Why the Position of Microsoft Dynamics Developer is Critical in Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft dynamics is a comprehensive business solution, which unifies different business processes, such as sales, finance, marketing, human resource management, customer services, procurement, and field operations.  All these business processes are effectively managed through different modules like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and others. The customer relationship management implementation is done by an expert Microsoft Dynamics programmer.

Microsoft Dynamics works very well with the other products of Microsoft and third party CRM implementation partners, such as MS Azure, Outlook, SharePoint, Yammer and many others. A good SharePoint developer can easily develop and integrate numerous software applications and customized business solutions to run on the Microsoft Dynamics platform for making your business processes more efficient, productive and automated.

Introduction and Importance for Microsoft Dynamics Developers

Microsoft Dynamics is a next generation business solution powered by the capabilities of business intelligence, custom development and integration of many tools and processes on one unified platform. The latest version, known as Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a cloud based solution that includes the Dynamics CRM implementation and ERP implementation all together in a single place.

MS Dynamics and SharePoint are two very popular products of Microsoft Corporation in the present day marketplace. According to the V3 News, UK information, there was as much as 14% increase in the Microsoft dynamics CRM developer salary in the global market a few years back. That significant increase in the demand of Microsoft Dynamics engineers and Microsoft Dynamics experts in the marketplace is clear indication of the popularity of the MS dynamics platform.

Similarly, according to the IT JOBS WATCH information, the demand of Microsoft dynamics CRM developer jobs has increased at about 76% during the past six months in the UK market only. During the same period of six months in 2017, this increase in the demand of Microsoft dynamics coder stood at about 30% with an increase of about £2,500 in the Microsoft dynamics developer salary per annum.

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There are more than 700 live job positions at different locations in the UK on the IT Jobs Watch Website that included Microsoft Dynamics AX developer, Microsoft dynamics specialists, MS dynamics consultants, Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer and other positions.

In 2015, there was an acute shortage of Microsoft dynamics developers in the UK and other European countries owing to the 12% growth in revenue of MS Dynamics. The demand of MS talent is still soaring up not only in the UK and European markets, but also in the USA and other regions globally.

The CRM implimentation is one of the major domains, which generate substantial demand of MS dynamics talent. Many experts believe that this demand will continue to remain in the marketplace for at least a few more years to come.

Major Functional Modules of Microsoft CRM

The Microsoft Dynamics business solution consists of two major software platforms ERP and CRM. The combined solution has numerous functional modules that handle different business processes commonly used in the all sizes of businesses across numerous industries. You can also use different on-premise software platforms like MS dynamics AX ERP, MS dynamics NAV ERP, MS dynamics GP accounting, and others with the help of Microsoft Dynamics Navision developer and the specialist in AX and GP platforms.

The main functional modules commonly supported in different versions of MS dynamics are mentioned below:

  • Sales
  • Field Service
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Operations
  • Project Service Automation
  • Business Central

modules microsoft dynamics ax developer

All these modules can also be used with many other custom software applications developed on for your business needs. You can also use different apps for data analysis and business intelligence to create business value for your company.

You can choose different modules that you need for your business by choosing different packages or licenses. You can also choose the standard plans of Microsoft Dynamics 365, which is a cloud based solution. The options for custom plans are also available in cloud based MS Dynamics 365 services.

Different Types of Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft dynamics 365 is consolidated and cloud-based solution that can support all modules and software applications commonly used in the management of business processes of the modern enterprises. Other than the Dynamics 365, there are different versions or types of MS dynamics that can be purchased for on-premises applications.

The common types of Microsoft dynamics are listed below:

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX
  • Microsoft Dynamics Navision (NAV)
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM

All these types of software platforms have been comprehensively combined in the modern cloud-based SaaS services for almost all sizes and types of businesses.

It is very important to note than you have to shoulder additional burden of hiring Microsoft dynamics GP developer and other developers and specialists to run your on-premises business automation environment. While choosing the fully managed cloud-based MS dynamics service will lower your burden for extra technical resources.

Microsoft Dynamics Developer – Importance and It’s Market Demand

The importance of a Microsoft Dynamics developer is very high in the modern business ecosystem, where every business wants to fulfill their custom requirements of business. For that purpose, every enterprise needs skilled and qualified dynamics developers. The demand of the skilled developers is extensively fulfilled by Microsoft dynamics AX developer certification programs offered by the Microsoft itself through its training partners.

The operations and maintenance of the complex MS dynamics business automation environment are highly technical task, which should be managed by the trained developers and administrators, so that business does not suffer from system hindrances.

As far as the demand of the Microsoft Dynamics developer talent is concerned, you can find a huge demand of on different job portals. For example, right at the time of writing this article, there were more than 3,391 Microsoft dynamics developer jobs on the Indeed job portal. And more than 976 jobs related to MS dynamics development were available on the LinkedIn website.

From these figures, you can easily assess the demand of the MS dynamics developers and latest skill sets in the marketplace. The Microsoft Dynamics CRM developer resume is one of the hot resumes demanded in the present day job market.

Microsoft Dynamics Developer Salary in Different Countries

With an increased demand of MS dynamics developers in the marketplace, the salary of different kinds of dynamics developers has also increased during the past few years in many countries. Let’s explore about the MS dynamics CRM, ERP and Microsoft Dynamics AX developer salary in different countries of the world.

microsoft dynamics crm developer salary

The salaries of the Microsoft Dynamics developers may vary in different cities, states and provinces of the countries mentioned in the above table. The average salaries of large corporations also vary from the small and medium size businesses.

Why and Where to Hire Best Microsoft Dynamics Developers?

It is always recommended to hire the best talent for the Microsoft Dynamics developer position to make your project 100% successful. As we know, today’s market is so competitive that the development of quality code within the allocated budget, and on-time delivery are very critical factors to keep your business relevant in the marketplace. Quality, competitiveness and timely delivery can only be achieved by using the best Microsoft dynamics developers in your projects.

The best way to hire the best talent for the Microsoft Dynamics platform is to use the professional grade hiring services of the Mobilunity remote outstaffing company, Ukraine.

Mobilunity offers top rated Microsoft Dynamics talent dedicatedly for your project so that your project becomes a full success. It offers very competitive prices for hiring one single or a full team of remote Dynamics developers fully dedicated to your project and placed at Kyiv, Ukraine.

The company offers complete dedicated development infrastructure and a great work space with a congenial work environment for the development team to work with. The geographical location and time zone of Ukraine is very suitable for many companies located in different European, Asia Pacific and North American regions.

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