How to Hire Python Developer Without a Headache and Problems

Nowadays there are plenty of programming languages of all sorts and you can decide among dozens of possibilities depending on your needs, Some employers, who are looking for specialists for their projects, might get confused when they first face this diversity. Because when you are only starting to figure out what type of developer you need, you will most likely come across lots of languages. So how to choose the perfect one for you? Lots of people advice to look at developers who operate with the language that is called Python. For the last couple of years this language gained enormous popularity and is now among first 5 most popular programming languages in the world. What makes it so popular, you might ask? We will now try to explain to you all pros and cons of this programming language so that you can decide for yourself.

What Is a Python Developer: Learn the Basics

Python is a high-level programming language that can be used for various types of projects. It was created back in 1991 by Guido van Rossum, a programmer from Netherlands. Among all things that its creator aimed to achieve with this language, was the idea of high code readability, giving significance to white spaces. Nowadays this language is widely used in many areas of the programming world. For example, you can use Python for mobile application development, due to its speed of execution – it is one of the best choices in this field. But as for now, you can break all cases of Python usage into 3 main categories:

  • Scripting. In other words, scripting is a term that describes writing a code to automate simple tasks. For example, it can be really useful for those, who deal with lots of emails on a daily basis. Another example – programs that ‘clean up’ your followers list, deleting all inactive or bot accounts.
  • Web development. Mainly using frameworks such as Flask or Django that recently gained huge popularity among developers. If you hire are a beginner Python developer, who is torn apart between these two, there are a few things you have to consider. While Flask is a more diverse and flexible framework, Django allows one to create projects quicker, as it is more straightforward. On the other hand – Django has a considerably bigger amount of components to deal with which can be pretty stressful and confusing for someone who is just a junior Python developer. In any case, there are plenty of other frameworks for Python if one is not for some reason satisfied with these two.
  • Data science. In this case, we are speaking of such things as machine learning, data analysis and visualization. Python language became a real hit in the field of machine learning, which is a big part of economic analysis and economy field in general. This are of Python usage is being only developed so far so it would be a great idea to deepen your knowledge within it.

However, these are not the only types of projects you can deal with if you want to hire Python developer. Apart from popular field of Python application development, there are lots of other programming projects Python could be used for. For example, you can create your own game using Python, though not the most complicated one. There are also cases of Python being used for desktop applications creation. As you see, one of many Python programming advantages is its exceptional diversity.

Python Web Programming – Is It Popular?

Over the years, Python became one of the most praised languages in the programming world and now is being widely used by developers of all sorts. According to StackOverflow, for the last 5 years, the percentage of Python developers grew a lot and the numbers are only rising. Usually top Python developers come from countries with high income, such as Canada or United States. You can also find lots of Python web developers in countries such as Brazil or Russia, however the numbers are considerably smaller.

python web development popularity

Mostly such a big rise of this language in first-world countries could be explained by a large number of working opportunities within the field of Python web development. Therefore, if you are planning to start a career using Python language as your main one – better be sure that you will get the job afterwards.

If we are speaking of business opportunities – then hiring a Python web developer is surely a smart choice. Among all programming languages that exist nowadays, Python is probably the fastest, which is why it is so widely used for creating web applications for business purposes. This is the main reason why Python mobile web development and Python website development are growing in popularity so much lately.

Python Team: an Overview of Projects

2019 has brought a lot of great projects into the world of Python app development. Let’s get through some really interesting ones:


If you ever needed a search program – this might be an interesting option for you. It can help you with searching URL-s, files, data from different websites, e-mail addresses and so many more. Photon is pretty flexible and could give you a speed boost when your connection is weak. It is an open-code project, so anyone can contribute. Up to this date, there are 12 Python software development specialists who contributed to the case, as you can see on GitHub. So far, this project had been tested on various operating systems, such as Mac,Windows and Linux and no bugs had been detected. As for the compatibility with different Python versions, it has been detected, that Photon works fantastically with 2.x – 3.x versions of this programming language.

Social Mapper

This project has an open code just as the previous one, which allows different developers to contribute their knowledge to it. The main purpose of the Social Mapper is the chance to use artificial intelligence to detect faces of people online, from their social media pages etc. This way by using Social mapper one can find any possible correlations between various social media profiles. According to Git Hub this project now involves 4 contributors and more than 60 commits. Social mapper can be run on Python 2.7 only, however this tool supports a wide variety of social media platforms.

