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GIS stands for geographic information system and refers to all types of software applications that gather and feature geographical data. One of the most well-known examples of GIS software is Google Maps. A GIS developer is an expert that designs and programs such solutions. In specific cases, such a professional is also responsible for the analysis of aerial images and working on databases and maps to integrate those with other types of solutions.

This technology has changed the way geographical data is used and applied in many industries. In 2020, the GIS software market was estimated to be at $6.3 billion. In the next 10 years, it is expected to grow significantly and reach $25.5 billion by 2030.

A professional GIS software developer can offer a lot of opportunities to a business. Such experts are an integral part of any team working on a project that utilizes geographical data. And as the world moves to connectivity, this role becomes more important each day.

Industries That Require a GIS Engineer

Geographical data can be used in a multitude of industries to provide better services and experiences to customers. Here are the main ones that already use such solutions and work with GIS software developers.


From connected vehicles to advanced navigation – the automotive industry requires expert GIS professionals. Companies like Uber use such solutions for their databases and excellent services. This technology allows the creation of extremely precise solutions to find locations, analyze traffic, or forecast drive time.

AI and Computer Vision

Companies that utilize AI technology hire AI developers and GIS web developers to create multi-functional solutions. They are often referred to as GeoAI applications that focus on either geospatial machine learning or geospatial deep learning. This allows using various data and imagery for advanced city component management, visualization, or traffic monitoring.


When it comes to Healthcare a developer GIS can create an application to track the disease incidence or spread of condition on the map, for instance. For instance, Walgreens already uses this technology to predict Influenza spread and severity. This is essential to inform the community and take proactive measures when it comes to public health.

Food and Retail

This industry also has several uses for this technology. First of all, the usage and analysis of geographical data, that GIS analyst provides, can help establish the best location to open a new cafe or store. Starbucks is one of the companies that use such an algorithm to figure out where to open a new place with the highest chances of success.

Also, an expert GIS application developer can help design a food delivery app with precision and accuracy when it comes to location, delivery time, and the best routes for couriers.

Management and Preservation

ArcGIS web development is applied in preservation to map out and manage specific lands of species. This data helps create custom solutions to preserve endangered species. Also, it is useful for search and rescue operations (National Park Service already uses this technology).

Overall, this technology is useful for a huge array of purposes, from agricultural applications to city management and better traffic systems. The success of such projects depends highly on GIS developer skills and expertise. That’s why it is essential to find the right expert for your project.

GIS Developer Responsibilities

Now, let’s define the exact duties and daily responsibilities of a GIS programmer. Those include:

  • Design and programming of GIS-based solutions based on client requirements and business objectives;
  • Coding and automation of basic GIS processes;
  • Web development and design if they work on web applications;
  • Spatial Analysis for manipulating, extracting, locating, and analysis of geographical data. This includes GIS analysis, modeling, data integration, geocoding, and geomatics;
  • Design, deployment, and management of databases. This covers the storage of data and transferring it from structures of geographical information to relational database systems;
  • Development of GIS mapping apps and processing tools;
  • Creating demos and presentations to explain the application to customers;
  • Testing and debugging;
  • Maintenance and support of GIS apps and mapping systems;
  • QA and updates.

Common Software Types for Handling Spatial Data

Professional GIS software engineer has to be proficient in a specific type of solution for spatial data management to successfully perform their responsibilities. Such solutions cover different functionality when it comes to handling such information, including:

  • Data management to create, edit and store such data and also transform it into different systems;
  • Spatial analysis to interpret and apply this data;
  • Output.

Different solutions create an ecosystem with various capabilities. The common types of them are:

  • Desktop GIS apps – the traditional and well-known form like Google Maps, for instance;
  • Server GIS apps – solutions that run on a remote server to power the majority of the functions. Customers access the functionality via the browser. An example of such a solution is ArcGIS Online;
  • Geospatial libraries focus on documenting and storing spatial data to be implemented in various apps and solutions;
  • A spatial database is a database program that allows storing data in columns of a table for easy management and analysis. So programmers can use specific GIS functions without handling traditional GIS software programs.

Popular Software for GIS Development

A GIS software developer might use one or several programs to perform the duties and create a unique solution. The choice of particular software depends on the project scope, individual expertise, and business objective. Before you hire GIS developers, it is important to know what type of software they are proficient at and how it can be beneficial for the project.



This is one of the main and most common apps for this technology. It is great to design and develop symbols and maps. It has an API, tools, and location services for streamlined processes. ArcGIS pro developer can build mapping applications and solutions faster with templates and builders.



