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September 15, 2017 - Olena

Reasons to Hire Dedicated Java Developers in Ukraine

Due to the numerous possibilities of using Java for application development, its marked growth over time, and the wide-ranging skills that come with them, Java developers have become sought after over the years. And because the language has continued to adapt and influence developing technology, so have Java developers as well. Below are just some of the reasons why you should hire Ukraine programmers.

Collaborate with Developers with Java Experience

Java is one of the most established programming languages, and has been changing and adapting since its inception in 1995. Java has inspired many of the programming languages today but continues to be a strong tool in application development. According to VisionEye, most projects are completed with Java, followed by Ruby. Also, Java is the most popular language worldwide, as per PYPL Popularity. Below are some statistics from Java Sample Approach:

  • 97% of Enterprise computer units run Java
  • In the US, 89% of desktop units run Java
  • Leading Choice for Application and Software Developers
  • Leading Application Development Platform
  • 3 Billion Mobile units run Java
  • 125 million television units run Java
  • The Top 5 Original Equipment Manufacturers Ship Java

Develop Diverse Projects with Java Developers from Ukraine

Java developers diverse projects

Because Java has been around for decades, Java is everywhere and the possibilities with its use are wide-reaching and evolving. It has been influencing the technologies of today, such as Mobile and Web Development, Machine Learning, to Cloud Computing. There have been numerous well-known applications that have been developed by top Java developers, below are just some of the most notable Java projects that have been developed so far:


One of the most popular, if not the most popular, Java products is the Android OS. The operating system used in millions of gadgets all over the world was developed using Java and with this comes the capability of creating diverse and numerous mobile and web application accessible in all digital devices running Android.

Spring Framework

Another well-known Java project is the Spring framework. The Spring Framework is an application framework developed to provide comprehensive infrastructure support of application built with Java. It is an application framework that can be used with other programming languages, not just Java, to build various development projects.

Nasa WorldWind

Nasa WorldWind is an open source API for a virtual globe. With it, developers will be able to build interactive visualization of the world in 3D with maps and other geographical information. WorldWind has been known to be used in analyzing geospatial data, tracking weather patterns and vehicle movements, visualizing specific cities or terrains, and as a tool for improving awareness and education about the Earth.

Work with Versatile Java Programmers

With the growth of the Java programming language and its potential for integration, Java developers have adapted to the shifting of technology. Java has expanded from just being a programming language to becoming the Java Platform, with its own open-source libraries, frameworks, APIs, and an entire environment. Java can be used to develop applications ranging from typical banking processes to computation-heavy programs. Top Java developers can work on projects ranging from core Java-based server-side applications to Android mobile application projects.

Hire Top Java Developers with Transferable Skills

Java developers are also not limited to just the Java programming language. Java projects can be used to create projects joining more than one programming languages, like Scala and the Spring Framework. Also, the programming practices the Java programmers learn and use are applicable and can be used when developing projects with other programming languages. With Java being an object-oriented programming language, Java programmers are able to create modular software that are flexible and extensible.

Experience Their Potential for Growth

Until today, Java developers have been well known for building computation-heavy, core server-side applications and APIs with Java Enterprise Edition and other tools. However, with the growing demand for web and mobile applications and technologies, Java has developed tools, such as JavaServer Pages and the Spring Framework, for Java coders to adapt to the demand and expand their skills at the same time. Top Java developers reflect the marked growth and capacity to adapt that Java, as a platform, has exhibited over the years.

Competitive Salary Package

Java developers come not only with a lot of skills, they also come with competitive salaries. Let’s compare the average Java programmer salary in some countries. According to Payscale,

From Java developer salary comparison above, hiring Java programmers from a company able to provide the services to hire Java developers remotely in Ukraine would be the most practical choice.

salary of Java developers

Dedicated Remote Java Developers

You may ask, why hire remote developers for Java development? Hiring remote developers for development projects have now become a trend, even for offshore Java development projects. In the advent of globalization, companies are striving to cut cost, optimizing development efficiency, and improving customer service in order to gain competitive advantage in their market. Hiring offshore developers for projects have been proven to address and provide all these. If you are looking for Java developers for hire or you need to hire UX Java developers, one excellent company from Ukraine with remote dedicated Java developers at low Java salaries is Mobilunity. We have a pool of developers with Java experience for hire at low Java salary. In line with this, here is an overview on the cost and how to recruit for the best Java developer in Ukraine. Contact us now and we will provide you the best Java developer resumes, so you could pick the best expert for your project.

Hire a Dedicated Java Developer Now!

developers with Java experience for hire

As you can see from this article, there are a lot of reasons to hire Java programmers. With a powerful and versatile programming language as their core tool and with transferable skills, Java developers are great assets to have in any server-side application or web/mobile development projects. Working with remote Java developers for projects being cost-efficient and a great way to optimize development projects, hiring top Java developers have become easier. Here at Mobilunity we can assure you that we have a pool of top web developers. Our dedicated Java developers will be involved in the entire project development process in order to build the applications that would address your needs as well provide cost-effective solutions to your problems.

Let us help you find skilled and dedicated Java developers to develop your project!

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