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The iOS Application Development Landscape

Apple’s iOS mobile operating system is popular with both users and developers. If you are a project manager or a business professional in need of an app, it can be hard finding the right resources. This guide will show you all your development options as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one. The fundamental driver of iOS application development continues to be the business value of such investment.

The iOS platform remains one of the two leading mobile operating systems not just in the U.S. and Europe, but globally. This is good news for iOS development in light of the continuing growth in mobile phone use. According to Statista, the number of mobile phone users will reach the 5 billion mark in 2019. Meanwhile, StatsCounter lists iOS as having a 20.38% share of the mobile operating systems market.

While it plays the second fiddle to Google’s Android operating system in terms of number of users, iOS is still the second biggest mobile platform. It has proven to have a staying power higher than other mobile operating systems. For example, Apple’s share of the market is much higher than that of Microsoft, whose Windows operating system has failed to make headway on mobile. The duopoly of iOS and Android creates a high demand for the two leading mobile operating systems.

What Technologies Are Used by iOS Programmers

Developing for the iPhone involves an entire ecosystem of technology. This begins with the choice of programming language used and extends to development tools. When you are planning to build an application for iOS, you should get familiar with the technology stack, which may be involved in the creation of your app. There is a large set of tools used bu the programmers, and it can also influence the iPhone app development cost. As a customer, you should know about it and keep in mind, that it is an opportunity to create a functional and powerful app, which will be popular among users. 


This it the traditional language for all iOS and Apple-related programming the Apple iOS developer uses frequently. Objective-C is distinguished from other programming languages due to its low-level features and support for objects. Objective-C uses static typing and message typing that resembles that used in the much older Smalltalk programming language. Due to its position as the historical iOS programming language, many important iOS frameworks and libraries still rely on Objective-C.

It is the first language for iOS development, and it was the most needed one until Swift appeared. But even with the appearance of Swift, it still will not lose its popularity in the nearest time. In addition, the developers keep using Objective-C to maintain and update the applications, created with this technology. Planning Apple app development cost, remember, that you will have to maintain and update your application as well. Add these expenses to the budget.

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Swift was introduced by Apple in 2014 as the future of iOS programming. Since then, the community has adopted the language for all tasks where iOS application development is needed. It has some advantages over Objective-C due to its simpler syntax. Swift also brings simplicity to app programming at a conceptual level. It uses smart type inference and other features that make the programmer’s job easier.

Many specialists today call Swift the future of the iOS coding. More and more projects are moving to this technology. It shows high results: makes the applications more stable and the code safer. The coders have a possibility to avoid unwanted bugs and make the working process more efficient: they simply need less time for coding and debugging. iPhone app development cost highly depends on the final cost of your product. When the time is shorter the price goes cheaper.

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XCode is indispensable for iOS development. This integrated development environment handles coding, compiling, and building iOS apps from source code. It also integrates additional features such as code testing, user interface design, and device emulators.

XCode can be used for native games and application building. It is easy to publish the ready product on the AppStore. The technology is used for building Apple Watch and Apple TV applications as well. The programmers have an unusual addition to this environment: they can use not only the languages, native for iOS – Swift, and Objective-C. XCode allows using C languages and Java. This possibility makes the perspectives of application development wider.

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Cocoa Touch

Indispensable for creating apps that look good, Cocoa Touch is a mobile UI framework for iOS. Designers and developers can use it to create interfaces for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, as well as AppleTV.

Cocoa Touch is essential for building the user interface, gesture- and touch-based interactions. It helps to connect the users’ data with the interface, work under the conditions of the multiple tasks and integrate components: push notifications, state preservation, printing, and others. The Cocoa Touch is one of the key iOS programming components used by the coders. It provides access to the other layers of the technology for managing different parts of the application: ads, messages, maps, address book, social media, and others. If you are planning the iOS app development cost, don’t forget about the Cocoa Touch specialist, cause you will probably need it.

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React Native

A new alternative to the traditional mobile programming languages is the use of JavaScript for iOS development. React Native from Facebook is a project that makes it possible to develop truly native apps using JavaScript. The apps will run on both iOS and Android. Unlike with hybrid frameworks, the code generated is native and achieves, in some cases, native-like speeds.