This solution uses Microsoft’s .NET framework to have more control over geographical objects for development. It offers rendering optimization and advanced performance. A GIS web application developer might use it for easy and fast object programming.



This is a free and open-sourced mapping solution used to create, edit, analyze, and visualize all types of geo data. A freelance GIS developer may use it because it offers a lot of free resources and already-created maps. And it works with a multitude of vector formats, which is another benefit. One can also create and export maps with QGIS. The program is integrated with many other open-source packages like PostGIS, GRASS GIS, and MapServer.



This is a whole software suite perfect for data management, analysis, creation of graphics, and various maps. It ensures spatial and temporal modeling opportunities as well as image processing. A professional GIS software company might use it because it comes with 350+ modules for map rendering. Also, it is a free and open-source technology that works under GNU License. It works on various OS and integrates with GUI. Another benefit of GRASS GIS is that it supports 2 and 3D restore and vector data.

Esri Story Maps

Esri Story Maps

This solution is designed by Esri, the same company behind ArcGIS, which ensures those programs work together perfectly. It is a web-based app for map sharing, story building, narrative texts, lists, embedded images, and various multimedia. Every story comes with a unique URL and can be used for a specific group of users. It comes with a mobile-first design, which is a huge advantage in modern times.

Skills and Competencies of a Remote GIS Developer

On average, a GIS developer resume is filled with hard and soft skills specific to this role. It is an advanced position that requires a lot of expertise in various fields. What kind of skills should one look to hire ArcGIS developer for a project?

Technical and hard skills of a GIS software engineer include:

  • Spatial Data and Algorithms;
  • Excellence in programming and related scripting languages like JavaScript, Python, C++, .NET, HTML, CSS, and AJAX;
  • Experience with data entry, conversion, and maintenance;
  • Proficiency in GIS development software like ArcGIS, GIS.NET, GRASS GIS, or QGIS;
  • GIS analysis;
  • Strong knowledge of web mapping apps like Esri FlexBuilder and Esri JavaScript API;
  • Modeling and model building;
  • Cartography;
  • Knowledge of graphic design best practices;
  • Database management and related technologies like Oracle, ArcSDE, SQL, MVC, and ASP.NET;
  • Proficiency in enterprise geodatabase environments (usually Esri solutions)
  • GIS.NET and VBS programming.

The soft skills of a GIS offshore developer are:

  • Written and verbal communication;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Analytical thinking;
  • Teamwork;
  • Technical writing;
  • Project and time management.

In-House vs Outstaffing vs Freelancers: Comparison Table

Generally, there are three models of recruiting an Arc GIS programmer – in-house hiring, working with an outstaffing agency, and partnering with freelancers. Each of them has its pros and cons. For some companies, offshore team management is an ideal choice as it is cost-efficient. Others look for constant collaboration and prefer in-house employees with such expertise.

Freelancers are often a choice for businesses that need an expert for a short period or project-based collaboration. Here is a comparison table to evaluate all the specifics of each model.

LongevityTakes the longestUsually the fastest recruiting modelThe longevity depends on how fast a company can recruit a freelancer as it is responsible for the whole process
CostThe most expensive modelCost-efficient, especially when it comes to offshoringCan be budget-friendly, although it is hard to predict as every expert has their own rates.
Talent poolLimited to the company’s location and talent availabilityWide talent poolWide talent pool
CommunicationOffline and instantOnline, fastOnline, mostly fast
ProsConstant collaboration, company, and team fit, high motivation and dedication, full control of a workloadCost-effective, fast, and easy as all the recruiting is done by professionals. Flexible cooperation (part-time or full-time). Easy to scale up or down at any moment.Project-based cooperation. Offers the opportunity to save costs.
ConsExpensive and long. Particular expertise might not be available locally. Not ideal if the company doesn’t have a constant workload for a professionalPossible difficulties with time or cultural differencesLow retention, security concerns, less motivation, and less dedication. There is always a risk of low-quality performance. Also, a company cannot scale up or down easily. There is a risk of losing a professional without an immediate replacement

GIS Developer Salary

Salary rates for an ArcGIS developer depend on the expertise level and geographical location. Here is a comparison table of hourly rates of junior, middle, and senior GIS programmers in 5 countries to illustrate this point.


*Ukrainian salaries are provided based on Mobilunity’s Recruitment Team research on the local job markets. All salaries are net and do not include the service fee (in case of hiring on a dedicated team model). The salaries are provided for comparison purposes and could be not entirely accurate. Contact us to know the exact cost of hiring a developer corresponding to the required parameters.

As you can see, the average GIS engineer salary in Ukraine is reasonable. By finding a remote professional, a company can save a huge chunk of the budget and access a high level of expertise at the same time

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