Twitter Clean-up

This tool would be of a huge help to those, who use social media a lot, especially Twitter. Twitter Clean-up allows you to detect and delete non-active accounts from your followers. It was created using Python 3.6. So far, there are only 6 contributors, but due to this project having an open code anyone can add something. However, considering how big of a role social media plays in our lives, it can be expected that this project will get its popularity anytime soon.


YouTube is now one of the biggest websites in the world and thousands of people are constantly looking for a way to download videos from it. Now they do not have to because a group of Python developers created Videodownloader. This is a simple script built with Python that allows you to freely download videos from YouTube. With 4 contributors and over 70 commits, this project holds 56 stars on Git Hub.

Python Web Development: Pros and Cons

Just like any programming language out there Python programming benefits are accompanied by its flaws. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

pros and cons of python application development

As for advantages, Python has at least 6 of them:

  • Simplicity and convenience. Python really is one of those languages that are incredibly simple to learn and use. One does not even need any prior training in programming to comparatively quickly obtain those Python developer skills even on the most basic level. Python has a very comfortable interface and understandable coding logic so you will not get confused from the very beginning. Even best Python developers often choose this language because it allows them to complete the job more quickly and with less effort. That is why many professionals advise beginners to start with this language, when they are only getting familiar with the programming world.
  • Diversity. Being a language of a general purpose, Python does not only implement a lot into Python website development, but many other areas of programming as well. This way if you hire Python developers into your team, you can be sure that they will be able to complete various tasks using this language. Despite the fact that some companies might not treat Python with full seriousness that it deserves, there are other companies, that do not make this mistake. For example, Google, that has at least one Python software engineer on its team at all times.
  • Availability. If you have not understood that already – Python is an open source programming language and therefore – it is absolutely free. It is great news for any full stack Python developer, as well as just beginners.
  • Extensive library. For any Python full stack developer the libraries, that this language provides, are pure treasure. There are more than 300 modules, that are aimed to make life of any Python engineer easier. Not to mention that there are more than 100000 third party packages as well.
  • User-friendly structure. Using Python you will not need that much of a support code, as you would probably need if you have chosen any other programming language. This is especially great news for those who are only starting out with this language. As we already mentioned before, the creator of Python was aiming to make a language with the highest code readability possible.

These are the main advantages of Python, let’s now switch our attention to a bit more unpleasant sides to it:

  • Speed. You might come across some specialists, who claim Python to be slower than C or C++ languages. That mostly depends on a task you are putting in front of yourself, though.
  • Mobile development. Python is a terrific programming language with great diversity. However, it might not be your best choice to hire Python programmer for a mobile application development project.
  • Memory consumption. Python is excellent choice for tasks that require data flexibility, but this is the exact reason why it might consume a lot of memory as well.
  • Errors. Python is a dynamic language and there is no way you will find out about mistakes you have made before you run your script. This might be very time consuming. So either you are extra careful while writing it, or you might need to choose another programming language.

Nevertheless, Python is a great choice if you need a language that is simple and powerful at the same time. If it is good enough for a big company as Google, there is a chance it might be good enough for you.

Should You Hire Python Developers?

With this programming language being only the fourth most popular in the world, there are surely many Python developers for hire nowadays. However, where are they mostly located? If you look closer at this data, you will see that the majority of Python developers are located in such countries as United States, United Kingdom or China. This can be explained by the fact that these countries are well developed and can afford creating more working spaces for programmers who are using less popular programming languages. For example, you can hire developer pretty much anywhere, but such language as Python is a bit more uncommon.

python developer popularity in different countries

Python community is quite diverse and consists mostly of young people. The typical certified Python developer is in his or hers 20s. This can be easily explained by the fact that lots of people choose Python to be their first programming language to learn. Since most people nowadays start learning programming languages when they are in college or even high school, we eventually get such numbers on professional Python developers’ age. This statement is also being supported by StackOverflow that shows that 22% of all Python developers have less than 1 year of experience in IT field.

If you want to hire a remote Python developer – there are good news for you. Around 56% of all developers, that are using this language, are working independently on their projects and very often – on a remote basis. Nowadays ‘Python developer wanted’ is something you can come across on job boards pretty often. As this language gets more popular, the more companies open positions for developers that use it.

How a Perfect Member of a Python Team Looks Like?