Looking for iOS developers for hire? Don’t forget about the React professionals. React Native is popular because the applications, built with it, have a common JavaScript codebase. The developers also use different debugging and packaging tools of this framework. It helps to check the work of the code in real-time on the screen of the device, and save time. The technology is supported by the same IDEs as hybrid apps. If you need an application, which will be able to work at different platforms, add this technology to iPhone application development cost because you will need the help of the React Native specialist.

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3 Ways to Hire iOS App Developer

Now the first and biggest concern of all business owners who are about to release their first application is how much does it cost to develop an iOS app. Mostly that is connected to a very common misconception that iOS application development is extremely hard and expensive. In fact, if you look at statistics, you will see that iOS development is far cheaper than the Android one and a lot faster. This way by choosing iOS you will get the results faster and at a reasonable price. However, it is never a bad idea to learn a bit more about that kind of development beforehand.

Just as there are multiple programming languages you can use to develop iOS apps, there are multiple development solutions as well. Generally, these fall into four broad categories. The first solution is to do it yourself inside your business. If you have a large I.T. staff, there may be programmers who have experience with iOS and can lead the app development effort. Alternatively, you may look outside the organization for help. Here are the best solutions for getting external help.

Hire iOS Outstaff Team

Outstaffing involves building a complete dedicated team that works on your project remotely. With outstaffing, you control the process much like you would with in-house employees. Outstaffing agencies help solve the talent search problem by providing you a team of experts ready to complete the work you need done. For many projects, outstaffing is the most profitable development option. This is because it lowers development costs while allowing to maintain a very high product quality.

iOS Development Outsourcing to a Programming Studio

Another alternative is to outsource app development entirely to an external programming studio. Since you are trusting the entire process to an outside entity, you will likely have to conduct more vetting to be sure the studio can deliver a quality product. Still, this approach is popular because you can offload some of the management responsibilities.

Working with iOS Freelance Developers

Yet another option for iOS app development is to work directly with individual freelancers. This is an attractive solution for very small projects that do not justify having an entire team to do the work.

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Examples of Successful iOS Projects from Dedicated iOS Developers

Determining if developing an iOS app is right for you can be a hard task. There are so many business issues to consider. At the minimum, an app gives you another outlet to potential customers or for interaction with business stakeholders. This group includes clients, employees, and investors.

In addition, there are numerous examples of businesses that have successfully developed iOS apps. The examples indicate that an app can be a viable business proposition regardless of iOS app development company size or industry. Below, we explore some of the businesses that have deployed successful projects on iOS.


  • WhatsApp – This popular messaging app has been a hit on the iOS platform. This led to Facebook acquiring the startup for $19 billion in 2014. Whatsapp is a good example of an app that addresses a clear need (easy communication) for its target market.
  • AngryBirds – This app proved one of the most popular apps to be released on the iOS App Store. It tapped into the large casual gaming market to drive big download numbers.
  • Instagram – This photo-sharing app spawned off a high number of imitators. Instagram continues to define trends in the social media space but started out as an exclusively iOS app.

Enterprise Apps

Beyond startups, there are many enterprise and B2B apps that have been very successful on iOS. Here are some of the leading ones to emulate.

  • Microsoft Teams – One of the leading business apps on the App Store, Microsoft Teams lets business teams communicate and work together on iOS.
  • Salesforce – This customer relationship management iOS app development company has taken its enterprise product successfully to the iOS platform. Business users can log on and access essential business data from the company’s mobile apps.
  • VMWare Horizon Client – This app lets users access VMWare’s market-leading virtualization functionality on the go, from their iPhones and other mobile devices.

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Benefits of Finding iOS Developers for Hire

Now that we’ve looked at some successful app examples, you might be wondering if it’s worth it to hire iOS developer. The answer is that there are many advantages to hire iOS developers. However, before you actually hire a developer, make sure that you have learned about all his necessary skills and have taken a look at his portfolio as chacking his previous works might give you the best possible insight into what to expect from his level of professionalism. Considering that you are aiming for an iOS application at the end of your cooperation, it would be a great idea to ask him about how long does it take to develop an app for iPhone. This way if you are in a hurry, you will know an estimated length of your application development process.

