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In this article, take a closer look at the Internet of Things, explore the top Internet of Things technologies that IoT developers take advantage of, check options to hire IoT developer, and what to look for in an IoT resume of talented IoT developers.
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IoT Resume: Collection of IoT Developers CV Samples

Want to hire Internet of Things developer? Note if you need a personalized approach for your business, a wiser choice might be not to search for IoT specialist but an IoT consultant. Check IoT developers’ CV samples, typical skills, and experience of IoT developers.

Do not hesitate to request from us an IoT resume to hire IoT developer. Besides, give a second thought to IoT consulting and hire IoT consultant to get an insight on how to integrate any technology, including IoT, and optimize the whole workflow with the help of IoT consulting.

How to Know if Your IoT Developer is Experienced Enough

When looking to hire IoT designers, it’s important to know you are choosing candidates with the right experience for your unique project. But with so many developers available today, it can be tricky to know whether you are hiring the right person. Here are some of the best ways to find out if your IoT developer is experienced enough for the work you require: 

  • Educate yourself

If you’re not an expert in the field of IoT, it can be difficult to know what to look for when you hire IoT software engineers. Therefore, it is crucial to learn at least some of the terms used in the field, the skills to look out for and the type of software IoT developers use. 

During the hiring process, you have to know what you’re talking about at the surface level. This way, you will inspire confidence and trust in the developer that they will be working for someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. 

  • Check the resume

A resume is the perfect starting point for confirming the experience of different candidates when you hire IoT programmers. A good resume should grab attention quickly and sell candidates’ strongest skills and accomplishments. This way, you can find out what type of experience an IoT developer has from their own point of view. While it can be tricky to confirm the validity of a resume, it is a great way to choose a group of initial candidates. 

After you’ve made a few eliminating rounds, you can examine the rest carefully, and search for resumes that seem to differ from the others, either by their unique experience in projects that are similar to yours or with well-known previous employers.

  • Check the profolio

The best view into an IoT developer’s skills, knowledge, and experience is through a work portfolio. Whether it simply includes screenshots or whether they have a complete piece of software or an application they’ve worked on, being able to see some examples of their work can give you a good sense of what they’re capable of.

  • Do a round of interviews

After selecting a group of candidates that best suit your business and projects, you can conduct one or more rounds of interviews. This is your chance to learn more about each individual and ask questions about previous projects before you hire IoT cloud developer candidates. To confirm experience, it is important to structure detailed and technical questions. 

  • Ask for a test

One of the best ways to confirm someone’s experience when you hire Internet of Things developers is through giving them a test task to complete. Ideally, the test should be similar to the project you require. A test can give you a good idea of the work ethic of a developer as well as their productivity and efficiency. 

  • Ask for references

Sometimes, it can be useful to ask for recommendations from the candidates themselves before you hire AWS IoT developers. Once you check in with the references, pay close attention to the types of language they use: They may be hesitant or dismissive or quite eager to talk about their old developer. 
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5 Skills Internet of Things Developer Should Have

If you want to hire IoT application developer, in IoT resume look for these essential skills that an IoT software developer or an IoT hardware developer should have.

  • Networking – Important skills for an Internet of Things developer. IoT devices will be part of the local network of your home, business, or institution, so all networking rules should apply to your IoT device.
  • Security – A skilled IoT software developer in IoT resume indicates the knowledge of the internet and network security best practices to protect information stored within your IoT device (look for data encryption, proper private key management, IP protection skills in IoT resume).
  • Electronics – IoT developers deal with lots of prototypes consisting of electrical circuit components. A well-rounded IoT developer knows his way around resistors, capacitors, LEDs, breadboards, etc. It’s truly worth to think about extending your team with an Internet of Things expert.
  • Software and Hardware Programming – Industrial and non-industrial systems of IoT development involves a whole lot of programming. In IoT resume you’ll see that IoT developers know low-level programming languages (Assembly or C) as well as high-level ones (Java, Python, JavaScript).
  • Data Analytics – In IoT resume you’ll see that IoT coder analyzes all these data and extracts useful insights that enable to the improvement of the IoT product services.

Top 10 IoT Technologies for Qualified IoT Developers to Know

If you want to hire IoT programmer for your project and extend your team with a skilled Internet of Things developer, take a look at the most popular IoT technologies that maximize the value of different IoT products and devices.

  • IoT Security – With IoT devices beings used inside the privacy of homes, many IoT technology products are focused on tightening security.
  • IoT Analytics – There’s a need for better analytics technologies and algorithms processing data collected by the IoT network more efficiently.
  • IoT Platforms – IoT platforms (such as the ThingWorx) are an all-in-one solution for IoT product development, maintenance, and support. Instead of having different tools for each of these aspects of IoT development, an Internet of Things developer platform offers a single tool for it all.
  • Long-Range Low-Power Wireless IoT Networks – IoT devices benefit from utilizing long-range wireless technologies such as LTE cellular network connectivity to connect to the IP Wide Area Network (IPWAN).
  • Short-Range Low-Power Wireless IoT Networks – Short-range solutions such as Bluetooth low energy connectivity offer a more stable and less energy-consuming solution than long-range connectivity.
  • Development Kits – IoT development kits, like Microsoft IoT developer kit and the Intel IoT developer kit, enable the rapid prototyping of IoT devices and provide all the hardware for developing IoT device ideas.
  • IoT Device Management – It’s worth to hire IoT developer as technologies for managing IoT devices are able to monitor device statuses and conditions. IoT developers detect those that crash or encounter software or hardware issues.
  • IoT Operating Systems – IoT products run on IoT operating systems, such as RIOT or FreeRTOS specifically designed for the Internet of Things.
  • Machine Learning – Machine learning brings the power of artificial intelligence to IoT devices and allows learning patterns from the data without human intervention.
  • Edge Computing – It’s an optimized method of cloud computing where data processing is performed near the edges of the network.

IoT Layers Internet of Things Developer Should Know

The Internet of Things (IoT) brings the power of the internet to almost every gadget, appliance, equipment. The Internet of Things objects have digital capabilities to automate various tasks, extract information from their surroundings, and provide improvements in their users’ experience. IoT developers are demanded which is reflected in the rates of IoT developer salary and an increasing tendency to hire IoT developers.

The IoT system is usually broken down into 5 functional layers mentioned below:

  • Perception Layer – IoT devices extract data from their environment through the use of sensors that measure temperature, pressure, orientation, speed, location (data about sensors can be received from SQL via Flux).
  • Network Layer – It connects the IoT devices to the internet, IoT developers get the information from the perception layer to the rest of the world via the internet and collect information for IoT devices which can be monitored by AWS IoT services.
  • Middleware Layer – It performs calculations and data processing, provides data storage for the IoT device. Another great thing that motivates to hire IoT developer and start searching for IoT resume.
  • Application Layer – It’s responsible for presenting information to the users of the IoT device so they may control and communicate with the IoT device.
  • Business Layer – IoT developers are focused on maximizing the IoT device business value. The data collected from users of IoT devices are processed into useful knowledge to improve the IoT product.

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