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WordPress is one of the most popular website platforms in the world. Being designed in 2009 as a personal project, nowadays WP has turned into a worldwide website management system that is used for websites, blogs, and platforms. Logically, WP developers are highly appreciated, and the more skilled a WP dev is, the more companies are willing to recruit them. So, finding WordPress developers for hire can be not as simple as it might seem at first glance. If you came to the point where to find a dedicated WP developer/programmer for your project, Mobilunity came out with few important findings on WP trends, experts and outsourcing. We know for sure where to hire CMS developer.

What You Should Know About WordPress Development

In 2017, WordPress has taken nearly 60% of the content management market and became the number 1 CMS in the world, as CodeinWP says. Over 15 million websites use WordPress on the entire web. The No. 2 system is Joomla, yet it had only 5.9% of the total market share making Joomla developers very demanded, VPN Mentor writes. There are approximately 77 million WordPress blogs all over the world, and nearly half a million websites on WordPress are being launched on a daily basis, according to CodeinWP. No wonder, that a dedicated WordPress developer is of such a high demand nowadays in every country of the world.

A skilled developer should have a deep knowledge of WordPress core, themes, and plugins if you plan to use them. Besides basic technical proficiency in HTML, PHP, CSS, MySQL, Java, and jQuery, your dedicated WP coder should be a great team player, experienced in database development and design, and have great communication skills to be able to communicate effectively. However, let’s take a moment to clarify things for people who are struggling with technical terms. When looking to hire a dedicated WordPress developer, partnering with an ERP consultant company can provide valuable insights into integrating WordPress with ERP systems, while software testing outsourcing companies ensure comprehensive quality assurance to deliver a robust and reliable WordPress solution.

What is CMS? Is WordPress a CMS?

In simple terms, Content Management System (CMS) is a type of software which is responsible for storing the website’s information (such as text, images, files, etc.) and helps the website owner to access them, modify and publish on the site without having to call a developer for any tiny change. And WordPress is one of the greatest modern content management systems that are out there.

WordPress Pros and Cons

Apart from the fact it’s written in PHP (which is one of the easiest languages to learn and there are over 5 million developers), WordPress is loved by both developers and clients. First, it has excellent support and community, making the search for a perfect solution so much easier. Next, it can be multilingual, which reduces the need to create and support separate platforms for different languages. Third, WordPress has a theme system that allows one to create, modify and adapt it to your needs. And of course, there are importers that allow you to import data (e.g. custom files, comments, tags).

Advantages of WordPress as CMS

Among the main advantages that make millions of people and businesses all around the globe choose WordPress are:

  • Being an open source platform, WordPress is free to set up and use (however, the use of WordPress plugin developers for hire might be payable).
  • Numerous templates, extensions, and add-ons that make the overall development process faster.
  • Great media handling. All the files can be uploaded, manipulated or published quickly.
  • Great support for Search Engine Optimization.
  • Multi-level customization according to the needs, domain or initial requirements.
  • Multiple roles of users for bigger teams.

Disadvantages of WordPress as CMS

  • Numerous plugins can slow down the website.
  • PHP is must-have knowledge for a developer to introduce new features or make core changes.

Why Is WordPress So Popular?

BuiltWith reposts that there are over 24 million live websites powered by WordPress. According to JetBrains, WordPress is second most used PHP framework among developers. The USA is the most interested country in WordPress technology.

Here are some facts that give you an insight on why WordPress is so widespread.

1. WordPress is the Top CMS (Content Management System)

Modern trends change so quickly that most of the analytics cannot catch up with their speed. However, there are general tendencies we can discuss. According to W3techs, WordPress’ market share has reached 60.1% of all CMS (which is more than all other solutions like Drupal, Joomla, etc. combined). BuiltWith narrows down this statistics to Top 1 Million websites, pinpointing that attributes 49% of those websites are running on WordPress. Regardless of the differences in approach or metrics, we can say that this CMS is a top choice for fairly half of the market.

2. WordPress 5.0 Has Been Downloaded Over 35,100,000 Times

While one may wonder about the significance of these numbers, let us explain something. 5.0 is the latest version of WordPress and it has been downloaded 35 million times since its official release on December 6, 2018. WordPress is proud to display the counter that marks downloads for the latest version, whereas all download will exceed this number significantly.

3. WordPress is Available in Over 50 Languages

WordPress takes localizations seriously. Apart from already covered 50+ languages, WordPress Polyglots team constantly working to improve and expand the language list for this CMS.

Some of the older versions have more coverage in terms of language support (e.g. WordPress 4.7 is translated in 52 languages, including English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, German, and Japanese.

4. WordPress Sites Take Over 35% of the Top 10K Websites in the World

Not to be misguided here, we are talking about websites all over the Internet within various domains. However, WordPress websites cover around 37% of all 10K Top websites, with 7.76% of all running on the latest 5.0 version. Among some of the most famous companies that use WordPress are The Walt Disney Company, Pulse by Target, and PlayStation.Blog.

