What ERP Developers Should Know With Odoo Release 9, 10, 11

In 2015, Odoo made a licence change and published Odoo 9 for the joy of all Odoo developers as an Entreprise proprietary edition. This was a huge challenge in terms of interoperability and strategy conceptions for every Odoo 9 developer. As a result, Odoo released, in the same year, a limited free license (LGPL) in order to, on the one hand, let Odoo Open ERP developers extend their expertise and overcome the functional shortcomings produced by Odoo’s decision on the other hand. The latest would not remain the same, since rivals continue to deploy free license without setting limitations. Two years later, Odoo releases its version Odoo 11.0 with a completely new vision of free license ERP software. Whether you are an ERP Odoo Developer or an Odoo OpenERP developer, the rivalry “OpenERP vs Odoo developer” is out of question since both developers can find their aspirations within it.

odoo 9 vs odoo 10 vs odoo 11

Odoo 11.0: Overview

In this version, the editor had not feel the necessity of reconstruct in depth a particular functional domain as he did with Odoo 8, Odoo 9 and Odoo 10. The main changes had occurred in order to fulfill the need of suiting a large number of companies and organizations. In addition, Odoo aims to keep their functional richness consistent and permanent. Here are the main pros and cons of Odoo 11.

odoo erp development pros and cons

Odoo 11 Pros:

  • All previous functionalities from CRM and sales management to inventory and MRP are merged into one application, on one database.
  • Everything is extensible. This made Odoo development much accessible.
  • More customizable features.
  • Fast code checking and instinctive studio.

Odoo 11 Cons:

  • The source code changes to version 3.5 of Python; version 2.7 is no longer supported, specific Odoo module development must occur on previous functionalities.
  • The price needs to be worked on.
  • The documentation still poor.

Odoo 9 vs Odoo 10 vs Odoo 11

The following chart stats the key differences between Odoo Release 9, 10 and 11:

odoo development: Odoo 9, Odoo 10 and Odoo 11

An Odoo development team POS will be pleased with the fact that all features are combined, because it will be much easier to develop and manipulate add-ons and plugins. In addition, upgrading requirements will not be an obstacle for Odoo8 module developer because of functional compatibility.

Odoo Developers On Demand

In the supply markets, Odoo takes a respectful share.It is a highly demanded system that some professionals consider Odoo as the best solution for many sectors with a reasonable cost for their customers. For many reasons, both big and small businesses express their will to go with open source solutions. By this, companies and organizations save the cost of hiring more employees and getting the satisfaction they aspire. However, Odoo ERP development, especially for Odoo 11, lacks documentation and many developers rely mainly on their development communities to overcome the technical challenges they face in projects they are working on. The common complains are around learning and mastering Python language, inheriting Javascript functions within Odoo 11, customizing and deploying projects on the cloud, and VOIP and Asterisk integration.

Odoo Job Property Developer

In order to succeed in Odoo related job offers and projects once hired, an Odoo developer must really be enjoying coding. Clients often request customized and unique modules that suit their strategic needs. This is why an Odoo ERP developer must master his job role. He will be asked to analyze, parameterize and code the application software components in accordance with desired changes, standards and procedures. He also should contribute in the development, and maintenance of Odoo ERP systems. Finally yet importantly, he is expected to ensure quality reviews, user acceptance tests, planning and triggering automated tests. A good Odoo developer is detected when he:

  • Has excellent communication skills, positive thinking and team player spirit.
  • Has strong self-learning skills.
  • Is a good detail oriented.
  • Has an excellent programming level in the following languages: Python, Java or C++, C#.
  • Has an experience in ERP, mainly openERP / Odoo framework.
  • Is familiar with Linux, Design Patterns and relational databases : PostgreSQL.
  • Has an experience with Ajax, CSS/HTML/Javascript, and XML.

knowledge odoo openerp developer should have

Why Should A Company Hire An Odoo Module Developer for ERP Projects

The answer is simple: To reduce charges and costs. Most recruiters see that successful ERP projects implies experienced ERP developers and vice-versa. According to them, it is preferable to hire strong developers, mainly fervent Python developers with prior job experience or training in manufacturing and ERP concepts using Odoo, than hire seasoned ERP developers and train them. Yet, some recruiters take the risk and agree to spend time and money to train developers on Odoo main concepts before working on core business projects directly. A good training period does not exceed 3 months in general, and can take less time depending on the prior developers technical background.

Where To Find An Odoo Developer And An Odoo Consultant

Odoo developers are not easy to find but there is a huge chance to find them on Odoo partners website. Outstaffing firms, like Mobilunity, can gather dedicated remote Odoo developers with their clients. Another way to find them is to have a few connections in LinkedIn who knows Odoo, generally ERP Odoo developers or Odoo consultants, so that a recruiter can build a better network to find more candidates. Mobilunity is glad to provide you with the talents you need. If you are looking for a dedicated developer and seeking a high efficiency in a very competitive market, this is the right address.

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