A field of Python development is not as simple as some beginners might think at first. To become a member of Python team at any company a potential candidate must acquire a set of certain skills. First of all, if you are a total beginner, it would benefit you greatly if you spent some time reading professional literature regarding this programming language. This way you will prepare yourself for some intermediate learning. Getting familiar with Python this way might also help you with choosing what aspect of its usage you want to work within. As we already discussed, there are three main areas, where Python can be used – scripting, data science and web development. Once you get familiar with the basics, it will be possible for you to deepen your knowledge in the field you are most interested in.

hire python developers at Mobilunity

Now, if you check out some job boards and look for Python developer responsibilities, you will notice, that there is a certain number of skills that every employer, who is looking for Python developers, wants to see. Usually this set of skills includes the following:

Deep Python Knowledge

It is quite obvious, that any Python programmer for hire needs to have a deep understanding of the basics of this language and its capabilities. Luckily, for you, Python is incredibly user-friendly, so it will not be that hard for you to learn it from the scratch.

Familiarity with Python Frameworks

This does not mean, however, if you want to hire Python coder, he or she must know every single framework there is for this language. Sure, that would be a huge benefit for any developer, but usually it is enough to be proficient in at least two of three most popular frameworks for Python. We are talking about Django, Flask and CherryPy. This necessity is explained by the fact that there are situations when the developer will have to switch between different frameworks, depending on the project he is currently working on.

Knowledge of ORM Libraries

This is something that will help you work on your Python projects times faster, so make sure that you learn this skill and put it on your resume. So whenever you want to apply for ‘Python developer wanted’, you will know, that your resume will most likely stand out from the rest.

Experience in the Field of Frontend Development

Whether you want to hire Python programmer of find Python developer, make sure that they have a basic understanding of front-end technologies as well. This does not mean that this skill is necessary, but there are certain projects where it would be of a big help to the whole team.

Experience in Using Python Libraries

Using already existing libraries might speed up the execution process considerably and therefore, implement into the work of the whole team. So before you hire Python freelancers or Python specialists on your team, make sure they are familiar with those first.

Knowledge of Different Versions of the Language

Python is developing every day so the new versions come out pretty fast. Before you hire Python developers on your team, make sure that they are keeping up with all the updates regarding this programming language. This is not that hard but might help you during the development process.

Being Familiar with AI and Machine Learning

As we already mentioned before, Python is used a lot when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. This field is only developing now and looks really promising, so you might want to deepen your knowledge within it.

Communication Skills

Being a successful programmer does not mean only knowing how to write a code. You should also acquire some social skills as at most times you will have to communicate with specialists from other departments. Moreover, the whole success of the project might often depend on how well that communication goes.

Where to Rent a Python Programmer

If you already have the development team, but you need to find a programmer with particular Python skills, there are three ways to find a specialist:

  1. In-house developer. You may find a programmer, who is living in your city and will be able to work in your office. You will have fewer options to choose from, but the in-house developers may become your full-time employees.
  2. Freelance developer. You will have to choose from a vast pool of coders, and you will face some risks, connected with freelance workers.
  3. Dedicated developer. Hire the outsourcing development, service provider. It is the simplest way to find a Python developer with relevant experience and skillset.

The price of Python team augmentation depends on the salary of the new specialist. To find the most cost-effective and comfortable option for you, compare the salaries of Python specialists is different countries:

If you need high quality for a lower price, think about outsourcing. For example, the Ukrainian developers make the products of outstanding quality, but they cost cheaper than the American or German developers.

Python Development Company: How Many Are There?

As we have already mentioned before, Python is a language that got really popular lately. Therefore, more and more leading companies are choosing this language as one of the main ones for their development. However, if you are interested in which particular areas Python gained the most recognition – this list is for you.

Financial Companies

You probably did not know that but Python is being successfully used as a tool for qualitative analysis in many financial institutions. Especially in the field of stock market analysis, where this language with its capabilities in the machine learning can do a lot of good. You can even find specialized libraries online, created specifically for this occasion. Another great example of Python usage in financial field is software development. Because of math-oriented syntax, Python gives a lot of room for experiments in this particular field. If you are interested in some real company’s names then maybe you will be interested to find out that among financial institutions, that use Python, is PayPal and Goldman Sachs.

Tech Companies

When it comes down to big tech companies, most of them usually use more than one programming language. However, in many cases Python is one of them. Whether they hire a Python development company for outsourcing tasks or an individual developer, you can be sure, that huge companies like Google use Python extensively. In some situations, Python is used as some sort of a “glue” that keeps all other languages together. Among other big names that are known to use the help of Python web development company are Netflix, Uber, Dropbox, Facebook and many other. The list is way too big to mention them all. Therefore, as you see, you can easily find a job in any of those companies if you want to be a part of Python developer company.

Government Agencies

Even despite the common stereotype of government institutions being “dinosaurs” in terms of technology use, most of them are using Python a lot in their work. For example, CIA, FBA or NSA. Some of those companies also are not strangers to outsourcing their programming tasks to Python development company if needed. Speaking of CFPB, they often hire Python vendor to do their programming tasks. Another great example would be NASA, as this institution often uses Python for their software development.

