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Node JS Backend Programming: Everything You Need to Know

Node.js is a language that has developed out of JavaScript which is very much a language that is usually seen in the browser than at the backend. So why should you consider it as a backend in your stack? Unlike JavaScript, Node.js is capable of running on the server. This means that you can have the same language running on both server and browser.

The software also allows for “non-blocking, event driven I/O”, using a single thread the program can make as many connections as you want without creating a new thread, thus reducing memory consumption. This makes communication back and forth between server and browser so much quicker than with other languages. It is also why Professional Node JS developers are in such high demand with many companies.

While Node.js can make up to a million concurrent connections there are still some limitations to what it can do. With its single thread you can get into real problems if you are running anything that could be CPU intensive. So if your application is going to fall into this area you should be looking at alternative languages to use.

Many companies use Node JS for backend development. In fact for many Node JS backend programming is becoming the norm as more developers start to realize the power of using it for real time applications on their sites. Companies making use of Node JS backend developer skills within their site include all of the following:

  • Walmart
  • LinkedIn
  • Netflix
  • PayPal
  • Trello
  • Uber
  • NASA
  • eBay

By using a backend developer with Node JS, Netflix has been able to make their load time 70% less as using the software for their app as it is so much faster for streaming. Mobile apps for Walmart and even for sites such as Alibaba also use the software due to its speed. The way it works also makes it perfect for collaboration tools where you can see what changes others are making in real-time such as with Trello. Learning platforms such as Quizlet also use Node.js as it allows them to handle more than 600 thousand visits every day.

Building or Extending Your Team with a Node JS Backend Developer

Node.js backend developer skills are today in great demand. Having JavaScript, which is an easy to understand language, on both sides of your development means that you can reduce the number of developers that you need. Node JS developers will not need to know multiple languages and have to write the code twice, once for the server and again for the browser. It also means that all involved will be able to easily understand what is being written in the way of code.

So if your application is suitable to use a Node JS backend developer this is definitely an option that you should be considering over using other languages for backend development.

Key Info on Hiring a Great Back end Node Engineer: Roles & Responsibilities, Costs & CV Sample

So if you are going to search for an excellent back end Node engineer to work with your team you need to fully understand what they should look like. Backend development Node.js skills will of course vary depending on the specific project that you are running, however, they should comprise:

  • “X” years of experience as a backend developer with Node JS
  • Knowledge of Node.js frameworks
  • A full understanding of OOPs
  • Experience with asynchronous programming
  • Management of databases
  • Full understating of API communications
  • Full understanding of both front and backend development
  • Web security

In addition to specifying the skills within their Node and JavaScript resume, you also need to consider the specific role that they will be playing within your team. The following are backend Node JS developer roles and responsibilities that they are likely to have:

  • Working within a development team using agile development methodology.
  • Build backend services using Node.js in collaboration with other members of the team.
  • Full testing, fault finding and debugging of written code.
  • Contribution to team to ensure that app will meet end user expectations

Of course, hiring a senior backend developer Node.js does not have to be done in your own backyard or even country. You are free to source your staff from anywhere in the world and to take advantage of the potential cost savings that can be had. The following are some examples of Node JS backend developer salary from PayScale:

  • US  $105,000
  • UK – 84,000
  • Switzerland – $94,000
  • New Zealand – $50,000
  • Ukraine – $25,000

Ukrainian Developer with Node.js MySQL Socket.io Skills

In 2018, the share of IT growth in Ukraine gained a remarkable 4.5%, and the expected growth of Ukrainian IT services is 8.4% by 2025. At the same time, the average hourly rate is of full-stack socket.io developers with Node JS and MySQL knowledge is only $34. That’s twice as much as a Node JS MySQL developer in the US earn, with their hourly rate from $57.04 to almost $100, depending on one’s expertise and scope of work.

It may be hard to find an expert developer with Node.js MySQL Socket.io skills around the corner. That’s why many businesses worldwide opt for outsourcing Node JS Docker Stack Socket io developer for their IT projects. As you can see from above, outsourcing Ukrainian developers come as a viable and beneficial solution for companies of any scale. Whether you want to hire MySQL developer or a coder with Socket.io knowledge, it’s hard to find a better outsourcing location than Ukraine.

Node JS Docker Stack Socket io Developer Required Set of Skills

To sum up, here are the skills and experience that a Socket.io programmer should have to be considered a full-stack developer:

  • Good knowledge of front-end technologies. A full-stack developer must have a working experience not only with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS but also with other front-end technologies wide-spread on the market and used for a particular project.
  • Good knowledge of back-end technologies, too. A full-stack developer shouldn’t be professional in back-end technology, but a good knowledge of the available programming languages, frameworks, and approaches is a must. Node JS, Socket.io, and MySQL fall under solutions used mostly in back-end in pair with Python or Java programming languages.
  • Understanding of the latest security practices. With the whole world being concerned about cybersecurity issues, it is essential to think about the security of future software from the beginning. A full-stack developer should know what security practices are the best ones, and which technologies can contribute to the safety of the particular project.
  • Good project management skills. A good full-stack developer is also an excellent project manager. By knowing about so many technical specifics, this programmer can evaluate the time and effort needed for completing a specific part of the project and set deadlines accordingly.
  • Ability to work both independently and within a team. Ideally, a full-stack programmer should be able to take any development role within a team. However, the coder usually has some working preferences, i.e., taking care of front-end solutions or, on the contrary, back-end ones.

Mobilunity as Your Top-Choice Company for a Backend Developer with Node JS Skills

Mobilunity has been offering support to companies across the world Since 2010 and employs more than 200 specialist staff within their offices in Ukraine. They are able to offer you specialized Node.Js backend development support at a price that is going to be significantly lower than you will pay within other parts of Europe or the US.

Price is not the only advantage however, Mobilunity offers all of the following additional benefits:

  • European values and work ethics.
  • Top English language skills to ensure that there are no communication issues.
  • Offices are easily reached from anywhere in Europe within a couple of hours.
  • Access to tens of thousands fully qualified IT professionals within the country

If you are in need of a Node.js backend developer, Mobilunity can provide you with all of the project management and development support that you need for your next Node.js project.

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