5. There Are 54K+ Free Plugins for WordPress

Any software solution that comes with pre-existing extensions or plugins is worth exploring, as in not only saves development time, but also allows you to enrich the functionality of the website. According to the official WordPress Plugin Directory, there are over 54 thousand free plugins that can be used by anyone. Some of them offer paid services as well.

6. 22% of All Online Stores Are Powered By WooCommerce (WordPress)

Being the most popular e-commerce solutions offered by WordPress, WooCommerce is used on over 2 million websites right now.

WordPress Developers Demand

With that many websites running on WordPress and many more to come, there is no wonder that the US has almost 2 thousand vacant positions to be filled, whereas Europe requires more than 1,000 experts right now. So with such a demand, let’s see how WordPress developers are paid in different countries.

WordPress Developer Salary Worldwide

The salary of a WP dev depends on a few factors including such as experience, skills, and country of residence. It is a well-known fact, that Asian devs work for pennies often resulting in poor final products. Meanwhile, developers in Eastern Europe offer quality services at lower rates but the quality of their products are not influenced by rates.

The Annual Average Salary of WP Developers in Different Countries

So let us present the overall research results. We have takes PayScale search results for PHP developer salary. In cases where data was available, we have added WordPress in the skills list.

PayScale report that an average WordPress developer salary reaches $60,812 in annual income. It means that an hourly rate for WordPress developer reaches $27. In the UK, WordPress web developer salary reaches $37,313 in annual compensations. Canada estimates hourly rate for WordPress developer as $16 with an overall income of $41,835 per annum. In Germany WordPress developer hourly rate reaches $23, making it an average of $50,174 in annual salary. While there is no definite data for Switzerland, based on annual average compensation of $77,390, we can suggest that in terms of hourly rate WordPress developer can count on $33-$36 per hour.

As mentioned above, WordPress developer salary depends on their experience. So here is how rates differ for services of an entry-level WordPress developer, mid-level specialist, and seasoned expert.

Ukrainian WP devs charge from $500 to $1,000 per month, depending on their skills and experience, according to the recent survey of Djinni, which is equal to $6,000 – $12,000. Let’s add this information to our charts and see how WordPress development cost changes.

Let’s be honest, such numbers make outsourcing of WordPress development even more pleasing. Typically, if we are talking about comparing US and Ukraine, a company can spend 3.5 times less money hiring an experienced developer in Ukraine than in the United States.

Main Reason to Hire WordPress Developers

As WordPress is the most popular web platform in the world, the number of specialists who are able to use it for website creation is tremendous as well. According to TorqueMag, it was estimated that in 2016, there were 115 WordCamps organized in 41 countries on all six continents. Over 36 thousand tickets were sold with more than 2 thousand speakers for people to watch on stage. In 2016, there were more than 3 thousand meetup events and over 62.5 million people attending them. With 29 WordCamps in 2015, the number almost doubled. Meanwhile, the company WordPress.com has only 394 employees.

The number of WP developers is difficult to measure, yet according to Wmpudev, there are nearly 90 thousand of developers registered on the platform who indicated WordPress as one of their skills.

How Should a WordPress Developer Resume Look Like?

If you look online for WordPress developer resume examples, you will see that most of them look quite the same. However, a good developer will not only boast about the number of completed projects but will also tell:

  • how they optimized the work;
  • delivered MVP or production-ready solutions;
  • Interacted with other team members, etc.

Here is an example of a WordPress developer resume that not only present skills and experience but also allows you to understand whether this person will be able to work with the team.

As you can see, WordPress developer resume can tell a lot about the person you plan to work with.

Ways to Hire WordPress Developers

If you are looking for WordPress programmers, there are a few models/ways to find them:

  • hire freelance devs that place their CVs on freelance online platforms,
  • outsource development to other companies abroad,
  • make use of a dedicated development team model and hire a needed developer from another company.

Surely, it is cheaper to hire a freelance web developer. WordPress is a simple platform, and most people argue that it doesn’t take a person much knowledge and coding experience to build a WP website. Still, anyone who has ever hired developers knows that there is a significant difference between hiring a single freelance developer and a dedicated or outsourcing company/agency.

Experienced freelance WP devs are available for outstaffing. If you look for developers online, you can find various outstaffing companies offering remote WordPress developer for hire. To feel more secure and guarantee your future product some stability, it is recommended to outsource WordPress development or hire dedicated WordPress developers. The latter option is more comfortable if you are not able to hire a coder in-house and do not plan to increase your recruitment expenses. Outstaffing companies offer WordPress plugin developer for hire and they also have whole teams of the needed experts that will fit your requirements. If to chose between the countries where you plan to hire a dedicated dev team, Ukraine is believed to be one of the best options to hire a great WordPress developer. Ukraine is known for its recent and constantly growing IT market. Moreover, it is very competitive in prices, yet offering experienced dev teams.

If you have doubts about how to hire a WordPress developer, just keep reading!

Hire WordPress Developer: In-House vs Outstaffing Debate

There is never the right answer to the discussion over the perfect way to hire WordPress developer.