  • iOS developers for hire are highly productive. The iOS application development stack makes developers highly productive. This is of particular importance when comparing iOS with Android development. On Android, for example, where Java rules, developers often complain of overly complicated coding conventions. In contrast, remote iOS developer, who rely on Swift or Objective-C, is able to solve technical problems quickly. The result is that your remote iOS developer is likely to be just as productive as, if not more than, developers using any other stack.
  • Remote iOS developers can help your business get closer to customers. Another key benefit to hire iOS developers lies in the usage of apps to promote your business. Having your own app can deepen your customers’ connections to your brand. For example, if you are a real estate business, your developers can create an app that lets clients inspect your inventory from their mobile phones. This can give you an advantage over other realtors who do not have a mobile app for clients. Over time, improved customer relationships can be very valuable for your brand.
  • Professional iOS developers for hire use the updated tools and technologies. The inexperienced company or freelance-programmer may not be stable economically and be forced to use out-of-date technologies and tools. With the professional iOS developers, you may be sure, that they have deep knowledge in major techniques, technologies, platforms, and use the newest tools and technologies for application creation. The programmers from the experienced company usually have all the continuous releases fo the hardware and software, needed for the development of the functional apps.

Apple iOS App Developer for Hire: Skills and Capabilities

When looking for an Apple iOS developer for hire, there are core skills you should be looking for. The best developers in the market will have several years of experience coding iOS applications. In addition, they will be experts at wielding core programming libraries and the languages in which iOS apps are developed.


The SDK is important for developers to understand since it defines the backbone of an iOS application. The candidates you consider for any iPhone development role have to be adept at using the mobile operating system’s software development kit. This involves understanding how to pass data between different layers of an app.

Swift and Objective-C Programming

Developers for the iOS platform need to be skilled at one or both of the main languages used for iOS development. What you will typically find is that older candidates who have many years’ experience coding iOS apps are likely to have knowledge of Objective-C. In contrast, candidates who have entered the field in recent years might only know Swift. That said, a good number of older candidates have learned Swift. Likewise, many younger candidates have made an effort to learn the older Objective-C programming language. A good number of programmers, however, have chosen to stick with just one or the other of the two.

REST and Backend Integration

Mobile apps frequently require integration with a server backend. This creates the need for developers who can tie in mobile app code into the functionality of a remote server. As a result, your developers must be skilled at REST and potentially SOAP-based web services as well. They will need to be able to work with JSON-encoded data and, where necessary, integrate with external application programming interfaces (APIs).

Hiring an iOS Consultant

This option became available not that long ago but already looks appealing to lots of business owners. The thing is that hiring an iOS consultant can in many ways be even more beneficial that hiring just an iOS developer. Why is that? First of all, an iOS consultant is always trying to see the bigger picture, not just a single program or application but rather how to implement it into your company’s daily workflow in the most effective way. It often means a high level of personalization and eventually guarantees better performance and results.

Tricks to Find Top iOS Developers for Hire

To help you to select and find iOS developer for your iPhone or iPad apps, there are some tips that will come in handy. For example, you should plan to spend a good amount of time on the process to find and hire iOS developer. If you are happy to work with a local developer, you can procure the services of a talent recruiter. Many businesses have found success looking beyond their immediate vicinity. This is because programmers around the world may, sometimes, offer better value. In some cases, these developers will be more skilled than developers close to home.

Cost Differences Make an Impact on Decision to Hire iOS Programmer

Variations in remote iOS developer cost levels around the world have an effect on costs for iOS app development as well. This is an area you will need to take into account for any app development you may wish to conduct using a global sourcing model. For example, remote iOS developer cost for technology talent in Silicon Valley or London are among the highest in the world. Unless you need niche skills that are only available in these areas, it might be better to look elsewhere for app programmers. Being aware of price differences and variations in the cost of living can help you make optimal development choices. If your iOS app development company is a small startup with a small development budget, you could benefit from sourcing iOS talent from regions of the world where costs are lower.

