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Node.js Programming: Its Advantages in Comparison to Other Technologies

Node.js is the eighth most popular programing language on servers and rapidly growing. There are more than 7 million uses of Node.js in current websites available on the internet. According to the Node js foundation, 98% of all fortune 500 companies are using the software. Because of this and the many advantages that the software offers, there are many companies that are looking for Node.js developers for hire.

The reason that Node.js programming is so popular is down to a couple of very important features of this language. It is very similar to JavaScript but with a very important difference. You are able to run it as a standalone application and not just within a browser. This means that you are able to use the same language for both client and server rather than needing to use different languages for each side of the connection.

Another factor is “non-blocking, event-driven I/O”; this means that the software is able to handle multiple connections without having to create a new thread that uses up more memory for each. It utilizes a single thread and is able to make as many as a million concurrent connections. It is also fast; it uses Chrome’s V8 JavaScript runtime engine ensuring that the program that you write will be lightning fast. These are just a few of the reasons why companies are using Node.js over other languages and why you may need to look for a Node JS development company for your next piece of software.

Examples of Successful Node JS Implementation

The advantages that Node.js offers over most other software has led it to be used by many very well-known companies around the world. They have used it to great effect to be able to create sites that are able to seamlessly communicate with their servers providing their clients with excellent user experience. Some highly notable examples of companies that have used Node.js for their development in a highly successful manner and are growing because of this success are:

  • Amazon
  • Paypal
  • Netflix
  • Uber
  • Twitter
  • BMW
  • Siemens
  • Sony
  • Capital One
  • General Motors

Why to Outsource Your Web Apps Building Needs to Node JS Development Company

Many small and even medium-sized companies simply cannot afford to run their own development teams. The salaries of developers can be very high, and often you will need multiple experts with different sets of skills to be able to cover all aspects of your development work. You may also want to develop something that is outside of the experience of the staff that you have.

Even the biggest of companies out there such as Google and Microsoft see the value of outsourcing much of their development to teams outside of their own company. This allows them to be able to have a very flexible approach to development. They can work with Node.js development companies to bring in expertise when required and then reduce once work is completed or other priorities take preference. Using Node.js development services will also give you quick access to skills and experience that you may lack within your own team. This will help you to avoid issues with your development as well as helping projects to get to fruition so much quicker.

Costs of Hiring Node.js Development Services

To hire NodeJS developer talent in the US or Europe can be highly expensive. They are in demand and salaries for good developers are very high. The good thing with software development however is that you can hire Node.js developers offshore to work within your team. It does not matter where your Node.js development services are located as all can work together through the many project management and communication tools that are available online.

So before you go to hire someone locally it is worthwhile to look at what offshore Node.js developers cost to hire in other areas of the world. The following are some examples from PayScale as to what you will pay to hire NodeJS developer expertise in different countries:

  • US – $104,964
  • UK – $84,000
  • Australia – $52,977
  • Switzerland – $94,000
  • Ukraine – $25,000

So as you can clearly see there is a huge range of salaries in different countries. If you choose to work with a Node.js development agency in Ukraine you will be able to reduce your wage bills significantly over hiring in the US and other parts of Europe.

What to Take into Consideration While Choosing a Node.js Development Agency

Selecting an outsource Node.js development company is not something that should be done lightly. Often you will be looking at spending a lot of money on your development work and you will want to ensure that you get what you are looking for. You, therefore, need to take care when selecting Node.js development companies to work with.

Knowing how to hire a good Node.js development team means knowing how to select the right Node.js development agency. The following are some pro tips on how to select yours with care:

pro tips on choosing node.js development agency

  • Look at what services the Node JS development company offers: do they have the full range of services that will fulfill your project needs.
  • What does their portfolio look like? do not simply read a few testimonials, take a good look at the work that they have undertaken and evaluate how good a job they have done.
  • How long have they been in business? A business that has only been around for a few months is unlikely to have the experience required. While one that has been around a decade or more must have proven itself to have survived.
  • How well do they communicate? Do they understand what you are asking of them and are they prompt in providing you with comprehensive replies to your queries?
  • What do they charge? While price should never be your primary reason for selection, your budget will always have a lot to do with narrowing down your offshore Node.js developers.

So if you are looking to hire Node.js developers offshore you need to ensure that it not only offers help at the right price. It must be able to meet all of the other criteria listed above if you are to select them as your outsource Node.js development company.

Hire Node.js Developers Offshore with Mobilunity

If you are looking for the perfect full stack Node JS developer to work with your team, or need to outsource all of your development work then Mobilunity is the right choice for you. They have been in business since 2010 and have a team of more than 200 staff that are dedicated to delivering perfection to every client. They have worked across a full range of different industries and completed projects for clients of all sizes.

Based in Ukraine, their Node.js web development outsourcing is offered at prices that are significantly cheaper than those demanded in the US and other Western European countries providing you with savings that you would not have dreamed possible. The staff has excellent English and the culture is very similar to other parts of Europe ensuring that they will have no issues delivering what you require.

There’s not a prayer to find such a reliable and cost-effective Node JS development company as Mobilunity. So contact us now and find your perfect Node.js coder!

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