What’s the Fairest Android App Developer Salary?

Hybrid app development has made life extremely easier. It has given Android app framework users and developers the freedom to build for multiple major app platforms while harnessing the native platform Application Programming Interface in their devices.

By the virtue of a simple installation, desktop and mobile users can now play games, connect with friends through multiple social media sites, capture memorable moments, and even track your health.

The key advantage of Android is the fact that various platforms can ride on it via a single codebase. Essentially, Android app framework allows users to “write on it once and run it everywhere”. In line with this, Google has tried to inject massive perpetual improvements in Android to enhance user experience.

For starters, Android 4.4 introduced Chromium-based WebView. This move was hailed by many although it came with a challenge of updates as they could only be accessed through the OS upgrades which vary with the mobile carrier. Android 5.0 and the preceding versions have made significant strides as the updates can be done via Google Play store.

Hybrid VS Native

Although a type of application doesn’t influence much the choice of platform for mobile application development, it influences your main goals and aims. Native and hybrid applications can be developed on any operating system either it is Android or iOS. If you plan to develop simple cheap application quickly and without any sophisticated functionality or with simple Android app design, then hybrid is more suitable for meeting your goals. Still, native applications have other advantages. They are more reliable and have much better quality although require more time, money and efforts to be developed properly and to be submitted to Google Play and/or App Store.

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What Is Android and Who Are Android Developers?

The Android operating system is used in mobile phones, tablets, and a wide range of other devices and appliances. Launched in 2003, It’s an open source project application framework used by developers to create applications using Java programming language.

The primary role of Android is to help the device user access apps. For example, if you are looking to take a photo using your phone, Android presents you with the button to press and communicates to the phone when you actually tap on the button.

Being an open source framework, Android throws in a number of ups and downs. The Android off-standard distributions like HTC and Samsung comes with heavily customized experiences to support the devices. Depending on how you see this, it has a bad side too. This breeds huge fragmentation and rifts among the Android devices posing a major challenge when trying to standardize access to enterprise assets.

This hasn’t slowed the Android journey altogether. Android and iOS development are the most prominent OS businesses around the world. In 2016 alone, there were 2.1 billion smartphones users around using either of the two operating systems. Leading the pack was Android with around 80% of the market share.

These numbers aren’t expected to slow down in the near future as projections indicate that by 2019, almost half of the global population will be using a smartphone. With these projections, the number of Android developers is set to hit an all-time high record.

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In 2016 alone, the global app revenues were $52 billion. This represented a 10 percent increase from the previous year. Business Insider predicts that the revenues will see an 18% growth between 2017 and 2020. This means that by 2022, the app economy will have a $6.3 billion valuation.

With the perpetual consistency of distancing itself from its peers and aggressive marketing, Android is expected to remain the market leader with numbers clocking up to 85% by 2020. Among the most popular Android catalog, Jelly Bean, KitKat, and Lollipop are the highest bidders.

Today Apps literally dictate our lifestyle be it in banking, communication, health, and entertainment they are everywhere. You name a shortcoming and there are thousands of app developers looking to seal the loophole.

Are Market Share and GEO Location Important?

One should conduct extensive research before ordering app development for Android or iOS. Each country and each region have their own tendencies and much depends on culture, habits, user experience, etc. It is very important to do a proper choice by analyzing what platform is the most popular in what country if you are targeting at a certain region. In case you want your mobile application to be used globally regardless of the location, then the first thing you have to check is the starts on market share of each operating system. According to statistics, the popularity of Android can’t be compared to any other system or platform. This tendency is rapidly growing among users of mobile phones and tablets. As a result Android manufacturers have gained the leading positions on the market, the Android platform is considered to be the market leader, and this OS has got a 83.7% share of global smartphone shipments.

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The Demand on Android Developers and Android Development Teams

Technology has been growing lips and bounds around the world. This makes the magic of solving problems using technology a satisfying and necessary reason why Android development teams are in high demand. All technology companies are ready to part with untellable amounts of Android app developer salaries to individuals that present fresh and unique ideas in improving user’s experience.