The Rise of Eastern Europe as Top Places to Find iOS Programmers for Hire

Two of the best regions for outsourcing iOS programming and other technical work are Eastern Europe and parts of Asia. The two share commonalities such as highly skilled workforces, but there are important distinctions as well. Eastern Europe has a big advantage for clients from Western Europe or North America due to shared cultural values. This is reflected in the close affinity between countries in Eastern Europe such as Poland and Ukraine with others in different parts of the European Union. Working with Ukrainian or Polish development teams will, thus, be easier to navigate for many Western clients. Communication tends to be clearer since cultural norms are much the same in such arrangements. Likewise, language differences are less pronounced. Many Eastern Europeans speak English, French, or the language of choice of their Western clients, making business dealings easy to facilitate.

Balancing Cost to Hire an iOS Developer with Product Quality

Besides taking the dollar cost of development into account, you should also assess the quality of app development you are likely to get. The cheapest app developers are not always the best ones. Indeed, in some cases, hiring the cheapest development firm can leave you with a shoddy product that has to be reworked. In the end, you will spend more time waiting for bugs to be fixed. You may lose business or clients as a result of these development bugs. A good approach balances cost against code quality. You may not be sure how to assess code quality, but there are multiple ways to determine this. For example, you could look at talent rankings from assessments such as the HackerRank Country Rankings. This assessment helps shed a light on how programmers in different countries fare on common skill tests, on average. This can give you a statistically valid estimate of the quality of code you might be able to obtain from working with developers in a particular country.

According to HackerRank’s testing of developers around the world, some of the best developers can be found in parts of Eastern Europe and Asia. In its tests, Polish and Czech Republic developers performed exceptionally well, as did Ukrainian developers. They ranked well ahead of developers from North American countries such as Canada and the US.

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Comparison of Remote iOS Developer for Hire in Ukraine and Whole World

Ukrainian developers, in particular, are some of the most highly skilled in the world. In addition, working with Ukrainian developers typically results in cost-savings for Western businesses. Recent momentum in the Ukrainian technology ecosystem makes it a great setting for sourcing talent for not only iOS but other types of software development as well.

#1. Well-Educated iOS Developers Ukraine

Ukraine enjoys very high education levels, with some of the highest literacy rates in the world. At the university level, many of the country’s students study hard sciences and mathematics. This reflects well in the software development occupation, where many programmers have studied science subjects. At a time when Western Nations are lamenting the shortage of STEM (science, technology, and mathematics) talent, countries like Ukraine are ahead of the curve. If you have highly technical work that needs a well-trained development team, Ukraine’s talented developers can be an invaluable asset. For instance, this will be valuable for apps of a mathematical or engineering nature.

Compared to other regions of the world, the level of education in the developer community in Ukraine is outstanding. It results in developers who hold degrees in some of the most intellectually challenging fields. The years they spend in university prepares them to contribute immense value to highly complex work and projects. As a result, they compare very well to developers in Western tech centers such as Silicon Valley or London. In fact, Ukrainian developers are sometimes able to accomplish superior results than teams in Silicon Valley.

#2. Hire iOS Developers Ukraine to Save Costs

Another significant advantage of working with Ukrainian developers is the potential for big iOS developer cost savings. Unlike tech centers in the West, developer salaries in Ukraine are much more affordable for businesses in need of essential tech talent. One of the driving factors for lower hiring costs in Ukraine is that the cost of living is lower than in most parts of the West. For example, renting a 1 bedroom apartment in London costs around $2,116. In Toronto, Canada, the Apple iOS developer cost is around $1,409, based on data from Numbeo. For Washington DC in the US, that Apple iOS developer cost rises to $2,121. In Paris, the remote iOS developer cost is $1,334. Contrast this with Kiev, Ukraine, where the cost would be around $442.19.

As you can see, Ukrainian developers face lower living costs. This directly affects a iOS app development company’s labor costs when looking to outsource work around the world. In particular, locating development work in Ukraine will be much more competitive than Western technology centers.

#3. Process of Searching for IOS Programmer for Hire Is Faster in Ukraine

Another advantage of sourcing talent for iOS application development from Ukraine is that you can find iOS developer for your team much faster than in the West. Due to the highly competitive nature of the labor market in the West, it can take months to fill talent requirements for iOS developers for hire. The labor market in Ukraine is substantially better. When you work with a Ukraine outstaffing agency or hire iOS developer directly, you can have a team ready within a mere couple of weeks. If you talk to the right team and have a match with your needs, you can find iOS developer within days.

