Hire JavaScript Developer in 5 Simple Steps

JavaScript language is a powerful client-side, multi-paradigm, dynamic language with a syntax based on the Java and C languages. It contains a number of types and operators, built-in objects, and methods. In contrast to complicated Java, JavaScript is a scripting language that cannot run on its own and is much easier to learn and use. 

JavaScript supports both object-oriented and functional programming, allowing creating almost any object or function within one language only. We recommend checking this source if you want to find more about JavaScript language history. In our research, we’ve found that 70% of companies want to hire a javascript programmer as of 2019.

You probably want to hire JavaScript developers as JS is well-known and widely used for interactive web and mobile JavaScript application development and there is a number of companies eager to hire dedicated JavaScript developers to work on their web services. According to a Devskiller study, 70% of companies want to hire JavaScript developer or the whole JS development dedicated team to outsource JavaScript web development tasks.

What is great about JS for JavaScript programmers, it is compatible with a wide range of modern browsers and, thus, can be viewed from any device or OS. Every entry level JavaScript developer remote knows that JS can be viewed with Adobe services, server-side environments, databases, SVG images, etc. JavaScript programmers including a junior JavaScript developer remote use JavaScript language for a broad scope of applications. 

Here you can find even more suggestions on the projects that can be performed with JavaScript functions. Let’s consider the pros and cons of JavaScript application development every junior JavaScript developer remote knows for sure.

If you want to hire JavaScript developers or just an entry level JavaScript developer remote, it’s good to know JS has been recognized as the most used programming language in the world for the third year in a row. In 2018 a survey was held among 6,000 JavaScript programmers from 17 different countries. 

JavaScript developers for hire have chosen JS over other languages based on rates of JavaScript application development environments and databases accessible, bug reporting, integration abilities, deployment variety, and the number of companies wanting to hire JavaScript developer.

If a junior JavaScript developer remote is in search of a comprehensive JavaScript application development guide on what project to develop using JS, these recommendations and tips will definitely help to start coding and move on fast for an entry level JavaScript developer remote or freelance JavaScript developer. Take a look at the calculator by Carolyn Hemmings which is a good example of what JavaScript programmers can build thanks to JavaScript web development in a combination of HTML and CSS. No wonder why many companies are eager to hire JavaScript developers.

JavaScript Development Advantages 

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of using JavaScript web development if you want to hire JavaScript developer or JavaScript consultant:

  • Supported by the Most Popular Browsers – Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer – these browsers support JS making it a vital tool for JavaScript application development and a JavaScript coder specifically. By enabling JavaScript language in the browser, both programmers and users can use JavaScript for development and viewing accordingly. It’s good to know before you hire JavaScript developers or a JavaScript consultant.
  • Provides Many Libraries and Frameworks – JavaScript programmers and JavaScript engineers know JS for its wide range of frameworks such as AngularJS, ReactJS, EmberJS that are of great help for JavaScript programmers for hire. With the use of frameworks, a JavaScript coder for hire remarkably deals with JavaScript web development tasks. Moreover, libraries supported by JavaScript offer a lot of helpful widgets to implement in the web site or web application.

Want to learn more on JS development? Visit our review of the most popular JavaScript frameworks.

  • JavaScript Doesn’t Require any Specific Tool to Write Code – JavaScript programmers can write in any type of program, even in a NotePad. Helpful info for those who need to hire JavaScript developers that there are many helpful tools to catch mistakes in the written code, but for the code itself, an entry level JavaScript developer remote needs a simple editor only.
  • JavaScript Web Development Is Easier – For junior JavaScript developer remote it simplifies the JavaScript application development process, allowing creating complex web applications with easy-to-use functions and basic application composition. So it’s truly worth to hire JavaScript developers.
  • Responsive Web Design – For every company or service, it is important to have a responsive web design to make the website accessible and compatible with different browsers and devices. With a combination of the CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript, JavaScript programmers for hire create the adjustable height and width of the web page that can be viewed from any smartphone or desktop without problems by a junior JavaScript developer as well as by all users.

