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Efficiency, optimized-resource allocation and usage, responsiveness, and high-quality user experience are only some of the criteria that web platforms, tools, and applications are judged by. So naturally, companies move towards employing the skills and experience necessary to meet these criteria, such as hire React Native developer to develop React-based platforms or hire Node JS developer for Node.js powered web platforms and solutions.

Node.js belongs to the family of JavaScript frameworks, related to technologies such as Express.js, React.js, and Angular.js. Node.js is an open-source Javascript-based server-side development framework geared towards developing efficient and reusable solutions. Node.js is among the most popular tools used to develop high-quality and efficient server-side solutions and tools. According to the 2019 Stackoverflow Survey, Node.js is also the most commonly used technology for developing solutions. It is also among the top 10 technologies most preferred by developers. Several global tech companies – such as Netflix, eBay, LinkedIn, Amazon, Tumblr, PayPal, and Uber – have incorporated Node.js in the development and maintenance of their online portals.

Why Should You Hire NodeJS Developers?

Diverse Industry Application for NodeJS Developers Skills

Because Node.js is an open-source JavaScript-based framework, it has a wide range of applications. Notably, Node.js has been used across diverse industries and technology.

Node.js continues to evolve and grow, given that there is strong and widespread community support that ushers its growth. There is a global community dedicated to developing, improving, and supporting the framework. Companies such as PayPal, IBM, eBay, Netflix, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA, and LinkedIn are only some that actively support and use Node.js in their technological solutions.

Hire Node Contractor to Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Improved productivity and efficiency are not only observed among Node.js experts but also in the solutions and tools that they build. This increase in productivity and efficiency can be attributed to Node.js itself. Developing solutions using Node.js leads to scalable applications as well as flexible solutions and development processes. Node.js developers for hire can develop scalable applications that provide a platform for new nodes or processes to be easily added, and adding resources to support existing nodes to be more manageable. While flexible applications and development processes enable Nodejs programmers to develop modular solutions and microservices.

Robust Node.js Programmer Development Environment

Node.js is an open-source JavaScript-based framework. JavaScript is among the programming languages available that is easy to learn, understand, and code applications with. This makes it easier for Node.js developers for hire to learn and develop their skills. This also makes Javascript developers, especially a Node.js expert, one of the more prevalent and lend to a large pool of skilled JavaScript and Node JS developers available in the market. Node.js provides Node.js programmers and developers for hire the platform and the needed tools to develop customizable and extensible applications. Node.js developers for hire have the libraries and tools to connect and integrate their server-side processes and solutions with a wide variety of third-party applications and tools that can enhance and widen the range of functionalities that the developed solutions are capable of.

Examples of these extensible tools are:

  • Extending their solutions using built-in APIs to establish HTTP or DNS servers
  • Use of a JS compiler such as Babel to enable front-end development using older browser or Node versions
  • Leverage tools such as Jasmine for unit testing, and Log.io for troubleshooting and monitoring tasks
  • Extend data migration using Migrate, PM2 for process management, and WebPack for module management
  • Extend the Node.js framework with other compatible frameworks such as Express, Nest, Restify, Meteor, and such

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Shorter Development Turnaround for Node JS Developers for Hire

Because Node.js is a robust environment, Node.js coder and Node.JS engineer can leverage the wide array of repositories, readily available modules, libraries, and tools to better facilitate and manage their development processes. Node.js developers for hire are also equipped with libraries and tools to automate repetitive operations, share modified information, and schedule actions. These, and the availability of UI templates and ready-to-use functions, make development more streamlined and the tool more efficient. Hire Node.js developer to take advantage of Node.js solutions which are fast and high-performing. This is facilitated by the framework in that the applications run outside of the browser with the help of Google’s V8 JS Engine. With this, Node.js solutions are more resource-efficient, highly-responsive, and – with the help of non-blocking and event-driven I/O functions – are capable of processing multiple requests simultaneously.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Node JS Developer for Hire?

Job responsibilities and requirements are mostly specified by the recruiter or business hiring Node.js development services. However, several responsibilities are common to look for if you want to hire senior Node.js developers.