#4. Hire iOS Contactors from Ukraine to Expand Project Scope

Since talent remote iOS developer costs are lower in Ukraine than in many Western capitals, this allows you to expand the scope of your iOS projects. This means you can focus on improving the final product in various ways, for example

  • Including more features to address more of your customers’ needs
  • Hiring more graphic design talent to get a better-looking product
  • Adding unique product upgrades you might not have been able to afford

#5. Unmatched Skills of iOS Developers for Hire in Ukraine

Ukraine offers an advanced technology ecosystem not always available in other regions of the world. This is, in fact, one of its biggest advantages. Ukrainian cities like Kiev and Kharkiv have very highly sophisticated tech ecosystems. A good amount of VCs are active in the Ukrainian ecosystem. Many large technology companies such as Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, and IBM have R&D centers in Ukraine. What this means is that new technology and ideas spread in the Ukrainian ecosystem before they become commonplace elsewhere. The large research centers in the country help spread cutting edge technologies throughout the Ukrainian tech community.

Apple iOS Developer for Hire Resume Samples Based on Seniority

Like with many other technology skills, the remote iOS developer cost of hiring largely depends on experience. Entry-level iOS developers tend to have the least experience and, thus, Apple iOS developer cost the least. On the other hand, assembling a team of veterans will require a bigger budget.

Junior iOS Developers for Hire

Junior developers will typically have implemented few iOS projects. Even at this experience level, however, you may request to see live apps in the Apple App Store that the junior iOS developer has worked on. A sample resume or CV for a junior iOS developer is listed below, indicating the type of experience which would help to make a positive hiring assessment.

Mid-Level iOS Developers for Hire

Mid-level iOS developers have anywhere from 3 years to 7 years of experience on the job. They have learned to solve all common problems and to implement robust app designs into defect-free code. A mid-level developer’s sample looks as below.

Senior iOS Developers for Hire

Senior developers will typically have handled a variety of responsibilities, including leading teams and technical departments. They can oversee the entire development process and keep teams on track to achieve development goals.

How Much It Costs to Hire Apple iOS App Developer

Below, we compare the cost of hiring an Apple iOS developer in different countries around the world.

USA Germany Ukraine Japan
Junior iOS Developer Salary $84,422 $51,000 $7,656 $26,886
Mid-Level iOS Developer Salary $97,293 $60,273 $21,600 $44,810
Senior iOS Developer Salary $131,124 $71,864 $36,000 $71,696

As you can see, there is immense variability in the prevailing salary rates from junior to senior iOS developer across countries. Even within the same country, the salary rates can vary widely. This is primarily due to differences in experience levels. However, from country to country, we observe big differences in salary rates as well, with the highest salaries in the sample of countries above observed in the US. What this means is that it pays to look abroad to countries like Ukraine which have managed to achieve some of the most competitive rates for hiring talent. In particular, hiring remote iOS developers in Ukraine, even the most expensive ones like senior iOS developer, makes a lot of economic sense for the business looking to gain an advantage.

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Should You Hire Swift Programmer for Your Apps Development

Nowadays, Swift along with the position of a Swift iOS developer have become a popular choice for developing iOS apps. Not only do experienced Apple iOS developer likes it, but the language is loved even by newcomers to iOS development.

Advantages of Swift are mentioned below:

  • The first big advantage of using Swift iOS developer enjoys is its conventional, C-inspired, syntax. This is a notable departure from the Objective-C programming language, which had a very unusual syntax. By copying the syntax of the widely used C programming language, Swift presents itself in a way that the typical programmer can understand.
  • While Objective-C programmers might still prefer the unique syntax of their programming language, for many programmers Swift is much more palatable. If you have to maintain mobile apps long into the future, it’s more likely Swift will give you higher chances to find iOS developer at least familiar with the language.
  • In addition, the Swift programming language is noted for its easy learning curve. Some of its programming semantics are taken from the popular JavaScript programming language. This makes it particularly easy for new programmers to pick up the language and become highly productive.
  • Swift comes with helpful programming abstractions to enable high-level programmatic thinking while delegating the lower level thinking to the language developers. This makes it easy, for example, to create type-safe code that does not throw dangerous programming exceptions. Programmers appreciate these helpful features of the language.