JavaScript Development Disadvantages

There are cons of JavaScript development which every JavaScript coder and JavaScript consultant know:

  • JavaScript can be viewed differently in different browsers because of the layout engines that render the code written by an entry level JavaScript developer remote and DOM (document object model) elements inside the browser.
  • Before you hire JavaScript developer, remember that JavaScript is a pretty old language and it is hard to hold the lead positions over newer programming languages and technologies (like JQuery).
  • Once JavaScript programmers disable JavaScript in the browser, the entire code written by a JavaScript coder will stop working.
  • Junior JavaScript developer remote can download JavaScript file on customer’s device and, thus, the code written by a freelance JavaScript developer can be found and used by anyone accessed the device.

If you need to hire JavaScript developer or JavaScript consultant, remember that JavaScript web development offers a stunning range of frameworks, databases, and libraries for JavaScript programmers for hire to build a variety of projects without the usage of any other programming language, so it can be used by a junior JavaScript developer or a certified JavaScript developer both in front-end and back-end needs. Moreover, JavaScript allows importing other frameworks and libraries in the initial code, making the functionality of the developed project almost limitless.

2. Define the Skills You’re Looking for

There are 10 million JavaScript engineers and JavaScript developers for hire all over the globe. Not only JavaScript web development but also JS consulting as well as Node JS consulting gained huge popularity as well because it gave business owners who want to hire JavaScript development team or an entry level JavaScript developer remote the opportunity to stay relevant on the market and develop their own, unique, different from competitors’ integration strategy. 

In terms of high competitiveness in the modern market, these opportunities were needed more than ever. The thing is that already existing solutions are not giving the same effect as before which provokes companies to turn to consulting firms for insight.

So these days, some companies prefer to have a combination of a skilled junior JavaScript developer remote or certified JavaScript developer as well as JavaScript consultant in their ranks, as it ensures the best result possible. However, before hiring a JavaScript consultant or freelance JavaScript developer you need to learn about their required set of skills from a JavaScript developer resume. The same goes if you want to hire JavaScript developer.

Hot 5 CVs of a JavaScript Developer for those who’re looking for their ideal candidate

House of Bots hold a survey that showed the top 5 countries where JavaScript engineers and JavaScript developers for hire tend to live and work:

  • US
  • UK
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Ukraine

Of course, English speakers have the most opportunities opened for them. Among the knowledge of JavaScript, the knowledge of English helps programmers to find in-house, remote, and freelance offers worldwide.

While most JavaScript developers for hire look for a job or relocation to the US, it is worth mentioning that the biggest population of JavaScript developers for hire and JavaScript engineers lives not only in the US, but in the UK, Canada, Germany, and Ukraine. So you may pick these countries to hire JavaScript developers, a JavaScript consultant or a remote JavaScript developer.

Moreover, Southern Asian countries and developing countries as India and Indonesia also provide JavaScript application development services and experienced JavaScript programmers; however, specialists from these countries still lack knowledge and experience in big project development and management.

Here is the most up-to-date JavaScript developer skill set for you to consider. In the programming world, things change rapidly, and it is essential to keep in mind JavaScript developer roles and responsibilities when hiring a real expert.

Full-Stack JS Developer Should Know React & Redux

These frameworks should not come as a surprise on this list. React, one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks started gaining popularity in 2015 when AngularJS had some issues and developers began to look for alternative solutions. This way, React became highly recognizable among JavaScript engineers and JavaScript programmers for hire.

Redux, in addition to React framework, was presented in the same 2015. It made application testing easier and helped find a lot of bugs by Java Script developers who switched to React. These two tools work great in a pair, being a useful toolkit for all JavaScript engineers and JavaScript developers for hire.

Need a React developer and have questions about price? Read our React JS Developer salary comparison in different countries.

Meteor is a Required Technology for JavaScript Coder

Only those JavaScript developers know a lot about this easy-to-use framework, though it has been gaining popularity during the past few years for sure.

JavaScript developers for hire can say that Meteor works great with React and Angular, being a great upcoming solution even for a Junior JavaScript coder for hire who wants to create something good with fewer efforts. Being a quite lightweight framework, Meteor proved to be one of the tools that every JavaScript coder and a JavaScript consultant should be aware of.

Knowledge of Different Platforms/Browsers Is a Must

It is one of the essential knowledge that every JavaScript consultant and JavaScript coder for hire should have. Remote JavaScript developer knows at least the basics of the most popular platforms, devices, and browsers.

Certified JavaScript developer skills and requirements vary from project to project a lot, and you need to clearly identify the amount of work and the projected result before finding a junior JavaScript developer remote or certified JavaScript developer to complete it for you.