Software Applications Development skill has and will dominate the next decade. In the next 10 years, the industry is expected to see a growth of 18.8%. As a result, 186,600 job opportunities for Android app developers will have been created.

In comparison with other countries, the US has the highest number of stack web developers while Germany has the lowest number. When it comes to mobile developers, the UK, and the US has more iOS developers compared to Android developers.

In terms of emerging demand, the US is the leading consumer of the Android developer’s skills.

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Factors influencing developer salaries

The salary level of a programmer is influenced by a number of factors.

  1. City. In large cities and countries, deals are more profitable and more choice.
  2. Company. A large company or a small studio – the size of the company and the pace of its development speak volumes. Small studios cannot afford a budget for an architect or senior developer.
  3. The type of company is also a factor: an outsource, a startup or a company that works on its own product.
  4. Customers. The number of orders and projects, the location of customers and their level (start-up or large holding), the duration of the project affect the total income of the company and the salary of each developer.
  5. Knowledge and skills. The level of knowledge and professionalism of the developer, his ability to quickly solve problems, productivity and a set of developed communication skills are taken into account by recruiters for job offers and financial bonuses. It is important to understand that all programmers are very different. They work with different technologies and programming languages. The level of Android vs iOS developer salary depends on the company where the programmer works, on the customers that the company has. The level of the programmer and the experience of his work plays an important role. Trainee Junior Developer Gets less than Junior with 2 and more years of experience. A Middle Developer is inferior in salary to a Senior level developer.

Average Android Developer Salary

Android app development cost depends on Android developer rate. According to PayScale, tech Executives in the industry earn an average of $150,314 closely followed by Engineering managers who command an average of $143,122 annually.

Unsurprisingly, Android app developer salary is amongst the highest in the category. The position of Android developer commands an average salary of $115,460 closely followed by Back-end web developers with $108,580.

Android developer cost is widely influenced by various factors including but not limited to education, employment status, and even gender. Full-time developers take the “bulk of the beef” home as they earn the highest average salary of $98,949. Hire Android developers freelance, on the other hand, make an average of $92,311, and $82,293 for the self-employed developers.

The entry-level Android developer salary in the US is $76,189 per year. In Switzerland, Android developers get $79,294/year and in France – $42,112. The same individual would earn an average of £33,825 per year in the UK and $39,000 here in Ukraine.

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The IT field is one of the most attractive and highly paid for employees around the world. To earn well you need to know a lot and work professionally, to be able to communicate effectively in a team. Now the income of programmers has reached a very high level in the world.

Android developers are in charge of creating quality
mobile applications on the Android platform.  They do the optimization of application memory footprint to increase its performance.

iOS developers are engaged in creating, debugging, maintaining and programming software for relevant departments. They should develop programs that will meet the needs of the latest smartphone specifications.

Java developers develop complex web-based applications. As Java is mostly used on e-commerce sites for collecting data, so the work of a developer is to use the scripting language to modify functionality of websites.

The Android developer salary vs Java developer salary has been a matter of controversy over the last few years. Industry influencers argue that the two professions will take a salary rebate in the next few years as the market corrects the law of supply and demand.

As Payscale reports average Java developers salary is $73, 085. Hence, Android and Java both have the same syntax with a little difference. If a developer is familiar with Java he can easily cope with Android.

The entrance of fresh graduates with limited skills in the market is also expected to slowly tip the salary scale. However, companies are always looking to hire Android application developer who brings value to the table and handsomely remunerate them.

Salaries of different developers quite differ. The rate depends on seniority and country, but one common feature is that salaries are high in any case. Look closer at comparison between iOS vs Android developer salary and Android developer salary vs Java developer salary.