Frequently Asked Questions to Swift iOS Developer

Many project managers and even iOS developers have doubts about if the Swift programming language is right for their situation. Below, we address some of the most commonly asked questions to Swift iOS developer.

Q. What are the advantages of using Swift over Objective-C?

This is a Quora question that reflects developers’ concerns over which choice of language gives them the most advantages. There are several points in favor of Swift. The first being the ability to quickly produce code that is free of bugs and is very readable. Swift allows type inference, a feature of the programming language that makes it less verbose. As a result, it’s somewhat faster to write Swift code than Objective-C code, though that depends on the developer’s expertise.

Q. What will it mean in practice that Swift is open source?

Apple made Swift Open Source in 2015 making it much easier for every Apple iOS developer. Since then, a vibrant open source community has built up around the programming language. This had a few advantages. For example, outsiders could submit bug fixes or feature requests for the language. Another advantage is that the evolution of the language would be more in line with what a broader cross-section of users really want. Open sourcing the language means no need to pay license fees for using the language or building innovations on top of it.

Q. Is Swift the mobile coding language of the future?

This question addresses the perception of Swift as a modern programming language. The answer is that there is some truth to the idea that Swift is the mobile programming language of the future. Apple is committed to the future of the language as the main programming language for Apple’s programmable interfaces. However, the language faces competition from other mobile development programming languages. The two biggest ones are Java and JavaScript. Java is the native programming language for Android. JavaScript, on the other hand, is now widely used as a cross-platform programming language regardless of the mobile operating system.

Despite being an older language, Objective-C is still very actively used in the iOS community. There are cases where your team might have no choice but to work with Objective-C. For instance, if you have legacy apps that need supporting, it might not be economical to do a full rewrite in Swift. Because of time and Apple iOS developer cost considerations, you might just hire iOS developer or some Objective-C programmer to maintain and update legacy iOS apps developed in Objective-C. Below, we look at some questions people have raised about Objective-C on Quora.

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Using Objective-C for iOS Development

Q. What are the theoretical and practical weaknesses of Objective-C?

Objective-C has a number of perceived weaknesses, which could have spurred Apple to seek a replacement in the form of Swift. Traditionally, Objective-C is criticized for its unusual syntax. Code statements read differently in Objective-C than they do in mainstream programming languages like Java, C, and JavaScript. This results in confusion for newcomers to the language.

Q. Why is Objective-C more object-oriented than C++?

Both Objective-C and C++ are supersets of the C programming language. In other words, an Objective-C and C++ compilers can be used to compile C programs. In practice, this can be harder to do with a C++ compiler due to incompatibilities between C++ and C. Both languages, however, add object-orientation features on top of a C-like layer.

How to Hire Objective-C Developer

There are many avenues for hiring an Objective-C programmer. For example, you can post to online job boards as well as make use of the services of a tech recruiter to find candidates for you. However, if you are willing to work with remote developers, you can often find better and more cost-effective talent. You can find outstaffing agencies through the internet on platforms like Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter. The best outstaffing agencies to hire iOS developer for Objective-C and iOS development tends to be located in top-rated technology centers. These include Ukraine, Eastern Europe, Poland, the Czech Republic, and parts of Asia. You may also ask for recommendations from business colleagues who’ve had success working with outstaffing agencies in the past.

How to Interview Remote iOS Developer Fluent in Objective-C

Once you have identified a suitable remote developer for your project, you will need to conduct incisive interviews. You should make sure to look at past apps as part of the interview process. This will give you a good sense of the quality of work that the remote developers can accomplish. You may also ask iOS programming questions to the technical team, in case you will be hiring a development agency to do the work. While many new projects in the iOS community use exclusively Swift, the reality is that there are still cases where using Objective-C makes more sense. Your choice of iOS programming language, therefore, will depend on your goals.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Objective-C

While many new projects in the iOS community use exclusively Swift, the reality is that there are still cases where using Objective-C makes more sense. Your choice of iOS programming language, therefore, will depend on your goals.