#1 Server-side application development and enhancement

Node JS developers are tasked with the development of server-side applications, tools, and/or processes that will serve a back-end for the customer-facing application interface. NodeJS developers mainly use tools such as JavaScript, NodeJS, and/or any of its variants and libraries and tools to develop server-side web application tools and processes to support frontend functionality.

#2 Frontend and server-side process and tools integration

Node JS programmers also develop solutions that develop links and integrate their server-side application solutions with their front-end functionalities. A Node.JS engineer also develops processes and protocols that link application tools with third-part web services to enhance application functionality. Node JS developers also implement protocols to ensure that any data storage solution used is integrated into the various solutions that they build.

#3 Develop efficient, scalable, and reusable tools and code

Node.js developers are responsible for writing code that is reusable and efficient when developing server-side solutions. Performance is a significant metric in developing applications and tools, thus the code and tools should be testable, high-performing, low-latency, and scalable. Ensuring that the form and code of the application are efficient goes a long way into making the resulting application to be efficient and high-performing.

#4 Implement security and safety measures and protocols

Security and safety is also an essential protocol for any tool or application to be developed. Nodejs programmers are responsible for implementing security and safety measures and processes to ensure the protection of data, information, and protocol used and processed by the tool is safe and protected from unwanted access.

#5 Ensure continuous learning and knowledge sharing

Node.js engineers and NodeJS developers are not only responsible for developing tools and solutions but are also tasked with building on their skills and knowledge on tools and technology that will enhance their work. Such as new and modern Node js libraries, frameworks, and tools, as well as other tools similar to Node.js. Node.js programmers are also tasked with sharing their knowledge and skills with other skilled members of a Node.js development team. This is to ensure that knowledge and skills are retained within the organization or team.

#6 Improve organizational processes and infrastructure

Node JS programmers are also part of the organization’s mission to improve its structure and processes. Node JS developers are also responsible for developing solutions that are geared towards enhancing products and services, and organizational efficiency and effectiveness.

What Is the Cost to Hire Dedicated Node JS Developers?

Wondering what is the cost to hire Node.js developers? A great step in researching Node JS developers for hire is to review average base salaries for Node.js programmers and Node.js engineers around the globe in case you need to hire full stack Node JS developer. A global perspective will provide you with a high-level view of the range of the cost of hiring such development services. The table below shows the average base Full-stack Javascript developer salary, which developers that are highly skilled in Node.js development service, in countries from around the world.

average Node.js programmer cost

Country NodeJS Developer Salary
United States $78,875
Switzerland 87,900 Fr. ($91,000)
Germany €50,900 ($55,700)
United Kingdom £35,800 ($44,600)
Ukraine ₴503,900 ($18,600)

The table shows that Node.js development services from Switzerland and the United States are among those that are paid the highest. And if you were looking to be more cost-effective in finding Node JS development services when you need to hire Node JS team, it would be best to get in touch and collaborate with a Node JS development company based in Ukraine.

Where Is the Best Place to Hire Node JS Development Company?

In hiring Node JS development services, it is best to know the benefits of hiring such skills and how they can positively impact your organization. But the real challenge is knowing where and who to hire for the most cost-effective Node.js development services that you need. With cost, a good consideration is choosing between hiring the service of a Node.js development company over hiring individual Node.js programmers and building your own team. Partnering with a Node JS development company enables you to focus on your project and requirements and share the bulk of hiring and managing development to your partner.

As per our cost comparison table, hiring the service of a Node.js development company from highly developed countries like the US, Germany, and Switzerland can be costly. From the same table, Ukraine presents the most manageable cost of hiring Node.js developers. Ukraine is strategically placed in that it is accessible and able to provide services to both close countries on both of its sides geographically, and across the globe as well. Ukraine is also well-known for producing large numbers of highly-skilled IT professionals, Node.js developers among them. Ukraine is also a hot pot of quality Node.js development services providers, both centralized through a development company and individual freelancers in case you need to hire senior Node JS developers.

Why Hire Node JS Developer Remote Services?

You may ask, what if my company is not close to or established in Ukraine? Ukraine-based Node.js development services providers are also capable of providing an expert NodeJS developer remotely. A Ukraine-based Node.js development agency where you can hire Node.js developers offshore is proficient in hiring and/or providing dedicated NodeJS developer remote services to complete and manage projects for companies overseas or outside of their immediate area.

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