So these are three main areas of Python usage within big companies and institutions.  In fact, Python is so heavily used in business, that its creators developed specific manuals for every field that this language could be used at. This way, depending on the industry that you are working in, be it astronomy or social sciences, be sure that the Python engineering company that you turn to will know what they are doing.

Ukrainian Python Specialists: Are They Worth It?

If you are looking for Python company that is worth its money, we advise you to check out Ukrainian ones. Why? First of all, Ukraine is among those countries that have lots of universities that teach IT. Therefore, many young kids apply for those specialties, pursuing their dreams. According to Hacker Rank, Ukraine holds the 11th place in the world in a list of countries with best programmers. According to Glassdoor’s data, there are now thousands IT jobs in Ukraine, and most of them are for skilled Python developers. Not to mention that there are lots of companies that do outsourcing programming jobs and would gladly provide you with any service regarding Python coding. Usually these companies charge considerably less amount of money, comparing to similar companies from other European countries.

In other words, you might get yourself a considerable saving if you choose to hire a Ukrainian Python specialist for your team. This move will allow you to save up some money and receive a nice service instead. In addition, you will receive a member of the team with high education, quite a big amount of talent and the ability to be flexible and switch between different projects.

Python Programmer Hourly Rate: What Does It Depend on?

Usually Python programmer hourly rate depends on lots of things, but mostly it is the experience of the programmer. However, there are lots of other things to consider as well. For example, the country, that the potential employee comes from, as in Russia and Ukraine Python programmer hourly rate is considerably lower due to the exchange currency rate. Another thing to consider is the state of economy in the country that the Python coder comes from. Python developer contract rate will definitely be higher if he or she comes from a first-world country like United States or United Kingdom. This way, if you are about to hire an American Python developer, be ready to pay him around $10,000 per month or $160-$180 per hour. While in United Kingdom the Python programming cost will be way lower – only $5,000 per month. Speaking of Ukrainian Python developers, for a junior specialist you would have to pay a minimum of $400. At the same time, rates of a senior specialist grow up to $3,500 per month, which is still way lower than in United States.

Having considered all that, we think it is pretty obvious, why hiring a Ukrainian Python programmer is a great idea for your business. You will receive excellent quality for a low price, isn’t that what every businessperson aims for?

Let’s now compare yearly rates of Python developers from such countries as Ukraine, UK and USA.

United States Ukraine United Kingdom
Junior Python developer $56,645 $6,000 £33,672
Senior Python developer $123,122 $42,000 £70,000

So generally speaking, economical situation in the country defines rates of its Python programmers greatly, therefore you might want to think about such an option as outstaffing.

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Freelance vs In-House vs Remote Python Developers: Which Option Is the Best?

Nowadays there are lots of options to choose from, either you are an employer who is looking for a new team member, or an employee, searching for a new job. Currently there are three main types of employment that you have to consider: freelance, remote and in-house. Let’s now talk about each one in a more detailed way.

Freelance Python Developer

Freelance jobs appeared not so long ago and quickly gained huge popularity in the programming world in particular. As for an employer, hiring a Python freelance developer might be quite beneficial for you. This is an excellent opportunity to lower your costs and find a truly exceptional candidate. As we already mentioned, Ukrainian Python developers are often eager to work as freelancers and they charge less than specialists from other countries do. On the other hand, hiring a freelancer might be risky, as you basically get no guarantee, that this person will actually finish the job If you are worried about this part, we recommend that you hire freelancers through freelance websites, that play a role of a third party, that controls both sides, an employer and freelancer, so that they both keep their promises.

Let’s now take a look at another side – being a freelance Python developer. If you are a really good specialist, this type of employment gives you excellent mobility, you can choose any place you want to work from. But be aware, that being a freelancer does not always guarantee that you will have a stable income, sometimes there will just be no projects or you will have to look for those yourself. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to choose your employer, which is quite important as well.

Remote Python Developer

This type of employment could in many ways be considered a somewhat ‘golden middle’ for both, employer and employee. In this case, the employee gets an official job title in a real existing company, along with the unique opportunity to choose the working place himself. Employer can save some money that he would have to pay for the rent of the office, where all employees would have to sit. At the same time the employer can reach his Python specialist anytime he needs too, which is quite convenient.