Objective-C strengths are mentioned below:

  • The longevity of Objective-C in the iOS apps market continues due to its strengths as a programming language. Some of it biggest strengths include interoperability with C and C++. This helps developers easily make use of systems libraries and other utilities written in these relatively low-level programming languages.
  • Objective-C has a huge amount of existing libraries and utilities for just about any function imaginable in iOS programming. This makes it especially easy to find libraries to support functionality for your apps.
  • You may choose Objective-C due to it being a highly popular legacy language. If you are updating iOS apps with new features, for example, you might be working with apps written in this older programming language. In such cases, it might be easier to use Objective-C rather than to start using Swift in the code. However, this is down to your preference.

Weaknesses of Objective-C are the following ones:

  • Despite its strengths as a programming language, Objective-C has a few weaknesses. The first is the relative lack of modern features in the language. Unlike Swift, which has borrowed features from cutting edge languages such as Rust and Haskell, Objective-C is much more crusty. Its main influences appear to be Smalltalk and C. It therefore misses helpful ideas found in a variety of other modern programming languages.
  • Objective-C community has not grown far beyond people interested in developing for the Mac or iOS operating systems. Objective-C did not embrace the open-source community in a way that other languages, such as Java and Swift, have done. Its community, therefore, is less broad than it might be if the language was open source.

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iOS Development Using XCode

XCode is an integrated development environment for developing software for Apple operating systems, including macOS and iOS. In addition to being an IDE, XCode contains a rich set of development tools to aid developers in creating mobile and desktop applications. Being an IDE, XCode is not a programming language but is instead a tool used to program using different programming languages. Among the programming languages supported by XCode are Objective C and Swift, as well as other programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and Python.

XCode Developer

An XCode developer is basically an Apple iOS developer, using either Swift or Objective C, who uses XCode as his/her IDE. Therefore, an XCode developer is responsible for the full development of an iOS mobile application. Moreover, the skill set of an XCode developer should include the mastery of either Swift or Objective C, in addition to the familiarity with using the XCode environment to make development easier and smoother.

Frameworks in XCode

One of the strengths of XCode is that it allows developers to quickly and easily create frameworks, blocks of code that you can use and reuse in multiple projects. You can create frameworks for various iOS functionalities using either Objective C or Swift, or any other programming language, export these frameworks to be used in other projects, or import frameworks that you or other developers have created. Therefore, XCode makes it easy for developers to collaborate and share their codes with each other.

Pros and Cons to Hire XCode Developer

Development with XCode offers a lot of advantages. First, it makes iOS development a breeze with its organized and clean user interface. As mentioned earlier, it also makes collaboration and code sharing among the developer community a breeze, because it easily allows developers to export and import different frameworks. Moreover, XCode may be used for programming using different XCode programming languages, such as Swift and Objective C, as well as other languages. What’s more, it is developed directly by Apple, so developers can expect strong first-party support for the tool and relatively stable releases due to the intensive testing by the Apple team and Apple iOS developer.

However, XCode development also has its caveats. For instance, XCode is only supported on MacOS, so it cannot be installed on Windows or Linux machines. There is, however, a workaround for this: developers can install virtual machines on Windows or Linux machines on which they can run XCode. In addition, since XCode is developed by Apple, it only supports XCode development of applications for Apple operating systems like MacOS, iOS, and watchOS, and does not support other operating systems. Therefore, it is not a cross-platform development tool. Moreover, being limited to XCode programmers that use Apple machines, the XCode online community is also smaller than those of tools that are supported in non-Apple operating systems.

Tips on How to Hire XCode Developers

When hiring an XCode programmer, you should bear in mind that you are hiring a full-blown remote iOS developer who should be seasoned with either Objective C or Swift. Therefore, when you hire XCode developer, you should ask technical questions to confirm the applicant’s mastery of either XCode programming language. This should include questions about both basic and advanced features of iOS programming. In addition to this, you should also make sure that the applicant is seasoned with using the XCode environment. This includes mastery of using the IDE for various tasks like creating a new files and folders, creating emulators for various iOS devices, testing applications on actual mobile devices, creating, importing, and exporting frameworks, using debug modes, and understanding the purpose of the various artifacts and accessory files created by the IDE.

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