Pros and Cons of In-House Production

If one decides to hire WordPress website developer to complete an in house development team or to work on their own, it will come with the following advantages:


  • On-site. Many people still have their doubts about remote personnel, so they feel safer if a developer is seating in their office.
  • The better understanding of the business processes. In some cases, it might be beneficial, as the developer will have an idea of how things work in the company.
  • Direct supervision. For people with a technical background, working with the developer can be interesting and fulfilling.


  • Expensive. Apart from the compensation for services (which we have discussed earlier), there are lots of additional expenses. The company needs to provide work station, onboarding training, pay for healthcare and vacation of the developer they have in-house.
  • Scaling issues. Many companies first create WordPress websites that are used as business cards, but ones they realize the profits, they want to scale things up which might be tough with a single developer on board.
  • Hiring is daunting. IT experiences significant lack of experts across the industry, so finding a person that will be a good fit for the project, ready to accept the financial offer and living within the driving range on the daily bases – can be hard.

Pros and Cons of WordPress Outsourcing

On the other hand, outsourcing of the whole process or even outstaffing to hire dedicated WordPress developer come with many perks.

Advantages of outstaffing:

  • Financially efficient. In the Salary section, we have discussed that an outsourced project can cost 2 to 4 times less than the same project made by an in-house team.
  • Wider pool of experts. Despite the misconception, not all WordPress projects are the same, so having more developers to choose from, one can find a programmer with experience in relevant field or domain.
  • Immediate start. If you are looking to hire locally, som developers will be ready to start a project only within 3 to 9-month timeframe, whereas in most cases, an outsourcing team can start their work within 2 to 3 weeks, once the documents are signed.
  • Risk coverage. If you choose to work with WordPress development agency, the risks are covered by them.
  • Highly Scalable. OUtsourcing the project means that if at any stage you decide to scale up, the hiring process will be much faster, making the delivery closer in time.


  • Communication time. If a developer or team are located offshore, you will have to spend more time on communication, as there will be more issues to cover.
  • Different time zones. Typically, outsourcing means living in different time zones with a developer or a team.

How to Choose a Perfect WordPress Development Agency?

Choosing a WordPress web company might seem like a tricky procedure are they are many companies claiming to be a WordPress provider on the Internet. However, if you want to find a company you can trust, you should pay attention to:

  • Expertise level. Despite what you are thinking, if a company specializes on WordPress only, it might be a bad sign as they may lack enterprise-level experience or have very little knowledge of integration of the website within your business model;
  • Feedback from clients. If a company has no feedback, it might be suspicious.
  • Services provided. A good company should be able to provide a full cycle of development upon your request, not just some part of it.

Another important aspect is the way they communicate. If a company is ready to tell the exact price with no previous inquiries, it might a sign that there will be many additional expenses. A good company will ask you:

  • What is your business domain?
  • What are the general requirements for the project?
  • What additional services will be needed (design, SEO, webmaster support)?
  • What are the project budget and expected delivery dates?

And if we have reached the conclusion that in most cases, outsourcing and outstaffing is a good alternative to traditional employment, let’s take Ukraine as a typical WordPress services provider and learn more about benefits that we can offer.

TOP-5 Benefits of Building a Dedicated WP Team in Ukraine

Ukraine has a lower wage scale if compared to other countries with WP teams for outstaffing. Yet, a typical WordPress developer in Ukraine speaks fluent English, has yearly experience in coding, and here you can pick up any team according to your requirements.

Your way to your new final product in WordPress should start from examining all the possibilities the modern market offers. If you seek a dedicated WP development team e.g. for a government marketplace development, contact our WordPress consultant at Mobilunity. You will immediately receive a full list of our options that would help you to hire a dream team of WP developers to make your project one of the most successful ones on the WordPress platform. Also we can help you to hire php developer Ukraine!

Why Hire WordPress Developer at Mobilunity?

If you are looking for the best WordPress developers in Eastern Europe or want to hire WordPress programmers, the choice of WordPress service provider is important. Here is what you will get if you choose Mobilunity as your WordPress development agency to help you to find a WordPress developer:

  1. Honest pricing policy. You can use the inquiry form below to send your request. After that, we will contact you and discuss the details of the project, making sure all the important aspects are accounted for. You will receive an offer that offers the overall prices competitive within any outsourcing market.
  2. Exquisite services. Mobilunity has experience working with clients all over the globe and we are proud to say that we can make our clients happy.
  3. Any type of cooperation requested. We provide both outsourcing and outstaffing services, so you can either create a team based on the project requirements or hire a single dedicated WordPress developer.
  4. Great quality of services rendered. We believe in delivering the top quality product despite our moderate prices.
  5. Timely delivery. We understand that in the modern world, any protractions can not only cost money, but also result in the loss of market share. So we make sure that your product is delivered within the discussed timeframe.

Hire a dedicated team of WordPress developers at Mobilunity.

All salaries and prices mentioned within the article are approximate NET numbers based on the research done by our in-house Recruitment Team. Please use these numbers as a guide for comparison purposes only and feel free to use the contact form to inquire on the specific cost of the talent according to your vacancy requirements and chosen model of engagement.

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