In-House Python Developer

This is just another way to describe an ordinary office job. For the employer, this is the way to control the work his Python developers are doing, solving any possible problems. The whole process of project development goes a lot faster in this case. In addition, this is a wonderful opportunity to build a trustworthy relationship with employees. However, in this case, as an employer, you might have to pay more for the rent. As a Python developer, who is working in-house, you might lose your mobility significantly, but you will be able to communicate with your colleagues more and maybe even learn something from them.

As you seem all these types of employment have their flaws and benefits. You should consider the one that suits you and your business the most. On the other hand, no one said that you could not combine all these three types, while hiring your Python development team. Just think about it.

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Outstaffing Python Development Teams: Why Mobilunity?

In the world of programming development, outsourcing of tasks plays a big deal. Basically, you just delegate your tasks to another company, that will do the job a lot quicker. This allows you to potentially save money, time and your efforts, making you able to concentrate on tasks that are more important. There are companies that specialize in providing services in fields of particular programming languages, Python as well. One of those companies is Mobilunity. If you choose to hire specialists from this company, you will have a list of benefits that other ones might not provide to you:

  • A big in-house team of programmers, who specialize in all kinds of rare technologies. Mobilunity’s specialists are familiar with various programming languages, as well as Python, which makes them quite flexible in terms of switching from one project to another.
  • A quick hiring process. Due to high professionalism of Mobilunity’s HR department, you can be sure, that your recruited specialists will begin their works in a short time of 2 weeks.
  • Fixed and transparent costs. When you are dealing with Mobilunity, you are absolutely aware of what you are paying your money for. For every potential customer the company has a fixed monthly rate, depending on his needs. In all cases, this rate is an all-inclusive one.
  • Convenient location. Due to being located in a convenient time zone (UTC +02:00), you will not have to worry about getting in contact with your Python development team.
  • 24/7 customer support. If you decide to become Mobilunity’s client – be sure, that any of your possible questions regarding your project will be answered at any time of night and day. QA team of Mobilunity is always there to help you with any problem you might have.
  • High professionalism. You can be sure, that Python developers that you hire from Mobilunity, are top notch specialists in their field and will do your project even better than you have imagined.
  • Low rates. Comparing to its competitors, Mobilunity charges less for its Python developers’ services, while the quality of the job is considerably higher.

As you see, Mobilunity is an excellent choice for you to outsource your Python development projects to. Having combined low rates and excellent professionals, Mobilunity is one of the best choices you might find on the Ukrainian programming job market.

Final Thoughts and Сonclusions

Well, if at the beginning of the article you were wondering, what is Python after all, now you most likely finally have a clue. This is one of the best programming languages in the world for a reason. Its incredible abilities combined with flexibility and simplicity quickly brought it to the top of the programming world. Nowadays it is being used for a wide variety of tasks, most prominent out of which are data science, scripting and web development. Due to the fact that Python is incredibly easy to learn, more and more beginners choose it as their first programming language to learn. That resulted in Python gaining huge popularity. If years ago it was treated rather like a complimentary language, used alongside PHP and JavaScript, now even the biggest companies like Google changed their attitude towards it and made it one of their core programming languages.

If you are looking to hire a Python developer onto your team – you will come across thousands of possibilities. However, they may vary in price and quality of the execution. If you want to find a ‘golden middle’ in all that – turn your research campaign to Ukraine. Python developers and programmers in general, who come out of Ukraine, often tend to have a high level of professional education, lots of experience and the ability to switch between projects without lowering the quality of the final product. Not to mention the fact that they usually charge less than competitors from other countries do. Ukraine is also one of those countries, where you can find excellent outsourcing companies, which provide services in Python coding as well. One of those companies is Mobilunity, specialists out of which have years of experience in their field.

To conclude everything that has been said – Python is an excellent programming language irregardless of one being a beginner or a professional with many years of experience. Python will be an excellent choice for both of these cases, successfully delivering the task.

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  • Tokelau +690
  • Tonga +676
  • Trinidad And Tobago +1868
  • Tunisia +216
  • Turkey +90
  • Turkmenistan +993
  • Turks And Caicos Islands +1649
  • Tuvalu +688
  • Uganda +256
  • Ukraine +380
  • United Arab Emirates +971
  • United Kingdom +44
  • United States +1
  • Uruguay +598
  • Uzbekistan +998
  • Vanuatu +678
  • Venezuela +58
  • Viet Nam +84
  • Virgin Islands, British +1284
  • Virgin Islands, U.s. +1340
  • Wallis And Futuna +681
  • Yemen +967
  • Zambia +260
  • Zimbabwe +263

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Giles Magnin,
Chief product officer

We were lucky to find Mobilunity who recruited and hosts our nearshoring dev team in Kiev.

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