JS Developer Needs Good Communication Skills

Though it is not a particular skill required from JavaScript programmers for hire only, it is essential to pay attention to the communication skills of a freelance JavaScript developer. If you want to hire JavaScript developer, check his skills and ask how the remote JavaScript developer sees roles in the project.

As an employer, you can have a conversation regarding the previous experience of the potential candidate, his ability to work remotely and be available in working hours.

Managing a remote team requires a well-thought strategy. Here are 25 best practices for working remote from Mobilunity.

For remote programmers, it will not be helpful to ask for feedback from their previous customers regarding the quality and timeliness of the developed project or performed task. During the conversation with the candidate, you can ask him whether he had worked with a remote team previously or how he sees the communication process for the upcoming project.

Relating to JavaScript developer skills, it is worth asking how the programmer sees roles in the project and what he would like to start with to check his technical and teamwork experience at the same time.

JavaScript Developers Should Follow the JS News

Although it is not a skill in its fullest, we would like to put it first to highlight the importance of being in pace with the latest trends in JavaScript development, JavaScript framework, and new technical approaches in general.

A professional JavaScript coder for hire and a JavaScript consultant know the JavaScript development basics. If you are a junior JavaScript developer remote or a certified JavaScript developer and want to get a highly paid job, it is essential to know the latest information about JavaScript and know places where to find it quickly.

Among new programs and new JavaScript frameworks, a full-stack JavaScript developer or JavaScript consultant can find tips and advice from experienced JavaScript programmers for hire that will make your programming life easier and your JavaScript coder projects standing out among others.

If you are looking for just one JS developer or need to extend your team with 10 or 20 specialists, you’ve come to the right place!

3. Choose a Hiring Model

There are various recruitment models which are currently followed in the JavaScript development services offshore market. Choosing the best one for your company ensures you can hire faster, at a lower cost and with minimal risk. Let’s consider hiring in-house, nearshoring and traditional JavaScript projects outsourcing.


How it works:

  • You hire developers with the forces of your own recruiting team
  • You have 100% control over the process
  • It’s hard to change fast  the team size
  • Your research of candidates is limited to country borders or even 1 city
  • New employees need an office, equipment, other expenses, etc.
  • You organize everything according to the rules of your country: taxes, data protection, etc.
  • Your employees belong to the same culture and speak your language
  • Works perfectly only for stable long-term projects. Even if you have no work you must pay a salary whatever.


How it works:

  • You pass a project to a remote agency that hires each developer from scratch creating the exact team you need.
  • Agency takes care of the hiring process (research on the local market, selection of the candidates, interview).
  • The hired team belongs to you.
  • Your team is scalable and flexible.
  • The team is located in another country, in the office of an agency.
  • The agency covers office, equipment costs, etc.
  • You (or your project manager) manage the team directly.
  • Produced software and all intellectual property belong to you.
  • Agency is responsible for your data protection and GDPR.
  • You can hire developers from abroad to cut costs and extend the boards of a search for candidates needed.


How it works:

  • You pass a project to a remote agency.
  • Agency has its own formed team of professionals that works on your project. 
  • The team doesn’t belong to you. The team belongs to an agency.
  • Agency takes the price for its JS development services or virtual reality development cost.
  • The JavaScript coding outsourcing team will be managed by the agency’s account manager — you have no control over the process.
  • Agency covers the costs of offices, equipment, etc.
  • You can outsource JavaScript abroad to cut the cost of development.
  • Works perfectly for super-specific short-term projects.
Team RecruitmentTeam recruited directly by the client100% dedicated and exclusively recruited teamTeam built from the service provider employees
Skills and expertise limited byDomestic labor marketLabor market of the provider’s countryProvider’s staff
Who owns and controls the team?ClientClientService provider
Team ScalabilityLowHighLow
Office and equipment provided byClientService providerService provider
Team payroll is managed byClientService providerService provider
Technology selectionClientClientService provider
HR managementClientService providerService provider
Project managementClientClientBusiness requirements provided by:- clientSoftware requirements provided by:- service provider
Data ProtectionFull control over the dataData protection policies implemented by the service provider as per contractUsually not managed
Produced software and intellectual property belongs toClientClientService provider, unless IP question is covered in the contract

There has been a growing tendency to work out of the office, and in the past few years, almost every JavaScript development company has successfully outsourced or nearshored JavaScript web development tasks cooperating with remote JavaScript programmers for hire and junior JavaScript developer.