In fact, if we talking about iOS vs Android developer salary, Android developers rates rose by 6% while iOS developer’s salaries only saw a 1% increment in 2017. The same growth is expected to continue in 2019 so developers should sit tight. iOS may help you earn more money than Android. Subsequently, developing for Google Play has one disadvantage – it cuts 30% of the income that android games make and the App store doesn’t do it.

Top 5 Most Popular Android Applications

A majority of Android apps have created a name for themselves and emerge at the helm of the pantheon. They have become omnipresent with Android and if you are looking to read more from your Android device, they are a must-have. Although these are just five, there are thousands if not millions of great apps out there and you should check them out on Google Play Store.

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1) 1Weather

1Weather happens to be one of the most intuitive and comprehensive weather apps there is on the market. Sporting a simple futuristic design, it shows the user the current weather, 12 weeks weather forecast, and multiple fun stats.

To move along with that, it also incorporates customizable widgets and severe weather notifications in case you live in an unpredictable weather zone.

But perhaps the best feature of 1Weather is the minimalistic user-friendly design. The free version solely shows the user fun facts and weather forecasts. However, with a payment of $1.99 you can enjoy everything that comes with the free version only this time with no ads.

2) Google Drive

Gone are the days when you had to buy several USB storage devices to stare your data. Google Drive is a groundbreaking cloud storage solution where users can store large files.

Upon signing up, the user gets up to 15GB free permanent storage. This storage is subject to extension as additional space can be purchased..

The Android apps that come attached to Google Drive are what set it apart. They include Google Sheets, Slides, Photos, Calendar, Gmail, Keep, and Drive. These apps practically allows you enhance your productivity.

3) Google Maps

This navigation app is the best thing to ever happen in the apps industry. Google Maps allows the user to access places of interest, directions, and traffic data. If you happen to run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere, it shows you the nearest gas station and rest shops.

Recently, Google conducted a major update to allow users access up to 250 cities’ public transit directions which comes in handy while looking for the shortest route possible to a destination.

The voice command feature allows users to search for a direction by simply giving a voice command making typing while walking a thing of the past.

4) Google Assistant

By a simple download and installation process, you can enjoy all the goodies that Google Assistant brings through voice commands.

You can conduct simple math calculation, control the lights, and even know about population control in your area.

5)  YouTube and Google Play Music

When it comes to streaming options, different people have different preferences. However, Google Play Music and YouTube are worth pondering on.

Google Play Music specifically has the capability to read the music you love both locally and online. For storage purposes, you can store many of your favorite songs without having to pay anything.

YouTube, on the other hand, allows you to watch unlimited news videos, music videos, educational videos, video games and other stuff online. This is more than you will be able to watch over your lifetime.

A survey conducted Mondo staffing agency has reported that there is an emerging trend of companies affiliating more with remote developers over full-time staff. In 2019, 63 % of hiring managers showed their commitment to hiring contract workers, instead of working with permanent staff.

With the Android programmer salary reaching an all-time high, the individual is supposed to be knowledgeable in:

  • Designing, testing and documenting Android applications.
  • Writing, modifying, and debugging app performance.
  • Testing codes for robustness, usability, and general reliability.
  • The official Android programming language being Java, large Android parts are coded using it. With that said, developers can ride on the Android application framework to develop C++ and C courtesy of the Android Native Development Kit.

In-house Android Developer vs Remote Android Developer

Hiring can be a thorny issue for many companies. It brings a layer of complication right from finding the right individual with the right skills to fitting them into your business processes. You can choose the new trendy thing of hiring someone remotely.

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If your business doesn’t physically require the developer to be around, hiring a remote could be a great option. One best place to get a pool of experienced developers is at Mobilunity.

Why Hire Android Developers with Mobilunity?

  • You get to work with talented dedicated developers solely committed to your project.
  • Remote workers significantly lower your project costs as you are not required to file returns, pay retirement benefits and any other cost related to permanent employment.
  • The team of developers has worked in different industries making them knowledgeable in multiple programming languages hence they give your projects diligent approach.
  • The Android salary paid in Ukraine is significantly less compared to the USA and other Western countries.

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