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Think of a store, a service or product you use on a daily basis. Does it have an app that you can download from Play Market or App Store? Apps make everything work so much faster and more convenient, no matter whether you need to access you bank account, buy movie/train/bus/airplane/concert tickets or edit your picture. Everybody is using apps, so application development has become a must to attract new customers for most businesses. Logically that the more people use smartphones, the more applications are developed worldwide. Nowadays, both iOS and Android developers are of high demand. Whenever you’re in need of app programmers, the issue of hiring highly skilled experts is that you will have to face. It is a well-known fact that in Ukraine developer offers the best value services combined with reasonable prices, so the country has become one of the world’s top destinations for talent pool search and outsourcing/outstaffing.

The key difference between the IOS and Android lies in their development concepts. The primary goal of Aнpple is to maintain full control over the source code of its software. It means that only Apple employers are granted full access to the Apple platform and all elements, all the other devs have only partial access. Its key advantage over Android is the absence of any loopholes for harmful software, which grants reliability of iOS.

Apple’s strategy is completely the opposite to their competitors Android that have an open source platform. The key difference between iOS and Android is the openness of their systems and accessibility to the code.

While iOS is based on the Darwin and Mach microkernel systems (in full correspondence with UNIX SUSv3), Android positions itself as a budget-friendly and accessible platform. Successful releases of versions that could be named iOS competitors were released in 2009 and got support from Motorola, Samsung, HTC. Linux core is the basis of Android and is completely open, which means a developer are welcome to add their features on Android or create their own operating systems on the platform basis. The key drawback of Android’s open source position is that the system gets bugs, viruses, and malware.

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Specifics of Swift iOS Development

iOS platform is often developer in such coding languages as Swift, Objective C, and Cocoa. Being the primary programming language for iOS, Objective-C has a set of the C coding language. It is object-oriented and dynamics. Objective-C has a few key features of C like syntax, primitive types, and flow control statements, while it adds on object literals, language level support, syntax for defining classes, and dynamic typing and binding.

Cocoa programming involves IDE and graphic programming for OS X. Cocoa application layer is used for features that are responsible for user experience on OS X like AutoSave, Notification Center, and full-screen mode.Cocoa is also implemented as an IDE (integrated development environment) that consists of ready-built classes that can be included in other code.

App development with Swift is the most popular nowadays, as it is convenient, easy, and powerful tool that you can integrate into the development workflow. Swift for objective c developers is a great option, as it provides seamless compatibility with Objective-C and Cocoa. It is possible to use Swift APIs in Objective-C and visa versa –  an Objective-C APIs in Swift. What is more, Swift and Objective-C can be implemented in Cocoa app development.

Swift’s pros:

  • Interoperable, as Objective C for Swift developers is as useful as for Cocoa coders. Developers can take advantage of Swift classes in Objective-C or use Cocoa patterns and classes in writing Swift code.
  • Developers can make mixed-language apps with both Objective-C and Swift files with a perfect communication between the two.
  • Easy migration from Objective-C to Swift, so devs can replace parts of Objective-C apps with Swift features.

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The Best 3 Apps Written in Swift

As a general-purpose coding language designed by Apple Inc. for iOS, OS X, watchOS and tvOS, today Swift is the most popular open source programming language on Github. One of the best Swift ios apps are those designed for communications and social media like Messenger, Instagram etc.

In terms of the best Swift programming app, FiLMiC Pro is the best video recording app for iPhone. Supporting the new Telephoto camera on the iPhone 7 +, it also allows users a full manual control over the recording, add stabilization and smooth zoom, change the bit-rate, separate focus set and lock, audio level adjustment etc.

Official Firefox iOS app is also written in Swift and is ranked as the Number One apps in this coding language according to GitHub (5,906 GitHub Stars). The third ranked app for iOS built in Swift is Artsy, an auction app for arts , it received 1,302 Github Stars. It grants access to the leading world’s art auctions and affairs.

Why Is It Important to Hire the Swift Teaming Up with UX Designer

To hire Swift developer with the good skills working remotely can turn your ideas into reality and create an app which will boost your business. The key nuance of recruitment is to make the right choice and hire not only the perfect match, but also to choose the right team players that will be able to boost your successful project. UX design resides on vital positions in terms of making your product successful, so it is not enough to get a great Swift iOS programming expert, as his efforts should be in tandem with a skilled UX designer. Nowadays, Swift app development process engages not only developers but designers as well that work to make the product user-friendly, attractive and perceptive for end users. Teaming up with a UX designer with necessary hard and soft skills enforces agile production processes. A great hiring desicision may not only lead to an incredible result, but boost the production terms and shift the deadlines.

Swift IOS Development Rates

Here’s a the salary range of the developers with skills in Swift development in the countries: USA, UK and Ukraine depending on their experience level:

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Why Hire Swift Developer in Ukraine Is the Best Option for Extension of Your Onsite Team

If you decide to hire Swift developer, Ukraine is the top destination for you to consider when looking for an expertise in ios app development Swift. Besides great IT education of local programmers and low rates compared to Western European countries, Ukrainian IT market offers teams of experts with all necessary soft skills that are able to meet the requirements of any firm, either international corporation or a new tech startup. Hiring dedicated team in Ukraine means you get iteration, more chances to adapt to new insights and priorities as well as better insights in the project. Better collaboration is also included, as customers become part of the decision making process.

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