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4. Choose the Country to Hire JavaScript Developers

If you’ve decided to hire JavaScript developer or JavaScript consultant, this paragraph will help you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of where to where JavaScript engineers tend to live and work and how much does a JavaScript coder for hire make in each country.

Previously we mentioned the top 5 countries to find a highly qualified full-stack JavaScript developer or expert JavaScript consultant. Taking that information in mind, please see average annual revenues of JavaScript developers for hire on a freelance basis from these countries according to PayScale where you may hire JavaScript developers or a sole full-stack JavaScript developer:

  • The US – $71,940
  • Germany – €45,442 ($52,057)
  • Canada – C$62,917 ($47,485)
  • The UK – £34,936 ($44,510)
  • Ukraine – $24,652

Though there is a common belief that Canadian JavaScript programmers for hire gain the same income values as the US developers for hire do. When it comes to junior JavaScript developer remote and JavaScript consultant rate comparison, German JavaScript coder for hire tends to set higher prices for his work. Evidently, Ukraine offers the most economical rates for developers compared to custom software development Sydney. Ukrainian junior JavaScript developer remote and full-stack JavaScript developer rate differs a lot comparing to more developed countries. A Ukrainian certified JavaScript developer proved to be a remarkable JavaScript coder.

If you need to hire JavaScript developer or the whole team of JavaScript engineers, take a closer look at hourly rate in each of the mentioned countries. It appears that the UK takes a leading position when it comes to a reward per hour:

  • The UK – £30.31 ($38,62)
  • The US – $30.80
  • Germany – €17.70 ($20,28)
  • Canada – C$20.89 ($15,7)
  • Ukraine – $11.84

Still, the Ukrainian freelance JavaScript developer, as well as JavaScript consultant hourly rate, is the lowest among the top countries where JavaScript programmers work and live. It’s quite popular to hire javascript developer in Ukraine because of their well-known technical knowledge and creative minds. 

Therefore, if you plan to hire a top-class freelance JavaScript developer, you may hire Ukrainian JavaScript developer. According to research, there are more than 166,000 JavaScript engineers and JavaScript developers for hire in Ukraine and this number tends to grow.

Among these JavaScript programmers for hire, every second JavaScript coder, as well as a JavaScript consultant, is proficient or at least familiar with lots of programming languages except for JS. If you’re looking for a reliable JavaScript application development company to delegate your tasks on outsource, you will probably notice a lot of Ukrainian JavaScript engineers. 

There are 353 vacancies for JavaScript developers for hire (including JavaScript junior developer)  at Glassdoor, 630 job opportunities at Rabota.ua, and 112 job posts at Work.ua. Now, before you hire JavaScript contractor, check the rate range among JavaScript coder for hire from different countries.

5. How Your Project Can Benefit From Hiring a Javascript Developer

As we have mentioned before, there are dozens of JS programmers and JS developers for hire worldwide. Consulting companies provide various types of services and give an opportunity to hire CoffeeScript developers and find JavaScript programmers or JS coders. The decision of which Javascript programmer needs to be employed is very complex and demanding. That is where companies like Mobilunity can help you. 

If you decide to grow and develop the company, it can just benefit from hiring a JS developer. 

Cover Different Needs

Hiring Javascript developers requires the knowledge of your needs. Various specialists cover different clusters. For example, front-end developers focus their attention on the site’s appearance, usability, and client orientation without paying attention to internal components. However, someone also has to worry about the filling. 

A back-end developer performs this role. He writes the code and maintains the stable operation of the application and the database. This specialist ensures that all components are protected and the program works perfectly.

The back-end developer builds the foundation and walls, and the front-end performs external repair work. One cannot exist without the other. Or there is also a simple solution to hire a full-stack specialist.  

The last one fits better companies that start product development and don’t know where to focus. This specialist works with both the back-end and front-end. If you hire JS developers, you will receive specialists that have a bigger perspective on complex issues.

JS Programmer Is a Universal Soldier

JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages because of its versatility and the relative ease of writing program instructions and because a specialist will only need a browser to run the first line of code. 

