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The Internet of Things or IoT is a leading enabler of technological innovations, providing a mesh with which the full power of the internet may be accessed by every imaginable device. It provides objects with the ability to connect to other devices within the network, allowing capabilities like remote access and control, real-time communication between devices, usage monitoring, and many others. More than this, the IoT collects data from the various devices connected to it and processes this information to improve the services delivered to users, thereby enabling the continuous improvement of the IoT system as a whole.

There are many available Internet of Things technologies that IoT developers and IoT product owners can take advantage of to get started with IoT more quickly. In this article, we take a look at Microsoft Azure, one of the leading providers of IoT services.

Microsoft Azure for IoT Developers and Internet of Things Software Companies

Microsoft Azure is a collection of cloud services available for a wide range of different applications, such as development, testing, deployment and management of different kinds of applications and digital services. Among the many services it offers are:

azure developer services

  • Virtual machines – Azure allows developers to create Windows or Linux virtual machines, which are simulated computer systems used to ensure that the specifications of the server environment match the exact requirements of the application to be run in the environment.
  • Platform as a service – This service provides developers with a full suite of tools for full application development, testing, and development, including a database system, storage and server solutions, an operating system, an internet software development environment, and the like, allowing the quick creation of full-blown applications.
  • Mobile apps services – This set of services enables developers to create sophisticated mobile applications in a fraction of the time. Its services include push notification management, active directory authorization and authentication, offline capabilities, and social media integration
  • Storage services – Azure offers its servers as a storage solution that developers can use to store application files and databases, offering a scalable and cost-effective storage option because you will only pay for the storage you need.

The above services, as well as all the other services offered by Microsoft Azure, become especially attractive in the context of IoT software development. In fact, Microsoft offers its own Azure IoT Suite, which compiles all Azure technologies that are relevant for IoT product development. This suite includes capabilities such as remote monitoring of IoT devices, predictive maintenance of devices to prevent downtimes, enhanced security solutions for IoT solutions, and support for a wide range of operating systems. As of 2017, Microsoft Azure holds the second largest market share in the cloud computing services sector, next only to Amazon Web Services.

Microsoft Azure Consultant

Microsoft Azure encompasses a large number of products and services, and although this gives customers great flexibility and full control, it also introduces a great deal of complexity. For instance, many types of IoT systems may require the use of a combination of multiple products, and it may be difficult to determine which ones are needed and how each one should be connected. Moreover, each of the different products may provide different types of services, but they may also have some overlaps in features, so it’s easy to use a number of products that aren’t really necessary and may in fact be eliminated to cut down on costs. This is where a Microsoft Azure consultant comes in handy.

A Microsoft Azure consultant must be fully knowledgeable about all the different products and services that are part of the Microsoft Azure suite. Moreover, he must be adept at combining various Azure products to build different IoT systems. He must also have full knowledge of the overlaps in the features of the products in order to determine the most optimal combination of products to use to minimize the cost and maximize performance. Therefore, an Azure specialist will not only help cut down on operational costs, he may also help Internet of Things software companies implement IoT systems in the most optimal way possible.

5 Tips for Azure Development

Here are some useful tips for Azure developers that will allow them to maximize the Azure IoT suite to its full potential.

5 tips for azure development

Acquire Azure Certification

Microsoft offers a number of Azure certification options that IoT developers and consultants can acquire in order to more formally demonstrate his skills with Azure development and show that his expertise is recognized by Microsoft itself. The first level of Azure developer certification is the MCSA: Cloud Platform Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate certification, which ensures an understanding of the fundamental Azure development concepts. The second level of Azure certification is the MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert certification, which ensures the mastery of both fundamental and advanced Azure concepts.

Pick the Right Pricing

Microsoft offers a wide range of Azure pricing options that customers can choose from to help them stay within their budget. Different price ranges exist for different hardware and software specifications, and it is imperative that a developer knows exactly which configuration a company needs in order to not pay too much for a service or pay too little and receive unsatisfactory service.

Master Security Best Practices

IoT systems are connected to the whole of the internet, so naturally, security issues are a prime concern. Note, however, that security breaches may often be prevented by proper implementation of industry-standard security best practices. Moreover, it’s always best to include all security measures in the design of any system, because it’s much harder to integrate such measures into a system when it is already in development. Therefore, a good mastery of security best practices is highly recommended before starting any IoT system implementation.

Set Up Autoscaling

Microsoft Azure has an autoscaling feature that automatically and dynamically adjusts the allocation of resources to match the requirements of any system. Performance requirements change frequently throughout the development process as more features are added or removed. Autoscaling automatically allocates or de-allocates resources to match these changes to optimize performance and avoid resource wastage.

Stay Updated

Microsoft Azure continues to receive updates that contain bug fixes, feature enhancements, additional capabilities, and the like. Moreover, Microsoft continuously releases cloud development courses that highlight new technologies that may be useful for cloud development. In order to keep your IoT systems at the forefront of technology, it is important for a developer to stay updated with the most recent developments in Microsoft Azure and the IoT software development sphere.

Azure Developer Salary

One other important concern with adopting IoT technologies is the cost. In most countries, the typical Azure developer salary and Azure consultant salary tend to be very high. As such, it will be highly beneficial to scout the market for the lowest rates. Let’s do a comparison of the usual Azure specialist salary in different countries to see where it might be best to hire developers or consultants from. In this comparison, we use PayScale as our source of data. Note that since data for Microsoft Azure developers aren’t available for many countries, we instead look at salaries for software engineers, whose scope of work has great overlaps with Azure developers. PayScale reports the average gross annual salaries received by software engineers in different countries as follows:

chart of azure developer salary around the worldComparison of Average Gross Annual Salaries of Software Engineers in Different Countries (Data Source: PayScale)

The above data show that among the countries we examined, Ukraine has by far the lowest rates for software engineers, and we expect the same to be true for Microsoft Azure developers.

Azure Specialist Sample Resume

Here’s an actual resume of a Microsoft Azure developer that you can take a look at to get an idea of what the typical background of an Azure specialist is like.

azure developer resume sample

Hire Azure Developer Now

Microsoft Azure is among the most popular IoT software development platforms that can make the development and implementation of IoT systems exponentially faster and more convenient. It offers a large number of tools that developers can utilize, and it helps to have an expert in Azure development to help decide which tools to use and how best to implement specific IoT systems. We’ve seen some tips on Azure development and hiring good Azure specialists, as well as some figures on the typical rates and background of Azure developers. You now have the tools you need to make an informed decision and properly hire developers to provide you with top-notch Azure developer services.

hire microsoft azure consultant at Mobilunity

For all your Azure and Internet of Things software companies needs, we’re here to make sure you get only the best value for your money. We at Mobilunity provide skilled, competent, and qualified dedicated Azure and IoT developers skilled in many technologies. What’s even better is that we’re based in Ukraine, so our rates are among the lowest you can find in the continent, even compared to Internet of Things software companies. We offer the perfect balance between quality and affordability, so you’ll have fewer things to worry about.

To get started with your IoT project and with our Azure consultants, contact us now!

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