOS native application developer?

It is a nice addition if a candidate has experience in native mobile or web application development as it adds to the overall background in this field.

Could you provide samples of your work?

Ask a candidate to tell about the projects they’ve worked on and provide a sample of their code if possible.

How do you handle functions in Flutter?

The clarity of the code in Flutter comes from functions being first-class objects.

Some more specific questions might include:

  • How do you format layout files?
  • Tell me about the difference between Flutter and WebView
  • How to make code formatting consistent in Flutter? How do you do it?

Also, it is essential to evaluate the soft skills of a candidate as well. This includes communication, teamwork, and motivation to learn. A new employee needs to fit into the team and overall offshore programming company culture.

Mobilunity Is Your Outstaffing Provider in Eastern Europe

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian outstaffing company with 10+ years of experience. We are helping businesses of all sizes to deliver their projects quickly and affordably by providing them with top Eastern European IT talent.

Our team can find any suitable professional you might need, from a senior-level consultant to a dedicated team of developers to expand your in-house resources. Mobilunity provides a fast recruiting process, transparent cooperation, and full control over remote teams.

We’ve already partnered with 40+ companies from all over the globe to empower them with outstanding Eastern Europe software development teams. Some of our clients are FinExpert (Canada), Zenchef (France), XPLG (Israel), Byg-E (Denmark), 3e Joueur (Canada), and 42 Matters (Switzerland).

Our team is happy to help with a project of any size and recruit the top Flutter programmers for your company.

Do you want to hire Flutter app developers in Eastern Europe with ease? Contact our representatives today!


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