It is worth noting that more and more companies are not limited to working with JavaScript only in the browser but also use the Node.js platform, the JavaScript code execution environment, to write server applications. 

More than 50% of developers work with JavaScript, so it’s not hard to find a JavaScript developer nowadays. 

The field of JavaScript development is snowballing. If you hire a JavaScript development team, you choose people who learn constantly. To stay competitive in the JavaScript market, they study new technologies always.  

Grow Your Business

There is no secret that the audience of the Internet is expanding rapidly every year. An ever-increasing number of potential buyers is beginning to interest an increasing number of business owners. 

The knowledge of JavaScript is beneficial. Using this powerful scripting language on the pages of a website will not only increase the interactivity of the interface but also achieve the same work in different browsers. In addition, Javascript libraries open up almost limitless possibilities for creating your own visual effects when working with web page elements. 

Hire JavaScript programmers, and they will turn a typical solution into a unique project that will stand out from the broad range of proposals.

Reduced Costs

Sometimes finding a local specialist is challenging. The market can be so small, and the search process can be almost impossible. In that case, you can choose to hire JavaScript engineers abroad. If you decide to hire remote JavaScript developer, you should consider outsourcing. 

If you choose to outsource, you pay just for the service you get. This gives you a chance to source your finance in other important directions. Additionally, you don’t need to hire JavaScript consultant as it may be useless permanently.

Get the Best Specialists and Don’t Bother About the Recruiting Process

Usually, recruiting and onboarding takes a lot of time and resources because the company allocates its employees to it. This process is not always successful and of high quality.

When you work with an agency or consultant, they all have specialized expertise in that field and know how to combine all the processes more efficiently. Agencies have already proven specialists or cooperate with partners that help them to find dedicated JS developers for hire around the world. They have more experience in solving various issues and matching workers with companies. So if you want the process to be painless and fast, let the agency hire JS developer for you.

6. Why Mobilunity Is a Good Choice 

Here at Mobilunity, we value knowledge and build long-lasting relationships with our clients. We find JavaScript developers that cover all the needs of our customers in a timely manner. Our specialists have great experience in different fields, and they are not scared of challenging projects. 

Mobilunity is about transparency at every stage of work. We are a very demanding company that wants the best for their clients. Our company has more than 10 years of experience, dozens of accomplished projects, and clients all over the world. Our key to success is people and their knowledge. 

In the company, we work with ambitious and resilient employees who put relations with the client first place without forgetting about professional competencies. We send specialists who fully immerse themselves in the project and work only on it, which brings our clients and us high results.

7. Find Your Full Stack Developer JavaScript Vendor

There are many companies offering assistance with JavaScript web development and a JavaScript coder for hire; however, they can’t boast the same number of successfully launched projects that Mobilunity JavaScript development teams and JavaScript engineers completed. 

Mobilunity proved to be a reliable JavaScript development firm that can join a project at any stage. Should you need any assistance with JavaScript application development, now you know where to find dedicated JavaScript developers for hire.

Mobilunity has a proven track record of successful cooperation with companies looking to hire JavaScript coders or developers working with one of the JS frameworks or CTO advisory services. Among such clients are: 

  • 42Matters from Switzerland
  • XPLG from Israel
  • Grates from Japan and many others.

Visit Our Clients page to learn more about the companies we’re working with and read their success stories. And in the meanwhile, take a look at what our clients have to say about working with Mobilunity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hiring JS Developers

Q: What is JavaScript developer?

A JavaScript developer is a coder that specializes in creating, testing and deploying software using the JavaScript programming language.

Q: What is JavaScript used for?

JavaScript is used both on the client-side and server-side to make on the web pages interactive elements that attract users. For instance, the search box on Amazon and the refreshing feature of your Twitter feed were made using JS.

Q: Are JavaScript developers in demand?

Yes. According to a report from developer skills tester DevSkiller, JavaScript was the most in-demand skill of 2020.

Q: Which country has best developers?

Considering the ranking from SkillValue, the best developers in the world are located in Slovakia, Mexico, Poland, Hungary and Ukraine.

Q: How much do JavaScript developers make?

To find the answer to this question, we recommend to read our comparison of the average JavaScript developer salary worldwide.

If you plan to hire JavaScript developer to build your project, you are welcome to reach out to our experienced JavaScript programmers for hire!

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